Where the Earth meets the Sky

by Pecan Pallet

ch.5 Puzzle

WEMS Ch. 5

"umm... I think it's just me, but... I don't think your friend likes me that much..."

"Wait, Applejack? She's the most warm hearted ponies I’ve ever met. I don't see why she wouldn't like you... Well, except for the door..." you rub the back of your neck as you think about it, your body being a little sweaty from being out so long. Dusk was approaching fast, arriving earlier than normal even though it was officially spring. Hmm, what time is it?

"...b-but I don't think that would be it." You said as you and Harmony peered over at AJ, who was going back to her farm with the cart. You can’t see why AJ would not dislike the Pegasus, Harmony seems nice enough. Well... Applejack's attitude did change... But it's probably nothing.

"I don't know... I just feel like she does." She said, her voice showing a snippet of worry.

"Now is not the time to worry about what other ponies think of you, sister. Everypony saw how you trashed Applejack." Blossom said, as she bounced her hair. Harmony rolled her eyes, "says you."

"I ah... Well just give her some time; Applejack a really nice pony and I’m sure she will grow on you." you said.

"Maybe..." she kicks up dust as she sat silently. In an attempt to change subjects, Harmony asked you a question. "Hay, Terra, do you know a Pegasus named Fluttershy? She's, like, yellow and-"

"Pink?” you interrupt, “Ya I know her, do you need her?" You remembered Fluttershy, the Pegasus with the tea pot.

"Really? Like, really, really? Hay, Lily-"

"I know, I'm right here." Blossom said, looking over to you.

"Sorry about that, we're looking for directions to Fluttershy's place. We heard that she's good with animals."

She's good with animals? You didn't know that, maybe you should get out more. But it seemed normal for you to be a little surprised about it; she never really talks to you, unless she was apologizing.

“If you know where she lives, could you point us the direction?”

"uhm, ya, I know where she lives." you reply, "Is she the reson you guys are in Ponyville?"

"Yup!" Harmony replies

"No, that why I came down." Blossom said, "my little sister only wanted to see her little pony." she wore a smirk while Harmony was in a blush.

"I-I- that's not true!"

"Hundred bits says it is."

A moment of silence...

"Buck you, sis."

"he-he, I would love to."

To evade further argument, you cut in. “Wait, what exactly do you need Fluttershy for?”

“Science.” Harmony said.

“Correction, Biology!”

“Same thing.”

Blossom looked agitated, but she then focused on you.
“I’m researching some animals, so I was thinking about talking to fluttershy.” She explained, “and while I’m here, I was thinking of doing some studies on a Blue plant called, Poison joke. I heard some ponies came in contact with them and I would love to find out more.”

You sigh, this almost sounds like Twi. “Well, I never heard of this “Poison joke.” You should ask some other pony about it… umm, what’s this for anyway?”

“Lily is a nerd like that.” Harmony said.

“I prefer “well educated.” Furthermore, I studied and stayed in flight school.” She added, “I rather be out in the field than be stuck as a cloud runner.”

“They pay well!”

“At Least Terra is “Well educated.” Harmony said, realizing her assumption. “Wait, You did go to school, right? Tell me you didn’t bail out like my sister.”

School… it’s been a while. The choice wasn’t yours, you would have stayed and learned if you did. “I’m sorry… I…” Blossom sighed and left it at that.

“Anyways,” Harmony spoke, “back to business.” putting her attention back to you, she sit beside you. Her body was close to yours, a deep and strange feeling arising in your lower throat. Blossom sighs even more, turning away from her sister and you.

"Anyways," She stares at you. Oh, such Beautiful green eyes. "I was wondering if you could escort us to Fluttershy's place. It would be sooo great if could do that for me. (And my sister)" You think about the answer, but it was impossible for you to say no, anyways.

"umm, sure thing, Princess." you say, collecting your thoughts.

"Aaaw, Thank you, hotshot. You’re such a gentlecolt." Your bodies contact, a shock of warmth kicked through your body. Like Pinkiepie's over sweetened rainbow cupcakes, it was a peculiar sensation, making you feel so weird but... so nice.

Blossom, who was quiet a moment ago, suddenly spoke out. "I'm sorry, Terra, But your princess is in another castle!" Harmony, who seemed offended, hissed at her.

"Y u trolls me!"

"Well, EXCUUUSE me, princess!" Harmony jumps away from you, hissing some other thing you quite didn't understand.

You didn't exactly know what they were talking about, but it was amusing, nonetheless. It must be nice to have a sister around your age, someone to talk to, but still argue with. Pallet was like a brother, but not by blood... So it was still different...

But with every story, every character has a past. You sigh and close your eyes, returning with memories that leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Even though you have been trying to forget, the images were still fresh.

It was Sunday, morning, as the sun was still shining through the east window. The spots of dirt on the musky window paint shadows on the far wall. It was already three days, but there still was a collection of dust on the floor, the piles being pushed too and fro by your hoofs. You could still remember the terrible bed you slept in, as hard as the glass bottle that was thrown last night. It was so hard to sleep in that damn thing, one time you awoke with a cockroach crawling on your leg. You stare blankly at the empty wall of the empty room.

You cough a cold. Pushing off the bed, you walk over to your tattered backpack and searching for anything to relieve the sniffles. A nock on your door grabs your attention, the pony poking his snout through the hole you kicked in the door.

"Hay, Terra, are you in there?"

You said nothing, but walked over to the door. Putting your hoof through the hole, you yank the door open. The hinges broke after words, but at least it was open.

Your friend jumps back, giving you room to step in the room. He tries to smile, but it didn't seem to work. He was a Pegasus, his wings tucked under the straps of his bag. He had nice red eyes and a short mane, which always look oily. His coat was dark, like a piece of red furniture wood, and he also had a white diamond on his forehead.

"Hay..." he said, "... Umm, are you feeling better?"

You give him a blank stare. He shifts around, reaching into his rugged satchel.

"Nicole told me to give this to you, umm, she..." he pauses, pulling out a small orange container. It rattles as he passes it to you.

"It's for your cold, or at least I think so."

You recognized the container, orange with a white cap; you could find them in a specific store. They usually carry pills that do things for your body.

"I saw the letters on it, but I didn't know..." he drifts into a wiser as you examine the label. It was for colds, alright, but the thing that got you was-

"Prescription for: Shamrock. Ventis" a name that was unfamiliar to you.

Your friend stares at you, his eyes asking "what does it say?" you ignore it and just thank him. You look around the musky place, nothing really changed from last night.

It kind of surprises you how well you remember this dirt rag. The multitude of trash on the ground, the lamp that never worked. The living room took up most of the house, the old TV near the wall with the junkyard couch in the middle of the room. Your TV diner was still on the portable table, half eaten. The kitchen was to the left of your room, the stench from under the sink still hurting your mind to remember. The doors were on opposite sides of the place, the bathroom being near the front door.

The front door swings open, almost like magic as your eye glanced at it. But of course, it wasn't like this. The mare stumbles in, wearily dropping a bag that clanking with alcoholic drinks. The earth mare rubs her eyes with dirty hoofs, the night of partying finally catching her. Upon her arrival, you immediately greet her.

"Good morning, Gaia." your friend turns around and greets her the same. It takes her a second, but that warm smile you grew fond of was back.

"Oh... Hi, good morning..." moving past the Pegasus, you approached the mare. She was leaning on the wall now, eyes shut with her heavy eyeliner. She was older than you, her body being long and thin. Her coat was like yours, dark and bland. She had a multitude of tattoos, a lot of them being thorns and roses. Your favorite one was a cluster of butterflies, located on her inner thigh. She used to have fang bites, but recently removed them. Regardless, she was still beautiful.

"Where’ve you been?" you ask, already knowing the answer. You knew she thought you didn't know, so pretending that you didn't know would make her feel better.

"Oh, I woke early to, umm, get stuff." she said, "I just didn't want to wake you."

"Oh, ok." you said, playing the oblivious foal. You rub your snout gently against her neck, cuddling into her mane. "At least your here."

She was smiling again, nice and affectionate, like it was supposed to be. You loved her, deeply; you trusted her and respected her. It was sweet... Back then, of course.

She pulls you close with a hug, her head resting on top of your head. You glance up, speaking to her.

"I love you, sister.”

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