The Broken Watch

by Nazkan

Thunder and Lightning

The sun started to peek over the horizon, sending soft golden rays over the land. A few managed to creep through an open window and landed on a tired, grey pegasus' face. Ditzy rolled around in her bed uncomfortably, before rolling too far and falling off. She landed with a crash, and quickly jumped onto her feet, looking around for whoever pushed her off the bed. Upon seeing the empty room, Ditzy rubbed her eyes and decided to go downstairs. On her way there, she passed a small door. Pushing it open silently, she checked inside to see if her daughters were awake yet. Even though it was still dark inside the room, Ditzy could clearly see a small grey bundle lying in one of the beds. She let herself give a small smile. Dinky always looked so cute when she slept. The other bed in the room was empty though. Ditzy closed the door and made her way downstairs again.

Working her way down the stairs, Ditzy started to hear a faint humming coming from the kitchen. Poking her head around the corner, she could see that there was a light purple unicorn with a dark purple and light pink mane, cooking eggs over the stove.
Moving out from behind the corner, the unicorn quickly noticed her and greeted, "Hey, mum. I woke up early, so I decided to cook some eggs. Want any?"
"Not today Sweetie, I'm going to get into work early today." Ditzy replied. "Can you get Muffin to school?"
Sparkler looked over to the eggs and sadly responded, "I guess."
Ditzy leaned over and gave Sparkler a quick kiss on the cheek and her mood seemed to improve slightly. "Thanks Sweetie, tell Muffin I love her, and when I get back we'll all go out for dinner. Alright?"
"Alright mum." Sparkler said, letting out a silly smile.
Ditzy worked her way over to the door, turning back to get one last look at her daughter, "And smile more, it makes you look pretty." She said quickly, walking out the door before Sparkler could respond.
Sparkler chuckled, and turned back to the stove, waiting for Dinky to come down the stairs.

Wandering her way into the post office, Ditzy let out a yawn and walked over to where her bag usually was. Unlike yesterday, several different mail bags were lined up on the table. She sifted through them, searching for hers. Eventually, she reached the end of the line, despite not finding her bag. She went back along the table to double check, making sure she didn't miss it. Upon reaching the end again, she realized her mail bag wasn't there. Ditzy remained calm, remembering the last time this happened. Taking in a deep breath, Ditzy opened the door to her boss' office.

A large wooden desk took up most of the space on the opposite side of the room. Pictures of previous bosses or outstanding workers hung on the walls and the entire room smelt dusty. Ditzy figured this was because her boss never closed his window, allowing dust to float in and settle easily. On one side of the desk sat Ditzy's boss, looking the same as he did the day before. On the other side, obviously frustrated, sat Diamond Polish.
Ditzy called out from the doorway to her boss, "Um sir, if it isn't a bad time, I was wondering if you knew where my bag was?"
Her boss pulled his attention away from Diamond and motioned for Ditzy to enter the room. "Ah Ditzy, I didn't expect you to be here so early. Come in, there are some things we need to talk about."
Ditzy hesitantly entered the office, taking a seat next to the brown pony opposite her boss. Diamond turned to her and said happily, trying to mask his frustration, "Hello Ditzy, how have you been?"
"Not much has changed since we met yesterday." Ditzy answered.
Diamond responded bitterly, "I was being polite."
Ditzy's boss shuffled his legs slightly to make himself more comfortable before pointing one of his hooves at Ditzy. "Firstly Ditzy, we received a call yesterday from a Mrs Cinder, does this name ring any bells for you?"
The pegasus quickly broke eye contact and started to stare at the desk in front of her.
"She was not happy, to say the least. Apparently, that tube you 'found' yesterday belongs to her. She claims you stole it after you crashed into her and requests we return it immediately. She also wants you to be the one deliver it and for you to give a formal apology for stealing from her."
Ditzy looked back up quickly, "But it was an accident! I didn't steal anything."
Her boss placed a hoof on her shoulder, "I know Ditzy, you wouldn't hurt a fly, much less steal something but, Cinder has made herself clear. Today, you will go to Canterlot and return her 'magic wand' as she called it, back to her. I've placed the wand in a box and written directions to her house on it. I trust you will stay on track this time?"
Ditzy gave a quick nod before stepping off the chair.
She was immediately stop by her boss, who told her to sit back down. "I'm not done yet, Ditzy." He pointed his hoof over to Diamond, catching his attention, "Secondly, Polish, it's against the law for me to tell you where the owner of this 'magic wand' lives, understand?"
Diamond nodded his head slowly, a quiet yes escaping his lips.
"However," Diamond's ears perked up, "If you were to, say, follow Ditzy as she delivers it, there would be nothing I can do to stop you. Got it?" The large pony remarked, winking.
"Are we done yet sir?" Ditzy asked, eyeing the door.
Ditzy's boss responded by swinging his hoof back to Ditzy. "And thirdly," He smirked, "try not to crash into any more ponies Ditzy. Oh and don't worry about your regular mail route, I've handled it."
Ditzy gave a sigh of relief and headed towards the door, "Thank you, sir." Ditzy said, slipping out the door.
Before Diamond could exit though, Ditzy's boss called out to him. "Diamond, before you go, you're from Canterlot, correct? If you could try to keep her out of trouble, she doesn't always make the wisest decisions."
Diamond spun around and responded with a smile, "Don't worry, Canterlot isn't as bad as some ponies say. Nevertheless, I shall keep a close eye on her." He then spun back around and pushed through the door, stopping Ditzy's boss from responding.

Diamond fumbled out onto the street, narrowly avoiding crashing into a cream coloured pony. Looking around, he saw Ditzy standing in the middle of the street, a small brown box tied to her back. He worked his way through the crowd and stood in front of her. "So how do you plan to get to Canterlot?" he questioned.
Ditzy gave it little thought before replying, "Well, I had planned to fly, but if you're coming, than I guess that's not an option." She started to push through the crowd, "Come on, if we hurry we can get there before it gets dark."
Diamonds mouth dropped open in shock, "What? We're really going to walk there? It'll take hours."
"I know, so I suggest you start walking." Ditzy replied crossly.
Diamond ran up to her and walk alongside, "But isn't there a faster way?"
The mail pony stopped and let out a quick sigh, "Unless you can come up with one before we leave town, I don't think so."
Diamond resigned to walking silently, thinking through all his options. Suddenly, inspiration struck while he was sorting through his memories of the day before. "What about that librarian? Didn't that letter say a chariot was going to pick her up and take her to Canterlot? Maybe she'll give us a lift."
Ditzy stopped again. On one hand, she didn't want to walk all the way to Canterlot and back, but on the other hand, she couldn't bother a friend for something like this, the letter did seem important and she didn't want to slow anypony down. Eventually though, through much prodding from Diamond, Ditzy found herself walking towards the town square; the most likely place for a chariot to land.

By the time they got there, the chariot had already arrived. The main body of the chariot consisted of a large, golden egg shaped passenger area. The wheels were fixed with intricate patterns running through them and the two back wheels were noticeably larger. Connected to the front of the seating area was a long pole with a harness attached to the end, intended to be used by whoever was pulling the machine. For now, only one of the two harnesses was being used.
Sitting in the back were five different coloured mares. Ditzy recognized them as Twilight and her friends, excluding Pinkie Pie, who wasn't there for whatever reason Pinkie Pie does things.
Twilight was the first one to notice her. "Oh, hi Ditzy. Shouldn't you be out delivering mail by now?" She asked the mail mare.
"Actually, I've only got one delivery today, isn't that great?" Ditzy replied, lowering her head, "The only problem is the delivery's in Canterlot." She pulled her head back up and looked at the ponies in the chariot, "So I was wondering, if you have room, maybe you could give Diamond and I a quick lift?"
Twilight looked back to her friends, searching for their opinions.
"S'all right with me, Sugercube. Canterlot's ah long walk from 'ere."
"I could not imagine forcing someone to endure that pile of rocks and twigs they call a road to Canterlot. The least we can do is spare them from that terrible walk."
"I...I..don't mind."
"Uh, I say let them walk, more room for me."
Twilight turned back to face Ditzy. "Sure Ditzy, wouldn't be a problem. However, you may need to talk with the driver first."
Twilight gestured towards the front of chariot, pointing to the armoured pony attached to the pole. Ditzy's eyes followed her hoof and rested on both of the ponies at the front, sharing a deep laugh. "I think Diamond's already taken care of that."
"Well then, climb in Ditzy, there's plenty of room. We're just waiting for Pinkie to arrive before we go."
"Thank you, everypony." Ditzy said happily.

Before Ditzy knew it, they were flying over the land at an incredible speed, The magic of the chariot pulling them faster than a normal pegasus could. She sat quietly and listened to Diamond rabble on about the guard pulling the machine, nodding slightly when appropriate. Her eyes started to drift apart and Ditzy let herself relax, with the cool air rushing through her mane. That was, until Applejack started talking. "So why do ya think tha princess called us up 'ere? Must be mighty important to interrupt the harvest."
"Twilight mentioned danger, do you think Discord's out or something? Not that I couldn't take him again." Rainbow Dash responded.
Pinkie Pie gasped deeply. "Guys, what if it's a monster that ONLY EATS CUPCAKES! There wouldn't be any left for the rest of us." Pinkie gasped again, "And then we'd have to live without them. Though I guess we'd still be left with other sweets, like lollipops and gumdrops and strawberries and chocolate and waffles and pancakes and pie and....." Pinkie stopped to take in a deep breath, but was stopped by Rarity before she could continue her list.
"Pinkie, darling, I'm sure that whatever the problem is, it won't be anything we can't handle."
"Rarity's right girls, as long as we stick together, there's nothing we can't overcome." Twilight assured, putting any doubts to rest.
Diamond spun around, facing the outside of the ride. The world raced into the horizon beneath him as he simply waited, gears and metal winding together in his mind.

Arriving at the palace, the chariot was placed onto a small outcropping jutting out the side of the building. The ponies without wings started to climb out of the chariot, while those that did simply flew up and out. Ditzy landed in front of Twilight and started to thank her for the help. Diamond, however, walked over to the front of the machine and helped the pegasus there take the harness off.
"So, Solar Flare." Diamond said, catching the attention of the pony. "You're part of the guard, how worried should I be about this threat?"
"I don't know, they only told those that left what was going on. The rest of us are just left sitting the dark, metaphorically."
"So how worried are you?" Diamond asked, loosening one of the straps around Solar's neck.
"Personally? I know the guys they sent out, they'll be back by lunch. Odds are, we won't even need the elements."
Solar removed the final straps around his legs as Diamond responded, "Well, it's always good to have some backup, right?"
The guard gave a quick smile and chuckled back, "Sure is, sir, sure is."
With that, Solar flew over to a door connecting the landing pad to the rest of the palace and pushed it open, wincing slightly as a spark of electricity jumped from the door to his hooves, allowing the group of ponies to enter the extravagant building.

"Hey Rain, open the door for a minute, I got to get these ponies out." Solar called out to another guard standing near the exit to the palace. Twilight and her friends had left for the their meeting with the princess nearly as soon as they arrived. Somehow, Diamond had convinced their driver to escort them out of the palace, claiming, "I couldn't find my way out of a paper bag."
"I can't. Princess said no pony enters or leaves, other than the elements. Then something about privacy. I kind of blanked out after that."
Solar shook his head sadly, "Good to see you're still as perceptive as ever, Rain." The pegasus turned back to the ponies he was escorting, "It seems you're going to have to wait until the princess is done before you can leave. Sorry for the inconvenience."
"Don't worry, I can wait." Ditzy said, readjusting the box on her back.
"Stay out of trouble then. I need to return to my post before someone notices I'm back from Ponyville. Alright?"

Ditzy and Diamond wandered around the palace for a while, chatting to each other about nothing in particular. Eventually though, the talking stopped and boredom began to settle in. They walked until the stained windows and the white walls combined into an indistinguishable blur. Everything seemed the same in the palace, there was no variety; just white and gold walls as far as the ponies traveled. Eventually though, the two came upon a familiar face. An armoured blue pegasus was standing at attention in front of a huge golden door, which was engraved with many intricate patterns.
Diamond attempted to open the door, but Solar extended a pale blue wing quickly to block him off.
"Can't go in there, ponies. That's where the princess is."
"Ah, I was wondering where she was. How much longer until we get to leave?" Diamond said.
Solar continued to look straight ahead and responded, "When Her Majesty is finished."
Diamond spun around to face his partner and said, "Ditzy, my hooves are sore. Lets take a break here. At least this way we'll know when everypony's done."
Ditzy moved her wings upward in a way that resembled a shrug and replied, "Okay."

More time passed and Diamond found it harder to stay awake. His eyelids kept drooping down and he fought to keep them open. Ditzy had decided to pass the time by copying Solar, standing in front of him and mimicking his movements, or lack thereof. Eventually though, Ditzy got tired and leaned against the wall in an effort to be more comfortable. "What could possibly take this long? We should have finished ages ago."
Diamond turned to her and gave a nod in agreement. Suddenly, he had an idea. "What if we found out?" he asked.
"Found out what?" Ditzy said, confused.
Diamond pulled himself off the ground and walked towards Ditzy. "Whatever they're talking about in there is probably important to the whole of Equestria. Celestia wouldn't keep something that big a secret to everypony, so how about we hear about it a little earlier than everyone else?"
Ditzy put on a look of shock, "Diamond, we can't eavesdrop on an important military decision. That's crazy."
Diamond looked back over to Ditzy, "Come on Ditzy, I'm an archaeologist. One of the biggest decisions of our time is going on in there, and I'm stuck waiting for it to pass me by. Do you have any idea how that feels? Besides, they won't even notice we're there. So what do you say?"
Ditzy took one look at the golden doors before pointing out the flaw in Diamonds plan. "And how do you suggest we get in unnoticed?"
Diamond sat back down and thought about getting in. Another idea crept into his head and he jumped upwards quickly. "Solar, is there an entrance for servants? That no one uses?"
Solar kept his eyes straight ahead and responded, "I'm not allowed to convey that information to non palace personnel. Especially not non palace personnel that openly admitted to wanting to use it to eavesdrop on the princess."
"Come on, no pony has to know. History is happening now man. Do you want me to miss it?" Diamond asked, creating his best attempt at a puppy dog face he could. Solar broke down and sighed. Pointing to a catwalk attached to the ceiling, he said quietly,
"Few rules, if you do get caught, I had nothing to do with this; I worked hard to get this job and I'm not losing it over something like this. I'm also giving you ten minutes. If you're not out by then, I'm coming up to get you out. By any means necessary. Finally, when you get back, tell me what I'm missing out on, ok?"
Diamond wasted no time, quickly searching for a way to get onto the catwalk. "Lets go Ditzy, I want to see what's so dangerous."
Ditzy flew up to the platform and waited for Diamond to arrive, "This is a bad idea." She thought to herself.

Diamond silently pushed the door open, and wandered onto a raised platform overlooking the rest of the room. A set of stairs sat in front of him, leading down to the ground floor. Diamond poked his head over the edge and took in the scene. A long red carpet had been rolled down the middle of the room, leading to a, now open, door that had the symbol of the sun on it. Stained glass windows lined the walls, depicting moments of notable history. In the middle of the room, a brilliant white mare, significantly larger than any other pony, stood facing a group of multicoloured ponies, each wearing a piece of jewellery that resembled their cutie marks. The large, white pony had both a horn and wings, and her mane flowed through the air like the wind. Ditzy looked over the edge too and silently observed the gathering.
".....are advancing as we speak. They are a war like race, never giving in to failure or loss. They do, however, have one weakness. Twilight, our student, if you would look at this." Celestia said, pulling a long piece of paper out from behind her.
Twilight took it with her magic and unrolled it so everyone could see. Her face slowly dropped as she looked over its contents. "Celestia, this isn't possible, The amount of magic needed is incredible. Not even you could do this."
Celestia calmly replied, "That is why we called you here. You are to use the elements to create the power needed, then we will stop the Sontaran rabble one and for all."
"Now 'ang on minute, if these Sontaren fellows are such a threat, 'ow come we haven't heard about 'em before?"
The princess looked at Applejack and retorted, "And when was the last time you read a history book?"
Applejack lowered her head and mumbled something incomprehensible.
"I'm not so sure about this, Princess. It seems dangerous. Isn't there another way? Twilight asked.
"When there are Sontarans involved, there is only one way. But if you are still concerned, we promise not a single Sontaran will be injured by your actions."
"I say we let them have it," Rainbow blurted, "Teach them not to mess with us."
"Very good, Rainbow Mane. Now Twilight, with your permission, we would like to teleport you and your friends to the machine."
Twilight shook her head from side to side, "What do you girls think?"
There were no objections, so Twilight faced her mentor again and answered her question. "Okay, lets do this."
"Very good, our ponies. You will be doing Equestria a great service." Celestia horn lit up, a strange dark green for some reason. Energy began to gather in the tip, before shooting out and striking the confused ponies, causing them to disappear in a flash of light.

Ditzy closed her eyes to guard against the light, but it was useless. The bright flash caused Ditzy to lose her balance, and she fell from the perch, flapping weakly in an attempt to avoid crashing into the ground. The box on her back dislodged and hit the ground seconds before she did. She landed in front of Celestia, who took a step backwards in shock, before stepping back in anger. "Who are you? Why are you here? How much do you know? Quickly pony."
"I'm so sorry princess. Please don't be mad." Ditzy begged.
Celestias faced curdled into a sneer. "We don't have time for this now, we'll deal with you later." she barked, lifting Ditzy above her head and throwing her violently into the door behind her, closing it as she did. A distinct click went through the room as the door was locked.
Diamond came barreling down the stairs, stopping just short of running into the princess. He could feel a fire in his blood, and for a moment he nearly forgot he was facing one of most powerful beings in the universe.
He stared deep into her eyes before saying, "Let her out, NOW!"
Celestia jumped back in shock, "DOCTOR! How are you here?"
Diamond felt a shot of nervousness run through him, this wasn't how he expected it to go. Nevertheless he replied in full force. "I'm not a doctor, I am Diamond Polish. Now let Ditzy out."
"What game are you playing at Doctor? We are not convinced." Celestia said.
"There is no game, and I'm not a doctor. Now let my friend out."
Celestia stepped forward, forcing Diamond to walk backwards out of her way. "How are you here, Doctor? We tire of this charade."
"What charade? My name is Diamond, stop calling me Doctor." Diamond responded, his original confidence fading.
"Enough of this witless banter, Doctor, tell me your plan." Celestia said, energy gathering in her horn.
"Stop calling me Doctor!" Diamond snapped.
"Doctor, answer me now or die." Celestia said. Her voice was calm, almost impossibly so.
"I'M NOT A DOCTOR." Diamond shouted, backing himself against the wall.
"ANSWER US!" Celestia shouted back, the power in her horn darkening.
"I'm not a doctor." Diamond said quietly, "I'm not a doctor, I'm not the Doctor." Diamond shook his head violently, and clutched it with his hooves. Thoughts were rushing into his head, thoughts of heroic victory's and crushing defeats, of trustworthy friends and despicable enemies. Diamond started to shout to himself in an attempt to clear his mind. "I'm not the Doctor. I am Diamond Polish. I'm not...the Doctor. I'm...I'm the...Doctor."

Diamond stood back up, a new confidence running through him. He immediately put one hoof in the air, and hastily called out. "Alright, alright, I'll tell you, don't shoot. Or, cast, maybe? I'm not sure what the proper word is."
Celestia lowered her head, letting the magic escape into the ground. "Good to see you've dropped the charade Doctor. Now why are you here?
"That's the question isn't it, why am I here? An infinite amount of time and space and I wind up in this particular place at this particular moment. Why, is a very good question indeed." The Doctor said, walking away from the wall towards the center of the room. "For example, why, would you lie about Sontarans?"
Celestia stepped forward in anger, "That wasn't a lie."
A call rang out from the side of the room behind Celestia, temporarily halting the conversation. "Diamond, are you out there? Could you please convince Celestia to open the door?"
Both aliens decided to ignore the cries.
"Really? Because I've met Sontarans, and they don't fight like this." The Doctor jumped onto the red carpet and started to walk along it. "You're technologically inferior beings, they wouldn't waste time fighting the army. They would take out important figures first. Demoralize the populace. Bomb from orbit a bit. Then, they would attack. So why the lie?"
"You're not in a position to ask questions, Doctor." Celestia growled, a green light rising from her horn again.
"Maybe not, but that's never stopped me before. Another thing, why keep me alive? I assume it was you, of course. I was at your mercy, totally helpless. So why are we speaking now? By all logic, I shouldn't be here." Doctor said, bending his head down towards a small box in front of him.
"You were a back up, kept in case something went wrong." Celestia replied.
"Back up, for who?" The Doctor asked, opening the box carefully with his mouth.
"For the prin...." Celestia began, before she was cut off.
Celestia and the Doctor turned their heads towards the noise, and noticed a blue pegasus standing near the servants entrance. The pony jumped off the side, using his wings to direct himself towards the Doctor. He closed his eyes and rammed into the Doctor, the weight of his armour pushing both of them across the floor. He flapped his wings again to pull himself up and pinned the Doctor on the floor.
"This pony bothering you ma'am?"
Celestia let the power in her horn dissipate, before replying smugly, "Yes, take him to the dungeon."
Solar lent in close to the Doctor, and whispered to him. "I give you ten minutes and you think it's a good idea to annoy the Princess? How stupid are you?"
The Doctor pushed the metal tube he held in his mouth to one side to respond, "Smarter than you think." The Doctor bit down on the screwdriver and a loud buzzing filled the room. Celestia started to scream as an ear splitting crack filled the room. Her wings melted and fell into her body, and her horn shriveled and collapsed upon itself. As Celestia got smaller, tentacles began to drop beneath her and her body took on a green tone. Solar jumped back in fear as his Princess melted into what could only be described a dark green, floating jellyfish.

The Doctor took this moment to pull himself off the ground, and took his position back on the red carpet. The creature convulsed, forming a gaping hole in it's face. Out of it, a harsh male voice came out.
"What have you done, Pony?" The thing wailed.
"Don't get me wrong, it was a very, very good disguise, you even got the wings right and everything. The only problem was, of course, magic. You don't have a single drop of magic in your entire being, don't you, you big flying fish?"
Another shout went through the room, originating from the doors across the room. "What's happening out there? I think I heard something break." Ditzy was once again ignored, as the two aliens faced each other across the room.
The thing raised one of its tentacles towards the Doctor, "I don't need magic to kill someone, Doctor."
The Doctor continued, unabated, "So you fix up a rudimentary teleporter and an anti gravity tube, brilliant job by the way, and attempt to pass that off as magic."
"You were needed before Doctor, but I have no qualms with killing you."
The Doctor stepped off the carpet and walked towards Solar, who was standing there with his mouth open staring at the jellyfish. "What...What is that thing?"
"That, Solar, is a Rutan. They come from the planet Ruta III in the Rumanda galaxy and possess the ability to impersonate any pony they've met." The Doctor said, matter of factly, "Could you lift one of your hooves please?"
Solar was too shocked to think deeply and blindly complied. The Doctor slipped one of his metal shoes off his foot and stood back up. Solar called out to the Doctor, "Wait, that's...that's an alien? Then where's the Princess?"
The Doctor quickly spun back towards the Rutan, but Solar was sure he could see a face full of deep regret before he did.
"Are you ready to die, Doctor?" The alien said, raising one of its tentacles to the height of the Doctors head.
"Alright, but before you do, do you know what happens when you run an electrified sonic pulse through a circular container of super-conductive metal? Let's find out."

The Doctor placed the guard's shoe on the ground and pointed at it with his screwdriver. The trademark buzzing of the screwdriver ran through the room and arcs of lightening bounced between the Rutan's tentacle and the shoe. The Rutan screamed in shock and pulled back, but not before the inside of the shoe started to glow white and shoot out small spikes of electricity.
There was a short silence while the Doctor picked the electrified shoe up off the floor and held it in his hooves. Looking over to him, the Doctor noticed the Rutan was floating dangerously close to the floor. The energy transfer had left him weakened.
"What's your name?" The Doctor asked.
"We Rutan do not have names, we are all connected and an individual is useless to the goals of the hive."
"Well, that's stupid. I can't go around calling you 'The giant flying green thing'. You must have a name or identification or a galactic number or something to differentiate yourself."
"Hive Mind has called me, Sole Drone, on occasion."
The Doctor faced the Rutan and spun the shoe so that the open end was facing the green mass. "Well then, Drone, this shoe is currently charged with 3000 volts of pure electricity. You're going to answer my questions or I won't hesitate to use them. Understood?"
The Rutan struggled to raise a tentacle to strike the Doctor but dropped it as soon as it realized it was too weak. "Fine." It whispered.
"What are the Rutan doing in Equestra?"
"We were sent here to find a place free of the Sontaran rabble. A place we could multiply in to support the war, without fear of counter attack. When a break in reality was discovered, we agreed that we would have to explore it. We traveled through the gap in dimensions before finally coming out here. The perfect place."
"So why wait? Why isn't there hundreds of Rutan, Rutans, Ruti?" The Doctor stopped for a bit, looking over at Solar to see if he knew the proper plural. Obviously he didn't, so the Doctor faced the alien again, continuing, "Why isn't there hundreds of Rutan here now?"
"We need power. The electricity here is different. It hurts us, a feeling we've never experienced before." Drone said, struggling to float a little higher off the ground.
The Doctor leaned in closer to Drone, "Where's my TaRDiS?"
"Now that Doctor, we can't reveal."
The Doctor opened his mouth to talk, before getting pushed to the ground by Solar. "What have you done with Celestia? I demand you return her immediately." He shouted, pulling a sword out of a sheath on his side.
The Rutan replied, contempt dripping in his words. "Your foolish princess is no more. You ponies waste your lives on this planet, never considering the power you hold in your hooves. If only a hoof full of you would study war, you could be one of the strongest races in existence, but instead you waste away your time, never realizing you do so until it's to late. This planet could be so much more, in the tentacles of someone who knows what they're doing. Someone like the Rutan. Someone. Like. US!"

Drone lunged forward, attempting to electrocute the helpless pony in front of him. The Doctor reacted faster, firing the bolt of electricity quickly. The energy hit it in the side, causing the Rutan to collapse and twitch slightly. Solar lowered his weapon and walked closer to get a better look.
"Is it dead?" he asked.
The Doctor wasted no time, running across the room as fast as he could, "No, only knocked out. We need to get out of here quickly." He pointed the screwdriver at the large stone door in front of him, using it to turn the locks. The doors swung open in a wide arc, and Ditzy came tumbling out, landing uncomfortably. She looked upwards, one eye focusing on the Doctor and the other focusing on the giant green mass in the middle of the room. "Diamond! I'm so glad to see you. It's dark in there."
The Doctor quickly pulled Ditzy to her feet. "Ditzy, now isn't the best time for reunions. We need to get out of here."
"Why? What's the problem? Is the beach ball deflated? Why's there a beach ball here anyway?"
Walking across the room, the Doctor called out to Solar, who was holding a sword in his mouth, preparing to bring it down on the helpless alien. "I wouldn't do that. Rutan are charged with electricity, it's literately how they live. If you stab him, the electricity will just run up the metal and give you a hell of a shock."
Solar lowered the weapon and put it back in his sheath. "So what do we do with it?"
"Get out of here and warn ponies. Whatever they're planing, it's going to be big. The more prepared ponies are, the better." The Doctor spun around, facing Ditzy, "Ditzy, how quickly can you get from here to Ponyville?"
Ditzy inched her way around the alien, careful not to step on one of it's many tentacles. "It should take me a few hours. Why?"
"You need to tell the everypony to stay inside for as long as it takes for us to fix this." The Doctor said, pushing the doors blocking the exit in front of him.
Solar's voice echoed through the room. "You might want to hold off on that, Diamond."
The Doctor spun around, his jaw dropping in shock as he did. The Rutan was glowing green, and the burn mark left on it's skin was starting to disappear. More tentacles dropped from it's bottom as it slowly rose into the air. Small bolts of lightning flew off it's body and the room seemed to darken within the mere presence of it's rage.

The Doctor calmly bent down and picked up his screwdriver, holding it tightly in his mouth. "Solar, Ditzy, now would be a good time to run. A quick trot will do, but I won't blame you if you feel the need to gallop."
With that, The Doctor sprinted out the door, Ditzy and Solar quickly followed him. A large explosion rocked the room they were just in, causing a shock wave that shattered most of the windows in the palace. Flying out of the explosion in a flash of lightning was the alien, a trail of smoke tailing behind it. It turned, searching for it's targets and, upon seeing them, followed in pursuit.
The chase dragged on, and the ponies were starting to show signs of exhaustion. Sole Drone showed none, chasing them with the same speed and drive as when he started. The palace was built like a maze, with many corridors twisting through it's midst. This had allowed them to outrun the Rutan, but the Doctor knew their luck couldn't hold out. An unholy scream followed them through the corridors and the group turned a corner, coming face to face with a dead end. Probably the only unbroken window in the palace stood in front of them, dwarfing the small group in it's size.
Solar flew around the air above them, shouting in joy, "Perfect! We can fly out and finally lose this thing. Come on."
The Doctor gave a quick cough, nearly dropping his screwdriver, and pointed out his lack of wings.
Solar landed next to him, and faced the other pegasus in front of him, "Ditzy, help me lift Diamond, we've got to get out of here." Solar grabbed the Doctor with his front hooves, using his wings to float just above the ground. Ditzy took position on the other side and did the same. With a heave, they pulled up, lifting the Doctor of his feet.
"Now...let's...go." Solar gasped.
The two pegasi flew towards the window, crashing through it. The sound of the broken glass echoed through the palace, catching the attention of their pursuer. They immediately felt the pull of gravity, attempting to suck all three of them towards the ground.
Ditzy called out painfully, "I can't do this. You're slipping."
Examining the looks of his two companions, the Doctor was struck with an idea. "Ponies, we need to get back to the throne room. I have an idea."
Solar looked at him confused. "You want us to go BACK to that monster? Are you crazy?"
"Trust me. We both know you can't outrun Drone while carrying me. If this works, you won't need to worry about him."
"If this works?"
"It will work, just, trust me."
Solar let out a desperate sigh, "Ditzy, hang on tight." he called out, before swerving quickly, racing along side the outside of the palace. Ditzy struggled to hang on, flying quickly to keep her grip. An open window appeared next to them and they took the chance to enter. Gliding in, Ditzy pulled down rapidly, causing all three to crash in a tangled heap. The Doctor pulled himself out, shaking his head to remove the stars orbiting his head. He turned on the sonic screwdriver and started spinning around the room randomly, stopping occasionally to look at the numbers on his device.
"Diamond, we need to leave, what if the beach ball comes back?" Ditzy exclaimed, looking behind herself nervously.
A flash of lightening engulfed the room, and Drone appeared in the doorway. "Yes, 'Diamond' what if we come back? We must thank you for returning to us, makes our job easier."
The Doctor turned off the screwdriver for a moment and faced the Rutan, "You don't need to do this Drone, return my TaRDiS and I can find you and Hive a planet to survive on, away from these ponies."
Energy began to gather in the room, arcing between anything made out of metal. Solar winced as his armour slowly became charged with power. Drone focused the electricity into a central point, seemingly sucking the electricity out of the air. Raising one of his tentacles, he prepared to strike. "We thank you once again for the offer Doctor, but we've come too far to give up now."
The Doctor let out a sigh as he turned towards his companions, "Ditzy Doo, Solar Flare, I'm sorry I dragged you into this."
Solar simply snorted, "I probably would have gotten involved anyway. I just wish we could spent a little more time with my wife."
"I can't die, who'll look after Muffin?" Ditzy said, panic rising in her voice.
The Doctor moved towards them, placing himself between the two. He started to fiddle with the screwdriver in his mouth. "We're not going to die, if I can just retrace the teleporter data....." The Doctor stopped and pointed his screwdriver at the ceiling. Drone finished gathering power, launching a huge lightening bolt at the group. At the same time, The Doctor turned on the screwdriver. A buzzing filled the room and The Doctor looked at the mailmare, "and Ditzy, name's the Doctor." With that, the group dissolved into the air, leaving an empty space for the lightening bolt to land in.