My Little Pony: Motherhood is Magic (Revised!)

by Ironhoof

What Now?

What Now?

”You’re going to be a mother in about 10 months...” These words kept repeating themselves in Rarity’s head.

“Oh, dear sweet Celestia, how did this happen? WHEN did this happen?” the white unicorn asked herself as she lay down in the hospital bed Nurse Redheart had put her in when she fainted. Turning her head, the dress maker saw a clock mounted over the doorway that read 3:38 P.M.. “Wow, has it only been 8 hours; it’s felt like a day or two since I’ve entered the hospital.”

Out of nowhere, there was the sound of doors being thrown open and the rushing of hooves clacking on tile. The sound stopped just outside of Rarity’s room, where she started to hear muffled voices. Straining her ears, the unicorn could hear what was being said, but barely.

“We’re her friends! We should have every right to be here!” demanded a brash voice that could only be associated with Rainbow Dash.

“I’m sorry, and I understand your ladies’ concern,” Nurse Redheart replied, “but she might still be asleep and shouldn’t be disturbed.”

Then, Applejack could be heard pleading. “Please Nurse, can’t we go in an see her? We promise ta be real quiet and try not to wake her up. We just wanna make sure our friend’s alright.”

“Yes, please Nurse Redheart,” Twilight added, “we even got Rarity’s sister, Sweetie Belle, out of school early so she could come and make sure that she’s alright.”

There was silence for a few seconds then the nurse could be heard giving in and giving the okay, but ONLY if they don’t disturb Rarity if she’s asleep.

The brass door knob could be seen turning and the door was slowly swung open, allowing a small group of colorful mares to enter and fill the room around the bed. All of a sudden there was a small and worried squeal.

“Rarity!” Sweetie Belle ran up and tried to jump onto her older sister’s bed, sadly not being tall enough and therefore not able to make it. But, with the help of a butterscotch colored pegasus named Fluttershy, the little filly made it up and sat in front of where Rarity was sitting in her bed, a look of fear and worry clouding the little unicorn’s eyes.

“Are you okay, Big Sister?” Sweetie asked cautiously.

“I am now that you’re here,” the older unicorn replied while sweeping up Sweetie Belle and holding her a tight hug. Rarity then turned to her 5 waiting friends and smiled at them. “And, thank you all for coming to check up on me, and thinking of bringing Sweetie with you.”

“No problem, Sugarcube,” said Applejack, “why, when Ah heard you was in the hospital, I high-tailed it outta the farm to get the others and come here.”

Fluttershy then spoke, half of her face covered by her long, pink mane. “Oh yes, when Applejack came and told me, I went straight for the school to get Sweetie Belle, then went and got Pinkie Pie on my way here.”

That was the cue for the pink party pony of Ponyville to speak. “Ohmygoshrarityareyouokaywhenfluttershycameandtoldmewhathappened

A violet hoof was shoved into Pinkie Pie’s mouth, muffling her rambling.

“I think what Pinkie is trying to say is that we are all worried and wondering what happened, if you don’t mind telling us,” Twilight Sparkle, owner of said hoof, asked.

“Well, the nurse told me that I’m..well I’m, uhh..” Rarity honestly wasn’t sure how she would tell her friends.

“Oh just spit it out already,” Rainbow ordered, hovering over the rest of the group like she usually does.

Rarity looked down at her sister, then laid her head against the little filly’s and softly said with her eyes closed, “I’m pregnant…”

”WHAT!?!?!” the entire grouped exclaimed, not with misunderstanding, but with shock. Even Sweetie Belle looked at Rarity with a hint of confusion.

“How did this happen, if you don’t, um, mind me asking,” Fluttershy softly asked while looking into Rarity’s sapphire eyes with her one visible, aquamarine one.

Then, all of a sudden, a calm, cool voice spoke from nowhere that made all the ponies jump, except for Fluttershy, who bounded over Rarity’s bed and hid behind it, shivering. “I believe I can answer that. From looking at you lot, I’m pretty sure you’re all old enough to know how foals are conceived and born,” a pale blue Unicorn Stallion in a lab coat, with a stethoscope draped around his neck, said with a small smile.

Upon seeing Fluttershy hiding, his smile turned into a frown as he apologized, “oh I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten anypony.”

Fluttershy then got up, blushing slightly. “Oh, no; it’s quite alright. I get frightened easily.” She then walked around the bed to join the others.

The doctor started smiling again. “Alright then,” he began, “just to get the boring introductions out of the way, my name is Doctor Feelgood.”

“Hello there, Doctor. My name is Twilight Sparkle.”

“Howdy partner, Ah’m Applejack!”

“M-my name’s Fluttershy.”

“I’m Rainbow Dash.”

“And I’m,” wait for it... “PINKIE PIE!!!” A cloud of confetti seemed to blow from out of nowhere behind the pink pony after she announced her name.

Leaning in close to Twilight, the doctor whispered, “how did she do that?”

“It’s Pinkie, you just learn to accept everything she does and not question it,” Twilight replied while smiling sheepishly, remembering the hell she went through to try and prove the ‘Pinkie Sense’ didn’t exist.

“Well, then” the doctor said, walking up and sitting next to Rarity’s bed while levitating a clipboard next to him, “I’m sure you have lots of questions, and I’ll answer any and all the best I can.”

Rarity thought for a moment while brushing Sweetie Belle’s mane with her hoof, and then looked at Dr. Feelgood and asked the big question that’s been on her mind: “How long have I been pregnant?”

Looking through his clipboard, he replied, “from what your results say, only about 3 weeks. Hence only the sickness, aching joints and occasional headaches. Have you felt anything else other than what you told Nurse Redheart?”

Rarity simply shook her head and thought to herself, “I was afraid you’d say that.” She then continued asking her questions, to which the doctor respectfully and kindly gave answers and information to.


On her way out, Rarity glanced at the clock on one of the walls of the waiting room. It glowed, “9:18.”

“Well then, today has been eventful and unexpected,” thought Rarity to herself on her way home. She was glad that the doctor had answered all her questions and given some information booklets to help with her first few months of pregnancy; it somehow relieved some of the fear she’s been holding up inside. “I hope Sweetie Belle didn’t give Twilight too much trouble.”

After about an hour’s walk, Rarity arrived at her home and dress shop. She opened the door and smiled at the scene before her. Sweetie Belle was curled up asleep against Twilight’s side while the latter was reading a book to herself. Twilight looked up and smiled at the fashion pony.

“Hey Rarity, how are you feeling?” Twilight whispered, not wanting to wake up the napping filly.

“I’m doing alright, thank you. Just a little worn out from all the news and excitement,” Rarity replied, giving a half-hearted chuckle at the end.

“Well, if you need anything, just get me or the other girls,” Twilight said while Rarity lifted her little sister up with her magic.

“I will, Twilight. Again, thank you for everything, and good night.”

“Good night Rarity.”

After setting Sweetie Belle in her bed and locking up the building, Rarity wearily trudged back to her room where she laid down and mulled over today, before finally falling asleep in Luna’s peaceful darkness.