The Ponyteers

by RainbowWarrior

Welcome to Equestria

"Twilight! Please wake up!" yelled a young voice as he shook Twilight. Spike was really worried that the spell may have seriously hurt his best friend.

"Uggghhhhhhh...." moaned the purple unicorn as she came to. Her eyes narrowly opened to a small purple dragon with green spikes that was jostling her around. "Spike? What happened? Did......Did it work?" she asked.

"You knocked yourself out trying to do that weird elemental spell or something. Your friends and some others must felt the same thing. I wanted to wake you first."

"Oh, at least my friends are oka- Wait. What others?" Spike helped Twilight up to her hooves where she saw all five of her friends, still passed out and scattered along the floor. But she saw no gems or orbs or any trace of the elements she tried to conjure. But there was something else. Instead, there were some other ponies in the room Twilight didn't recognize that were also dormant: two earth ponies, two pegasi, and a unicorn. Suddenly, Applejack started waking up and Twilight walked over to her.

"Wallop my withers, Twi, that's some powerful spell y'all got there."

"Except that it didn't work" said Twilight as she helped her farmer friend up. "There's no elemental crystals or spheres containing the earth, fire, wind or water."

Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie started to come around. They opened their eyes and shook their heads to clear their confusion at they tried helping up Rarity and Fluttershy.

"Twilight? What did your spell do to us? And who are these ponies?" asked Rainbow as Twilight snapped her head back at her. The athlete pegasus helped the now awake Fluttershy up to her hooves.

"I don't know who they are. They just appeared out of nowhere just after my spell got out of control."

"Well we all must help them." said Rarity. "They could be hurt from that spell."

"Girls, Spike, group meeting over here." gestured Twilight as she pointed to the front room, still littered with books. Her friends carefully walked over to Twilight without stepping on or disturbing the new arrivals.

"So what are we going to do to help them?" questioned Fluttershy with meek softness. She wondered if anypony heard her.

"Can we even trust these ponies?" asked Rainbow loudly with a stern look her her face as she hovered above the ground. "What if they're here to cause us harm to us or the princesses? What if they're some unstable element or compound in the shape of a pony or something, ready to blow up?"

"Rainbow!" Applejack responded, shocked by her friend's outburst. "I highly doubt these ponies mean us any harm. They need our help! Are you always going to act so hostile in a situation like this? Could ya learn to trust others?"

"And all I'm saying is that we shouldn't always automatically throw a welcome party to everypony we don't know!"

"Yay! Welcome party!" yelled Pinkie Pie as she once again took out her party cannon from hammer space and blasted it in Rainbow Dash's face with a loud "TOOOOOOOT!"

"Pinkie! Be quiet! you're disturb our guests!" whispered Rarity in Pinkie's ear.

Except is was already too late. The 6 mares heard a moaning and grunting sound from the other room. They figured one of the ponies was waking up.

"Girls, let me and Twi handle this." calmly assured Applejack. She and Twilight walked into the other room where they indeed saw one of the ponies slowly awaken. He was a midnight blue earth pony stallion with a short, curly black mane. On his flank stood a green mountaintop with a brown base. But noticeably, he had a gold bracelet with an embedded emerald around his front right hoof.

"errrrrrrrrr....." said the earth pony as he slowly opened his eyes. He saw not an amusement park with lights, games, and tall wood and steel machines, but books. Loads of them; on the shelves and the floors. He thought to himself: "This does not look like the island Gaia showed us. This looks like a library." He heard footsteps coming his way. "Ah, there's someone here. He or she can tell us where we are."

"Are you okay?" asked Twilight. "And who are you?"

"My name is......" said the pony as he turned his head to greet his caretakers. Except that they weren't human. He only saw an orange and purple horse. The orange horse was wearing some brown cowboy hat, the purple one had something sticking out of her head.

"Who said that?" asked the stallion.

"" said Twilight. The stallion saw her lips and jaw move as she said it. The colt could tell the words were coming out of her mouth.

"What in the world? You're some sort of talking horse!?" The pony was dumbfounded.

"What is with ya? It's like y'all never seen a pony talk before!"

"I never have! Horses are not supposed to speak!"

"Well, you're a pony, and you're speaking to us right now."

"What are you talking about?"

The pony saw Twilight's horn glow with a fuchsia aura. After a few seconds he saw a body mirror float in the air behind the two ponies. Twilight moved it over and ducked to allow the mirror access through the doorway and put in front of the foreign pony. The colt held his mouth open not just to see an act of telekinesis but himself. He saw a deep blue-colored horse in the mirror with a short, black curly mane. He raised his left arm, or rather front leg. So did the mirror. He put the leg on his face, now looking and feeling like it was more protruding than his regular human face because of the snout. He started to hyperventilate over the mutation of his human form as his face turned red with panic.

"Great Gaia. I've been turned into a horse."

Twilight started to get irked by the word. "Okay, first of all, we're ponies. The word horse makes us sound......."savage". Secondly, we never got your name."

"My name is Kwame. And where am I? " softly spoke the pony, calming down.

"My name is Twilight Sparkle." said the unicorn. "And I'm Applejack!" spoke her orange companion.

"And you're in the library here in Ponyville." said Twilight as she put the mirror away.

"Ponyville. So your whole town is full of these talking ponies?"

"Our whole kingdom of Equestria is populated full of them."

Kwame sighed. "This is unbelievable. I do not know what happened, but this place cannot be Earth."

Twilight went up to him with a disappointed look on her face. "You're really not from here, are you?"

"That is correct." said the stallion. "I do not know how I got here, or why I am a pony."

Applejack walked over to him and put a hoof over Kwame's shoulder with a confident smile. "Well we'll help you. We'll do everything we can to help you get back to where you belong."

"Thank you, Miss Applejack. I think I can trust you and Miss Twilight." He tried to step forward, but tripped.

"That's a good thing to hear, Kwame. And it looks like you're not used to your body."

After he carefully took some steps, he managed to slowly walk with Twilight and Applejack into the front room, where he saw four other multicolored ponies. A cyan and yellow one had a pair of wings, a white pony had a horn like Twilight, and the other was pink all around and lack any horns or wings, like Applejack, and himself. "These are my other friends: Pinkie Pie....."

The pink earth pony zoomed to Kwame and said "Hi, I'm-Pinkie-Pie, and-this-is Rarity, Rainbow-Dash, and-Fluttershy -and-welcome-to-Ponyville-I-never-seen-you-before-this-calls-for-a-party!" all really fast, pointing to each pony mentioned. Then she took out her party cannon and blew out another burst of confetti at the newly-arrived pony. Kwame was speechless.

"Yeah, she's really enthusiastic and hyper. But you get used to it." Twilight mentioned.

"So where do you hail from?" asked Rarity, curious about the stallion.

"I come from a world called Earth." said Kwame. "And there are none of you talking ponies there. We do have ponies, but none of them talk, nor are they sentient." The other ponies just looked at each other with confusion after hearing about his strange information.

"I can't imagine a world with ponies not being sentient and the dominant species." said Twilight. "So what is your world made up of? Is that what you normally are?"

"Earth is inhabited by humans. They walk on two legs, and have no fur. They have existed for millenia, built civilizations, and even amenities just like this library."

Twilight thought about what he said. Two legs. Just like in her vision. Could it be? "Kwame, before you blacked out here, were you alone? Or were there others with you?"

"There were some others with me. My friends and I- Wait! My friends! Where are they!?"

"Oh, there were four other ponies that passed out beside you. They were in the room where I woke you up, still asleep there."

Hearing this, Kwame rushed to the entrance to the back room where he saw four other ponies there. He deduced that they were the friends he told about to Twilight and her companions.

"They're fine, and they'll come around. There's nothing to worry about, I promise. And we'll help them, too." A smile appeared on Kwame's face. Little did they know another one was stirring and awakening.

"But, I have more to say." Twilight added, and Kwame turned to face her. Her heart sunk, knowing there was some connection to the vision she saw and the five new ponies. She had to clear things up. "I think I know why you ended up here, Kwame. You see-"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHH!" screamed a voice in the other room. The seven ponies and Spike looked to see who made the noise. It was a turquoise pegasus with a bright red-orange mane. He had a flame for a cutie mark, and a silver band with a ruby on one side covering his front right hoof. He just stood there looking scared at his new form, and rolling and flapping his wings. He looked around and saw the other ponies.

"YOU!" he pointed at Twilight." He charged right at her, and tackled Twilight to the ground before she got cast a defensive spell to protect her.

With a menacing glare, he looked at Twilight, flaring his wings. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME, YOU FREAK?!"