Bots and Bronies

by ultramagnus86

Ironhide Goes to the Ball

As Ironhide crouched into the room where the panel was being held, many a fan looked right at him. He practically stuck out like a sore thumb. Unfortunately, he couldn't shift size like Sideswipe, as the size-shifting ability was a side effect of being cured of Nucleon.

Then, the voice actor he was looking for, Ms. Ashleigh Ball, stepped in. She mostly addressed her fans until she got to first Q&A segment. It was then that she finally noticed the large red robot sitting, twiddling his thumbs in the back of the room.

"Um," she began while looking over the crowd. "who are you?"

"My name is Ironhide, mam." Ironhide said from the back. "I'm here to summon you for reinforcement 'cause Megatron an' Queen Chrysalis are gonna destroy the world, Cybertron, and Equestria!"

But she chuckled a bit and asked, "Is this a prank?"

Ironhide flailed his hands around his body and said, now a in a form of slight anger and frustration, "Does this LOOK like a prank?"

So Ashleigh asked the audience, "What do you guys think? Should I go?"

Then there was a collective "YES!" from the fans in the room. It would seem they were all for not dying. So Ashleigh left the panel and got inside Ironhide's vehicle form.

Then the fans cheered as they left the room, until the cheering died and one fan asked, "What now?"

And they, both the fans and the Autobot/voice actress duo, were off.