Fighting unknown

by destroyer-of-pineapples

"Somebody like you"

Blinding light. And then just pain. Bodies everywhere...
Sun was rising when one-legged dragon arrived Canterlot. He was about stallion height and had two-day beard, huge spikes and green eyes. He went to the bench and sat on it.

" Sgt. Rhager?" asked high unicorn with dark brown mane and army uniform.

"Just call me Spike, like everybody" replied dragon.

"I am cpl.Bulletstorm. Now, follow me."

"Can you tell me where are we going and what's going on?" asked spike.

"Sorry sgt. but you have to wait until we'll arrive royal palace"

In front of castle royal guards were practising drill. When dragon went next to them some of guards started whispering. A dragon with too short prothesis was quite unusual sight. "Maybe I will buy a better one" thought Spike "But not now. First build house,beget a son and plant tree.". Spike smiled. He didn't noticed when they arrived military offices. Cpl. opened the door and showed Spike to enter. The room was small cosy. Behind the desk was sitting well built, yellow pegasus with shawed head.

"Please sit down sgt." said pegasus "I'm general John MacTarish."

"Pleasure to meet you but can you tell why am I here?" replied Spike quite annoyed.

"Of course I can but first I would like to talk. You were born in canterlot. Rhager is strange name."

"He was dragon king in the age of Discord and first who raised against him. My step-father loved this story"

"Are you a happy person?" asked John unexpectedly.

"What?! Why... you're asking..."

"Are you a happy person?"

"Well, yes..."

"No you're not. You quit army after loosing your leg. Your wife is in Wonderbolts and she earns all money for living when you're just a teacher and you hate yourself, aren't you?"

"Could you just tell me what's going on!"

"We've got job for you. What do you know about the zone?"...
"No. I don't agree!"said Spike after hearing John's offer.

"What's wrong?"

"First, your people were following me for a month! Now you want me to find lost soldiers in the center of the Zone."

"What's wrong with it? It's good deal." said John.

"Maybe you didn't noticed but I lost my leg and... I have family. What if I would die..."

"Don't worry about the leg. You will get new prothesis. We know you don't earn much money and after the mission..."

"There would be no mission" Spike said angrily.

"Your choice. But I have one more question." said John with sth. strange in his eye "Do you know Shining Armor."

"Yes, he's my step-brother but why..."

"Captain of royal guards, husband of princess Cadence and father of two kids..."

"Why are you asking?!"

"He was the leader of expedition" said John

Spike frozed in terror.

"You sent him there?! Are you crazy?!"

"Calm down sgt. It was his choice." said John confidently, he got him "Try to see positives. You will earn money and help your brother." He stood up and came to Spike who was shocked "You know dragon's language. You're one of the best sniper in Equestria. We need somebody like you."
"What did you get involved in?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"It's kind of exchange" Spike tried to hide a lie.

"Exchange? Well, I think you are in serious shit!" Rainbow said with anger in her eyes."Why are they sending you to drakhia.Do they need one-legged dragon?"

"They want me to train their snipers. I know the lang..."

"Of course. You're the only person who know the language."

John was right. Spike hated himself but not becase he didn't earn much money. He hated lieing to his wife.

"They offered you some money and you want to leave me again" Rainbow seemed really furious.

"Dash, listen..." Spike tried to explain himeself but it was too late. His wife left the room and slammed the door. She didn't talk to him for the rest of day. Later in the bed Spike tried one more time.

"Dashie, listen. I don't want to leave you but we need money..." Rainbow turned to him. Her eyes were full of tears.

"I don't care about the money. I'm afraid for you! Do you remember what was before the war. You promised you will be fine." after hearing that Spike felt as last bastard.

"Listen, this time everything would be fine" Spike hugged her.

"Spike promise me something. If you are in danger, just run." she kissed him and fell asleep.
The same dream. Spike had the same dream every night. He was in drakhia again, during the war. He was running. Fire everywhere. Bodies of his friends. Then he noticed the one he's looking for. Tall, red dragon was still alive but he hadn't much time. "Leave me there...". Every night Spike was trying to save him. Every night he fails...