Discord Did It

by DarkMasterofCupcakes


(Discord's POV)

I've been stuck as a statue for a full year now.

After having previously been in the same situation for more than a thousand years, you'd think one year would fly by. It doesn't.

I swear, either those ponies were taking their sweet time with changing the seasons, or time really did slow to a crawl for the past year.

I've actually been counting the seconds. There's not much else I can do, considering I'm now made of stone.

My nose itches. I do my best to ignore it. It's not like I can actually scratch it. My body apparently hasn't realized that it's stone. Good for it.

Back to counting, I suppose.

Thirty-one million, six-hundred forty-three thousand, nine-hundred fifty-three.

Thirty-one million, six-hundred forty-three thousand, nine-hundred fifty-four.

Thirty-one million, six-hundred forty-three thousand, nine-hundred fifty-five.

This is so…organized.

I'm going…Well, I can't be going crazy. How can someone who's basically the living incarnation of insanity and disorder go insane? So, I'm going…sane, I suppose.

I should have expected that from the counting. It's so linear, and it's so hard to mix them up. Yes, I could count the wrong way, but that would require having fun. Having fun requires letting my mind wander. And when my mind wanders, I hate what it comes across.

The first thing my mind comes across when I let it wander is my recent defeat. How embarrassing.

This wasn't the first time I had been defeated, of course, but the circumstances are so much worse this time. At least the first time, I was defeated by two very powerful alicorns who were not that much younger than myself. The second time, I was defeated by two earth ponies, two pegasi, and two unicorns, who were all rather young.

Well, the upside is there isn't anyone to continuously point out how humiliating my defeat was.

Sigh. I've really become boring, haven't I? Was this how I was when I was first defeated by Celestia and her sister? If that's the case, then no problem; I can just wait until I'm back to my old self.

On the other hand, if this is something new, something that came as a result of my being defeated by the new holders of the Elements of Harmony, then I have something to worry about.

What if I stay sane for all eternity?

If that's going to happen, please smash me now!

What's that?

My hands are tingling; they feel warm. This has never happened before. The warm feeling, not the tingling.

My eyes don't move, obviously, but I can see both my front paw and my claw.

There's light on the tips of six of my toes. It feels so familiar…

Ah, sweet chaos. Enough to weaken this spell? No, of course not. Seems like the universe is using my belief that games should be a challenge against me.

But, does that really matter now? I finally have it. After a year of imprisonment and nearly becoming sane, my chaos is back.

It's not enough. I know it's nowhere near enough. It won't last long without being used. I can already feel it fading. I need to use it, fast.

What can I do with it, though?

Such a small amount could only be used to affect individual ponies. Even then, it couldn't do much. Play with a natural process, maybe, but nothing more than that. Changing mane colors is nothing but parlor tricks: fun, but the novelty wears off rather quickly.

Wait a moment…Play with a natural process? Six bits of chaos….Six little ponies, all of them female. The chaos seems to have the same idea. Each of the lights reshapes itself, a small string-like tail extending out of the speck of light. I may not be able to spread chaos, but they can. The lights fly away from the tips of my tips. They head towards Ponyville.

Heh heh heh.

I know it isn't much. If I could, I would do so much worse. I would create cotton candy clouds, make that Golden Screwball pony float and think everything makes sense again, even ice-skate on magma.

But, I can't. I can't do anything when it comes to chaos while I'm a statue.

Can't have fun.

Can't spread chaos.

That's why I'm doing this. I can't spread chaos, myself. This last bit of chaos is the last I'll be using for a while.

Doesn't matter. It'll all work out.


(Regular POV)

-The Library-

The tiny light slipped through the crack in the wood. The fit had been tight, even after the light had made itself even smaller than it was before. It was now half the size of a pinhead.

The light floated around the room, past shelves upon shelves of books.

It barely illuminated the darkness. It was losing power. It had to do what it was told, and fast.

Where was the pony?

A small moan answered the question.

Purposefully dimming itself even more, the light floated up the stairs and into the loft where the purple unicorn slept. The baby dragon was sleeping in a basket by the foot of the bed.

The light floated past the dragon, pausing when he began to stir. His eyes opened slightly, only to close again a moment later. He sneezed once, a small amount of pale green smoke coming from his nostrils, before going back to sleep.

The light continued moving towards the slumbering pony.

It landed on her stomach.

The unicorn shivered slightly, either a reaction to the light touching the sensitive area or the temperature of the room.

It didn't matter to the light. It had a job to do.

The light burrowed into the skin of the unicorn, whose muscles tightened slightly in response to the slightly painful ordeal.

Twilight Sparkle's eyes flew open. She looked at her stomach, surprised when she couldn't see anything.

"That's strange…" she murmured softly, being careful not to wake Spike.

She could have sworn that something had stung her.

But, there was nothing on her stomach. Not a bee or a wasp. Not even the sting itself.

Figuring she must have dreamed it, Twilight closed her eyes and went back to sleep, not noticing the tiny light that shone from her lower belly for a mere moment before vanishing.


-Fluttershy's Cottage-

Angel Bunny frowned as he looked at his sleeping "mistress".

He had heard her cry out in her sleep moments ago and that worried him.

She may have not been the bravest of ponies, compared to the other pegasus in the group she normally spent time with she was downright cowardly, but she never had nightmares.

Something must have actually hurt her.

Angel hopped over to Fluttershy's bed, hoping to get a closer look at her; see what had hurt her.

His black eyes widened when he saw that her stomach was glowing slightly.

Worried, he tapped on her head, trying to wake her.

Fluttershy opened green eyes and look at her pet rabbit.

He looked frightened for some reason. Did he hear her cry?

"It's alright, Angel. It was just a bad dream. I'm alright" she assured him, nudging his cheek gently with her muzzle.

Angel didn't look convinced.

"Do you want to lie next to me tonight?" the pegasus suggested, hoping that would help calm the white rabbit.

Angel considered for a moment before nodding. He hopped onto the bed, lying on the pillows next to her head. He stole a worried glance at her stomach before closing his eyes.

Fluttershy pulled the covers up to Angel's chin before going back to sleep herself.


-Sugar Cube Corner-

"These are good" Pinkie Pie said aloud to herself, her mouth full of chocolate covered carrots. "Why don't Mr. and Mrs. Cake sell them?"

She finished the carrots and turned her attention to a huge chocolate cake sitting on the display table.

It was enormous, bigger than she was. It looked absolutely delicious.

Pinkie wanted it, but it was for a party that the Cakes were throwing next week to welcome their niece to Ponyville.

They had worked so hard on it for so long, and they still had more to work on.

Pinkie couldn't eat it. She just couldn't. It would ruin all of the Cakes' hard work.

She felt a tingle in her stomach and frowned.

She hadn't been hungry when she went to bed tonight. Then she felt something poke her stomach and she was suddenly starving.

She had eaten at least a quarter of all the cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and pies that the Cakes had baked in the past week, and she was still hungry. She needed to go back to bed…

"Just one more cupcake" she promised herself.

Pinkie grabbed an apple cupcake from the platter of cupcakes and threw the whole thing in her mouth, practically swallowing it whole.

Her stomach suddenly felt warm, but Pinkie Pie ignored it, only concerned with the fact that her hunger was finally satisfied.


(Discord's POV)

There we go. Now the chaos will spread.

Six little foals to spread the chaos around for me.

It's going to take a while, I know. Years before they can really spread the chaos they were born from.

Doesn't matter.

I'm just happy to able to spread chaos at all, even indirectly.

My little bundles of chaos. Make Daddy proud.