Sonic Boom

by Wuten

Pastries, Ponies and Parties

Sorry this took so long to put out; was busy with schoolwork and getting my newer stories approved... Now then! Starting from where we left off...

Chapter 8

Black. A lot of black. What the hell is going on here? “Hello?” you ask out into the dark room, squinting and adjusting your eyes as best you can to the darkness.
Suddenly, lights. Bright lights.
“SURPRISE!!” you hear voices shout from all around as ponies of every shape, size and color jump out from behind furniture all around the bakery, causing your heart to skip a beat. Everyone’s here! Rainbow, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, and… Applejack?
Pinkie hops over to you and immediately breaks out in a cheerful musical number. You’re still unsure of how she’s able to come up with those things so fast, and she’s moving her mouth so quickly you can barely catch what she’s saying, except…
It sounded like at one point it was talking about you and Rainbow?
You smile and turn to her after she finishes her song. “Thanks, Pinkie. But why a party?”
“Silly, you can have a party for anything!” she exclaims, wrapping a hoof around your shoulder. “Besides, what better way to celebrate the two of you hooking up like that than a party? You’ve been cooped up in that little house for too long; time to get you some food!” She giggles, zipping off into the back room as the rest of the ponies from around town begin to socialize and enjoy themselves.
Except… Applejack. She’s being awfully quiet. No rape attempts, so that’s a relief, but still…
“So, what do ya think? Pretty awesome party, huh?” Rainbow asks, flying over and smiling up at you. You laugh, picking her up into a hug.
“This is awesome, Dash, really. Thanks a bunch,” you say, holding her tightly to you.
Silence engulfs the crowd as Pinkie comes out of the kitchen a few moments later, wheeling out a massive chocolate cake in front of her. “To Anon and Dashie!” she cheers, riling up the crowd.
…That’s the biggest damn cake you’ve ever seen someone give you. Sure, you’d had pretty big cakes here before, but seriously, it’s almost as tall as you are! You laugh, turning to Pinkie and releasing Rainbow from the hug. “Thanks everyone, really!” you exclaim, looking around the crowd as the party truly begins.

A few hours into the party, and three slices of the richest chocolate cake you’ve ever had, Pinkie creeps over to you, plopping her flank down next to you as you take another bite of cake. “So, Anon… you two bumping flanks yet?” she whispers, giggling with a sly grin on her face. You nearly choke on the piece of cake you’ve got in your mouth from that.
“N-no! Of course not!” you manage to cough out, quickly swallowing the bite of cake. Damn, you could have really used a glass of milk with that…
Rainbow looks at Pinkie with a raised eyebrow, but then gets a playful grin. “Well Anon… why don’t we change that?” she growls softly into your ear as Pinkie giggles on the other side.
“Uh… I’m not sure I’m ready for that kind of thing…” you mutter, trying your best to take your mind off of the conversation by trying to swallow what remained of the cake.
“Why’s that, Anon? Don’t tell me you’re scared…” she whispers, her tone changing to a more playful-seductive one, albeit a bit rough around the edges.
You quickly shake your head. “L-let’s just get back to eating, that alright? Mmm, Pinkie, this cake is great!” you chuckle nervously, before both of the ponies burst out in laughter.
“Oh, oh man! You should’ve seen your face! Don’t think I’ve ever seen you get that red before!” Rainbow laughs, rolling around on the ground.
“Damn sneaky ponies...” you grumble to yourself, before taking another bite of cake.
“Oh Anon, don’t be like that! We’re just poking a little fun, that’s all,” Pinkie says, crawling up and nudging your shoulder with a hoof. “Besides… who couldn’t laugh at that expression? Priceless!” she giggles, letting out a small snort before laughing even harder.
“Yeah, priceless!” Rainbow snickers, finally starting to recover. “Besides, we wouldn’t do something like that…”
You let out a sigh of relief.
“…in public,” she grins, winking at you.
Why is this cake so goddamn rich? It’s the best fucking thing you’ve tasted in weeks, but if they keep making you choke like this, you swear it’s going to be the death of you…

End Chapter 8

It's short, I know, but stay tuned; I've got the rest of this in the works. Just wanted to make sure everyone knew I was still working on this... See all of you soon!

~Wuten, the King of Spaghetti