Sonic Boom

by Wuten


Chapter 10 - Confessions

As the now-deranged pegasi steps toward you, Rainbow flies between you two. “What in the hay are you doing, Fluttershy?” she asks, stamping a hoof angrily. It was clear that by this point, the two of them meant business; Rainbow wasn’t going to let Fluttershy lay a hoof on you, and Fluttershy wasn’t going to let Rainbow stand in her way any longer.
Fluttershy simply snorts, her hooves in an aggressive stance. “Anon is NOT going to deny me this time! I’ve had it!” she snaps, stamping a hoof down before charging.
This is it. This is really it. Say goodbye to your xeno-virginity, it looks like-
…She’s been stopped? Where’d that rope come from?
“Applejack?” the yellow pegasus yelps in surprise as the orange pony pulls on the rope, holding the deranged mare back despite her tugging.
“That’s enough, sugarcube,” Applejack says, pulling Fluttershy to the ground. “He’s already got ‘im a mare.”
“No! No, I won’t have it! No…” Fluttershy continues tugging, but at this point you can see it’s a futile effort. Eventually, she realizes it as well, and collapses to the ground in tears. You feel a shiver go up your spine, as if someone -or something- would have your head if it/they saw you had done this. “No… not after all this time…” she continues to weep, both crushed by the fact that your affection would never be hers, and embarrassed by the fact that nearly everyone at the party was staring at her display at this point.
Slowly, hesitantly, you walk over to her and kneel down in front of her. She slowly opens her eyes again once she calms down, only to jump at seeing your being right in front of her. “…Why?” she looks up at you, tears in her eyes.
“Because after all this time, all I’ve ever come to expect from you is rape or some other form of holding me against my will,” you say, giving a small look to Rainbow before returning to Fluttershy. “That’s not what I want in someone.” She sniffles a bit, before getting to her hooves a bit hesitantly as you speak. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t still be friends. Even if I don’t accept your advances, you’re still one of us, and that won’t change.”
She sniffs a bit more, before looking up at you with big, glossy eyes. “O-okay…” she mutters, looking down in shame.
Whew, at least that’s over…
“…Right after I get me some of that big Anon meat of yours!” she grins, lunging forward at you and knocking you down.
Damn horny ponies and their uncontrollable instincts. Isn’t estrus in, like, spring or something?
Rainbow quickly leaps into the air, charging at Fluttershy with full intents on slamming into the pegasus. “Oh no, you don’t!” the butter-colored mare growls, raising her hind legs into the air to use Rainbow’s momentum against her.
Oh shit! She’s going to get slammed!
Rainbow’s eyes widen, and she pulls up at the last second, only to slam her head into the ceiling, knocking her out of the sky and nearly barreling into the giant cake in the room.
“He’s MINE!” Fluttershy yells, turning back to you with eyes the size of pinpricks. She presses on your still-bare chest, her teeth grinding with anticipation, and you can already feel an…
Oh god, it’s dripping on your waist, her… oh man, you could nearly vomit right now…
She has you pinned under her, just like in the snow…
That’s when the familiar purple aura of Twilight’s magic surrounds her, lifting her slowly into the air. “No! No! Let me go!” she flails and kicks, and you quickly roll to the side, getting out of the way of… well, the liquids that were now stained all over your pants. Gross…
“Why, Fluttershy?” you ask, getting to your feet and staring at her at eye level. “Why would you try something like that? Especially in front of all of our friends?”
She looks at you with wide eyes, before looking away. “I…wanted you, Anon. I wanted you for the longest time… When Rainbow first found you out in the Everfree Forest, you were always interesting to me…” She’s choking up now, but you keep your distance at this point; you don’t know if she’s going to try something again. “And… when I found out you were with Rainbow, I just…” she sniffs a bit, holding back tears.
“…It threw you over the edge?”
She nods solemnly, as Twilight slowly lowers her back to the ground. “Anon, I’m so sorry about all of this. Really, I am…” she mutters, looking up at you with teary eyes.
“It’s alright, Fluttershy. I understand.” You reach down, pulling her into a hug; she’s too stunned to move. “Apology accepted.” Slowly, she wraps her front hooves around you, hugging back tightly. She buries her muzzle into your chest, and you can hear small sobs coming from her.
“Anon, yer one crazy guy, y’know that?” Applejack chuckles. “Five seconds ago y’all were worried she’d get into those pants o’ yers. Dunno if yer jus’ more forgiving, or if yer just plain nuts.”
You laugh. “Heh, my mom was always like that, actually. Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Applejack gets another chuckle out of that. “Now c’mon, let’s enjoy the rest of the party!” you turn to Fluttershy, “All of us.” Everyone cheers, before the music starts again and they start dancing and partying like they should be.
Everything went better than expected, it seems.

It’s a few hours later now, and most of everyone has either left, or passed out along the walls. One mulberry-furred pony even managed to pass out face-deep in the punch bowl.
…How the hell was she even breathing?
“So… you’re staying then, right?” The sound of someone approaching you breaks your train of thought, and you turn around to see who it is.
Spike. Always a pretty level-headed guy, albeit a bit young, but still knew how to have fun despite his age. You smile and nod. “Sure, why not? I’ve got plenty of friends here, and plenty of bros to hang out with,” you say, holding up a fist to the young dragon. He grins happily, before the two of you slam your fists into one another, completing the ancient ritual passed down by the elder bros of your world. This dragon, man; he could easily become a possible replacement as a new bro, now that Rainbow and you are a couple, right? Speaking of which…
You look around, and spot Rainbow and Pinkie in a corner, talking about something. Pinkie steals a few glances at you, before giggling and returning to the conversation. What could they be talking about?
“Oh Anon! Just the ‘man’ I wanted to see…” Pinkie grins and hops over to you, pulling on your hand. “I’ve got something super-secret to talk to you about!” she exclaims, dragging you to the kitchen in the other room. After the two of you are out of earshot from everyone, Pinkie leans in and whispers. “So, Anon… you’ve got hots for Dashie, hmmm?”
You’re not completely sure where she’s going with this…
“Uh… I guess…? Yeah?”
“Ooh! So does that mean that the two of you are gonna start living together?” she asks, adding emphasis to ‘together’.
This gets you thinking a bit; is that what ponies did when they start seeing each other? “I dunno… maybe, I guess.”
Pinkie gets up close to you now.
She’s right up in your face now; there’s literally NOTHING between your eyes and hers at this point. “Well, Anon, you should probably make your decision soon… because Dashie’s wondering too,” she whispers, making sure that LISTENING EARS would not hear those words, before looking to the side. From your angle, you could only barely spot a small tuft of rainbow hair peeking out from the side of the doorway before it slipped out of sight.
You look back to Pinkie and slowly nod, hoping that she would separate herself from you once she got a response. “Great! Hey Dashie, Anon wants to talk with you!” she turns to shout, so everypony in the building and within a fifty-meter radius of the bakery could hear.
Fucking Pinkie Pie and her over-eccentric attitude…
Rainbow peeks out from the doorway and walks in. “What is it, Pinkie?” she asks, looking between the two of you with a raised eyebrow.
“Anon was talking with me about you moving in with him!” she shouts once again, pointing dramatically at you. This causes gasps from all of the remaining ponies in the party, who had since collected themselves behind Rainbow.
She looks at you, a slight blush on her cheeks. “Well… what did you say?”
Your mind is racing at this point. What’s the right answer?! Yes? No? Dunno…? “Uh, well…” you mutter, unsure of what to say in this situation. “I guess if you sorta-want-to-maybe-go-and-possibly-come-live-with-me-it’s-alright,” you quickly race the words out as soon as your brain transmits them. Pinkie’s eyes widen, Rarity’s jaw drops just a bit, and somewhere Discord was probably rolling in his stone imprisonment in laughter at this point. As for Rainbow, however…
Fwoosh. Wingboner, and a face nearly as pink as Pinkie’s face normally is.
There’s an awkward silence between you two, and then Rainbow is the first to react, completely taking you off-guard. Within seconds, the next thing your mind is able to process is that you’re on the ground now, lips locked with a certain cyan pegasus.
Reality calls! Time to pull yourself together, Anon! You’ve got Rainbow kissing you, what’re you gonna do?
Your eyes slowly close as the two of you are taken by the kiss. Your arms drape around her back, pulling her tightly against you and further deepening the kiss. She does the same, choosing to wrap her front hooves around your head, keeping your lips locked with hers until you literally have to tap her back to remind her that you, as a living organism, also need oxygen.
The two of you break the kiss slowly, and you stare into those deep, magnificent eyes of hers. From the other room, ponies are cheering, and even Fluttershy and Applejack can’t help but smile at the scene.
Oh yeah. You’re definitely staying here.

End Chapter 10 – Arc 1

Well, there you have it. I hope you all have enjoyed... well, the story that started it all, really. It's been nearly 9 months since this story was first made (It was originally posted in its >greentext form on 4Chan on March 10th, 2012), so it's really been a trip for me.

Now, as for future installments of this story... I don't know. We'll see. I know I'm going to at least get the next part to you guys in an epilogue of some kind, but outside of that... it seems like too much of a chore to me, really. That, and I feel like I left this on a pretty good note as is.

So for now, outside of the epilogue, this will be the final chapter of Sonic Boom. I hope you all have enjoyed this story, and please, leave your opinions in the comments section; I read every comment I get, and I do my best to respond to as many as I can. It lets me know that what I'm creating is reaching people, and that just... well, it's just a good feeling to have.

~Wuten, the King of Spaghetti