by deletethisaccountplease


Chapter 7

Macintosh sat staring at his Grandmother.

Only a single word came into his mind as he properly assessed the situation that had just unfolded in front of him.


Granny Smith would come of as senile to others; but to the Apple family, Granny was wise.

Granny Smith always meant well, but- why now?They had a busy day tomorrow, stocking up for cider season, and it was his turn to run the apple cart. Fluttershy wouldn't see him until later that evening; so what was the point in keeping her overnight... With him? He didn't feel like avoiding Fluttershy, in fact, he should've been happy! But something in the stallion didn't sit... Right.

"Um... Macintosh... If you... If you don't want me to sleep in your room... That's okay, I can always sleep on the couch... I mean... I'm quite comfortable here... And-and, I'm used to sleeping on the couch, Angel usually kicks me out..." Fluttershy murmured.

"NUH-UH! The CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS have already claimed this as sleepover ground!" Sweetie Belle yelled, voice cracking.

"Ya can't sleep in the guest room, we got Braeburn comin' in... Oh, 'bout an hour, tops. I gotta go pick him up." Applejack smiled.

"Macintosh, we-I won't try anything... Funny. You know me." Fluttershy blushed and turned her attention to the cute little knick knacks Granny had collected on the mantle.

He stared at her. Fluttershy had changed over the past four years. She was skinnier, and her legs had grown a bit longer. She had taken that from her mother; Posey, a natural model. Her personality had changed a bit to. She was no longer cower behind her friends, but rather cower behind her mane and take a step behind her friends. She had become more outward with her feelings, even if they were just barely above a whisper.

Rest assured, Macintosh knew she was the same Fluttershy he met years ago. She was still the gentle, kind and beautiful mare he fell in love with. And from those moments on, he would let her know every day.

"Eeyup. Now, lets get ya ta bed." Mac lifted the mass of blankets onto his back and up the stairs.

"Uh... AJ? Braeburn ain't comin till tomorrow cuz his train wuz delayed.." Apple Bloom whispered as she thought the couple were out of earshot.

"Hush up Apple Bloom! Ah know he ain't comin' till tomorrow." Applejack whispered harshly.

"But you- that- what?" Scootaloo busted with confusion.

"Oh, I get it!" Sweetie Belle giggled loudly, making Granny shift in the chair and grumble something.

"What do you mean you get it? This stuff is all mushy and gushy and eww!" Scootaloo made a disgusted face. Even though they were 13 years old, Scootaloo was still Scootaloo.

"Prolly cause her brain is all mushy and gushy!" Apple Bloom laughed.

"Is not! My brain is not mushy and gushy! Scootaloo's is!" Sweetie Belle yelled.

"No! Well Apple Bloom's brain and your brain are-"

"Hush up and go to sleep before Ah fry up somethin' nasty and make y'all eat it!" Granny scolded the three teen fillies and fell asleep. It was dead silence except for the few hoof steps up the stairs.

"Macintosh?" Fluttershy quizzed him.

"Eeyup?" He answered, pulling blankets over him.

"C-can you not sleep on the floor?" She whispered, rustling uncomfortably in the large bed.

"No can do, Sugar cube. You are the guest, and you should feel as comfortable as possible." Macintosh sated.

"B-b-but... I'm lonely..." Fluttershy stuttered in the sweetest voice imaginable.

'C'mon, Mac, don't budge, she can't make ya, you've stood up to people before not a simple mare like Fluttershy can... Darn it!' He winced as he started to slip under the covers of his bed.

"That's better." Fluttershy whispered as she snuggled up to him. She immediately fell into sleep's grasp, and hummed softly in her sleep.

"Huh. So Ah guess you're asleep now?" Macintosh whispered. "Well, that sure was a stupid question."

He heard a soft knock on his door, and got up to check it.

He saw a frazzled and tired looking Applejack at his door.

"Applebloom?" Macintosh suggested, gaining a glare from Applejack.

"How'd ya guess?" Applejack said in a sarcastic tone. "Just be sure not to hurt her, Mac. She's a gentle soul and if anything happens to her and Ah have to help sort it out-" She made a slash with her hoof across her neck and slowly backed away from the door frame.

"Somethin' ain't right, and Ah know it" Applebloom sighed. Sweetie Belle was asleep, and Scootaloo said something about finding that flashlight she dropped in the forest when they were crusading...

"Ah guess ah should go an' look fer her." Applebloom rambled tiredly. She stepped out of the small house and trotted to the clubhouse. The oil lamp was on, and she heard sobbing.

"Well, that can't be right." She told herself. She stealthily trotted up the ladder and peeked through the window.

Scootaloo was sitting on a stool, softly sobbing to herself.

"Scoots? Are ya- are ya okay?" Applebloom whispered as she slowly stepped inside and leaned on the door frame.

"No,I'm not Applebloom. Just-just leave me alone! You won't understand." Scootaloo choked under her tears.

"Hey! Do ya remember when we got these?" Applebloom smiled at her friend, showing Scootaloo her cutie mark. It was a paintbrush painting an apple blossom. Scootaloo looked down and saw hers. They had gotten them two years ago, when Cheerilee gave them certain parts in the play. Scootaloo was the choreographer and stunts, Applebloom was the sets and makeup, and Sweetie belle; lead role and singer.

"Once a crusader, always a crusader." Applebloom smiled. "Now, are ya gonna tell me what's wrong?"

"It's just that... You and Sweetie... You have loving, caring families... And all I have is a building filled with... Kids like me. I'm lonely; and tired of going home to the same strict and mean people, the mopey dopey kids... I wish- I wish I had a family."

"Scootaloo. You do have a family!" A voice came from the shadows. "That's us." Sweetie Belle stepped out of the shadows.

"We may not be blood related, but you have us. We-we care for you Scootaloo." Sweetie Belle was on the verge of tears.

"Ya have them and Fluttershy." Applebloom pointed at the small apple family residence.

"And you have me and Rarity." Sweetie Belle squeaked. " Just, just listen to us! We love you!"

"Thank you guys so much." Scoot a lot sniffled, breathing ragged and shallow.

"Let's go inside..." Sweetie Belle smiled and trotted outside, Scootaloo and Applebloom flanking her.

She twisted and turned in the sheets. He was right there, right beside her... Something she's wanted for ages. She had woken up to the sound of the door opening and closing, and muffled hoof steps.

Fluttershy sighed softly. She ran her hoof down Macintosh's golden hair. He stirred for a moment, then fell back into his rhythmic patterns of breathing.

She sighed and curled up into a comfortable position, facing her special somepony. Fluttershy rustled in the blankets before drifting off into the heavenly realm of dreams.

"Hello? Is anyone... Is anyone here?" Fluttershy yelled out into the vast plains of nothingness. She heard faint hoof steps, and looked around. A small, gold door was to her left.

"Yes, my little pony." Luna smiled. "You have been having quite the nightmares lately."

"I-I have?" Fluttershy stuttered and backed away from the lunar princess.

"Yes. We-I am here to show you glimpses of your future." Luna explained, a pointed a hoof towards the golden door.

"There is the future of your relationship." Luna then turned around to a silver door.

"And there is the realm of dreams. You can go to a new dream and leave this one. Which shall it be?" Luna inquired, same stoic expression on her face.

"Uh... I... Ah... Gold?" Fluttershy stammered quickly. She wanted to get out of this situation.

"Very well." Luna chuckled at the immediate response. "So, how long have you known Big Macintosh?"

"You know?" Fluttershy asked, incredulously.

"Of course we know. There's a little spark in your eyes and something tells me the bed your sleeping on is not yours." Luna smirked.

"Ohgoodnesspleaseforgivemewedidntdoanything!" Fluttershy squealed.

Luna chuckled "We're here."

The door was large to say the least. Five times the height of a normal pony. The entire door was covered in gold, gems and fine, tiny scriptures. Luna started to chant quickly under her breath, and the scriptures lit into a blue. A soft light shone in Fluttershy's eyes, and then a flash brighter than anything she had ever seen before.

"Here we are. You can open your eyes." Luna smiled. "I've still got it."

"...How?" Fluttershy questioned.

"The door is used when a pony is in extreme emotional case, such as yours. I may be a little late, but that won't stop me from showing the element of kindness that she has a splendid future." Luna explained. "Now, where would you like to see?"

"Three years from now? If that's okay with you, I wouldn't want to be a burden on you..." Fluttershy stuttered.

Luna smiled and whispered another spell under her breath.

"Ah, yes. Here we are." Luna beamed. They were in a quiet field, and she could see Macintosh and herself coming over the horizon.

"What a lovely day for a picnic." Future Fluttershy sang.

"Eeyup. Ya tired 'Shy?" Future Macintosh leaned down and planted a kiss on her forehead.

Fluttershy pouted. "Just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I can't do something as simple as carrying a basket."

"Didn't mean ta offend ya, sugar cube." Macintosh giggled.

"Well, lets just stop here for a rest. I'm absolutely starving." Fluttershy smiled at her special somepony.

"That's all we can see for now." Luna stated and whispered a spell under her breath again. In a moment, they were right back in the empty nothingness, one door gone, the silver remained.

"Well Fluttershy, I have but a few moments to say goodbye before I am called back to my duties in Canterlot." Luna remarked, and started to fade.

"Wait! Is everypony else sleeping alright? I don't want the little fillies and colts you might've skipped to see me tonight are okay..." Fluttershy stumbled.

"They are quite alright. Besides, you have to rise early to see your stallion before he leaves to the fields." Luna smiled and then... Was gone.

Fluttershy woke abruptly, and right before the rooster's call. Macintosh stirred and stretched, grabbing hold of Fluttershy.

"Smarty pants..." Big Macintosh whispered under his breath.

"Um... What's a smarty pants if you don't mind me asking?" Fluttershy stammered.

"AAUGHH!" Big Mac let out a scream, dropping out of bed.

"Oh, I didn't mean to startle you I was just going to ask you what a smarty pants was... Oh! Stupid! Stupid!" Fluttershy yelled at herself and fell off of the large mattress.

"Ahhh!" She squealed and landed on his chest.

"I'm sorry." She sniffed and looked into his eyes.

"Nah, it's okay, taint yer fault." Macintosh smiled. He could never be mad at her, eyes as sincere as that.

"What in the hay is going-" Applejack stormed into her older brother's room. She saw messy haired Fluttershy on top of her brother, and Mac with a smile on his face, hooves around her tiny frame.

"Well... I'll leave you two to yer business..." She backed out slowly and closed the door.

"Fingle Fangle." Macintosh exclaimed.