A Nightmare to Remember...

by Gyrofest96

No Time for Dinner...

Twilight was laying on her bed, reading a story based on astronomy. It was titled Extending Across the Galaxies.

“I really should be getting back to my studies, but Spike was constantly bugging me to take a rest... Can't blame him really.” She was saying aloud to herself, “I have been quite tired lately, and have been getting little rest to make up for it.”

She heard a quiet knock on the door, and her favorite assistant let himself in with a platter of delicious-looking food.

“Figured you must be pretty hungry, so I decided to cook you a little something to tide you over until tomorrow morning.” Spike said with a cheerful smile. “I hope you like it, because as soon as I'm done with the rest of my chores, I'm going to visit Rarity.”

“Thanks very much, Spike! You have no idea how hungry I have been...” Twilight said to him with a sheepish smile.

Twilight was just about to take her first bite when her house started shaking violently. Spike nearly fell down the stairs, but held on to the railing for safety. Twilight was knocked off of her bed when the impact hit the tree house. She slowly started to recover from hitting her head on the hard floor, while Spike came back into the room to check on her safety. She seemed to have a bruise on her head, but everything seemed okay, as she was up and racing for the porch within seconds.

What she saw outside froze her in place. Discord, the bringer of Chaos, was free rampaging throughout Ponyville. Houses around her were in ruins. Masses of ponies scrambling throughout the streets, searching for safety. She started panicking and spotted something colossal in size in the corner of her eye. It was the Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, both charging the direction of Ponyville, followed by a familiar sight. It was Trixie, the stuck-up unicorn who fled Ponyville after being shamed by Twilight weeks before.

She had to assist in the ponies' escape! She grabbed the dazed Spike and threw him onto her back. Twilight busted through the door in time to see the ponies running in fear towards the southern part of town. Trixie and the Ursa family were not far behind. She had to stall them long enough to give the ponies enough time to escape! Just when she thought things could not get worse, the three diamond dogs showed up, likely to steal the large amount of jewels that Rarity owns at her boutique.

"Spike, you need to go, now! I will be okay, just go with the other ponies!" Twilight shouted at him. She didn't want him to go, because she didn't want to be alone in this, but she wanted Spike to be safe.

"But, Twilight! I want to stay, I want to help!" He really didn't want to go, he wanted to make sure of Twilight's safety. She hoped deep down she remained okay after this...

Applejack was galloping off with the rest of the crowd, obviously trying to keep them together. No pony left behind, that was her thing.

"I'm sorry about this Spike..." Spike was put to sleep by Twilight's sleeping spell... He always looked so cute when asleep. "APPLEJACK! Take Spike out of here!"

"Gotcha, Twilight! Stay safe, ya hear?" She yelled back at Twilight. She responded with a nod, and she dashed off with the sleeping baby dragon on her back.

Twilight turned back around, and saw the Ursa family heading straight towards her. Then, the strangest creatures started charging out of the forest towards Ponyville. A blue figure soared high into the sky shouting for all to hear, “STAMPEDE!” The shouts and screams from the ponies grew louder in terror as they ran.

Rainbow Dash and her small crew of Pegasi were attempting to distract Discord, while Twilight was trying her best to toss objects to delay the charging Ursa pack. As she was readying her last spell, the Ursa Major sent a large caravan filled with terrified ponies towards her location. She tried with all her will and might to move, but she couldn't. She couldn't cast her teleport spell...

She cringed in fear and wished in her mind that she could see all of her friends again... She hung her head low in sadness at the realization of never seeing her friends again. Twilight looked up one last time to brace the impact and face death head first...


"AAHHH!" Twilight awoke with a startled visage. She was dripping with cold sweat, and her eyes were bloodshot.

"I should not have been reading that book all night.... I must have dozed off... Some cra-" She was stopped mid-sentence by Spike, who had heard the scream coming from her room.

"Twilight! Are you alright!?" He said a very concerned look on his face.

"Yea, Spike, I'm okay. I just had... a very terrifying nightmare..." Twilight looked down in sadness, for she had never experienced a dream like that before.

"Do you want to talk about it? It may help if you got it off your chest..." He said as he gave her a big hug.

"Thanks, Spike. I really appreciate it, but I don't remember much from the dream..." She was lying. She remembered every detail from that nightmare, it seemed so real... like she was literally about to face death right there and then. But she was glad that it was just a dream, and nothing more.

"Alright, Twilight, if you want to talk about anything, just come see me, I'm here for ya." Spike said with a reassuring smile.

She nodded in return, "I definitely will, Spike. Don't worry." She said as she was trying to put a nice smile to reassure him that she was okay. Twilight went downstairs to grab a nice drink of Apple juice to cool her down, and made her way back up to bed. The rest of the night was easy sleeping for her. Although, something was building up in her mind, something that she couldn't shake. A fear... of the nightmare.