The Everfree pony.

by Nevdar


The Everfree Pony


Eclipse Starr was just like anypony in Equestria. She had dreams and desires; and a love for most things. She loved exploring and enjoying the fresh air. She enjoyed studying and categorizing plants and animals. Although there are a few things that set her apart from everypony else. For one, she lives in the Everfree forest. She would like to be able to live in the town just outside the forest, a town known as Ponyville. But that is where the second problem arises. She is what is known as an Ethereal pony.

Eclipse discovered this at an early age. She knew that she was different from other ponies, but didn't realize how much so until her first visit into Ponyville. She would run and play in the Everfree forest like any normal young filly would in the sunny fields of Ponyville. Ponies who she watched from afar. Her and her mom had lived with a zebra known as Zecora. Her mom would tell her stories about her father, and why they live in the Everfree forest.


Several years ago, before Eclipse was born, her parents had went on a trip into the Everfree forest to gather some special flowers and herbs, as well as go exploring, seeing as how they had both been risk takers. But they had gotten lost for several days before they came upon Zecora's hut.

Cold, wet, exhausted, and practically half dead, they called out to the structure in hopes that somepony was inside. Luck was on their side, as a strange pony that they had never seen before ran out of the domed structure with a look on her face that showed shock and worry. She scanned the treeline around her hut and saw two ponies stumble into the clearing. A gray stallion with an orange mare on his back. She ran over to them just as the stallion collapsed, and saw just how bad of shape that they were in. Cuts, bruises, and large gashes with black, putrid, coagulated blood covering their legs and bodies, leaking rancid pus.

She somehow carried the two ponies the short distance to her hut and carefully laid them out on two small cots inside. They had tried to speak, tried to say thank you, but she hushed them and soon after they both fell into unconsciousness.

Zecora's first objective was to get the two ponies washed and their wounds cleaned as best as she could. She grabbed several towels and a large bucket of hot water she had been heating next to her large cauldron. She started tending to the mare first, but wanted to get to the stallion as soon as possible. Focusing on the larger wounds first, she cleaned the large gashes, removing the dirt, muck and old blood that was matting down her coat. Washing away any excess grime from the wounds to prevent any further infection from setting in. She had grabbed several bottles of ointment and poured the contents along the mares wounds. The ointment immediately started getting to work on cleaning and disinfecting the mares body as it was absorbed into her bloodstream. She wrapped the wounds in special vines that wrap around limbs and seal off wounds from any outside contaminants. She then quickly moved over to the stallion and began doing the same procedure, removing large shards of wood, rocks, grime, and pus from his large wounds. While cleaning the blood from his gray coat. Using the other bottles on his wounds as well as the same type of vine.

Satisfied with her work, Zecora now felt that she could do a more thorough examination of the two ponies. Looking over the mare, all she could see were minor scrapes and bruises that would heal quickly, but she wouldn't know anymore until they awoke. The mare was an orange unicorn and had a long wavy red mane and tail, with a golden stripe running down the middle of both. She had small petite features, very cute, with an athletic build. She lay lightly breathing on the cot, her body beginning to relax as the ointment worked at clearing out her body. Zecora pulled a blanket over the mare to keep her warm. She then looked over at the stallion, a unicorn as well. He had a strong jaw and features, silver coat with a solid black mane and tail. Very muscular and quite handsome. She pulled a blanket over the stallion as well, hoping that she had gotten to them in time, before any major damage was done.

Zecora had started some soup in preparation for the two ponies awakening. An herbal remedy soup that was blended for a speedy recovery, and to help their bodies fight any illness or disease that they may has contracted. While it slowly boiled in her cauldron, she walked over to a bench to finish working on a new potion she had been creating before these two ponies found their way to her in very unfortunate circumstances.

Several hours had passed before Zecora heard one of the ponies groan and start to stir. She walked over and saw that the orange mare had started to awaken. Zecora sat down on the floor next to her and the orange pony turned her head to look at this strange black and white pony she had never seen before. Zecora smiled at her and it took the mare a few moments to smile back as her mind tried to clear away an almost overwhelming fog.

"Wh-Who are you? Where am I?" the orange mare tried asking, realizing it was too difficult to talk cause of how dry her mouth was.
"Do not speak, if your energy you wish to keep. Drink this stew, and you will begin feeling good as new." The strange pony replied to her, in an odd rhyme similar to the foal's books she used to read when she was younger. But with a fog clouding her mind, the thought quickly faded as the dull pain throughout her body began to register. The orange mare decided that this strange pony seemed friendly enough and was possibly her best shot at getting better. Much better than exposed to the elements out in the forest. Seeing as how her ability to move was severely limited and racked her body with pain, also helped her make the decision to stay.

Zecora helped the orange mare lift her head and placed another pillow under her. While she slowly brought the spoon filled with the odd smelling concoction closer to the yellow mares mouth.

Still slightly wary of this strange black and white pony, she wasn't sure if she should drink, but she had an unexplainable feeling that this pony was only out to help her, so she decided to drink. To her amazement, that first spoonful made her ears perk up as she felt energy return to her body and mind. She continued to take several more spoonfuls regardless of the odd taste, felling better and better, but still not well enough to move very much. But much more awake and alert now, her brain beginning to clear her of the almost ever persistent fog. Her ears then suddenly perked up again as she scanned the room with wide eyes. Her expression was one of worry.

"Where is he?" she asked urgently. Her dry throat no longer an issue. "Where is my husband, Silver Storm?!"

Zecora's reply came as a soothing whispered tone, "Shh, do not fret young mare, for the one you seek is right over there."

She motioned towards a cot over to the yellow mares right, up past her head a bit. The yellow mare looked over and smiled as she saw her husband was sleeping soundly.

"Thank you for helping us," she whispered, as the memories of earlier came flooding back to her. "My name is Amber Starr. I don't know if we would even be alive right now if it wasn't for you. We owe you so much, thank you!" Amber said in an excitedly hushed tone so as not to wake her sleeping husband.

Zecora smiled at Amber Starr, "I am glad to help anypony who is in distress. As for me, Zecora you may address." Zecora lightly tilted her head in greeting.

Amber and Zecora talked awhile longer, about what happened and how long they had been at her house. Amber found Zecora's use of rhymes to be very refreshing, and allowed her mind to ignore the pain her body felt. But her thoughts grew more and more worried of her husband as he was still unconscious, laying in the cot next to her. She looked over at him, while still laying in her own cot. She then glanced at Zecora, "Is he going to be alright? He hasn't moved in hours."

Zecora then glanced over at the stallion, hiding a worried expression, and said, "All will be fine, he will find his way out, in time. Sleep is what you require, so get some rest, while more water, I go acquire." She looked back over at the orange pony and smiled.

"Yeah, you are right, just wake me when he begins to get up please?" Amber looked at Zecora with pleading eyes. Zecora smiled and nodded, then turned and started heading out the door. Her thoughts beginning to turn towards the worst as the silver stallion should have awoken by now.

Amber lay still in her cot for awhile, staring at her husband, remembering how he had protected her during their several days lost in the forest. Running from monsters that she thought only existed in dark dreams. She then looked down at herself and started slowly and gently running her hooves over her stomach. One thought in her mind before she fell back into the dark abyss that is sleep, a thought that had been in her mind since waking. "Please be okay."


Several months later, at Zecora's hut, the forest was being startled awake by the screams of a mare in agonizing pain. For hours the forest heard the screams and cries. Then a brief moment of silence, until a baby foal could be heard crying. But that wasn't the only thing that caused activity in the forest. Many creatures and ponies all over Equestria were watching the skies. Waiting to see something that hadn't been seen in decades.

A white Alicorn, who had raised the sun and moon for hundreds of years, stood at the very peak of Canterlot tower. Her two front hooves raised in the air, and a brilliant yellow glow surrounding her long magnificent horn. This day was a special day, and everypony watched and waited. Watching while the moon slowly started blotting out the sun. Getting closer and closer together. Ponies all over Equestria holding their breath while the moon moved the last few inches into place infront of the sun. Then a giant roar and thundering of hooves could be heard and felt all over Equestria as the total solar eclipse took place. An event that only takes place once every several decades. Everypony was celebrating, all of Equestria was. All but three.

As the eclipse reached its apex, the screaming in the Everfree forest stopped and a new life came into existence. As Amber sat in Zecora's hut holding her newborn, she looked out the window into the sky and knew exactly what to name her daughter. Eclipse Starr.

Amber smiled, but that smile faded and turned to a look of shock as her newborn foal started to glow brighter and brighter. This caused Amber and Zecora to squint and cover their eyes until all at once she vanished, and the light from the glow shot out throughout the Everfree forest. Amber and Zecora sat in shock wondering what had just happened looking at the place that her daughter used to be. Amber's eyes beginning to well up with tears thinking that her baby girl was gone until she felt and heard that her baby foal was still there, right where she had been.

She looked down and saw that the blanket still held its shape. Zecora walked over and peered over Amber's shoulder seeing nothing but an empty blanket, but hearing the baby foal cry from inside. Amber still had a look of shock on her face, her mind trying to comprehend what had just happened to her daughter. She then brought her baby girl to her chest and gently rocked her trying to calm her down her motherly instinct taking over. "Shh, shh, shh, it's okay honey, mommy is here, mommy's here. shh, shh."

Princess Celestia felt something that she had not felt in hundreds of years. Her eyes lifted in surprise a bit as the feeling brought her vision towards the Everfree forest. Her eyes scanning out over the vast dark forest that seemed to have no end. She then thought to herself, "another has been born," as she squinted her eyes. Her mind taking on a whole other priority after she finished the eclipse spell.

Zecora walked over to her cauldron gently stirring it, leaving mother to foal. In all her years, Zecora had never seen anything like this. "What could have happened?" She wondered to herself, while slightly squinting her eyes in thought, a serious look on her face. "Only one pony would know, and only to her must we go."

About the time that Zecora was going to say something, her and Amber heard a loud thump outside Zecora's hut. The door to Zecora's hut started to glow yellow as it slowly began to open and none other then Princess Celestia was standing at the entrance. Amber and Zecora, both in shock, somehow were able to blurt out, "Princess Celestia!" as they both bowed down in unison, and Eclipse Starr began to cry again at being moved.

Princess Celestia crouched down and entered the small hut and walked closer to the smaller orange unicorn. Peering down she looked at the blanket Amber was holding. Amber tensed up not sure what to expect from the princess, she had only ever seen from afar. Princess Celestia then smiled and glanced over at amber. "She is beautiful. What is her name?" the princess asked with inquisitive eyes.

Amber's jaw dropped a bit as she stammered. "P-Princess Cel-Celestia, y-you ca-can see h-her? B-but how?" Amber said incredibly nervous. "An-and her n-name i-is E-Ecli-Eclipse Starr. M-m-mine i-is Am-Amber S-Starr. Y-your High-Highness."

Princess Celestia kept smiling. "A beautiful and perfect name. Yes I can see her, my dear pony, And yes, I have seen this before. It is quite rare." Princess Celestia's smile dropped a bit. "I am the one that has caused this. I am so very sorry to have placed such a burden upon you and your daughter. But I do have a spell that will give you the ability to see your daughter." Princess Celestia then smiled again, "You don't need to be nervous around me. In fact, you and your beautiful daughter can visit me at the castle anytime you would like."

Princess Celestia went on to explain how her powerful magic allows her to naturally see Amber's daughter. She also explained how Eclipse is what is known as an Ethereal pony. Ponies that are born at the exact moment that the total solar eclipse reaches it's apex. She continued by saying that every Ethereal pony has a natural magical ability regardless of if they are unicorns, pegasi, or earth ponies.

The princess all of a sudden got a look of wonder across her face. "Where is her father? Shouldn't he be here?" as she scanned the room.

Amber and Zecora both became very heavyhearted and Amber began to cry as she remembered the pony that had stolen her heart so many years ago. Then brokenheartedly said, "Silver Storm passed away a couple of months ago. I...I wish he could have been here today."

Princess Celestia gently wiped away Amber's tears with her muzzle. "Oh my little pony, I understand. I too have experienced the pain of lost ones that I love, it is best to remember all of the wonderful times and memories that they have brought you."

Amber then began telling the princess all about Silver Storm and what had transpired till his passing in Zecora's hut. Tears freely falling down her face.

Zecora had done all she could for Silver, but he had used all his strength just to get them to her hut and had also contracted a disease that none of her potions and remedies could touch. He had awoke for a few moment to tell Amber how much he loved her and had asked Zecora to take care of her, before he fell into unconsciousness again and passed a few hours later.

Zecora had brewed up some tea for all three of them, while they talked and Eclipse lightly suckled on Amber. The princess then took her leave but not before giving Eclipse a light kiss on the head, lighting up her horn as she lightly touched Amber with it, a light yellow glow surrounding her. Telling Amber that if she ever needed anything, she wouldn't hesitate to help.

Amber then smiled down at the daughter she could now see. Eclipse was a pure white unicorn, she had a black mane that had a couple of white stripes in it, and a white tail with a black stripe running through it. She had three freckles next to each bright, big blue eye that looked up at Amber full of love. Amber smiled "Oh Elli, you are so beautiful." A single tear rolling down her cheek, as she pulled her daughter closer to her.