Three Is Not Better Than One

by That Drunk Pony

Chapter 3 Special: Applejack's Memories

Back at Applejack’s home in her room. She is in her bed, but is stuck thinking about past events. She then begins to remembers the time when ‘Spike was still heart broken as he told how Rarity had left late at night while leaving messages for all of her friends. Spike caught her as she was waiting for the train and he told her that liked her a lot, but instead of facing it head on, she just told him to wait for when she returned and then she will give him her answer.

Spike waited so long after that. Almost every day he just sat on the bench by the trains hoping she would arrive with an answer. Instead one year later everypony got invitations to her wedding ceremony in Canterlot. When Spike caught wind of it... well I don’t want to remember that ever again.

When the day of the wedding came, Spike had planned to make a scene, but when he saw how she smiled at the altar, he just walked out. If it weren’t for the fact that I was one of the bride’s girls, she would have gone after him. Somepony did go after him at least. Spike’s depression lasted for months. I was worried Spike would never get out of it or do something worse, but over time Spike finally got better one step at a time.

Twilight monitored him since she was not expecting that this would leave such an impact. Like a mother protecting her child. Everypony wanted to help Spike get better and we eventually got through to him. We couldn’t hate Rarity for liking another pony, but how she handled the problem was what got us. Only Rainbow, Twilight, and I really know what happened to Spike.

Even after he got better, I looked out for Spike. I made sure that when he was looking for work, that he would work for me so I could keep a close watch. Everything was going great until she returned. I was so worried that Spike would go berserk or break down again upon seeing her return. I even went to Twilight early in the morning to express my concerns. I am glad that nothing happened.

When Rainbow told me that she thinks Rarity was going to use Spike again, I got worried. Both of them alone and Rarity didn’t even seem to mind so much. I am glad that Rainbow went to watch over him. I had to do my secret lesson with Fluttershy. After the lesson, I had to see how things were going and I saw Rainbow and Rarity fighting about something. I was about to break in there, but then Spike stopped the fighting and then Rainbow flew out the door.

I kept watching all the way to the end in secret and noticed how Rarity was trying to seduce Spike. That got me furious, but if I had entered, that would have made things awkward. I am glad that Spike was as dumb as a rock to not notice what she was doing. I lost track of time from spying so long that I had to rush to do a delivery.

After the delivery, I had to go to Sugarcube corner to pick up some ingredients and noticed Spike being stared down by Rarity, Rainbow, and Pinkie. That was a hairy situation, but then... those dreams Spike had. Why wasn’t I in them. I had done so much for Spike. I just wished that he noticed me as well.’