Fighting unknown

by destroyer-of-pineapples

Welcome to hell

Spike woke up just before first sunlight. He looked around. He was in small room only with a bed and table. Then he felt horrible pain. It was hangover, one of the worst he ever had. Spike sat on the bed and tried to remind what happened the day before.
Spike got off the plane. He was feeling horrible after farewell with Rainbow Dash. It was first day without his wife and he missed her much more then he thought. He took his things and go to the nearest village. He noticed old female dragon.

“Excuse me Mrs, is there any hotel in this town” asked Spike in Drakhish.

“Here? In our village we’ve got only few houses along the roadside. You are the first tourist for ages.”

“I need a place to stay for a day or two.”

“Well, I think you’ve met the right person.”

The village consisted of few houses and shop.

“So, what are you doing here? Everybody who arrives the airport goes to Hagbard, it is much bigger city” asked woman.

“Well I’m not interested in sightseeing” replied Spike.

“Only few families left in our village after the disaster. We’re only 20 km, from the Zone.”

“I know and that’s the reason I am here” said Spike

They arrived small wooden house. The lady opened the door and showed Spike to come in. The ladie’s name was Svetlana and she had daughter named Arya and son named Bodrys.

“So, why are you interested in the Zone?” asked Arya but she seemed much more interested in Spike.

“Well, I had to leave my home becase...” then he relized that he can’t tell them the whole truth. Most of dragons still blaims Celestia for a disaster “I’m searching for my brother.”

“Our father disappeared too. I know how you feel.” said Arya coming closer to Spike. She had long, blond hair, orange scales and beatiful green eyes. If Applejack was dragon she would look exacly like that.

“Our father is dead.” said Bodrys.

“Quiet! I think our guest isn’t interested in our family problems.” said his mother with irritation.

“Anyway, tell us something about yourself.” Arya sat next to Spike.
“... and then I lost my leg.” Spike ended his story. There was no reason to tell them anything more.
“Well you are the first guest for ages so it’s good reason to celebrate.” Bodrys put a bottle of vodka on the table “Tell me something Spike. Aren’t you too small to be a sniper?”

“When you are short it’s easier to hide.” said Spike and everybody laughed.

Later in his room he heard Arya’s whisper “... yes, he’s short but his eyes are...”

“I think you didn’t notice the ring on his finger. It seems your Romeo is taken.” luaghed Bodrys.

“It seems I still look attractive.” Spike smiled “Look out ladies. Spike’s coming to the Zone. I’ve drunk too much.” Soon he fell asleep
Bodrys entered the room.

“Are you ready?”

“Ready for what?” asked Spike fighting with headache.

“Don’t you remember? I offered to take you to the Zone!”

They were walking through dark forest and soon arrived tall fence made of iron net. Bodrys took huge scissors out of his bag and cutted a hole in it.

“Hurry up Spike. They will soon discover the hole in the fence.” Said Bodrys.

“Are there many soldiers in this area?” asked Spike. He had bad feeling.

“Here? Only two.” said Bodrys with smile.

“Freeze!” shouted soldier coming out of bushes. Spike tried to escape but second soldier blocked his way.

“You sold me!” Spike looked at Bodrys but he was only smiling.

“You’re just searching for your brother. Tell mme how did you get so much money and Equestrian Army documents? Search him, he has got gun in his bag.” Bodrys said to soldiers.

The dragons handcuffed him and took to the small building near roadside.

“It seems we’ve got Celestia’s spy.” one of the soldiers took out things from Spike’s bag “Good job Bodrys”

“What about him?” Bodrys showed at Spike.

“He will stay here until he will tell us everything he...”

“Screw you!” murmured Spike.

“Good. Few days without food and water will teach you. We’ve got lot of time.”
“Good luck bastards!”

Spike spent alone about 30 minutes. He heard talking soldiers and laughing Bodrys. Suddenly he heard shooting. Bodrys ran into the room with fear at his face.

“What’s going on Bodrys?”

“They’re attacking us!”


“I don’t know! We have to run! There is too many of them!”

The bullets crushed the window and hit the wall next to Spike.

“Bodrys, set me free! Hurry!”

“Are you crazy?” Bodrys looked at Spike

“I’m not here to fight with you. I’m sniper. Set me free and maybe we will stay ALIVE!”
Spike ran out of building. Flying bullets were everywhere.One of the soldiers was lying in the puddle of blood.Spike took his gun and hide behind the wall. Everything slowed down, adrenaline started to work. Spike slowly came out and took a shot. First enemy felt on the ground, then the second one. Spike was shooting for few minutes before he relized that the enemy is surrounding them.

“We have to run!” Spike shouted to the soldier but he panicked.

“Don’t shoot! Please! Don’t...” the shot threw him to the ground.

“I have to take the Bodrys.” thought Spike but when he entered the room he found Bodrys with the hole in his head. Then he heard voices. He dropped dead and didn’t move.

“Are they dead?” asked the voice.

“Yes” replied the second one “Two bodies plus another two in the building.”

“Okay tell the Preacher we’ve made it.”

“Are we leaving?”

“Yes. It is just a message. Monolith’s reign is coming.”

It was strange. The voices weren’t in Drakhish. It was Equestrian language. And what the hell is Monolith? When Spike was sure the enemies’ve gone he came out. It was getting dark. Spike took his gun, bag and rest of his things. The enemies left bodies of their own men and there were about 15 corpses around.

“Valhadal et pherad. Rust in peace brothers.” with this words Spike entered darkness.
Suddenly the strange force threw him like a plastic puppet. Spike’s head hit the ground.
“Are you okay Dash?” asked Twilight “You aren’t looking good.”

“I’ve got some strange feeling. Something like headache.”

“You just worry too much about Spike.”

“I don’t worry!” murmured Rainbow Dash “I’m here to help you sorting books, not to talk about Spike.”

“Okay, okay.” Twilight took one of the books with her magic “You know, I’ve got new Daring Do novel and I’m sure you would like to read it.”

“Thank you Twilight but I’m tired and I will go home.” Rainbow dash came out of the library and went to her cloud house. She tried to look confident but she missede Spike. “Where are you Spike when I need you so much?”