The Darker Side of the Night

by QuantumFire

A Massage

You looked into the partially fogged mirror through the clean strip where you’d swiped you hand over it. The person that stared back at you had a contented smile.

“Finally, everything in life is right,” you mentally spoke to yourself. You looked over your shoulder back into the main bedroom where she was and adjusted your thought, “Almost everything,” you added with a breathless chuckle.

You finished brushing your teeth and washed out the basin, turning around and heading back into the bedroom. Standing at the door, you took a good look at your partner, Princess Nightmare Moon. You had first been introduced to her a few years ago when you were somehow brought to this land by an unseen force. Immediately, you had become enraptured by her dark beauty, the slender yet comforting curves of her body, the cosmic nebula of a mane that whisped around slowly on some kind of unseen ethereal breeze, and those eyes -- those gorgeous, expressive, Aquamarine eyes.

Nightmare Moon noticed your staring from the corner of her eyes and closed her book, looking back at you with her trademark devilish grin.

“Like what you see?” she huskily moaned out as she reached back and slowly slid her sheer white nightie up her flanks, exposing her cutie mark. Her grin only widened at your entranced look, staring at her shapely haunches. “Oh dear, it looks like the royal plot has been exposed,” she said with a small, mockingly haughty snicker. You shake your head and snap out of your little trance and Nightmare Moon gave you a little giggle and a blush that matched your own. 

You moved slowly over to the bed and layed down beside your Nightmare, and tilting your head sideways, you both brought your lips together in a slow passionate kiss. Kissing Nightmare Moon, -- or as she has allowed you to affectionately call her “Nighty” or “Moony” -- was an altogether unique experience. Her long, slender muzzle provided a nice place to cup her face with your hands in those passionate moments. You gave a slight chuckle to yourself and you both pulled away from the kiss. Since the earliest days of your courting she’d been enraptured by the touch of her tongue on your canines. Nightmare’s eyes were closed and her cheeks flushed. It was one of your favorite “looks” that she had... besides the ones where she was feeling a little bit frisky.

You firmly stroked your open hand down her neck and slowly brought it back up again, ruffling the fur where your hand had travelled. This was a sign to her that events of the night were progressing, so Nightmare rolled over onto her back. You put your hand under her chin and lifted her face to yours and you leaned into to her ear, whispering “No need for that tonight, my dear, I doubt you will be sleeping for a while yet,” nibbling on the tip of her ear, rolling the fleshy cartilage around in your incisors with just enough force to coax shivers from her. You slid your hands down her flat, toned stomach and started to lift the nightie from her waist. She aided the removal -- leaning forward and grabbing on to your shoulder, she then lay back again, holding her forelegs straight up in the air as you slipped the sheer fabric over her head and off her legs to unceremoniously toss it to a corner of the room.

She reached up again and brought your face down for another fiery kiss with more heated passion than the last as she forced her tongue past your lips, only to become engaged in a mini battle for control of your mouth with hers. A breathless minute of kissing and you pulled back again for air, a string of saliva still connected to each of your lips. “Roll over onto your stomach,” you whispered into her ear.

Her smile grew into a smirk. “Planning on mounting me already?” she inquired in her deep sultry voice.

You snickered back and pinched the top of her ear as you straddled her back, extending your legs across her croup. “Not yet, my dear.”

You ran the fingertips of both your hands up each side of her long neck. The feel of your deft, agile fingers was an exotic pleasure -- one that had never before been experienced by the ponies of this world.

It could be funny to see just what ponies would do just to get a scratch behind the ears from you. It was even more hilarious when a pleading Celestia had knocked on your chamber earlier one day begging her sister to borrow you just for a short time just to give her a little scratch behind the ears. Nightmare still had the photo of you sitting in bed, your back up against the opulent cobalt headboard and Celestia’s limp head in your lap, your fingers hard at work behind her ears and a goofy pleased look on the Day Princess’ face.

Returning to the task at hand, you repeated your movements of rubbing the sides of her neck a few times, her head going limp and laying on the pillow. You took things a little further -- you slid your hands around to the front of her throat, firmly pressed down, and dragged the tips of your fingers down the side of her throat. Her eyes opened wide, and she snapped out of her relaxed state before crooning her neck upwards and letting out a low, deep, throaty moan.

Nightmare always liked it a little on the firm side.

As she crooned her neck backwards you took this as a chance to have a nibble on her ear. You grabbed the tip in between your teeth and bit down, pulling backwards forcefully. The dark mare beneath you squirmed and let out a small yelp. At this rate, she'd hit her peak before the real fun even begins. 

You released her ear and sat up. You gripped the leading edge of her wonderfully soft, large, midnight wings, and you slowly extended them out to their full reaches. Then, you gently pulled each one upward, stretching the stiffening feathery appendages out, showing her beautiful plumage.

As you pulled on her wings, you suddenly felt her muscles go tense and hard under your grip. Choking out a loud, long groan, she slumped down upon the bed with a silly grin.You climbed off Nightmares back, snuggling up beside her as she draped her wing over you and wrapped you in its feathery embrace. 

“Wow. She must have been really stressed if that’s all it took,” you thought with a grin on your face.