Two Shades of Grey

by Fizzy Orange

Don't make a sound

The smooth music of the cello was filling the air. The melody and tone were exceptionally clear, despite the music coming from a few rooms over. The music seemed to be taunting Ditzy, reflecting her current state. The melody would constantly, but very slowly, flow ever upward, gaining complexity as it went on toward what would be a most glorious climax… but every time it would deflate back to its more simple version and start all over again.

This time though, as the climax was about to be reached, the music simply stopped abruptly. The sudden silence felt deafening. Soon the soft sound of careful and measured hoofsteps replaced the sound of the music, and the door to the bedroom creaked slightly as it opened.

Octavia Philharmonica contemplated the prize that was sprawled on her bed with a confident smile. Ditzy Doo was lying on her back, her eyes blind-folded by black silk and her forehooves tied together above her head by the musician’s pink bow tie. The bow tie was looped around one of the bar of the metal headboard. Her wings were wide open and her hindlegs stretched apart. Octavia smiled as Ditzy’s blond tail flicked back and forth between her two hooves. The earth pony ran a hoof up Ditzy’s leg, causing her to shiver slightly.

“I see you’ve been a good girl and didn’t break the rules,” said Octavia, almost whispering, as she made her way toward the head of the bed. “Are you ready to continue our little game?”

Ditzy nodded a few times.

“Off course you are. Now remember the rules, I don’t want to hear any sound from you. Not a peep, not a squeak and not a word, nothing but you breathing, as regularly as possible. You know you can’t fool my hearing. If you make a sound, you’ll be punished again, and you don’t want that, do you?”

Ditzy shook her head.

Octavia lowered her head so she could whisper directly into the other mare’s ear. “If you’re a good girl,” she began, slightly nibbling on the tip of her ear, “you’ll get a treat.”

Ditzy took a sharp breath as Octavia blew softly inside her ear before pulling back. For quite a few seconds there was almost no sound in the room. The pegasus almost wondered if Octavia would even do anything. Soon she heard the sound of hooves moving on the plush carpet the bed was set on.

Octavia began lightly by running a hoof up and down the inside of Ditzy’s thighs, alternating between legs with each down stroke, but always avoiding the most sensitive area. Some more hoofsteps and the musician returned to the same motion, but this time changing her tool. This time Ditzy could feel Octavia’s soft tail being run up and down the length of her legs. It was like being teased with a very soft paintbrush.

Octavia was running her tail upward when she surprised the pegasus by changing pattern. This time she kept going upward, brushing too briefly against Ditzy’s loin, ran up her body and over her face. Octavia’s scent filled Ditzy’s nostrils. She smelled of luxurious wood and lacquer with hints of hollyhocks, it suited the distinguished court musician perfectly. Ditzy had first noticed the scent when they had first gotten to talk at Lyra and Bon-Bon’s engagement party. The mailmare still didn’t quite understand how thing had ended up as they were now, but she had no regrets.

She was taken out of her memory by a sharp sting on her hind forelock. She bit her lower lip to avoid making any sound. It wasn’t really painful but it had taken her by surprise. She really didn’t want to be punished again.

“Good, good,” commented Octavia as she used one of her bow to perform rhythmic tap all over Ditzy’s legs.

The earth pony flipped the bow over and raw the string up the length of Ditzy’s belly, ruffling her coat and exposing the other mare’s pale skin to the air. The musician took this opportunity to softly tease the other mare with her breath, blowing softly at every patch of exposed skin. Ditzy’s let go a breath she hadn’t noticed she was holding once Octavia stopped her teasing. Using the bow again she ran the string down, matting Ditzy’s fur back down.

Further hoofstepped announced that the musician was moving to the other side of the bed. Once there she began by running the tip of her bow to trace the outline of each bubble on Ditzy’s cutie mark while humming a tune the pegasus couldn’t place. Afterward she ran the tip up along Ditzy’s leg, brushing only ever so slightly against the treasure hidden behind the mare’s grey fur before beginning to trace circles all over her exposed belly. Finally she took the bow off and then leaned again to whisper in the pegasus’ ear.

“Now,” she began, her tongue flicking at the ear, “we get to the point where you lost last round. I don’t think you want to be punished again, so don’t forget to be quiet.”

Ditzy shook her head. She didn’t want to be punished again. To be brought toward ecstasy, only to be ignored for nearly have an hour, feeling her pleasure slowly die down. This time she would endure.

Octavia pulled away from Ditzy’s ear. She ran her hoof delicately along the edge of Ditzy’s wing, tracing its edge. The pegasus knew what was coming next and bit her lower lip in anticipation. Two hooves framed her wing while Octavia leaned in. The musician began by kissing the sensible muscle at the base of her wings. Each peck sent a shiver down Ditzy’s spine and made her tail flick, but that was just the beginning. The pegasus took a sharp breath and had to fight hard to control her breathing when Octavia’s tongue ran along the base of her wing. Ditzy’s breathing became ragged as the other mare switched between slow licks along her muscle to quick flick of her tongue. To think her tongue could do so much with just her wing muscles. Ditzy desperately wanted to feel that tongue elsewhere.

The pegasus lost track of time. There was only the fight to keep at bay the delicate pleasure of her wing muscle being tenderly massaged by Octavia’s soft tongue. The desire for more was the only thing keeping her from moaning in bliss and thus losing the game. After what felt like a tumultuous eternity, the treatment stopped and Ditzy was left panting, drool leaking from the side of her mouth.

She had done it; she had survived further in this game than the last time. She felt quite proud of herself, but at the same time doubt crept into her mind: what more would Octavia do to try to make her lose? She felt the earth pony climb onto the bed with her, and stand above her, one hoof on each side of her head and one on each side of her flanks. Ditzy shivered slightly, perhaps from the repressed pleasure, perhaps from fear, but more likely from both.

“Very good Ditzy,” said Octavia softly, “you get your treat!”

Ditzy’s eyes shot wide open beneath her blindfold when Octavia’s lips met hers. The earth pony draped herself over the pegasus as they began to kiss passionately. The kiss was fast, furious and almost desperate. Ditzy didn’t want it to end and it seemed that Octavia didn’t either. The knot holding back her forehooves was undone and, despite the soreness in her shoulder, the pegasus mare wrapped her hooves around her lover’s head and body to bring her closer.

Finally Octavia broke the kiss to take a breather. “Happy Hearts and Hooves Day,” she said between two gasping breath.

“Happy Hearts and Hooves Day,” replied Ditzy.

And then they made love.