The Fire in Your Heart

by Appledash13

Welcome New Recruit.

"Wonderbolts! Wonderbolts! Wonderbolts!" The constant chanting and cheering sent nervous chills up and down your spine and set off butterflies in your stomach. You uncomfortably shift in your current position behind stage as you and your team prepare to head out. "Hey Rookie!" You break from your thoughts to find Spitfire looking at you. "Nothing's gonna go wrong, trust me." She pulls her flight goggles down and you follow suit and do the same, as does the rest of the team. Here we go.

All of you sprint out onto stage in two rows. Spitfire leading the left and Soarin leading the other. You being in Soarin's lane. The anouncer's voice can be heard all around the Cloudsdale Stadium as he speaks into the microphone, "Fillies and gentlecolts, give a warm welcome to," he pauses as you and the team run to the edge of the stage, "The Wonderbolts!" Spitfire and Soarin jump into the air and fly straight up. The next two do the same. Then you and the pony to your left follow it up.

All six of you keep a fast, but steady pace as you fly upward. The two leaders begin to swivel around each other as the rest of the team does. Spitfire and Soarin slow their ascent as do the pegasi infront of you. You mimic their moves and as soon as all your hooves touch, you burst away from the group as do the rest, leaving a blast of yellow, blue, grey, and three other colors behind and each color trailing off individual Wonderbolts, fading as they do. You and the team make a descent to the stage as the begining routine finishes.

As your hooves touch the designated landing point, the cheering, the rock music, and the anouncer's voice become noticable During the routine, you only focused on your actions and everything around you was forgotten. You see Spitfire next to the anouncer. "-seems like there is a different plan for today's show. The Wonderbolts are adding an event for a special occasion." Spitfire is giving each member a job to do as the anouncer talks. You are the last to recieve one. She press a hoof against your chest, "Sit tight," she says. That's it?

The rest of the team takes flight as you just sit yourself down. In the night sky, you see them writing a message. One of the pegasi are creating an image with their trails, and the rest are forming sky writing. A minute or two pass and you are filled with glee at the image you see. It is a picture of you cutie mark, and above it says, "WELCOME WONDERBOLT WHIRL WIND." All of it stands out in big, bold letters. Your facial expression went from one of nothingness to a goofy smile. A giddy feeling wells up inside you but your attempts to hide it are useless.

The team of blue suited performers come back down to the stage and lok up at the sky writing. Soarin and Spitfire are on both sides of you. "Sit out this show," you hear Soarin say. You turn to Spitfire for her take on the situation, "You've only been to three practices, I doubt you can manage to perform what we have planned today.You nod in response, "Where should I sit then?"

"Back stage or in the stands" There is no way you'd go into the stands, you would get swarmed the moment you touch dow. So, you just head back stage.

You head into the locker rooms and take a seat on the bench. The sound of cheering is still audiable, but not disturbing. The clouds of the structure have absorbed most of the sound. You open your locker and begin to take off your flight suit. You fold it up and place it on the left side of the locker. You decide to clean yourself off so you trot to the showers. You turn the first one on to the hottest temperature you can and clean yourself.

You step out of the shower and grab the nearest towel. The audience is still cheering with their energy flowing out freely. You rub the towel thoroughly around your body and mane to quickly dry yourself. You leave the towel hanging around your neck as you lay on the cold bench. The metal under you is uncomfortable at first, after a few passing minutes, its temperature evens out with your body's. The towel has become your makeshift pillow as you slowly fall asleep. The audience was still cheering, which gave an OK for sleep.

"Hey Whirl Wind, wake up!" The sound of your team mate's voice brings you back to reality. He places a hoof on your shoulder and lightly shakes you. "Everypony else left to get to the party ten minutes ago!"

"Party?" You ask, still asleep, "What party?"

"We have one after every show, you coming?"

You let out a yawn before answering, "Yea, just... let me grab my stuff then we'll go." You head over to your locker and open it. You pull out your grey saddlebags from your locker and pull them over your head and onto your back. You slam the locker shut and turn to Soarin, "Let's go."

"So where are going anyway?" You break the silence with a simple question.

"A newly built night club called Black Dragon"

"You going to use it for all your parties?"

"We originally were going to."

"Yea? What happened?"

"The first client was buying it to let us go there everytime, but some old mare paid more to buy it so we couldn't go, but we made a deal with her and now aloud once a month to party here."

"Why not pay the other client so he could have bought it for more than the mare did?"

"She had already bought it by the time we found out."


"Well here we are," Soarin says, before gesturing for you to enter.
On the outside it was just a simple cube with a black sign of a dragon's head above the door. Inside the club is the smell of liquor, the thumping of bass, the hard floor, constant shouting and talking, and the largest amount of ponies you've seen compressed in a small, cramped building. You feel a hoof wrap around you and direct you towards the VIP section. Your team is hanging around at a table, barely drinking any alcohol, and just idly chatting. One of the members acknowledges your arival and points it out to the other three. You give a sheepish smile as you sit down at the table. "I made it!" You say with fake enthusiasm.

"You sure did," the mare on your left says. You remember her name was something like "Fleetfoot." "What were you doing anyway?" She asks.

"Fell asleep."
She open her mouth to answer, but a loud crash echoes through the room as two ponies break out into a drunken brawl. "Be right back," You say before getting up and heading over to the two drunks.

Both of them are throwing blind punches, neither of them had been in a fight. You grab the first one on the left, a green stallion with an even greener mane. You drag him by the mane and drag him towards the exit. He resists, but his attempts are futile. The bouncer by the door takes the stallion away from you and pulls him outside. You then go back for the second one. He has a white coat and a red mane. He throws a punch at your head. You take a step back and he swings again. You counter his hoof with your own and push him down. As he falls, you see his eyes full of surpirise.

When he hits the ground, he lets out an angry grunt. He throws another punch at you with witch you cancel it out by pushing the bottom of his foreleg to the ground. You stare right into his eyes with an emotionless face. His expression softens and his muscles loosen up under you. THe same bouncer as before comes by and takes him away.

You take a seat back your table and find your team members staring at you. You get yourself settled in before speaking "What?"

"Where'd you learn that?" Soarin says?

"Eight years of being a Day Gaurd." You say, trying to show off.

After an hour of that party, you decided to leave and head home. Everypony else stayed behind to continue what they were doing before you arived. You enter your cloud house. Two bedrooms, one bathroom, a dining room, and a kitchen. You drop your saddlebags off by the door and head into the bathroom. Your breath has the smell of alcohol to it. You pick up your toothbrush and brush your teeth. After counting to thirty, you spit out the toothpaste and rince the toothbrush. Mouthwash is next. You grab the bottle of blue liquid and take a swig. You let the fluid reside in your mouth as you count to thirty again. As soon as you stop counting, you spit the liquid out. You head to your bedroom and lay down onto your bed. You gently close your eyes in hopes of sleep.

One thing keeps you from your sleep.I have to piss. As you get up, there is a knocking at the door. You decide to go take a pee before you answer the door. You go into the bathroom, do your thing, and wash your hands. You exit the bathroom and trot towards your door. You open it and a surprise on the other side.

"H-hey Spitfire," you say.

"Hey." She replies.

"So uhhh, what do you need?"

"To ask you a question."

"Go for it."

"Well I kinda..." Her voices lowers as she continues to speak. You wait for her to continue. She looks back up at you, "I'll ask you later." And with that, she leaves.

You don't want to even bother with what happened, you just want your sleep. You head into your room and onto your bed. You flop down onto it and get yourself comfortable before falling into a deep sleep.