Peace of Mind - Peace of Heart

by RyanPAPP


The sun had risen and it was then nine in the morning. I was resting against a tree when an array of colors caught my eye. I paid it no mind, as I did tend to hallucinate from time-to-time since Cloudchaser's death. But this was different.

The object hurdled towards me even faster and I couldn't help but glance at it at that point. From the brief look I had I gathered that it was Rainbow Dash. "No", I thought. That bitch isn't getting to me, not like my sister. I spread my wings to fly, but it was to late. Rainbow Dash landed gently beside me.

"Hey Flitter..." She said feverishly, as if she could read my mind. "Hmmph" I said, crossing my arms. "Look, I know what I did was reckless, but we all make mistakes. You have no clue how much I hate myself for what happened..." She said, progressively raising her tone.

I remember meeting that condescending bitch, how it all went...

"Hey Flitter, this is Rainbow Dash. You should've seen her in Phys Ed. today! It was amazing!" It was an ordinary afternoon and I met Flitter outside of the school like normal to walk home. "Oh, it was nothing really. It just happens, you know?" Rainbow Dash said narcissistically. The way she always talked about herself just spelled trouble.

"So you're not even going to talk to me?" Rainbow Dash said, stomping her front hooves on the ground. I just sat there, motionless, waiting for her to leave. "Fine then, tell me when you're ready to accept my apology then, ingrate". She spread her wings and took off with a sassy flip of her tail.

I thought about what she said... She called me an ingrate like it was a PRIVILEGE to have her apologize to me. I don't know why but that really ticked me off, maybe I was over-thinking it, who knows?

I soon shrugged it off and continued staring at the sky and thinking about death. Was there an after-life? Or was my beautiful loving sister just a pile of dust in the ground? I still don't know, maybe I'll never know, but I do know that she still lives in my heart no matter what others say...