Bots and Bronies

by ultramagnus86

The Great and Powerful

The road to NYC was quick thanks to the high-class space bridge technology Wheeljack created which allowed one or more lifeforms to travel from one place to another.

They landed in Times Square in their vehicle modes and proceeded to go two miles to the Baltimore Convention Center. They transformed and walked right past the registration desk, except for Perceptor, who felt it was cleaner to sign in first before Sideswipe pulled him in along with the others.

Because the convention was in full swing, thousands upon thousands of fans of Equestria's finest filled the main hall and other areas. As they walked forward, several people stepped out of the way so as to not be crushed by the bots' feet.

"Okay, let's see now." Perceptor said after proclaiming he was the leader of the squadron. "Seeing as how there are a few guests on this, I'll assign each of you one: Ironhide, take Ashleigh Ball. Red Alert, Sethisto. Just go the Equestria Daily booth in the exhibitor hall. Sideswipe, Tara Strong. Bluestreak, Andrea Libman. Tracks, Tabitha St. Germain. Which leaves..da da da...oh, slag no."

"What's wrong?" Sideswipe asked.

"The guest I have to find is...the Great and Powerful...ugh...Trixie."

"DID SOMEONE CALL MY NAME?" a booming disembodied voice shouted. Suddenly, a blue cloud of smoke appeared in front of them, and a blue unicorn stepped out of it. "The Great and Powerful Trixie must find the one who called me."

"We did." Perceptor said in a disgruntled voice. "Now, will you join our force or not? If not, we'll have to strike and you will die." That very second, the fans that surrounded the group gasped in horror and shock.

"You and what army?" she questioned in a cocky, boastful voice.

Then, each bot got their weapons ready. Perceptor's scope cannon, Ironhide's double machine guns, Red Alert's particle rifle, Sideswipe's rocket launcher, Bluestreak's beam rifle, and Tracks's shoulder mounted cannon all turned on and prepared to fire. "This army." Ironhide threatened.

"Fine." Trixie muttered.

"Excellent." Perceptor said, now suddenly cheery. "Ironhide, the bag."

Ironhide handed Perceptor a tan leather sack, which he opened, scooped Trixie into and tied. "And don't even think about using magic. This baby prevents any and all lifeforms from using any type of special arts to escape, be it magic, beaming up, or anything of the sort. Wheeljack and I, we engineered it together."

So it was then that they went their seperate ways and prepared to find reinforcements.