Aurora: The End of Beginnings.

by WinterLune

Chapter 5 - Visitors

Aurora: The End of Beginnings.
Chapter 5

I think I may have still been trying to sleep, I just felt so….warm. It was like nothing else in the world mattered; I would have been content just to lie on the sofa for the rest of the day if not for the rain coming down along and the added thunder. There was a note on the table in front of me, it read.

Aurora, seeing that you’re still sleeping I’ve left with dinky to drop her off at school and talk with the schools teacher, Cheerilee, about getting you to into school, at Twilights request and my own. I’ve left some muffins under a container in the kitchen.
Be back soon,

Guess that meant I would be alone for a while; that would give me some time to figure out a few things, such as how to use my wings and why I could use magic. I started with my wings, remembering reading something about flexing my wing muscles I tried moving them a bit like before; they unfurled to full length with a bit of trouble, they were a bit on the tense side, most likely for not being used for a while. I pushed my wings down to the best of my ability; the result. Hitting my head on the ceiling and crashing back down to the floor with a headache.

My vision was blurred so I sat on the floor for a while remembering the muffins Derpy had left for me, I went to the kitchen after my vision retuned and looked for the muffins she had left me; I looked in the refrigerator first but found that the inside was a completely different room and saw a brown pony inside flipping random switches and knobs, he looked at me after a few moments. I closed the refrigerator without a second thought and opened it again, only to find the muffins I had been looking for to begin with.

I heard a sound coming from outside; I dismissed the thought though, thinking it was only the rain. That is, until I heard a knock on the door and some-pony saying, “Ditzy? It’s me the Doctor, may I come in?”

I said, “Doctor? Doctor Who?”

“Huh? Who is this? Dinky, is that you?” the pony asked.

“No it’s Aurora Whooves.”

The knocking stopped for a moment but the pony quickly asked, “Um….may I come in please? It’s dreadfully wet out here.” I didn’t know who this “Doctor” was, but I opened the door anyway to let him in. He was the same pony I saw in the refrigerator; he looked at me and blinked a few times then said, “You again? You’re the same pony I saw looking into the door of my Tardis!” as he walked in and closed the door behind him.

“And you where in my refrigerator.” I added bluntly while I squinted my eyes at the strange pony in front of me.

“In your fridge? You where in my Tardis’ door!” he said quickly after taking a strange looking object from out of his jacket pocket.

“Uh….What’s that thing?” I said, looking at the weird object with a blue light on the end of it.

“Sonic screwdriver.” He said after a moment of staring at me he then pointed the sonic screwdriver at me and pressed a button on it.

I jumped for no good reason and hit my head on the ceiling for the second time in one day; there was a bit of a hole in the ceiling now.

“Interesting…” he said after a moment then looked back to his screwdriver, “Very interesting…..”

“Interesting? What about me making a hole in the ceiling is interesting?” I said with a bit of frustration in my voice while rubbing my sore head.

“No, no, not that; it’s that I’m getting an extremely large amount of feedback readings from you, and not of the same type….” He added, looking at me with question written on his face.

I had no idea what we was talking about but I was determined to figure out why he was in the fridge, I asked, “Why where you in the fridge?”

He looked at me for a moment and looked over to the refrigerator, “Right, the fridge.” He said while he walked over to it and opened it up.

“Ooooh, you have muffins in here!” He said as he reached for one, ironically from under the container. I swatted his hoof back.

“That’s my breakfast.” I stated, also wondering why this pony was here in the first plac-

“By the way, do you know where Derpys’ clock is by any chance?” he suddenly asked with a mouthful of muffin……wait a second, when did he grab one? I shook my head, more so because I couldn’t figure out how he got a muffin past me without my knowing; though I think he took it more as an *I don’t know* being he was walking past me into the living room without a moment’s notice.

“Should be around here somewhere…”

What in Equestria was he doing, I asked myself…..wait, why am I asking myself when he’s right in the living room? “Hey, just what are you doing here anyway?” I asked shortly after.

“My dear that is a good question, which I will answer as soon as I find that clock” He said while looking about the room.

A clock, maybe she kept it someplace out of the way. Could be broken for all I know….. Wait. Broken? And he’s looking for a clock? “You’re here to fix a clock?” I said mostly to myself, though he seemed to pick up what I said.

“Yes that I am. Though I would help if I could find the thing…..Ah! Here it is.” He said after opening a closet door; he took it out and set it on the table in the middle of the room. “Now then being this could take a little while to fix why don’t you tell me a little about yourself while I work?” he added while taking out a normal looking screwdriver out of another one of his jacket pockets.

Tell him about myself? Unfortunately there wasn’t much to tell being I had memory loss, though I did my best to tell him about yesterday and the day before (excluding the part about the orb in the cave, figuring it best to keep that to myself for the moment) also telling him about me living with Derpy now as a part of the family while Twilight does some research about memory loss.
(Speaking of which doing some research myself isn’t a bad idea, It could bring me closer to knowing what that orb was as well as learning a thing or two more about Equestrias history.)

-Tic- -Toc- Tic-

“Ah, there we go.” The Doctor said, brining me back from my thoughts, “Best I be on my way now, I have more jobs to do after all.” He added while he picked up his tools and headed for the door. “Nice meeting you Aurora, be seeing you some time in the future, or maybe even the past.” He said as he walked out the door and vanished without a trace, aside from the –whirring- of some kind of machine.

Maybe in the past he said? What did he mean by that I wonder? Then I remembered the broken hole in the ceiling and looked up at it, not to find a hole but a normal looking ceiling that looked like it had never been broken. I noted a note under my hoof and read it aloud. “Courtesy of The Doctor.” When in Equestria did he have the time to fix the hole?! I shook my head, already confused from what he said before though my stomach took my out of my thoughts with a loud –Grumble- brining me to go back to the refrigerator.

I hesitantly opened the refrigerator, thinking I was going to see that same strange pony fiddling with, well, something. Thankfully once I opened it the rest of the way I was only greeted with cool air touching my hooves and the smell of muffins, thus my picking up the plate of muffins and heading back into the living room for my breakfast………only, from what the clock said, it was lunch. Time flies I guess. (I put the note from earlier on the clock so Derpy wouldn’t know about the hole that I had made in the ceiling.)

I ate my “lunch” and found myself getting bored rather quickly being I had no-pony to talk to now that the Doctor left, as well as it raining outside making going out a bad idea unless I wanted to get soaked in the cold rain. Thankfully I found a rubber ball in the same closet the Doctor found the clock in; thus began my magic experiments.

I tried to levitate the ball like I had the pencil before, by sure concentration and maybe a bit of luck on my half; the ball was being lifted by a bright orange aura with minimal effort a short time later. Though I still felt like I could do better, so I decided to test my reaction time by tossing the ball into the air with my magic and do my best to catch it before it hit the ground. Unfortunately the ball went off speeding into the wall, bouncing off the ground, and then hitting me in the face making me glad it was made out of rubber. Though my nose could say less being it stung a bit after the impact.

Note to self, my reaction time sucks. But I didn’t stop trying, knowing I wouldn’t get any better if I didn’t try to catch it, thus began my numerous bops on the nose, failed attempts, and mild dizziness spells. Heck I even began counting score; Ball 143, myself 49 and a half. Thankfully I was getting better after I had gotten bopped on the nose a good 150 times, though I was getting tired of using magic and reverted to using my hoof to smack the ball back into the wall; a little revenge for hitting me on the nose so many times.

I was bored after hitting the ball a grand total of 483 times, more so that the clock ringing 3:00 PM clicking something in my head; school was going to end soon, and I had no idea why I knew that. I was right too, the front door opened around a half hour latter brining in two ponies and a wet filly who was younger than me. I put two and two together and figured the younger filly was Dinky and the other mare was Cheerilee, being that Derpy said she wanted to talk with her about getting me into school.

“Go on upstairs and get yourself dried off Dinky.” Derpy said to Dinky who quickly went upstairs without a second word.

I went up to greet them though it seems I was the one being greeted first being Derpy was suddenly moving me next to herself at the first site of me; this gave be a better look at Cheerilee. She had a purplish coat of fur, white and pink hair and tail (going to just use hair as mane now), with a three smiling flowers on her flanks. Her eyes spoke only kindness being of a light green in color, a nice contrast to her I’d say.

“Aurora, I’d like you to meet Ms. Cheerilee I asked her to come over so she could see what grade of school you would be in.” Derpy said motioning to the bags on Cheerilees back, most likely being filled with books and paper.

“History, math, science, geography, economics, hoof-writing, et-cetera; whatever you’re comfortable with trying your hooves at. Of course, the more you do the better the results on what grade you’re supposed to be in.” Cheerilee added. I almost wondered what to start with though something told me to go on and say.

“Everything sounds good to me. Besides I may learn something.” I said with a grin that made her smile, strangely enough I almost felt it ironic that I wanted to learn; I put the thought aside, I had a lot to do.

-Somewhat montage moment-

Cheerilee had been wide eyed though almost all the math testing being near the end she said something on the lines of, “Are you sure you’ve never been in school?” I simply shrugged at that being I couldn’t answer that even if I wanted to at the moment, which is unless I had my memories back; unfortunately I don’t, thus the shrug.

History was more of a hit and miss being I did read a little in the library, though it turned out that what I knew already was more common knowledge than anything. Though I did learn that the marks on a ponies flank where called Cutie Marks, a representation of one’s special talent.

Science was a little surprising for Cheerilee I think, being I understood how magic worked as well as its ties to science. In fact I was surprised myself being I had so much knowledge already yet had never been to school as far as any pony had known, as well as my age being from what Cheerilee said, the normal grade for pony my age was around third to fifth grade while I was acing most high-school level questions.

Geography and economics where as expected from the answers I gave before; I knew more than I should for a pony my age on most everything but history which Cheerilee found strange as did I.

“I honestly don’t know what to say Aurora; you’ve aced almost everything aside from History.” She said after a moment with a wavering voice, I couldn’t blame her for pausing being I’m just a confused as she is of not more, “If anything, I would only be able to suggest having a privet tutor for history lessons.”

“History lessons from a tutor….?” I asked wondering if I knew any ponies willing to teach me anything.

“I would also suggest asking Twilight Sparkle if she knows any ponies, after all, she is the student of our own Princess Celestia. In fact she was about your age when Celestia took her under her wing…..” Cheerilee said. It made me wonder though, what about Twilight made Celestia take her under her wing? I’d have to ask her later.

The clock struck 8:00 PM signaling to Cheerilee that she needed to head home being that tomorrow was a school day, a day that I wouldn’t be in school but at Twilights asking her if she knew any ponies that could help me learn about history. Though I had also thought about other things, like Twilight and her mentor Celestia, I wondered just how long Celestia had been around as well. I knew she was at least over one thousand years old as well as having a younger sister, Luna, who had been banished to the moon at some point in history as well as Celestia to the sun during the Lunar Era.

Thinking gave me an idea. I just wasn’t sure if I could convince her to teach me but one thing was for certain. “If I don’t at least try, then I won’t accomplish anything.”

I went to bed on the sofa with those thoughts in my mind, thinking of the best way to convince the lunar princess to teach me about history…….among other things.