Redemption, Damnation and FIM

by ShadowWalking18

Chapter 2

Okay I want to thank all my commentors :) THANK YOU. Now lets find out what happens next. and can anyone take a guess at a few things: one what is our guest from space wearing. and two did spike give a prophecy last chapter?. well enjoy.

Rainbow Dash flew as fast as she could, her mind was filled with questions and worry.

'I hope whatever is hurt isn't dangerous. Cause if it hurts Twilight or Applejack i'll take it down in ten seconds flat.'

Dash stopped as she neared Ponyville and thought on which destination was the closest first. Time being of the essence she swiftly decided that Fluttershy's house would be the first destination. She speed off to Fluttershys as fast as her wings could take her.

'Really hope Fluttershy is home. I can't waste time looking for her.'

Fluttershy was busy. Very busy. With that strange burst of light and the sound of something crashing at Sweet Apple Acres the animals were in a bit of a panic attack. But she soon had them all calmed and relaxed once again, still her mind worried. Whatever had fallen from the sky had crashed at Applejacks Acres.

'Oh I hope she is okay.' Fluttershy looked towards where the object had fallen and she noticed now a column of smoke was rising from the location. Was it a fire?

"Oh dear... m-maybe I should..."

Before she could finish her sentence Fluttershy heard someone shout, "FLUTTERSHY!"

The timid pegasus looked to the sky to see Rainbow Dash coming in fast. Thankfully she stopped instead of crashing into the ground. She seemed to be worried about something as she began talking very fast.

"FluttershyweneedyourhelpsomethingcrashedatSweetAppleAcresandwethinkthatsomethingmightbehurt." Dash said swiftly, breathing very fast from her swift flying.

Fluttershy backed away a bit but kept her composure as she asked softly, "Slow down please... if thats alright."

Dash took severl breathes before calming down and said again, "We need your help. Something crashed at Sweet Apple Acres and we think somethiing might be hurt, an animal or something."

Fluttershy lost all sense of timidness and stood straight, "An animal is hurt? Is it bad?"

Dash shurgged, "Don't know. Not sure if its an animal but Twilight sent me to get you and a doctor just incase."

"Where are they?" Fluttershy asked as she went into her house to get a few things incase she needed to help a wounded animal.

Dash pointed to the column of smoke, "Over there was where I last saw them. They found a trail of blood leading away from the crash site. Knowin Twilight she might have followed it to see what was hurt so if you follow that you should find them... and whatever is hurt."

Fluttershy cringed a bit at the word blood and trail, 'Oh dear. Oh dear. It must really be hurt.'

"I got to head to town and get a doctor now, can you get there on your own?" Dash asked as she hovered in the air preparing for a fast flight to town.

"I-I should be fine. You go get a doctor."

Dash nodded and took off swiftly to the town clinic. Fluttershy flapped her wings and gained alititude as she flew as swiftly as she could to the column of smoke. All the while she prayed that whatever was hurt was still alive.

'I don't think I could handle seeing something dead.' She shivered at the thought and speed up her flight with caring resolve.

Dash burst through the doors of the Ponyville Clinic and rushed to the front desk, "Doctor! Need a Doctor!"

Nurse Redheart blinked and held up her front hoofs, "Calm down Rainbow Dash. What is wrong?"

Dash took several deep breathes before saying, "Something crashed at Sweet Apple Acres and something seems to be hurt. Really really hurt."

Nurse Redheart nodded as she took in the information, the words hurt being registered the most.

"Yes, everyone heard the crash and has seen that smoke rising from where it crashed, though no one has come in severly injured thankfully. Do you know what it is that is hurt?"

Rainbow Dash shook her head, "No. We don't know whats hurt but whatever it is it's hurt really badly if it's leaving a trail of blood."

That got Nurse Redhearts attention, "Stay here a moment," she walked over to an office and seemed to be conversing with somepony.

After awhile she came back and said, "Sadly none of our doctors can leave the clinic incase somepony comes in that needs attention but one of our volunteer nurses should be able to help."

Dash frowned a moment but nodded, "Great, so who is she?"

Nurse Redheart smirked a bit and said, "It's Rarity. She should be at her house since we did not need her today. She should be able to help you."

Dash was a bit surprised that Rarity knew of anything other then fashion but nodded and flew out the door, causing several bits of paper to go flying off the desk from the wind. Nurse Redheart sighed and started picking them up, today was going to be very busy she was sure.

Rarity hummed to herself as she worked on her latest project. It was almost complete, just one final modification and it would be perfect. This would be her best work yet.

Of course sometimes plans don't always go the way we want, in this case being Rainbow Dash crashing through the door, into Rarity and causing both to roll into the mannequin holding the project causing it to fall and scatter all over the place.

Rarity emerged from the mess of clothes and gasped as she saw her work ruined, "Rainbow Dash! You ruined my greatest work of art yet!" She glared at her friend who was busying rubbing her head then noticed the mess.

"Oh, um sorry about that." Dash smiled nervously as she got up.

Rarity took a deep breath and regained her composure and used her magic to straighten everything out as she said, "It's alright, but tell me dear what has you so bothered that you come crashing through my door?"

"You heard that crash right?"

Rarity stopped what she was doing and turned to her friend, "Yes, why? Nopony was hurt I hope."

Dash shook her head, "No nopony is hurt, but something is. Twilight sent me here to get a doctor but none of them can be spared so I was sent here since you do volunteer work there as a nurse so you might know something to help whatever is hurt."

Rarity nodded, "Of course dear, just give me a moment," Rarity's horn glowed as she opened a dresser and amaingly a nurse outfit levitated out and placed itself on Rarity, "Alright now lets go see what is hurt."

Dash nodded and lead Rarity back to the crash site hopping that everyone was okay and nothing bad had happened in her absence.

'Ten seconds flat if anyone is hurt by whatever came from that metal thing.' She reminded herself.

Meanwhile, back with Twilight and Applejack they were having problems of their own. Fluttershy had arrived a moment ago, exhausted but immediatly went to see the creature. At first she looked like she was ready to be sick by the amount of blood that she saw; but she took a deep breath and inspected the creature while she began to do what she could.

"How is it Fluttershy?" Twilight asked.

Fluttershy finished wrapping the large gash on the creature, "It's bad. really bad. We need to get him to a clinic, they have more tools to help him then what I have on me." she had not dared remvoing the strange cloth because doing so would have removed what little clotting was already occuring so she had wrapped the bandage over the cloth, now the leg was going to be a problem she had little knowledge of broken bone injuries where the bone had penetrated through the skin.

"How do ya' know it's a he?" Applejack asked as she looked at the creature which had not said another word since but continued to breath lightly.

"Well... I think it's a he. It's body doesn't seem to be that of a females but I could be wrong. I've never seen anything like this."

"You think. Well it's better then calling it "it"" Twilight said as she inspected the creature more from different angles. All the while spike napped on her back, having fallen asleep from the waiting.

After awhile they heard Rainbow Dash calling to them, and amazingly Rarity was with her and in a nurse outfit?

"Rainbow Dash, I thought you were getting a doctor?" Twilight asked as she looked at Rarity confused.

"There were no doctors available," Dash said as she landed, "But Nurse Redheart said that Rarity does volunteer work as a nurse at the clinic so she should know something."

Twilight blinked and looked at Rarity again, "Rarity a nurse?"

"Surprised, just because my passion is of creating beauty doesn't mean it is all I do. Now where is the patient?" Rarity said with a professional voice and walked over to where Fluttershy and Applejack where. Her first reaction was a gasp, of both shock and confusion, but soon she was right next to Fluttershy aiding her in helping the injured creature.

"Oh my," Rarity said as she wrapped a small gash on the arm, "These clothes are simple...dreadful, and this leg will require immediate work for it to heal properly luckily I know what to do."

The others rolled their eyes, leave it to Rarity to be both professional and still comment on ones fashion.

Raritys horn glowed and the creatures leg soon glowed as well as she did whatever she was doing. All the ponies closed their eyes and cringed as they head and saw for a moment the broken leg bone slowly sliding back into the leg and realigning itself with the rest of the broken bone. All that was left now was just another bloody gash that was quickly wrapped up tight with bandages.

"We should get it to the clinic, we don't have the proper tools to properly heal it and we should do it fast who knows what unseen injuries it might have inside." Rarity said.

"I'll carry him." Fluttershy volunteered a bit timidly.

"Are you sure Fluttershy, you don't have to if it makes you uncomfortable. I can carry it." Twilight said.

Fluttershy shook her head, "No. It's alright really. Besides it will be less bumpy in the air."

Twilight nodded and, with the help of Rarity, used her magic to gently lift the creature up and place it slowly onto Fluttershys back in a way that would keep it comfortable and not move it around too much while Fluttershy was in flight. While the creature was heavy it would not cause too much trouble to her flight patterns.

"Alright lets go." Applejack said as she ran off to the clinic followed by everyone else.

Fluttershy's wings screamed in protest at the extra weight but she willed them to keep going as she flew the creature, with Rainbow Dash beside her incase it fell, to the clinic.

Upon arrival to the clinic the strange creature caused quite the commontion amongst the ponies that saw it. Many acted the same as they did when Zecora first came, with fear. Many kept their fillies away from it, while others put them inside for safety. Only a few regarded it with curiosity. When Nurse Redheart saw it she immediatly called for several other nurses and a stretcher, to them it was a patient that needed immediate medical attention. They moved the creature to an empty room and began to do all they could to save it.

While in the waiting room Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Rarity, who helped for a moment before being asked to retire to the waiting room, all sat waiting for anyword on the condition of the strange creature they found.

After awhile Nurse Redheart came up to them with a worried face.

"Well? Is he okay?" Twilight asked. The others waited for an answer.

Nurse Redheart sighed, "Well his wounds are really severe. There were bits of internal bleeding that we had to take care of and we are still not fully sure if the broken limbs will heal properly yet. Still we think he will survive, if he can get through the rest of the day at least he lost a great deal of blood and his breathing is really labored."

Everyones ears flattened with worry, eventually Applejack said, "Thank ya ma'am. We will be goin' now."

"Yes I have to get back to my project." Rarity said as she headed for the door.

"I got cloud duty early in the mourning so I'll see you around." Rainbow Dash flew out the door waving goodbye.

"Um.. I have to go check on the animals now, but let me know if he comes too please." Fluttershy said and smiled a bit when Nurse Redheart said she would let them all know when the creature came to.

"Thank you Nurse Redheart." Twilight said as she picked up Spike, who was still fast asleep, and placed him on her back.

"It's no trouble dear. You did the right thing bringing him here, I doubt he would have lasted another hour without medical attention. You girls probably saved his life."

Twilight nodded, but frowned picking up the "Probably" the creaures fate was still unknown.

"Well good night Nurse Redheart."

"Good night Twilight."

After Twilight had left Nurse Redheart checked on the most intresting patient the clinic had recieved thus far. Though would it leave with a good bill of health or covered by a sheet? Only time would tell.