The Demon's Angel

by Radiant Dawn

Chapter 5: Prismatic Dreams

Chapter 5: Prismatic Dreams

My dream last night was simple, short, and sweet. I was actually in the exact same place I fell asleep in, and Dash was asleep at my side as well...but we had a visitor. Because of the realism of the dream, I questioned whether it actually happened in reality or not, but it was vivid enough to make an impression on me. In the dream, I was "awakened" by a soft hand brushing my left cheek. I looked over to see Kayla standing there with a blank expression on her face. Her lack of speech unnerved me at first, until she looked over at the girl in my embrace. Kayla stared at Dash for a few moments before her eyes wandered back to me. What I saw was nothing like I expected. Instead of pain, betrayal, or even unhappiness, I saw the most loving, genuine smile I'd ever seen on her face. With that, my lost love simply nodded, and I woke up.

In case you haven't noticed, my dreams seem to be more like visions than anything else. From what I know about the world and the way it works, communing with the dead through dreams shouldn't be possible. That being said, the personalities of the people in my dreams and daydreams are way too complex for it to just be my own mind populating the dream with my interpretation of these passed loved ones. With that in mind, I'd taken to believing these dreams of mine, and what the people in them told me, and how they guided me when I needed it. My previous night's dream was a perfect example, and so like always, I took the "advice" to heart.

The sound of the ocean was the first thing I heard upon waking up in the real, waking world along with the cool, salty smell of the ocean air. I also found that I hadn't kicked the covers off of me in the night, which meant that with it being late September, Fall was in full swing. Luckily with this being the bay area of California, Fall (or "Autumn", if you want to be a prissy prick) was the perfect time of year - not too hot, and not too cold. The last thing I noticed was a new occurrence today: a soft-skinned, rainbow-haired beauty in my grasp, a smile on her face.

The occurrence was not new because of the fact this lovely creature was in my grasp - as it had happened the previous night. was a new occurrence because now it felt right; it felt perfect. The guilt and heartache that would surface every time I would realize I was developing feelings for her were gone, instead being replaced by peace. I wasn't sure if it was because of the dream I had or because my emotions and loneliness were becoming so strong that I didn't care. Personally I'd like to think the former. Still, at the moment I was too tired to really care, and so instead I simply hugged her tighter against me and she moaned in her sleep, smiling even larger than before.

I was unwilling to wake her, as she looked so cute sleeping beside me - of course I'd never tell her that. Something told me the word "cute" might sound patronizing or condescending to this particular female. And so, instead of waking my bedmate and possibly incurring the wrath of said person, I opted to simply enjoy the feeling of warmth and security that sated my loneliness.

One thing had bothered me a bit, as I made a mental list of things we would do today to further integrate her into human society. What bothered me was what the Doctor had said to her as she lay dying in Equestria.

That she would see her friends again.

Now don't think me an asshole, because I'm not. I didn't mean it in such a way that I didn't want her to see her friends again. I did, very much so, because I could tell how much they meant to her. No...what I feared was far more grave, at least to me. Let's say that I open my heart to this amazing girl...what then? The Doctor had hinted that this would not be the last time she saw her friends, and I had the distinct impression he meant that they wouldn't meet again in the afterlife (or heaven, or Shangrila...whatever you believe), but this one. It felt like he meant everypony (ugh...that feels weird to say that) would still be alive when said reunion happened. What did that mean for me? Would I fall in love with Dash just to have her taken away from me, or would I be able to stay with her? A wise man once said that the unknown is what gives excitement to an otherwise dull existence...but in this case he was wrong. Very very wrong. Not knowing such a thing was making my apprehension towards my feelings of attachment for this girl just grow.

I would never be so selfish as to want to keep Dash for myself. I reminded myself that even though she may have the body of a human, she doesn't belong on Earth. And so I made a vow to myself in the silence of morning that no matter what, Dash and her happiness - her needs and wants - came first. Besides, without everyone's favorite speedy pegasus, I could only imagine how the other Elements of Harmony were doing without Loyalty.

My thoughts were interrupted from continuing by another soft moan from my right, as well as grumbling. I opened my eyes to see Dash getting out of bed, but something was very different.

She was front of me...again.

This time I knew it was a completely different scenario, because I had explained to her the reason for clothes in human society. Frantically, I lifted the blanket up to find that thankfully, all of my clothes were still on, which means I hadn't done anything exceedingly stupid last night and not remembered. I was about to say something when my body decided to take control of my eyes and forced them to look at the stretching woman at the foot of my bed.

Even with all of my rational brain screaming at my eyes to look away (to which they refused to respond to), I couldn't help but take in every detail of her literally flawless figure. Blemish-free soft tan skin covered all of her toned, but not overly muscular body. When she turned around I found that yes, rainbow-patterned was the color of any of the little body hair she had, and that her chest was a large B- or small C-cup at least.

In my opinion, she had the perfect body.

As she turned back around with a decidedly sultry smile and headed out the room, I got a good look at her "natural tattoos". Just like in her other body, she had cutie marks on both of her hips. Lastly, I saw a very big difference between hers and Kayla's wings: Dash's were a realistic size and covered her entire back, stretching all the way to her buttocks.

As much as my horny "primitive" brain was enjoying the show, I was glad she left (as gay as that sounds). Let's just say that I hadn't gotten morning wood since I was seventeen, and I was definitely not wishing for her to see this morning's relapse. Thankfully the problem resolved itself in a minute or two of concentrating on utterly non-sexual things, which allowed me to stand up and walk towards the washroom. I could hear her singing - yes, singing - in the shower to some tune I thought I should know, but couldn't recognize. Something about a lot of smiles or something.

A few minutes later Dash left the bathroom with a smirk, mercifully covered by towels as she walked to "her" room. I just sighed heavily and walked into the bathroom, cleaning myself up for the day by shaving, showering and whatnot. The entire time though, I couldn't help but wonder exactly why I'd woken up next to a naked girl when said girl was fully clothed when I went to sleep. I had explained to her that someone seeing her naked was a thing that should only happen if she planned on being intimate...with...them...


'Nice,'re about as quick as a corpse.'

"Wait wait...that can't be fucking true. I mean we just met what, three days ago? There's got to be another explanation. Maybe she just got too hot. Yeah...I was an extra body heat in the bed and the blankets were on. That makes sense. She must have just gotten too warm and had to cool down." I said out loud to myself (a bad habit of mine). 'Okay...then why didn't she cover up when she got out of bed? And dude...she was practically eye-fucking you when she walked out, remember that?'

Well shit...I had me there.

My mind continued to reach out for possible explanations until I found one that was actually plausible: she must be ovulating. From what I remembered from high school health class - as well as my own experience - women always got really fucking horny around said time of every month. I mean, that made more sense than the alternative: that she actually was attracted to me so soon, or even more unbelievable...she was falling for me.

I was startled out of my mental debate by a loud knock at the door. "Koa? Come on, you've been in there for like a half-hour! If you love the water so much, let's go to the beach."
I sighed and finished up in the shower. I figured at this point I'd just bite the bullet and ask her straight out why exactly she was naked this morning in my bed...with me in it. No doubt it would be an uncomfortable conversation, - for me at the very least - but I needed an answer or else the wondering was going to drive me crazy.

As I stepped out of the shower and toweled myself dry, I stared at myself in the mirror, suddenly becoming oddly concerned with my appearance. I was bright enough to know when I was being too self-conscious, so I quickly finished drying and headed to my room. Since I had already gotten more than ten eyefuls of Dash, I resolved to lock my door so that she wouldn't get the same image in her head. Even if she was obviously less modest than me, I wasn't going to throw all caution to the wind with a loud "fuck it".

I took my time getting dressed as I continued to think of how I would phrase my question to her, and decided I should just come straight out with it. Quick, easy, and straight to the point...kinda like ripping off the band-aid. Hopefully there wouldn't be as much blood though.

I heard a knock on the door and luckily I was dressed in some "board shorts", so I opened the door to see Dash standing there with a big smile. "Come on, Koa! I've never been to the beach before. Let's go!"

I flashed a confused look her way. "What? Why? Don't you have beaches in Equestria?"

She nodded. "Yeah, but I had wings back then. Feathers soak up water like a sponge, so pegasi aren't really suited for swimming. I guess I should have been more specific - I never swam at the beach before."

I mouthed an "oh" before slipping on my sandals and starting to walk out. Dash stopped me with a look of confusion before motioning to my upper body. "Oh, I'm not wearing a shirt." I said calmly.

She motioned to her outfit consisting of a bikini top and the shorts she bought the other day. "You told me I have to wear all this when we're in public, so why do you not have to wear a shirt?"

I chuckled and smiled. "Because I'm a guy and I don't have," I motioned to her chest, "those. A female's breasts are intimate. A man's bare chest is not."

She cocked an eyebrow but then snorted in frustration. "Well...that's kind of sexist if you ask me."

I nodded again and chuckled. "I think Lily would agree with you. All the same, it's still a law."

I turned to leave again when - yet again - she stopped me. This time however, she was holding her hand to my back. She was tracing her finger lightly over the outline of the wings on my back, which were the same length as hers. I'd be lying if I said it didn't feel really nice.

"You have wings too?" she asked with no small amount of excitement bleeding through into her voice.

I turned my head back to see her and smiled. "It's just a tattoo, Dash. Believe me, I wish they were real."

She frowned, but finally followed me as we walked outside.

It was a short walk to the beach from my house, and it was still pretty early in the day. Also with the fact it was Wednesday, it meant that number one: I'd be able to play hooky for another day from work. Number two: the beaches would be relatively clear, save for locals. We headed for my favorite swimmable beach we called "gull snack shack", simply because the seagulls of the area had become so accustomed to people that any food brought was not safe. Many a time have tourists been holding a nice tasty sandwich, only to be nearly attacked by a flock of gulls. Thankfully, Dash and I ate before we left, so no food would be the bane of our day at this beach.

We found a nice spot a ways away from the high tide mark, so I proceeded to lay out our two towels on the sand as well as a small beach parasol in case Dash wanted shade. However, after I set out everything and Dash set her things down, I was surprised as she ran towards the waves as if they were diamonds instead of salt water. She without fear ran into a wave that had already broken on shore only to shriek and jump back.

I chuckled as I walked up to her. "Cold, isn't it?"

She rolled her eyes. "Maybe a little bit." She then changed her expression to one of pleading. "Umm...I know how to swim...but can you stay near me? I'm just scared something's going to grab me out of the water."

I chuckled again and smiled. "Nothing's going to grab you at this beach, I promise. I'll still make sure I stay next to you, though. Only thing you need to know is that the current is a lot stronger here than you might expect. If for some reason you start getting pulled away from the beach, swim parallel until you don't feel a current anymore, then swim back."

She raised an eyebrow in confusion and a little bit of fear at the statement. "Why? Is there something dangerous out there?"

I shook my head. "There's no monsters or anything in this water, at least not here. It's just that if you try to fight the current and swim against it, you'll just tire yourself out and likely drown. Just do as I say and you'll be fine, I promise."

She looked up at me with those beautiful violet eyes and a look of innocence. "Pinkie Pie promise?"

"Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye." I said, mocking out the movements.

That was apparently all the encouragement she needed, as she jumped into the seafoam created by the breaking of the waves against the shore. I followed her in with a smile as she shrieked again from the cold.

This was going to be fun.

I was amazed at how long she was able to swim, but remembered exactly how athletic she must be, even in this body. She took to the water like a fish, and I was surprised to find she was almost as strong a swimmer as I was. Unfortunately for her, an undercurrent caught her - just like I predicted. Going against my instincts, I followed her out to the second sandbar and helped her swim back to shore. By the time we made it back to the sand, we were too tired to continue playing in the water, and so instead went back to our towels to rest.

It was only about midday by this time, so I pulled out one of the beers I had brought with me (I know it's before 17:00, but it's a beach in California, so fuck you).

Dash stared at me incredulously as I popped the top of a Grolsch - my favorite beer.

What's that?" she asked, pointing at the bottle.

I smiled as I took a swig of the lovely drink. "This is Grolsch. It's a beer, to put it simply."

She scrunched her face up in distaste. "Ugh...never could really stomach beer."

"Well that's okay Dashie, because I've got something I brought just for you." I said as I reached into the bag, pulling out a creamy white drink made by SoBe.

She took the drink from me and unscrewed the cap. I was amazed at just how well she had adapted to having fingers. As she took a sip, she smacked her lips before taking a bigger drink. She then looked over and smiled at me. "Wow, this is really good. What is this?"

I pointed at her drink with a smirk, "That is a non-alcoholic version of a drink called piña colada. It's basically milk, coconut milk, and a hint of lime."

She smiled and lay down as she muttered a "thank you" to me.

A few minutes passed before I worked up the courage to ask the question that was bothering me earlier. I turned on my side and propped up my head with my arm, looking over at the rainbow-haired girl before me. "Hey Dash? I have a bit of a question for you...about this morning."

She opened her eyes and also turned towards me, resting on her arm. "Yeah? What part?"

I shifted a little nervously before collecting yourself. "Umm...well the whole 'you not having any clothes on' thing."

She blushed a bit but smiled. "Oh...liked that, did you?"

"Well yeah, it was really ni- wait, that's not what I meant, Dash. What I meant was why weren't you wearing any clothes while you were in bed with me? When I first met you it was different, because you didn't know. I have to know then, why did you decide to get rid of your clothing in the middle of the night while in bed with me?" I asked, hoping she wasn't going to say what I thought she was...though at the same time hoping she would.

She blushed even harder, but held her gaze looking right at me. "Well, it was kind of warm during the night."

A part of me felt very relieved, but what bothered me is that an even stronger part of me felt disappointed.

"And," she started, "it just felt like it was okay..." she explained, trailing off.

I cocked my head in confusion, but held an otherwise impassable expression. "Well I did tell you that nudity was a thing of intimacy between two people. You should only be like that around someone you really, really care about."

She was still blushing, but smiled warmly. "I know Koa, I remember. That's why I felt like it was okay."

Wait a minute...was she saying what I think she was? No...I must have heard wrong or must be reading too deep into this. I figured I'd just bite the bullet - again - and just ask her straight out. " do you see me? Do you see me as just a friend or as something more?"

Now she sat up and looked straight at me, no longer blushing. "More...much more."

I was utterly shocked. If I had been a pc, I'd be getting the blue-screen-of-death right now. For the longest time I was in my own world, though even I'm not sure where that was. All I know is that the next thing I realized was that Dash was waving her hand in my face.

"Hello? You there Koa?" she said with a hint of a giggle.

I shook my head and coughed nervously. "Y-yeah, sorry about that. I was just..."

"Surprised?" she finished for me.

I nodded. "Yeah...that."

She giggled again before suddenly taking on a very serious expression. "Look Koa, you know how I feel about you now. Still, I don't want to force you into anything you're not ready for. It wouldn't be very loyal of me to be selfish."

I sighed and almost felt her deflate a bit in disappointment. I looked at her with a blank expression before responding. "If you'd said the same thing to me maybe a day or two ago, I'd have turned you down immediately." She nodded, and I could see the flashes of hope sparking in her eyes. "However...things have changed a lot in just the past few days for me." I sat tall and took another drink of my beer before continuing. "I can't say what's going to happen, Dash or where life's going to take us." I stopped and cleared my throat, getting a little nervous before my next statement. "However...I'd love to have you in my life as mine."

She sat completely still for the longest time, and I feared maybe I'd said something wrong...but suddenly as more time passed, I noticed a smile slowly growing on her face. Thankfully for me, there was no awkward corny request I had to make for us to "go out"...Dash was a girl of action. She simply crawled over to me and hugged me tight against her, the feeling for some reason giving me goosebumps. She released me and looked right into my eyes for a moment before closing the distance with a kiss. It was soft, yet passionate...and it spoke all the words that her voice didn't.

I still didn't know why or how this was happening so fast...I didn't even fall for Kay this fast, but at this point I didn't care. There was no doubt in my mind - I could easily grow to love Rainbow Dash...and I felt she could easily do the same with me. So, for the first time in half a week, I stopped thinking and just enjoyed the moment.

"Aww...that's sooo cute!" said a voice from my right.

I broke the kiss with Dash and looked towards the boardwalk to see Lily and Dizzy standing there with amused expressions. They walked over to us and joined Dash and I with equal smirks.

"What?" I asked them both.

They just giggled and Diz slapped me on the arm, hard enough to leave a handprint, even on my dark skin. "I knew you two were perfect for each other from the moment I saw you."

I rolled my eyes with a grin. "Yeah yeah, Sergeant Dizzy, matchmaker. I know, I know."

Lily didn't say anything, she just stared at Dash for the longest time. Slowly, her eyes started to get wider and wider as Dash turned around to pick up her sunglasses. Lily went to the hips, then the hair, then the back.

She grabbed me by the arm to pull me away, looking at the two bewildered girls we were leaving. "You two just talk or whatever, me and Koa got to have a little chat." She basically then threw me on the sand and sat down next to me. "Dude, who is she? Really?"

For reasons unknown, I suddenly became really paranoid. "Umm...I already introduced you, didn't I?"

She shook her head. "I know, I said her name was Rosabela." She then squinted her eyes in a glare at me. "But that's not true, is it?" I know the reason I was paranoid. "W-what do you mean, Lil?"

"Don't fuckin' 'Lil' me right now, Koa. I'm not fucking stupid. Two cutie mark tattoos matching a certain pony's, and huge blue wings on her back? Okay, those could pass...but her hair? I've seen rainbow hair dyes before, and they were far from perfect. Not like hers. That and the fact that this 'dye' goes all the way to the fucking roots. Now I'm going to ask you again, Koa: who is she?"

I was flabbergasted...there was just no way she could have figured it out. Dash basically dropped in my lap one night, and even I had a hard time believing it at first. I decided to take the safe route and let her answer the questions. "Who do you think she is?"

She glared at me before holding up her arms outer-forearms out, then placed them on top of each other. The markings on her arms never made sense to me until now. Through the seemingly random squiggles and graphics, one sentence now stood out: "Rainbow Dash is best pony."

'Well fuck...'

I was quiet for the longest time before I sighed, telling her everything she needed to know. Lily sat beside me with a look that crossed between excited and confused. "How the fuck did this happen? Why is she here?"

I then proceeded to quietly explain to her everything that Dash told me the first night...about her death. Like me, at the end of the story, Lily was sobbing. Dash noticed this and walked over with Diz, a concerned look on her face.

"What are you two talking about, Koa?" my now-girlfriend (or marefriend, depending on how you look at it) asked.

I simply sighed and looked over at her. "She knows, Dash."

My look and the fact I had called her by her real name in front of the two others told her everything she needed to know. " did she figure it out?"

Lily laughed and pointed at her. "You should have at least dyed your hair or something. Along with the other stuff, it's a dead giveaway."

"Um, hello? Completely confused as to what's going on, here." Diz said in annoyance.

I sighed and stood up. "Okay Diz, do you recognize her tattoos at all?"

She nodded. "Yeah, they're Rainbow Dash's off of My Little Pony."

I raised an eyebrow. "How the hell do you know that?"

"I'm a pegasister, Koa. You didn't know that? I could have swore I told you that at some point." she stated.

I didn't remember her ever telling me any such thing, but nonetheless I continued. "Well Diz, there's a reason she has them...they're not tattoos."

Now she looked even more confused. I turned to Dash. "Do you mind if she touches them?"

Dash looked confused, but shook her head. "No, I don't mind."

I then turned back to Diz. "Okay Diz, you know what tattooed skin feels like compared to normal skin. Feel them, and tell me what they feel like."

The confused expression never left Dizzy's face, but she complied and gently ran her fingers over the cutie mark on Dash's right hip, causing said girl to blush at the contact. After a moment of investigation Diz stepped back with a shocked expression.

"Those aren't tattoos...that's normal skin. But how-" She stopped as her eyes grew even larger - if that's possible - in realization. ", it's not possible."

I cut her off before she could go into the whole schpiel I went through the first night. "It's possible, Diz...and it's really happening. I don't know how, I don't know why, but's really her."

She calmed down after a moment as she quickly - if not unexpectedly - accepted what I said. She had a smirk on her face when she replied. "So let me get this're in with Rainbow Dash in human form? I know a lot of people who are going to be really jealous of you."

I waved my hands frantically. "No, no! You two can't tell anyone about this! Promise me right now - in fact, Pinkie promise - that you will not tell a soul about this at all!"

Diz slumped and rolled her eyes. "Fine...cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye."

"Lily?" I asked, turning to the mentioned woman.

She nodded. "Ditto."

I shook my head. "Do it."


"Yes, really."

She sighed, but complied. "Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye."

I then nodded in satisfaction, relaxing. "Thank you...both of you. I know how cool this would be to tell everyone, but I have to think about her safety as well. While it's true most government officials would just pass something like this off as being some crackpot rumor, with our luck that one not-so-stable one will catch wind of it. I can't afford to put her in that kind of danger, so we all have to shut up about it." Diz and Lily both nodded in agreement, thankfully. I then turned to Dash. "I don't want anything to happen to you is all, Dashie. I really care about you a lot."

She smiled and held my hand softly in hers. "I know, Koa. I understand the need for secrecy, believe me."

The rest of the day was pretty calm, otherwise. The three girls chatted like mad about all sorts of things, mostly Dash's life "behind-the-scenes". Thankfully they didn't tell her about the show, simply giving the same line I had told Dash the first night. I just relaxed, drinking the rest of the six pack of beer and napping. Before I knew it, I was being softly shaken awake by a girl with rainbow hair.

"Koa, c'mon get up. The sun's going down and I'm hungry. Let's head back to your house and get something to eat, please." she said with urgency.

I grumbled but nodded, standing up and grabbing everything we brought before heading towards the road.

We arrived home a little after seven, so I quickly fixed us up something to eat. For Dash, I made a salad of lettuce, tomatoes, and mushrooms with her choice of dressings, while I heated up and made some Khalua-marinated shredded pork with some two-finger sweet poi. As I sat down and began to eat, I noticed the girl next to me staring at my food intently.

"Do you want to try some?" I asked, holding a small forkful of the meat up towards her.

She seemed a little apprehensive at first before shrugging. "Well I'll probably be here for the rest of my life. Might as well try and adapt to a human's eating habits." She then took the small bite and chewed, moving the sweet pork and onion around in her mouth a bit to taste it. To my surprise, she swallowed and didn't actually look disgusted. "Alright, I'll admit...that was really good. What animal was that, if you don't mind me asking?"

I took a bite myself, chewed, and swallowed. "Pig, also known as pork when it's food."

She shrugged and smiled. "Well I guess I could get used to the diet. Still kinda bothers me that I just ate another animal. I mean, in Equestria, we ponies wouldn't even crave the stuff to eat. I guess it's really different here though."

"Well Dash, I only allow myself to eat meat once every few days, if that. The human body needs a lot of protein to survive, but most of it we can get from vegetables and even eggs. Most of our diet will be vegetables, eggs, and fruits. Too much meat is bad even for humans. Makes you fat and clogs your arteries." I stated plainly.

She nodded and finished her salad quickly, walking over to the sink and washing it out. "Hey Koa, I have a question for you. I mean you don't have to answer if you don't want to, but..."

I nodded. "Shoot, Dash. You can ask me anything, and I mean anything. I don't have any reason to hide anything from you."

She placed the clean dish on the drying rack and walked over to me as I continued eating. "How do you see me? Be brutally honest, please."

I swallowed the last bite of food and walked over to the sink, also washing off my plate. "Well Dash, you're really impulsive. You rarely think things through before you take action, and you have a bit of a temper when it comes to someone trying to hurt or insult your friends." She was about to say something but I held a hand up to silence her. "Let me finish, please." She nodded and I put my plate away before sitting on the couch. She joined me, sitting a small distance away. "You're a bit conceited, and you tend to have a hard time taking things seriously.

Her face fell and I could tell she was about to cry. "So...I'm that bad, huh?"

I placed a hand on her shoulder, and when she looked up at me I shook my head. "I never said it was all bad, Dash." I smiled before continuing. "You're impulsive, but when you or your friends' lives are on the line, you can't afford to sit there and need to take action. You have a bad temper, but righteously so. You get upset not because of yourself being insulted, but because of your friends. You're arrogant and conceited, but only because you know how good you are because you've worked so very hard to get there. You joke around a lot, but you do so to try and lighten the mood when everyone else is too tense and taking things too seriously." I squeezed her shoulder a bit affectionately. "Lastly, but certainly not least, you are loyal to the end to your friends. You would do anything for them...even sacrifice your dreams. I saw what you did when the Shadowbolts tried to recruit you in the Everfree Forest. A pony that wasn't absolutely loyal to herself and her friends could never have had the strength to do that." I leaned over and placed a kiss on her forehead before sitting back and looking into her glistening violet eyes. "I don't know how you got here, why you're a human now, or if you're even the bearer of the Element of Loyalty anymore. What I do know is that even though you're not a pony anymore, you're still every bit as awesome, amazing, loyal...and beautiful as you ever were."

" think I'm beautiful?" she said softly after a few moments of silence.

I found this funny that out of that little speech, that of course was the thing she wanted clarification on. Instead of laughing, I leaned towards her again and planted a gentle kiss on her smooth, soft lips. "Do you know what I just did?" She shook her head and I smirked. "I just kissed possibly the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on."

Her cheeks turned a bright red with blush as her eyes almost seemed to glow with happiness. She hugged me tightly and smiled. "Thank you, Koa. Nopony's ever told me that before. Um, I mean no know what I mean."

I chuckled and hugged her back. "Yeah, I know what you mean." I then released her and nodded towards the stairs. "You go take a shower first." She nodded and headed upstairs to the washroom. I made my way up to my room, cleaning up a bit and setting my clock, as I need to stop slacking and go into work tomorrow. I sighed and lay back on my bed while waiting for the rainbow wonder to finish her shower. Just like most things so far, she was fast and was done in about five minutes. She jerked her thumb towards the washroom before heading down the hallway to get dressed.

After taking a shower of my own and brushing my teeth again, I opted to simply sleep in a pair of boxers with no shirt tonight, not really caring anymore if she saw me. After all, I still had underwear on. As if on cue, she walked into the room in nothing but a tank top and tight shorts. She didn't even ask as she turned off the light and lay on the right side of the bed beside me, getting comfortable. I was about to wrap my arm around her like I had been doing, but instead she rolled over on top of me, straddling me with a grin.

"Dash? What are you doing?" I said, grinning back. She said no words, and simply leaned down, planting a firm kiss on my bottom lip, nibbling very lightly. I let loose a very soft groan and responded, "That is so not fair, Dashie. I swear this can't be your first time. That was a pro move."

She shrugged. "I'm not going to lie and tell you that I'm some innocent little girl and that 'you're my very first kiss and it means so much to me'. does mean a lot to me, but're not my first."

I shrugged right back and smiled. "Fair enough. I appreciate the honesty."

She nodded and leaned down again to continue tracing her lips on mine before running her tongue on my lips. I opened my lips as well and was met with the sensation of her oral muscle twirling itself around mine, as if by magic.

This continued for at least twenty or so minutes, eventually graduating to her grinding her hips against me while she continued to fervently make out with me. Had I been a lesser man, I would have been pitching a hell of a tent right then, but thankfully I controlled myself.

As lust started to cloud my mind, I found myself wanting to push it further, but I stopped myself. Thankfully she didn't push any further either, apparently thinking the same thing. No matter how well we "gelled" together, three days was way too soon for anything really intimate. Still, we were both out of breath and simply lay in each other's embrace for another few minutes or so before falling asleep in each other's arms.