Friendship is SHOWTIME!!

by MangaKamen

Spell One - The Tale and Rings


Allow me to tell you a tale.

Thousands of years ago, when the land, sea and sky were still at its foundations, and the cities were still young - There were once two powerful beings of the mystic arts, known throughout the lands as the two wizards.

They were considered to be the best of the best when it came to magic - And although they were rivals, they were also the best of friends. It was their very competition that drove them to be the masters of the arts. Their skills in the mystic arts were used to right any wrongs, aided those who were in need of their powers, and became teachers to many.

One day, however, the leader of one of the villages the two wizards traveled to could only afford one of their services to help their village. Seeking the best, the leader requested both prove which one was truly the one who could aid the leader and his village.

The two wizards worked hard to prove themselves, but ultimately the one that was chosen was given the title as the White Wizard – Given said title for curing many villagers from countless injuries and illnesses.

The other wizard, known as the Wise One, was happy with his friend's success - but time drew on, and while his friend the White Wizard gained more and more jobs due to his talent and reputation. That happiness grew to envy, and then grew to jealously

The Wise One eventually decided to show that his skills were the best, and decided to perform a spell that was not done before, and even his companion the White Wizard dared not to attempt.

To return life to where it was lost.

Countless hours were poured into his research, pushed his capabilities to the limit in order to draw upon the very essence of origin… When the time came, the Wise One put his magic to the ultimate test.

His magic and skill, while impressive and his resolve as strong as steel, the Wise One aimed to revive one who was close to him. It was not enough and tragedy struck, and the life he tried to save was lost. But was all was not in vain, for a new kind of creature had life breathed into it.

The Wise One dubbed the new entity with a name that fitted it’s origin…

The Wise One saw the potential in his creation, devoting his studies into creating more Phantoms, even using the magic for leaders of the villages across the land to protect their homes.

Word reached the White Wizard, and he became happy with his friend’s success. But, when he discovered the process of how his friend was crafting the Phantoms, the White Wizard knew that his comrade had truly become, and confronted the Wise One.

The two’s friendship was broken at that very instant.

The skies darkened as the two masters of magic battled each other, the fight lasted for ages – Light VS Dark, the land shook with each blow that was struck.

The two fought for years upon years, and the two slowly faded to the pages of history... The traces of the two crumbled with dust as a new world order was being created.

For the result of this mighty battle…


Friendship is Showtime

Spell One

The Tale and Rings


Before the rest of the story could be finished, a purple hoof closed the book that held the story within its pages. “Hmmmmm, the Two Wizards. It certainly was an interesting story… I wonder if there’s any truth to this story. I don’t remember there being any mention of these two Wizards before in my studies.

“Maybe I should do some more research? This could be the start of a new form of magic!”

“But Twilight, isn’t this story just a fairy tale?”

“Well, yes, but remember, you said the same thing about Nightmare Moon. There’s always a hint of truth behind any tale.”

“But doesn’t that stop you from enjoying the story, trying to overthink things?”

“Yes, but…”

“And didn’t we come here to see if there were new books to add to the library?”

“I suppose so…”

“And it’s not like you read this story before and…”


Twilight Sparkle sighed as she rolled her eyes at her small, dragon assistant. He was helpful alright, but every once in a while things she didn’t see eye to eye with him. Unlike her assistant, Twilight was a unicorn.

She was a young, lavender mare with an indigo mane that had a streaks of purple and pink going down her mane. Poking out from the moderately and well groomed mane was a short horn, signifying that she was no regular pony – Rather, she was a unicorn. Thanks to that horn, Twilight was able to use magic and it explained how she was making the book she was just reading to float around her and Spike.

Spike on the other hand was a dragon, a baby dragon, but a fire-breather non-the-less with purple scales, green rounded spines that ran down his head, back and short tail, and a green underbelly.

The two were the newest residents of a town known to one and all as Ponyville, a prosperous town filled with earth ponies, pegasai and unicorns all living their lives normally. With the occasional, rare, near-catastrophic events that could possibly ruin the lives of many.

But those were rare occurrences.

Currently, the young unicorn prodigy and her number one assistant were going through the wares at a traveling shop called ‘Harietta Hoofdini’s Traveling Books and Show’ – As the name suggested, it was large carriage that had a number of bookshelves placed outside, each lined with a good number of books. The shop itself was set up just near the outskirts of Ponyville, and the store itself only had Twilight and Spike as the only customers.

“Find anything good, Miss?”

Both Twilight and Spike turned to see one of the only two employees at the traveling shop trot up to them – A young mare with a warm smile on her face. The mare in question was a bright yellow earth pony with short feathered white mane that waved with every trot she took. The mark on her flank was rather weird, a pair of purple feathered wings that were stretched out prepared to take flight. “If you need anything, please feel to ask me.”

“Thanks,” Twilight replied as she levitated the book that she and Spike were looking through atop of some other books. “I’m really surprised that you have books that our library doesn’t have.”

“That shouldn’t be a surprise,” the mare laughed slightly as she trotted around the unicorn and dragon. “We travel a lot and get our hands on various goods – Books from across the sea, books from long ago, even books that are in some dead language. I think some people called it French.”

“It must be nice to travel around,” Twilight stated watching as Spike was looking through a few other books that were on the shelves. “Seeing the places that most of these books are written about must be exciting.”

“Yes, but it gets tiresome sometimes,” the mare sighed as she leered over to the edge of the movable store’s area. “Especially when the rest of the help is either lazing about or ditching on their chores.

Twilight followed the mare’s gaze – seeing that near the bookshelves was another pony in the immediate area, a colt from the size of the pony. The colt was a rather large, sea-green earth pony who had a short, curly black mane, who seemed to just be lazing about in the warm, late afternoon sun. His mark was rather unusual just like the mare’s, on his back legs there seemed to be an outline of a bull’s head with the horns having more focus on them. “Family?”

“No, just someone who’s a friend,” the mare sighed again with her head lowered. “At least he’s here. The other two just disappear when the sun raises.”

Feeling a little uncomfortable with the conversation, Twilight turned back to the book that she was reading, “So, where’d you get this book? I’ve never even heard of this tale before.”

“Which one?” The mare questioned before she looked at the book in question. “Ah, the Lost Tales of the Phantoms, I remember reading this a long time ago. Hard to believe that this could’ve been a true story.”

“Phantoms, and two great wizards?” Twilight giggled slightly. “While it sounds like a fairy tale, this world is full of things we don’t understand. You never know in this world, and there are a lot of different opinions on what could’ve happened so long ago in this land.”

“I suppose so, but the ideas are rather hard to swallow,” the mare admitted with a slight blush on her face. “Still hard to believe there are other forms of magic in the world than what those fancy horns you unicorns have can do.”

Twilight had to agree there, but being a student of royalty and having practically read every book in the best of libraries of the kingdom – Learning of other powerful users of magic, such as Star Swirl the Bearded and their contributions in the world of magic were astounding. Still, nothing about the White Wizard or the Wise One came to her mind than what she had just read.

“So, anything you’re looking for in particular?” The mare asked again, getting Twilight away from her thoughts.

“Well, there are a few things here that would be great additions to the library here,” Twilight admitted with a sheepish smile on her face. “But, I just came across your store without many bits to use.”

“Well, don’t worry about that,” the mare cheerfully said with a nod. “We’ll have our little shop here for a while. We almost didn’t come here with that whole eternal night fiasco my crew and I heard about a few weeks ago.

“Huh, thinking about it, I guess that was a fairy tale that turned out to be true as well.”

Twilight smiled innocently, as the memories of the legendary Nightmare Moon encounter popped up back into her head, although, the Mare in the Moon was now Princess Luna. “Yeah, it was a little bit of an… Experience.”

“I would guess so,” The mare stated. “But anyway, if you’re interested, a couple of days from now, we’re going to be putting on a show for the little ones at the school. Feel free to come by and watch, its sure to be nice for the kids. And I’m sure your little friend will enjoy it too.”

Twilight smiled back, “Thanks, we’ll keep that in mind. Um, do you think you can hold onto some books for me? Like some of the same nature as the one I was reading.”

“The Lost Tales of the Phantoms? Of course! Anything for a fellow literature lover!”

“Thanks,” Twilight added before she turned. “Ready to go, Spike?”


With a twist, Twilight saw that Spike was near the end of the row of shelves, his eyes drawn to the top of the shelves. “Spike? Are you okay?”

The baby dragon didn’t answer, so instead Twilight followed her young scribe’s line of sight to the air above the bookshelves – And she immediately saw what had attracted her (foster) brother’s attention. Flying small circles over the bookshelves was what appeared to be a small bird, but the bird itself seemed to be made up of ruby with silver metallic trim around it’s main body.

The ruby bird chirped a few times, as if taunting the little dragon before it flew off. Spike slumped his shoulders and sighed loudly, “Aw, it got scared away.”

“That was a weird creature,” Twilight stated looking down at Spike. “I never saw a bird like that before… I wonder if it’s a legendary creature or something.”

“It was made of ruby,” Spike said with a lick of his chops. “I could tell that it was real good quality too! Oh, Twilight! Can you get it with your magic?!”

“Spike, I’m not going to catch an innocent creature for you to just eat it up,” Twilight replied as she walked past the young dragon. “Now come on, we’ve got to get back home and…”

“But come on Twilight, I wasn’t gonna eat the little guy,” Spike begged with large puppy dog eyes. “I just wanted to see if it was really made outta ruby.”

“And what would you do if it was?” Twilight asked raising her brow slightly.

“Um, keep it as a pet?” Spike replied, not looking Twilight in the eyes. “I’d take real good care of it!”

Twilight kept her gaze focused on the small dragon. “Spike…”

“Oh, but come on Twilight!” Spike moaned with a sad look plastered all over his face. “I can’t even remember the last time I got my claws on jewels that well! It was so… So… Shiny and… And…”

Twilight sighed as she looked up into the air, trying to look for the bird in question, but it must’ve obviously flown away. The bird itself was something that the unicorn had never seen before, not even in her studies… Maybe she just skipped something while reading her books.

With the story about the two Wizards and even this weird creature that she saw, the urge for research began to swell up within the young mare’s mind.

This gave her an excuse to go through her literature once more!

“Spike, we’ll have to get you some jewels when we get back home,” Twilight said as she trotted off with Spike following her. “I promise.”

“Really?! Yes! Can we get some rubies? Just like that bird’s?”

“We’ll have to see if we’ve got some lying about when we get home.”

The clerk of the outdoors store smiled as she watched the two customers walk away, a little sullen that she didn’t make a sale at that moment, but smiled nonetheless. When the young mare and her dragon scribe were out of sight, the mare clerk walked up to her sleeping co-worker and tapped him a few times with her hoof. “Hey, get up.”

The large colt yawned loudly as he lifted his head up slightly, a little annoyed that his mid-afternoon nap was just interrupted.

The mare smiled, “It’s time for you to get your flank in gear and get to work.”

With a slight grumble, the colt got to his hooves, “Imma going. Sometimes I wonder why I do this.”


The sun had almost set, the sky above a rich and lovely amber when both Twilight and Spike got back to their home – Which was the local library of Ponyville, the Golden Oaks Library… An odd thought that the library was being used as residential home, and that the town didn’t see the problem with such an arrangement.

Twilight herself was already getting absorbed into her studies, having gotten into one of the books in the library that focused on odd creatures – After all, a bird made up of rubies was an actual oddity that would garner anyone’s attention, not just a dragon’s.

Speaking of dragons, Spike was just getting comfortable on the second floor of the library-turned-home, a little disappointed. Sure, Twilight did have a few jewels in the building for the young dragon to feast on, but the thoughts of the practically living jewel danced around in Spike’s head.

Such a fine color.

The shine.

And it was within claws reach of the young dragon…

Just even thinking about the living jewel was enough to make Spike lick his lips. He could almost even sense that the jeweled bird was nearby… But that was impossible.

What were the odds that Spike would see such a magnificent… Tantalizing… Shiny creature like that again?




Spike’s attention was drawn to the nearby window – Where his eyes widen in pure bliss.

Tapping against the window was the very creature that was haunting Spike’s mind – The living ruby bird!

It was if the small creature was trying to call out to Spike, to tell him something.

Quickly opening the window, Spike was practically drooling at this point at the beautiful bird, “Hey there little guy! What’s the saying – You’re just cute enough to eat.”

The bird chirped louder with its wings flapping wildly, almost as if he was trying to get Spike’s attention.

Too bad Spike could only just admire the ruby-like texture of the flying creature before him, “Ah, almost as beautiful as Rarity… Almost though.”

The ruby bird rolled its eyes before it used its beak to point down… Too bad its beauty was completely distracting Spike from its action. “Ya know, how about you come on in here? You must be tired from flapping those…”

Spike had to take a moment to wipe his mouth, those ruby wings were really starting to make his mouth water, “Wings… Come on in and I’ll give you a tour! We’ll start with the kitchen!”

If it’s wings weren’t the only thing keeping the ruby bird from falling to the ground, it would’ve slapped its forehead. So using its wings to fly up a little higher, the bird used its weight to make Spike look down out of the window. “Huh?”

Now that his line of sight was brought down to outside the hallowed out tree he called home, Spike saw a small group of… Well, he didn’t know what they were.

There were four of the ‘creatures’ that were stationed outside the house seemingly conversing through grunts and such. The ‘creatures’ were over twice Spike’s height and seemed to be made out of cracked stone that had small streams of gold veins racing across their bodies. Atop of the ‘creatures’ heads were a pair of red horns, and they stood on their hind legs like he did. And they had hands!

Hands with five fingers.

That’s just weird.

“Uh, Twi?” Spike called out as he slowly pulled his head back inside…

However, one of the ‘creatures’ had heard Spike, and signaled the other ‘creatures’ of the dragon’s presence. Without a second thought, one of the creatures jumped up to the window, surprising the young dragon, “AAAH!”

Spike’s yelp echoed throughout the library, breaking even Twilight’s focus on her studies. Normally, when Spike cried out like that, it was usually due to the fact that he had taken too many books and slipped over something to have the books fall atop of him. “Spike? Are you okay?”

Once Twilight had reached where Spike was, she realized there was no mess of books (save for the pile of books that she had pulled out for herself) and no baby dragon in sight. “Spike? Spike!? Where are you?”

A few loud chirps are what caught the young unicorn’s attention towards the second floor window, seeing the very same ruby bird that the two saw a bit earlier – Trying to get its balance as it was flying just outside of the home. Quickly getting to the window, Twilight watched as the bird flew away and saw the four strange creatures walking away into the plains outside Ponyville, with one of them carrying Spike by the tail as he struggled to get away.

“What the?” Twilight gasped at the group of weird creatures. “Spike!”

While Twilight rushed to her scribe’s aid, the little ruby bird that tried to warn Spike flew off at top speed.


Yards away from the Golden Oaks Library, in a random tree in the town, a rather curious figure sat atop one of the branches – Holding up what appeared to be a doughnut up in his clawed hands to the setting sun in the distance, admiring both of them before he took a large bite from the doughnut, “Hmm, I’ll give this place one thing, the donuts here are top notch.”

Just as the mysterious figure was about to take a second bite out from the powder sugared treat, something landed on his shoulders. A small, tired smile popped on his face, “Oh, Garuda, you’re back pretty quick. I take it that means you found them?”

The small ruby bird chirped happily as the shadowed figure sighed loudly, “Oh well.”

Fitting the partially eaten doughnut into a bag that was placed on the same branch he sat on, the mysterious figure lifted up his right hand – Allowing the light to gleam off a mysterious right that was on his middle finger. “Guess I’ll have to hold off on these. Time to get to work…”

Hovering his hand over his waist, the ring on his finger and the rather odd belt buckle that was at his waist glowed brightly, “CONNECT – PLEASE!”

Beneath the shadowed figure’s feet, a large red circle materialized in the middle of the air, with several runic symbols spinning through the mysterious rune. The mysterious figure nodded towards Garuda, “Mind leading the way?”

The ruby bird dove into the red runic circle, with the shadowed figure dropping into the circle immediately after.

As soon as he was fully enveloped into circle, the runes disappeared as quickly as they came.


Normally, in a situation like this, Twilight knew that she should’ve gotten other ponies to help her – But there wasn’t time to get help. Especially if she could easily follow Spike and those…

Those things that had taken him. Whatever those things were, they seemed to be quick on their feet, even though the young unicorn could see them in the distance, they had lead her pretty far from Ponyville, to the point where there was barely anything around save for a few trees around the near flat stretch of land.

‘Just what are those things?’ Twilight thought to herself as she galloped quickly, trying to close the gap between her and the stone-like creatures. ‘First that weird bird and then these things – Is there a connection? No, I can’t think about that right now, I need to save Spike!’

That’s when Twilight realized that the group of ‘things’ had stopped moving not too far ahead – just standing near some trees. With her determination to save her friend, Twilight moved faster with her horn charging with magic.

When she got closer, Twilight saw that one of the four… Things held Spike by the tail, the young dragon struggling to break free, but the stone-like creature was holding the young dragon far enough from its jagged body so that he couldn’t make even a scratch.

“Spike!” Twilight called out as she stopped a couple of feet away from the small group of stone beings.

Spike and his captors looked to see Twilight standing not too far from them, Spike waved his arms wildly, “Twilight! Help! These guys are creeping me out!”

“Don’t worry Spike!” Twilight replied confidently as she pointed her horn at the four. “A simple teleportation spell will do the trick!”

“Then don’t talk about it, do it!” Spike yelped out.

The light covering Twilight’s horn grew brighter before the energy from it warped from her and flew towards the captive dragon. But before the light could even reach her young scribe, it just dwindled into nothing, and even the light that was emanating from her horn was dwindling as well. “W-What? What happened to my magic?!”

“Anything you try will be useless, my fair little mare,” A ragged voice sounded out from behind Twilight.

That very voice seemed to send chills down Twilight’s spine, accompanied by many diabolic groans… And the large shadow that eclipsed her form only added to the cold grip of fear that was engulfing her, and with the sun slowly setting, it made the shadow longer and more intimidating.

The young unicorn slowly craned her neck back to see the very owner of that shadow tower over her. The being in question was similar to the creature known as a minotaur, and while she had never seen a minotaur with her own eyes, she knew enough that those imposing creatures didn’t have skin that looked similar to armor, a bright sea-blue color with pale, jagged shoulder pads, gold streaks over its muscles, and even its daunting face was fully armored. Even its two long horns that stuck out from its head were covered in segmented armor.

And it was a huge monster, almost as tall as some of the nearby trees and it was a mass of hulking muscle. But the worst thing about the creature was that it wasn’t alone.

More of the mysterious creatures, the same ones that had taken Spike, were standing behind the minotaur. The only difference was that these creatures were wielding odd, rusty spears, each of them seemingly prepared for a battle, or worse.

The minotaur growled as he (from what Twilight could gather, the monster’s voice sounded male) took another step forward. “Go right ahead, little mare. Why not try another spell? Test the futility of your situation.”

Instinctively, Twilight took a step back from the large minotaur, which didn’t go unnoticed by the monster. “What’s wrong? I would’ve expected more from an elite unicorn. Or are you ready to surrender to despair?”

The Minotaur slowly began to reach out for the scared pony.


A high pitched whistling shattered the tension in the air, and before several red forces of light crashed into the Minotaur’s horn and a number of the stone-like creatures, including the one that was holding Spike hostage. Simultaneously, the stone creatures fell to the ground with the one that held onto Spike dropped the dragon – While the Minotaur’s left horn broke off of his body and the broken off piece flew into one of the nearby trees. “ARRGGH!!!”

“Here’s a little tip,” A calm voice called out. “Now’s the chance to run.”

Not even hesitating for a second, Twilight quickly galloped to Spike, threw the baby dragon on her back and immediately turned tail, dashing as fast as she could. Some of the stone-like creatures that were knocked over tried to grab the two as they dashed by. However, whenever they got close to grabbing them, another red burst of energy crashed into the stone monsters, allowing Twilight and Spike to get past the monsters.

Once they got past the monsters, there was another on the scene, one who merely stood far away, with the setting sun to his back and his own shadow covering his features. When the two got closer, the glare from the sun wasn’t as harsh and the two could see the individual in question...


But with the Minotaur getting back to his feet, along with the stone creatures, Twilight turned back to see the leader of the monsters holding up its right hand – Calling forth several flames over its hand, “BURN!!”

The Minotaur threw the flames, and Twilight used whatever strength she had to gallop faster, aware that the flames were drawing closer.


But the flames never reached Twilight or Spike, with a loud crash followed by a loud chime, Twilight skidded to a halt and turned to see that the flames themselves were being drawn into a large, red, runic circle.

Next to the flame absorbing circle was the one who had saved the studious unicorn and her young scribe – A weird individual dressed in in a black suit with coat tails and silver trim. The weird individual stood on his hind legs, with a fully covered tail sticking out from between the coattails. He had a pair of metallic black and silver shoulder pads that had what appeared to be a dragon-like symbols embedded in the silver. His head was covered with a silver helmet that had a ring like design to it. In the mysterious masked person’s right hand was a weird silver device, one that Twilight had never seen before while his left hand was before the large circle.

As the last of the flames were drawn into the circle, the mysterious masked individual turned around to Twilight, revealing that his mask, chest and the bands at his wrists and ankles were covered with glossy, jewel-like armor that gleamed in the setting sun’s light. His mask had silver around the red jewel, even signifying where his eyes were and had a pair of small fin-like/antennae protrusions with a yellow jewel at the forehead. And around the individual’s waist was a large bulky silver belt that had a hand (with five fingers no-less) embroidered on it.

The masked individual sighed and turned back to see the Minotaur and the stone creatures seemed to hesitate. The minotaur growled as he slammed his fist into his hand, “You! It can’t be. You’re Wizard?!”

‘Wizard?’ Twilight thought.

“It’s…” The masked individual stated as he lifted his left hand up, showing off the large red ring that was on his middle finger. “Showtime.”

Casually, the mysteriously dressed character walked forward, spinning the odd silver object in his hand.

The damaged Minotaur lifted its hands up and pointed towards the odd stranger, “GHULS! Destroy that Wizard! Then we’ll get the Gate!”

The Ghuls, as they were called, dashed forward, the ones with the spears leading the charge. All of the stone monsters headed towards the calm Wizard. The first three Ghuls leapt towards the masked individual, but with a calm and swift lift of his arm, the Wizard pointed the weird device in his hand. Immediately, he fired three concentrated blasts of red energy, sending the monsters flying back with sparks erupting from their bodies.

One of the other Ghuls took a swipe at the Wizard with its spear, but with a quick duck and spin, the Wizard dodged and leapt up into the air as another Ghul swept its spear low to get him, missing by a hair. While in the air, the Wizard spun around and flung his foot into that very same Ghul, slamming it into the ground.

Other Ghuls began to enclose around the Wizard, when he landed on the ground one of the unarmed Ghuls rushed him, only to receive a roundhouse kick to the chest. Using the momentum from the kick he delivered, the Wizard propelled himself through the air to send the heel of his foot into the shoulder of another Ghul, forcing the stone creature to the ground.

When he landed on the ground once more, five of the spear armed Ghuls began to charge once more, but with the same calm demeanor he had throughout this fight, the Wizard merely pointed the weird device at the closest three and fired three more rounds that forced the stony creatures back.

One of the remaining five Ghuls took a swipe at Wizard, only to miss as the black clothed hero spun alongside the monster, while the fifth Ghul took the opportunity to slam the side of its spear at the side of the Wizard’s head… Only to have the spear caught by the Wizard’s free hand. Then, quickly, the Wizard pointed the weird silver device up and unleashed a volley of red blasts to the Ghul’s stomach, sending the creature flying through the air.

All the while, Twilight and Spike watched the sight before them, with mixed reactions.

“WOW! THAT’S SO COOL!” Spike yelled out, his eyes gleaming brightly.

‘What… What in the world is this guy?’ Twilight thought to herself as the Wizard sighed loudly.

Aware of their fallen comrades, the recovered Ghuls rushed towards the Wizard, their spears raised up and their monstrous cries echoing through the air.

With a snap and unlock, the weird device in the Wizard’s hand began to unfold until it straightened and took on the qualities of a sword. Now with his weapon transformed, the Wizard dashed towards the recovered Ghuls, and with several clean swipes of his blade, followed up with a spin, mowed through the stone monsters, sending them off to the side.


The Wizard lifted his head up to see that the Minotaur, now armed with an axe, was dropping from the sky. Sidestepping to dodge, the Wizard jumped over the wildly charging Minotaur in order to dodge the wild attacks. The Wizard landed amongst the Ghuls, slashing and defending with the weird sword he used, even using one of the Ghuls as a makeshift shield to block the wide swipe of the Minotaur’s axe.

More of the Ghuls stepped in front of the Minotaur who growled loudly in annoyance, the Ghuls then charged forward while the Minotaur rested its axe on its armored shoulder and began to walk away. “This is far from over.”

As much as he wanted to chase after the fleeing Minotaur, the Wizard still had the small army of Ghuls surrounding him and trying to end him. “Please don’t get in the way.”

With a quick low sweep kick, the Wizard knocked over a number of the Ghuls down, forcing the remaining Ghuls to stagger back so they wouldn’t fall over either.

This was the opening that the Wizard needed, and folding up his sword back into the original form, the Wizard revealed the closed hand symbol on the side of the item. With his left hand he quickly moved the thumb on the device, opening the hand. “C’mon Shooting! Shake Hands!”

And even when the Ghuls were back on their feet and began to charge the Wizard, he simply grabbed the device’s hand with a large flame appearing at the end of it. “FLAME! Shooting Strike!

“Hii Hii Hii! Hii Hii Hii!”

And with a quick spin, the Wizard unleashed several flames from the device, all of them crashing into the Ghuls. The same red runic circle appeared in front of each of the Ghuls before they erupted into several fiery explosions, with the flames completely covering the Wizard.

As the flames died down, the Wizard stood there, spinning the gun as the fire began to fully disappear. “And with that, the curtain falls.”

Twilight and Spike looked at the weird character as he turned his attention towards the two, holding up his left hand to show off the red jeweled ring on his finger. Twilight stepped forward, being a little cautious about the Wizard, “Who… Who are you?”

The masked Wizard tilted his head slightly at the question…