by Gylden Glor

The Party

I grin as Pinkie Pie approaches. "This is a great party, Pinks!" I shout over the din of the DJ's music.
"Yeah, well, it's not every day that your friend comes back to life!" She giggles in return. I hold up my soda with a smile.
"That's true."
She smiles at me for a few moments, and then leaps forward, giggling as she drags me into the center of the dance floor. "C'mon, Peter, dance!" She cries, swinging me around so fast that I'm afraid I may lose my lunch.
"Uhhh, I'm not one for dancing," I mutter as I get the shit beat out of me by my fellow dancers. Pinkie Pie simply giggles, and lets me go.
"Alright! Have it your way! But I have a pretty good feeling that Rainbow Dash won't take no for an answer!"
I watch as she disappears in the crowd, and I struggle to make it back to the table I was sitting at.
I sit down with a sigh, and continue to be one of the socially awkward fellows sitting on the sidelines.
"Wanna dance?"
I look up to Rainbow Dash, who has approached me with a small, longing smile and a blush.
"Eh," I mutter, drawing out the vowel. "I'm not that good of a dancer..."
The cyan Pegasus simply pops up onto her hind legs, and presses her hooves into my hands as she kisses me on the cheek. "I don't care. We're dancing."
I smile, and shrug. "Okay."
And, with that, she pulls me into the dance floor, remaining on her hind hooves so that she's at my height. I can't help but marvel at how skillful these ponies are at standing on their hind hooves in terms of motor movement, as the ponies around me are dancing on two legs and are using their forelegs as arms. It makes me wonder why they don't live their lives as bipedal mammals...
Eh, whatever. I may as well focus on my "dancing," just to make sure that I don't crush anypony with my feet. Then again, we're all the same height like this...
I actually somewhat loosen up as I realize that all the ponies dancing are standing at the same height and in the same posture as me. It makes me feel...normal. Like I belong here.
I convey this to Rainbow Dash as we dance, still holding each others hooves/hands.
"I feel normal," I announce. "Like I fit in. Because everypony is just as tall as me for once! And I feel like...y'know...I belong..."
Rainbow smiles at me, and surprises me by pulling me right into her arms, and giving me a soft kiss. "But, sweetheart, you do belong."
I smile, and reciprocate the kiss. "When I'm in love with a freak like you?" I jest with a grin.
"Oh, screw you, Peter," Rainbow chuckles. I laugh softly, and we continue to dance, spinning each other as we giggle. We eventually loosen up, and get to the point at which I'm simply shaking her around, and she's giggling as I toss her between my arms.
After a while, we get tired of our dancing, as we've been twisting and shouting and giggling the whole time. We sit down at our own table, and have a pleasant conversation.
"So, when we had sex the other day," she begins. I blush as she brings up the intimacy we shared that morning. "How was it?"
I smile as I raise my soda glass to take a sip. "It was okay."
Rainbow Dash giggles, slapping me on the arm. "Just okay? I thought it was great!"
I smirk at her. "Is that because of my big dick, or because of the emotional aspect?"
The cyan Pegasus blushes. "Both..." She giggles lightly, and I do, as well. "But more the emotional. Besides, your dick ain't that big, anyway."
I shrug. "It's bigger than yours."
Rainbow Dash laughs. "If I had one, it would still be bigger than yours!"
I snicker, and she rests a hoof on my arm. "But, honestly, Peter, I..." She takes a deep breath before continuing. "I loved it. Because I felt so...close to you, y'know? Like, I felt like you be I were one and the same, and I enjoyed doing it with you because I could just feel your love, was beautiful, Peter."
I smile, and grasp her hoof. "Yes, it was, Rainbow. But not nearly as beautiful as you."
She holds a hoof up to her face to hide her blush and giddy smile. I move it, and I'm about to kiss her in a very romantic way when the music is stopped, and is replaced by Pinkie Pie's microphone-amplified voice.
"Alright! Let's cut the cake! Spike, take the knife!" I feel a pang of dread, and I tense up as I lean forward on my chair, staring intently at Spike as he grasps the knife. I watch for his darkness, to make sure that it's not rearing up on its hind legs, excited at its opportunity to break Spike and take control.
Spike slowly lowers the knife to the cake, and I feel my muscles tense as he pushes the knife through it. Rainbow Dash notices, and rests a hoof on my shoulder.
"Are you okay, Peter?"
I hold up a hand to silence her, and continue to stare at the baby dragon.
He lifts the knife, and makes the second incision needed to free his slice. I clench my jaw as I strain to see a single lick of his darkness. I feel my heart beat faster, and my knuckles clench the chair.
Finally, he places down the knife, and places his slice of cake on his place. His darkness has remained silent.
I relax with a relieved sigh, and lean back on my chair. Rainbow Dash shoots me a confused question, and I explain it to her.
"Oh," she states.
"Oh," I echo.
"So, you were watching to make sure that he didn't kill somepony?" Rainbow asks.
"Not as much kill as have the temptation to do so," I reply. "Ha darkness is waiting for...something. I don't know what." I bite my nail as I watch Pinkie Pie go ape shit on the cake, slicing it into one piece for every pony in the room, somehow replenishing her stock each time she runs out of cake.
After a while, two pieces of cake are put on the table before Rainbow and I, and we thank the pink enigma - or pinknigma, if you would - for the cake. We happily chew away, and I put a bit of the ice cream on my finger.
"Hey," I say, catching Rainbow's attention. She looks up to me, and I slather the ice cream on her nose. She pulls back in surprise, and then jams a large chunk of cake onto my face. I laugh, and so does she, and I lean forward to let her lick off the cake, as she has asked me to let her do. She quickly licks it off, and I wipe my face thoroughly as it is soaked in saliva.
"Gross!" I whine, crumpling up the soggy napkin.
"Hey, I like cake," she responds. "What did'ya expect?"
I shrug. "A face-full of saliva, I guess."
She giggles, and I join her. We stop as another announcement comes through.
"So, everypony, to celebrate Spike coming back from death, I have something special arranged! Some rather...foreign, music!"
I smile as I take my iPod out of my pocket, and prepare the "party" playlist. It consists of music ranging from "Ride of the Valkyries" to "Sorry for Party Rocking." It even has a few songs by deadmau5, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and several jazz bands and composers, such as Jeff Jarvis.
"Peter, if you would, approach the DJ stand, and plug in that music!"
I grin as I climb the steps to the stage. I approach the alabaster DJ unicorn, and she frowns at me.
"Can't say I've ever seen that kinda disk before," she remarks, pointing at my iPod.
I shrug. "Do you have an auxiliary jack on this stand?"
She perks up, and takes off her tinted glances to see me more clearly. "You know what that is!? Aww, man, we should totally hang! My name is Vinyl Scratch. Come meet me after the party's over, and we can hang, bro!"
I grin and nod. "Sounds good." She pulls at an auxiliary plug, which comes out with a zip. It's obviously on a spring spool.
"Here," she says, hoofing it to me. I nod, and plug it into my iPod. I tap on shuffle, and a song starts to blast out, and the ponies all grin as they bop their heads along, and begin to dance.
"Sweet beat!" Vinyl remarks as she returns to finagling with the equalization of the music, keeping it at a constant perfection. "What's it called?"
"It's 'Moar Ghosts 'n' Stuff,' by deadmau5!" I shout above the music. "The bass hasn't even dropped yet!" I decide to take a seat beside her, so I can continue to answer her questions.
"You know what that means!?" She asks.
"A lot of humans do," I respond. "We live in a super modern age! We can fit five hundred of these songs onto something the size of my hand!"
Vinyl turns to me with a smirk. "No shit!"
"Yeah," I respond. As I smile, I feel the bass in the base of my jaw. "Man, you can feel the bass back here! You must love this!"
Vinyl grins at me, and I swear I can see her teeth grin. "Awww, yeah! It's great, dude!"
I nod, and lean against the back of the chair. "I've never understood the equalizer," I admit as she pushes the slides. "What does each one control? I know it's all decibels, but I don't know how it alters the treble, bass, and stuff."
Vinyl moves to the side, and gestures for me to join her. "Well, c'mere! I'll show you!"
I smile, and stand just before the equalizer pad. She pops a pair of headphones on my head, and I keep a hand on my left ear so it stays while it hangs off of my right, so I can hear Vinyl Scratch instructing me.
After a while, I've gotten used to altering it whenever there's too much bass and the only thing you can hear is the speakers shaking, or when there's too much treble and it just sounds deadpan. There's more, but I don't really understand it all. I just know what to alter when something doesn't sound right. Luckily, my ears are practically made for this, so it's easy for me to identify when it needs a change in E.Q.
I quickly alter the slides as a different song comes on, and one of a significantly different genre. It's a jazz song, and it's "Critical Mass" by Jeff Jarvis.
"You've got quite the collection of songs!" Vinyl shouts as she helps me with the E.Q.
"Yeah, I like to stay diversified! It gets more interesting when you put it on shuffle!"
Vinyl smiles, and lays a hoof on my hand to help me change the slide I was already changing. She slowly puts it to the right place, and leaves her hoof on my hand for a moment before pulling it away. I feel slightly uncomfortable at the subtle advance, but I say nothing in fear of insulting her.
"Shit, man, I never even got your name!" She cries as we continue to adjust the equalization.
"My name's Peter!" I exclaim, struggling to have myself heard over the music. "So, how long have you been a DJ for!?"
Vinyl Scratch smiles. "Aww, man, ever since I got my Cutie Mark! It was when I snuck into a club as a filly with my friends and started actin' like a DJ at the stand! Everypony thought I was actually a professional, 'cus it sounded so good, y'know?! Got my Cutie Mark when the head of the club offered me a job there! After a bouncer kicked me out!"
I laugh along with her. "Man, that's freaking awesome! You've got to have balls to just pop up behind the stand and mix it up!"
Vinyl grins, and places her hoof on my hand for a bit longer this time. "Thanks! I've actually never really met somepony else that understood what I talk about!"
"I get it!" I immediately respond. "You're freakin' awesome, I'm freakin' awesome, it goes without saying!"
Vinyl chuckles, and places her hoof on my hand again. I struggle to ignore it, as I don't want to offend the poor girl.
"So, what else is back in your super modern home?!" Vinyl asks.
"A lot of stuff! Cars, planes, computers, televisions, gaming technology, dubstep remixing tools; you name it! We've got it all!"
"I'd love to visit!" Vinyl exclaims. I laugh, and she raises an eyebrow at me. "What?"
"It's kind of on another planet," I explain. "And I don't even know how I got here, so it'd be a bit more than difficult to get back there!"
Vinyl guffaws at me. "And you just...go along with it?"
"Yeah!" I respond, smiling as I crank up the bass a bit. "I do!"
"Just like...go with the flow?"
"Exactly!" I respond with a grin. "What's the point of freaking out about something I can't change?"
I pat Vinyl on the back. "How about you take over? I'm going to go dance with my girlfriend!"
Vinyl's smile falters, and she happily accepts the headphones from me. "Okay. up with me after the party, 'k? I'll be packing away my stuff."
I nod, and go down to the dance floor, proud of how I plugged in the "I have a girlfriend" card. I didn't want to seem over sensitive to her advances, so I simply ignored them. However, when it came to leaving, I casually plugged it in, which helped to send the point home that I want to be friends.
At least, I hope that's what I sent home. In not very good at determining what kinds of signals and messages I'm sending, as you can probably tell.
I approach Rainbow with a smile, and commence dancing with her. I decide not to tell her that the DJ flirted with me, as I don't want to be kept from having a cool friend.
About five hours later, everypony is filing out, complimenting Pinkie Pie on the great party. I hang back, excusing myself from Rainbow by explaining that I have to get my iPod from the DJ. Which is true, she still has it.
"Hey," I say as I approach Vinyl Scratch. She and I are the only ones left in the newly erected party hall-
Oh, shit. I forgot to mention that, didn't I?
Pinkie Pie purchases a lot, and had a party hall built here. Yeah, sorry about that.
Anyway, Vinyl and I are the only ones left, besides Pinkie Pie, who is rapidly sucking up all the debris with a vacuum tube in her mane.
"Hey, dude!" Vinyl says as she turns to greet me. "You actually came! Hey, sorry about that hoof on your hand thing, I didn't know you had a girl, y'know? If I had, I wouldn't have made an advance like that."
I shrug. "It's cool. So long as you don't try to, like, kiss me or anything."
She laughs, and shrugs. "I make no promises."
I blush, and she sees it. She laughs loudly, and punches me in the side. "'Ey, bro, I'm just jokin'! Calm yourself!"
I sigh as she returns to disassembling her equipment. "God, you're such a troll. Oh, hey, can I have my iPod back?"
"Sure." I put it in my pocket as she gives it to me.
"So, who's the lucky girl?" She asks me as I stoop down to assist in her troubles.
"Rainbow Dash," I answer with an involuntary grin.
"Shit, the Rainbow Dash?" She asks.
"The one and only!"
She smirks at me. "She's pretty cool with stuff, Peter. Hell, I bet you could cheat on her and she'd just ask for a three way!"
I shrug. "Yeah, well-hey, are you suggesting something?"
The alabaster unicorn smiles at me. "Damn, ya caught me."
I frown at her. "I can't cheat on Rainbow Dash. I-"
She presses a hoof to my lips to stop me. "Peter, ponies mess around all the time! She's understand!"
I frown, and back up a bit, hoping for some escape plan to hatch itself. "Yeah, but-"
"C'mon. Just a kiss."
She giggles as I continue to retreat. "Vinyl, I love Rainbow. I can't just cheat on her! We had sex, and it was a beautiful moment for us. We were emotionally connected, and she'd be heartbroken if I cheated on her..."
Vinyl dismisses that with a "pffft." "Yeah, yeah, Rainbow, Rainbow, Rainbow. You don't wanna hurt her, you want her to be happy, blah, blah, blah. But what about you? Are you happy?"
I frown at the meager attempt to get me to cheat on Rainbow Dash. "Of course I am."
"Then why don't you marry her?"
I blush. "Well, I've known her for less than two months!"
Vinyl rolls her eyes at me. "Peter, you're so obviously a tourist..." She sighs. "Peter, in Equestria, ponies get married after a month, if they believe they've find true love. Now, you've been dating for a month, right?"
"About," I mutter.
"Then why don't you marry her?"
I frown. "Are you trying to get me to cheat on her or marry her? Make up your mind."
"I'm trying to show you that you don't really love her!" Vinyl explains. "And that she's not your true love. But I, on the other hand...I can be your true love..."
I frown at her, and all pretenses of possibly being friends with her vanish.
"No," I growl. "No, you can't." I stand up straight, and push past her to the front door. "If you try this shit again, I'll-"
"You'll what?" Vinyl demands. "You'll kill me?"
I pause in the doorway, and I feel my darkness stir in temptation. I stroke it, listening to it purr as I entertain its dark thoughts.
And we straighten up, turn to her, and close the door. She smiles.
"I knew you'd fall for me," she tells us.
We approach her, and she comes close to us and now our hands are on her and now they're around her neck and we squeeze and she struggles as we feel her windpipe crumple. But we let her breath so she can feel fear, and push our thumb into it to instigate more fear of us and our strength and our clearly superior power.
"Yes," we growl, staring right into her eyes with intensity to match the sun.
And we stand, and let her go as we walk towards the door.
"You're crazy!" She cries as we open the door, ready to walk out into the night.
We smile back at her. "Maybe. But I'm also stronger than you."
With that, we exit, and close the doors behind us.
"I saw what you did, Peter."