The Blacklight that Shines Inside

by Fate is Manic


"I promise on my library and every book I own. I have to? Fine, cross my heart and hope to fly stick a cupcake in my AAAAAAHAHAAAHAA!"

Twilight closed her now aching eye as Pinkie and Zane held their aching sides. The day had become progressively calmer as everypony relaxed to the human's company. They all sat in a circle talking while Twilight tried to recover her sight.

"So you PINKIE PROMISE to go to Canterlot with us?"

"After watching your friend poke her eye out, I kinda owe it to you to visit your place."


"Wait what was that?"

The silence of the forest shattered as the ground around the gathered humans and ponies began to violently shake. Trees began to bend as a great shadow was cast by the sudden appearance of helicopters in the air. The group looked on as tank after tank rolled through the forest and destroyed the bending trees.

" did they follow us....."

The ponies looked on in concern and confusion. The machines ignored the group and thundered past until they were nothing more that dust and destruction on the horizon. Zane knew they were lucky...sadly his luck seemed to reach its point.

"HEY! Its them! Commander we found Code name: Hercules!"

A small platoon began surrounding the group. Zane looked on with a sad understanding at the situation, there was only one way out, one he wanted to avoid.


"Y..yes Zane..."

"Make a shield around you, your friends and Kyra. When I tell you to, run to the nearest place you can hide and ask for help."

"But....what about you?"

The red of infection engulfed his eyes as a smile crept onto his face. "Don't worry about me, I can handle this."
An important looking man in a high end uniform approached the group. "Well Hercules, thought you could escape di...."

His next words were cut as his top jaw was separated from the bottom. His head rolled through the air before coming to rest on the ground next to four of the heads of his soldiers. "Now."
Twilight formed a shield and ran for the opening made in the soldiers. She tried not to look at the blood, tried not to see it. Zane pulled his arm back in from the strike and enlarged the blades forming on his other. He watched the group inside the small purple shield try to keep up with the unicorn leading the charge. Soldiers turned and raised their guns and regretted the action immediately as their chests were pierced by a bladed whip.

"Do not worry about them, your focus should be on me."

The remaining soldiers looked onto the shape of their nightmares, This creature was powerful, and pissed off.