Three Equestrians and an Engineer

by Greasebrony

Dance with the Devil

A/N: Hey guys sorry its taken so long to update. Alot of things have come up in my personal life that needs immediate care anyway heres another chapter. Enjoy Bronies.

Eduardo threw himself into bed after a long day and a hot shower feeling good about the progress him and his new friends have made in the warehouse’s remodeling. “Rarity I can understand why your special talent is fashion but I can honestly say that construction isn’t.” He chuckled to himself recalling Rarity handling the power tools.

An ear piercing scream can be heard around Eduardo’s property.


Everyone drops what they are doing and go to check on the source of the scream. What they find is Rarity being chased by a rampaging circular handsaw. Spike immediately jumped in to save Rarity and Eduardo ran to find the power source only to find that the extension cords lead directly from the fuse box.

“Dammit who’s bright idea was this? Now I have to rewire this whole thing.”

When Eduardo shut off the main breaker feeding power to the rest of the warehouse he walked back outside to find Spike in the loving arms of Rarity.

“Oh my brave little Spikey-Wikey thank you thank you thank you.”
She tenderly kissed his forehead and with Eduardo standing by with Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight. Watching the scene unfold he could have sworn the boy was love struck. He decided to keep his mouth shut and let Spike bask in his glory.

Eduardo walked towards Applejack who was the closest to the action. “Mind filling me in on what happened here AJ?”
Applejack let out a few chuckles having no problem expressing her amusement towards the whole situation. “Rare here insisted that she help cut the wood, at first she handled herself pretty good but Ah guess she managed to find a way to get the ON button stuck.”

“And whats the whole deal with Spike?” Eduardo asked.

“That dragon has been eyin’ her ever since he and Twi moved from Canterlot.”

Eduardo was never exactly one for romance. Yes he’s eyed Alison for a good while now but he never expected for her to feel the same. But seeing Spike act the way he acts around everyone else he’s just fine. A complete gentleman around women, at times a sailor when its just the guys and they aren’t around, and like a little brother to Twilight which is understandable. Different species yes but the bond they have is close to what Eduardo and his cousins share. Sometimes around Rarity though he would often jump at the chance to simply be around her and Eduardo usually dismissed it as just him being helpful. However, after he thought about it was like he was too eager, too willing and that’s when it hit him. Spike is head over heels in love with her. With a slap to the forehead realizing how much of a daft numbnut he’s been figuring this out now. ‘Explains a lot.’ He thought to himself as he look towards Applejack.

“How long ago was that?”

“Bout 5 years ago.”

“Worse kept secret in forever?”


“I am a dumbass…” He looked over at Spike to see her cooing at him. “…and how exactly does Rarity think he stopped it?”

“The kicked it and a few seconds later it cut off.”

To that Eduardo had to chuckle as he looked at Spike to which he can see the boy floating. “You go get ‘em Spike.”

Still looking towards the ceiling it hit him.

“Shit, I haven’t cleaned my guns.”

With that he got out of bed and put on his jeans not bothering with a shirt anymore.

He got out of his room in bare feet and took a look around. The first and second floors were completely redone as was the shop, the kitchen and the office. The kitchen was redone with stainless steel cabinets and glass doors. The floor was lined with black granite as was the table top and it was fitted with a dishwasher. The shop and car parking zones had the floor painted in a deep blue with black and red flakes covering the surface and some areas boarded off with a single red stripe and the shop was fitted with a lift. The office had the same layout of the kitchen but instead of granite floors and table top he opted for carbon fiber instead and just for fun he added an office chair which was just a racing bucket seat only with wheels and arm rests.

On the second floor, the living area was decked out with a stage area big enough for DJ equipment and the instruments Eduardo would normally keep in his room as well as a radical pool table he had bought days before. The workout area was left alone for the most part and just switched the rubber mats from black to red. The lighting was also redone as well. There were the normal lights but thanks to Pinkie and Rainbow Eduardo was talked into setting up additional fluorescent lights for party purposes. With that and the consultation of Rarity the colors that were chosen were blue and purple. Finally the walls were decked out with black lights several banners ranging from tire brands to auto manufactures as well as racing brands. And only because Eduardo thought it was funny he hung a disco ball from the ceiling with brilliant white lights pointed at it. Rarity had no problems voicing her objections claiming it was tacky and the black lights were already pushing it to which Eduardo pointed at Twilight claiming it was her idea. That earned him a nasty look and laughter from Spike Pinkie and Applejack.

He looked at his watch, 11:30 P.M. it was already late in the night and everyone was asleep. No doubt from the work everyone put in and all the laughing, mishaps and shenanigans. Alison offered the girls to stay over with her for a couple of nights just because she loves sleep overs. Rarity, Twilight, Pinkie and the Princesses accepted her offer and took the truck leaving the GTR at the warehouse. He descended the stairs and made his way to the office where he last left his Kimber 1911s. When he got there he opened the drawer they were in and got them out as well as a cleaning cloth and his gun cleaning kit.

After slinging the guns over his shoulder and gathering what he needed he made his way to the kitchen to clean his pistols finding Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash already there going through his MP3 player.

“Hey girls.”

“Hey Ed.” Rainbow said with a smile.

“Hi Eduardo.” Fluttershy said smiling as well.

“Enjoying the music?”

“You’ve got a really cool playlist.” Said Rainbow Dash.

“That so?” Replied Eduardo.

“Yeah, a lot of rock, techno, dance, some rap. Some of it I don’t get though.”

“A lot of those songs are based on events you would have to know about. If you want to know the meaning behind it you simply refer to the time it was written and what events were going on at the time.”

“We never took you for a classical kind of person.” Fluttershy said.

“Its good for winding down and just relaxing, at times though I can go for some jazz and acoustic.”

Fluttershy softly smiled in response.

“Nah, I’m more of a hard rocker myself.”

“Never hurts to expand your tastes, speaking of which wheres Applejack?”

“Up stairs and out like a light.” Rainbow chuckled. “I put shaving cream on her hand and made her scratch her nose.”

“I still don’t think that was very nice of you rainbow.”

Eduardo let out a chuckle. “So you were the one who took my shaving cream? I was looking for it this morning.”
“Sorry I guess I should have asked first.” Rainbow responded grinning sheepishly.

“Nah its cool I always keep an extra can in the shower, besides it was for a noble cause. You can never go wrong with a classic like that.” Eduardo and Dash laughed to which Fluttershy soon joined in.

“I guess so long as no one gets hurt.” Fluttershy said.

Eduardo took a seat across from Rainbow and next to Fluttershy and took his guns out of the holsters. The two women slightly back away from him and have their wings slightly spread out.

“What are you doing?” Rainbow asked nervously.

Eduardo unloads the guns and sets their magazines aside. “Relax ladies, I’m just going to clean them. With all the excitement from a few days ago starting with Rarity pulling me aside for the plans of the warehouse and working between the engines I’ve been receiving and the work here, I got so caught up that I forgot to clean these.”

With one hand on the frame and the other on the slide he pulls back the slide to a certain extent with one hand and with his trigger finger pushes the slide release out releasing the slide from the frame. The girls watch as he takes out the spring assembly and the barrel and begins to wipe residue off the slide. Fluttershy looks at his back seeing the burn scars that are covering much of his upper body. She extends a hand out to feel it but recoils.

“Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt me anymore.” Eduardo looks to Fluttershy with a warm smile. “I’m beginning to come to terms with what happened.” He finishes cleaning one of the guns and puts it back together and looks to Fluttershy.

Fluttershy looks in his eyes scanning for any falsehood. Instead she saw the sincerity in what he was saying. Applejack may be the element of Honesty but Fluttershy knew he was telling the truth. With that she held him in her arms and wrapped her wings around him ending with him returning the gesture.

After releasing the hug he looks down to her. “I’ve got an idea. I’ll be right back.” He gets up from his seat and walks to his office.

“You really do have a talent for nursing the injured.”

Fluttershy looks to Rainbow Dash with a somewhat confused look on her face. “…what do you mean?”

“Fluttershy for as long as I have known you, you have always looked after every animal and everypony who has ever gotten hurt. For Celestia’s sake you took down a Grizzly bear with a back problem.”

“Oh well it was nothing really. I was only doing my job.”

“Call it what you want, I still say you’re helping this guy out in a big way.”

Fluttershy looks toward Rainbow Dash. “I think we all are. Do you think he’ll be okay? Even after we leave?”

“I don’t know to be honest but for now lets just hope for the best.” Rainbow Dash responded with a smile.

When he comes back he has a Colt Single Action Army in one hand and loading .45LC rounds with another. After closing the loading chamber he places the revolver on the table and opens his cabinet. He pulls out a couple of liquor bottles and sets them on the table. He opens up all the caps and systematically pours each of the bottle’s contents down the drain.

“You want to give me a hand here?” He looks towards the girls mentioning to follow him outside with the empty bottles. Once all the bottles were outside sitting on the edge of a dumpster, Eduardo grabbed his revolver and some extra rounds and went outside. “This gun is called The Single Action Army. Reason being that the trigger has only one action and that’s to release the hammer striking the charge firing the bullet.”

He half cocked the gun and spun the chamber. “But this gun has another name, The Peacemaker. That’s because in the days of the Wild West every sheriff would carry this gun on their hip. Now of course criminals alike carried these too but all in all these along with lever action rifles, shotguns and women eventually tamed the west.” He smiled taking a shooting stance preparing to draw out the revolver.

“What are you going to do?” Asked Fluttershy.

Eduardo looked back at Fluttershy with a warm smile. “Start making my peace.”

The girls were in the living room of Alison’s home talking about the different experiences they have had and gossip.

“Really Twilight was it necessary to tie him down like that?” Rarity asked.

“What? He was being so frustratingly stubborn.” Twilight replied.

“He’s an old fashioned guy sweetie, he doesn’t want anyone helping with hard labor unless its absolutely necessary. That usually means if his limbs aren’t working and even then he’ll stand against it.” Alison said. “Its not because he doesn’t think you’re capable its because he’s just trying to be a good host and as his guests its not right for you to work. Though he does admit if you hadn’t helped a lot of those jobs would have taken a lot longer than just a couple of days.”

“See? Alison agrees with me.”

“It was entertaining watching him fight his way out of the chair.” Luna said.

“Oh yeah, that was awesome. Does he usually keep a knife in his pocket? It came in pretty handy with all that rope.” Pinkie said.

“Honestly I had no idea.” Twilight responded.

“I guess as the saying goes old habits die hard.” Celestia remarked.

“How do you mean Princess?” Rarity asked.

“It means he’s gotten used to the idea of being a walking armory.” Alison chuckled.

“Is that unusual in this world?” Twilight asked.

“Not really, actually a lot of people have a collection similar to what Eduardo has, save for the explosives.”

“It was pretty funny when he broke the chair though.” Pinkie remarked.

“He jumped off the second floor! How can you think that was funny?” Rarity asked.

“Wait what?” Alison said.

“Twilight do you want to explain?” Celestia asked with an amused smile.

“It might have to do with me tying him down the second time….only with chains.” Twilight giggles sheepishly.

“My god its like he has a death wish.” Alison said with both palms on her face.

“Don’t fret my friend he landed on the truck breaking his fall.” Luna smiled.

“And some lumber.” Pinkie finished.

“Well that explains the dent…Ugh I don’t even want to hear anymore.” Alison said.

The girls agreed to leave it at that and decided to move on to different subject. Rarity was first to speak.

“So darling please enlighten us. How did you and Eduardo come to be?” She asked with a smile.

“Oh that?” Alison chuckled. “Well to make a long story short it was freshman year in high school when we first met. When he came into class to introduce himself I kind of made fun of him making him pretty upset.”

“How did you do that?”

“I questioned his nationality. As it turns out he looks like a white boy but was born and raised by Cubans much like myself.”

“Sounds like you two had a smooth start. When did you start getting close?” Twilight asked.

“Around sophomore year. He was there for me while I was with a couple of guys less than worthy of mentioning. He was there during all of it the good bad and the ugly. But what made him stick out compared to other guys was the fact that all he wanted was someone he could trust.”

“He didn’t have many friends?” Pinkie asked.

“No he had friends, most of them women. But as we grew older and matured everyone just went their separate ways. Today I’m the only real friend he has left.”

“I think its gone passed that point Ali.” Luna giggled.

Alison smiled. “Well obviously but you know what I mean.”

“Indeed.” Luna replied.

With the final bottle shot into pieces Eduardo blows the smoke out of the barrel before twirling it and placing it in its holster. He turns around to see Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy smiling at him. Rainbow was first to speak.

“I think that’ll wrap it up for tonight.” She yawned.

As she turned at made her way into the warehouse, out walked Applejack with Spike following close behind.

“What in the HAY are y’all doin’ out here? Do you have any idea what time it-WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT?!”

“Nah nothin’ AJ you just look good is all.” Rainbow responded.

“Yeah, though you are looking a little pale.” Eduardo finished still snickering along with Rainbow Dash.

Applejack gave a questioning look at the two then scratched her head leaving shaving cream behind causing the other two to laugh Fluttershy and Spike soon joining. She looks at her hand then with her other hand she ran it across her face soon making a look of pure fury. “WHY YOU NO GOOD VARMETS!”

“RUN!” Eduardo yelled.

Rainbow Dash took to the air while Eduardo ran back into the warehouse with Applejack close behind leaving Fluttershy chuckling and Spike on the floor laughing.





Eduardo ran through the kitchen grabbing his wallet and Alison’s car keys then up the stairs leading Applejack into the workout area with a plan in mind to give her the slip. As soon as he was in the workout area he turned to see Applejack winding up a lasso. In a panic he jumped the railing into the first floor next to Alison’s Skyline.



Wasting no time he got in the Skyline and started it up as well as turn on the lift for the garage door. When it was at an appropriate height he slammed the accelerator making a B-line for the outside leaving a smoky trail from the four tires.

“That was too close.” Sighed Eduardo as he approached the main road. ‘Maybe I should stop by Alison’s and see if I can chill there while AJ lets out some steam.’

Rainbow Dash watched from the air as Eduardo speed away chuckling from up above resting on a nearby cloud.

“I wonder….” Dash grinned and began to follow the GTR careful not to get caught in the light hovering well above any passing driver’s line of sight.

Eduardo drove along the 2 lane blacktop coming to a red light he slowed to a stop. Noticing no one else was around he looked at the dash to find it was nearly 1 in the morning. ‘Well I’ve stopped by Ali’s in worse times I’m sure she won’t mind a casual visit.’ He then he looked to his right to find Rainbow Dash making a snaring face with her hands up seemingly ready to pounce.


He lowered the window and watched as Rainbow laughed. “Sorry Eddy couldn’t resist. Cool if I come with you to where ever you’re going?” She asked with a smile.

He sighed. “Sure just buckle up.”

She hovered over the GTR then taking her place inside soon buckling her harness.

“So I got AJ good huh?”

Eduardo chucked. “Yeah you got her and got me in the crossfire.”

“Yeah that was funny to watch.”

“Glad nearly getting my ass kicked again amuses you.”

“Where are we headed?”

“Alison’s place. I planned on bumming out there till AJ chills a bit. Hopefully Fluttershy will explain everything.”

“Sounds good. So what are we waiting for?”

“The green light.”

“Why? No one else is around.”

“It’s the law.”

“You can smoke them with this though.”

“Just to save 2 minutes? Yeah if someone was in trouble sure but just for a relaxing drive its not worth it. Besides I’ll cut her loose on the expressway.”

“Really?” She said with an enthusiastic smile.

“Why not? It’s a Wednesday and its around this time I usually go for a drive anyway.” Replied Eduardo with a smile.

The light turned green and Eduardo entered the expressway doing the speed limit at the moment. Meanwhile Rainbow Dash was starting to get bored.

“When are you gonna do it?”

“Do what?”

“Let me see what this thing can really do.”

“Nah that’s a bad idea sweetheart especially if its on 836. Many have tried to hang but few have succeeded.”

“Okay who was able to take it?”

“Alison and my cousins.”

“Well chalk another one up there cause I can handle it.” She said with a confident tone in her voice.

He gave her a nervous look. “Okay but once I start I won’t stop and you’ll have to endure.”

“Pffft. Please you’re talking to the pony that made the sonic rainboom possible.” Rainbow Dash chuckled.

“Well I can’t say no to an answer like that. Alright you’re on Dashie.” With that they shook hands and got themselves ready as they were about to pass the toll area.

A man stands at the pier of his estate looking towards the Miami skyline deep in thought. The memories of what misfortune a single man brought him. Till this day he wakes with the cold sweats expecting to see a man at the foot of his bed ready to claim his vengeance and end the circle of bloodshed between them. He turns back to his empty estate and makes his way inside. ‘I know you’re still out there Eduardo. By now you must know that I am here.’

He made his way into the kitchen and makes himself a Mojito, the grabbing the Bacardi using his full functioning prosthetic arm. ‘Back then few the few that have opposed me fell to my feet, their blood on my hands. That all ended with you. I have accepted my fate and I have even made the effort of setting up an export business under my name so we may finish what we started 3 years ago.’ He makes his way into the living room and takes a sip of his drink then lights a cigar. ‘That night you destroyed everything I had, once and for all ending my business. The only thing you me left with is a missing arm and fear.’ He takes a long drag of his cigar and blows the smoke out of his nostrils. ‘I’m waiting for you now, come so we can kill each other.’

He hears something in the shadows. Startled, he grabs his .357 from its holster and points it in the direction of the disturbance. “Whos there?”


He shoots 7 rounds into the darkness, the sounds of bullets ricocheting and breaking glass can be heard throughout the estate. He pops the chamber out reloading a full moon clip with 7 rounds and re-aims it ready for anything.

In the wake of his shooting and reloading he hears menacing laughter around him and a dark mist begins to surround him.
In a panic he aims in every which way towards any potential entries in the living area. “Whos out there?”
A dark malevolent voice responds. “Please there is no need for that.”

His tone becomes agressive. “Who the hell are you?”

“Emilio Hernando Cortez, please there is no need to be so brash.” The voice chucked darkly.

“How do you know my name?”

“I’ve been watching you for quite some time.” The voice begins. “You are angry and fearful beyond all comprehension as a result of one human who tore everything you had, to pieces.”

“What the hell do you know?”

“I know that we can help each other, a partnership between us can be mutually beneficial.”

“I don’t do partnerships.”

“As it turns out that now it is not an option for you. Eduardo has chosen to let you live.”

“Impossible, that man's rage is beyond all reason and knowing him he will stop at nothing to kill me.”

“That was before recent events in which several beings have entered his life.”

“How do you know this?”

“I followed them here, into your world. I must admit it is quite a sight to behold. In some parts, corruption, greed, envy, lust, gluttony. In another death, destruction, mayhem all the things that make for an ideal world for me. The Dragonequuis would be quite pleased if not for his imprisonment.”

“What do you want from me?”

“Oh, its not what I want. Its what you want.” At that moment the mist reformed into a face with an all too familiar scar over its left eye. Cortez looked at it and became furious.

“How? This single man brought everything I had down on my head.”

The voice chuckles. “Lets just say I have the necessary resources to make your fantasy into a reality.”

Cortez remains silent allowing himself to think about what this mist is offering. “So let me get this straight, you want to help me kill this man? This deal sounds too good to be true.”

“Is it? On your own you are helpless. Eduardo will make quick work of you and you know that.”

“What do you have to gain from this?”

“The beings in his presence that had a hand in changing his ways. In the beginning there was only 3, one of which is unimportant. However, recently the rest have arrived and are all conveniently within reach. With your weaponry and my knowledge they will be eradicated leaving me to do my will.”

“And whats in it for me?”

“Your revenge and when the dust settles, the world.”

“HA I'll believe it when I see it. In the meantime, what should I call you?”


Final song belongs to AcousticBrony.