Cinnamon in a Silver Spoon

by Catrlgirl

Tripping and Falling

“Welcome, dear,” Pearl Necklace said as the train pulled away with a blare of the loud horn.

“Hi, Momma.”

“Oh come along, and stop looking so sour. I can’t have you seen looking like that now, can I?” Silver Spoon rolled her eyes and put on a slight smile. Her smile was heavy so it didn’t curl up at the ends very much… not like it did when she was actually happy. When was the last time that had been?

“That’s much better. You never know who will see you. And one must always make a good impression on the public.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Silver Spoon followed the tall champagne pink unicorn as she turned to leave the terminal with a quick flick of her snow white tail.

“I know you wanted to do something fun today, Silver, sweetie, but it just isn’t convenient. I have an appointment to get to right away. If it goes well maybe I’ll take you shopping. Wouldn’t that be nice? I’m sure everything here is better than the rags you get from that backwards pit Ponyville.” Pearl Necklace’s hooves clicked as she quickened her pace to get them back on the bustling streets of the city. Silver Spoon snorted but followed quietly, keeping her subtle respectable smile in place. She didn’t want to go shopping. All her mother ever wanted to do with her was go shopping. Sure it was nice… every now and then. But every time? After a while even one of your favorite activities would get old. The little grey coated filly followed her mother silently. She knew better than to bother her with questions and conversation when she had an “Appointment.” This was going to be a very long weekend. When they stopped and Silver Spoon looked up they were at a large brick building. It looked nothing like the buildings and homes in Ponyville. “I’m sure you didn’t know but I’m setting up this new location for my jewelry. It’s all the rage all over Equestria. Soon I’ll have to open a location in the Crystal Kingdom.”

“Really?” The brick building was certainly impressive it was two stories and it looked to be in a very busy part of town. So lots of ponies would probably be dropping in.

“Yes... and I want you here with me,” Pearl Necklace said smiling. “I want you to come spend the summer with me here in Manehatten. You can see how hard you’re mother works and make some nice friends here and see what life will be like in the city. You were just a foal when you’re father and I separated. And,” Pearl Necklace added casting a glance over her shoulder at her daughter. “And we can actually have some real quality time. I…I know we don’t really have that during the visits and I know that hurts you, Silver Spoon.” The filly started in shock at what her mother was saying. That was certainly different. She flicked her ears making sure they were working right. Her mom was normally so busy and frantic she barely dealt with Silver Spoon during her visits, well outside of the customary spending spree. “You don’t have to answer right away but please let me know if you want to spend your break here with me in the city.”

“Ok.” It was hesitant and quiet but Pearl Necklace noticed that it was not a flat outright no. That was a start.

“Come on in dear. I’m here to meet a very special pony that’s going to be doing the modeling for me.”
Inside the big brick building it was still mostly empty but the shelving had been put in and she could see the big under lit cases to display the gems. “Oh, Silver. It’s almost ready for opening. By summer when you hopefully come to stay with me for a while this place will be bustling and for the most part running itself. I’ll be meeting with staff soon to make hires for clerks and gem setters. That is if I can find anyone half as good as me.” Her mother’s voice droned just outside of Silver Spoon’s attention. The filly vaguely heard something about putting her bags down and slid the thick saddlebags off of her back. She hadn’t needed much. The pair didn’t have to wait long Before the door opened and in walked a beautiful white Unicorn. She snorted and flicked her pale pink mane to the side.

“Welcome, Ms. Fleur de Lis. I’m so happy you decided to consider being the face of my new jewelry line. Silver Spoon looked up at her from behind herm others legs. “I’d like you to meet my daughter, Oh stop being silly and introduce yourself.” It was weird No one would ever expect it but Silver Spoon was actually quiet and awkward without her friends well her ex friends around. She didn’t do well with introductions. She had liked having everyone just know who she was.
Fleur de Lis just raises an eyebrow when Silver Spoon didn’t respond. That earned the grey filly a light kick from her mother in chastisement. “Don’t be rude.”

“Hello, I’m, Silver Spoon. It’s nice to meet you.”

“I’m so sorry, Ms. Fleur de Lis. I don’t know how my daughter lost all the grace I tried to raise her with.”

“It’s fine,” the tall elegant white unicorn said. “She doesn’t know me. Can’t blame the little thing for being nervous. Hello, Silver Spoon I’m Fleur de Lis and I hope we can be friends.”

“Oh that would be lovely. You know, dear, this lovely young unicorn is not that much older than you actually? I bet you could become good friends. She’s a model and I bet she would look absolutely wonderful on the billboards and posters wearing my new line. Oh,” Pearl Necklace said. “I have something to show you are just going to love. It’s a pink crustal design based on your Cutie mark. I have taken some, uhm,’ the pink unicorn paused trying to think of a polite phrase. “Creative liberties as it were.”
Silver Spoon rolled her eyes as the older ponies walked away towards one of the cases. Well at least towards a large blue binder on top of one of the cases. This was going to be long weekend. She hated ot admit it but she wondered what her new “friends” were doing.
“Are you sure about this?” Applebloom asked. She looked at the makeshift course she had built skeptically. She had to admit it was good but... Good enough she wasn't sure.

“Yeah I'm sure,” Scootaloo said. She grinned and her wings buzzed behind her like a nervous tick. Her hoof scuffed dirt and she kicked off. She took the ramp in a spin catching good air before she dropped back to the ground. She flipped the scooter into a kick spin before heading for the pipe. Just a little flourish she was sure it would be something Rainbow dash would be proud of. Dust flew as he picked up speed, to hop onto the pipe. She skidded across it in a scream of hot metal then she dropped off to the ground and was breathing hard. There was a shrill whistle from above and Scootaloo almost died when she saw the blue pegasus floating lazily on a comfortable looking cloud.

“Color me impressed, Kid,” she said. Her ragged rainbow mane was messy as she looked over the edge of her napping cloud. “You’ve got the making of a great trick rider. You got the timing down and you really use your momentum.”

“Scootaloo,” Apple bloom said. The orange filly paid no attention. “Scootaloo you’re floating.” Scoots then looked down to see all four of her hooves of the ground as she lazily hovered a few feet above the ground over her scooter. With a quick flap of her wings Rainbow dash was next to her and threw a hoof around her shoulders.

“And it looks like you impressed somepony besides me take a look.” With that Dash streaked of in a flash of blue and rainbow color. Scootaloo was shuddering as she touched the ground. She was too scared to look herself but… she had to know.

“Is it there? Sweetie Belle? IS.IT.THERE?”

“Yeah. It is. It’s amazing. It looks awesome. It looks like the wheel of your scooter. Well kinda but it’s surrounded by a flaming wing. Well its fire but shaped like a wing. Or something like that.”

“I reckon this calls for a celebration. FOR SCOOTALOO!!! THE FIRST CUTIE MARK CRUSADER TO EARN HER CUTIE MARK!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!” Applebloom screamed bouncing up and down in joy for her friend.

“We have to go show, Twist.” Sweetie Belle said, grabbing a mouthful of Applebloom’s tail to kepe her on the ground. Scootloo leapt into the air streaking up and up and up with wickedly fast beats of her little wings. She felt as light as air. Nothing would hold her down. She managed to make it to the top of that accursed tree before her energy gave out and she was falling. She yelled as wind ripped past her and her wings refused to catch it she snapped them open wide and managed to roughly glide hitting the ground hard but for the most part in one piece.

“Ow. Okay still need work. Yeah. Landing hard not fun.” Scootaloo winced as she got back up. “Okay so you said something about Twist?”

“Yeah. We need to show her and plan a celebration. I’ll ask my Big Sister Applejack for some apple pies. Congrats, Scootaloo.” Applebloom led the parade back towards town and to their friend’s house. When they arrived Twist was just as excited for Scoots. She gave her a huge hug and promised to make her something extra special.

“What do you want, Scootaloo?” Twist’s smile was even bigger and brighter than it had ever been. She was so happy to be free of the big retainer. She was still getting used to not having it. It had been there for so long. “If it’s something to hard to make I’ll ask my momma to help me.”
All three of the CMC were shocked at the way Twist’s voice had changed without the retainer. It wasn't just that she no longer had the grating slur. Her voice was higher or maybe it was just how excited she was. They couldn't tell.

“I know I wawantsn’t cinnamon sticks like you made before. They’re sweet and kind of hot just like my new Cutie Mark,” Scootaloo said striking a dynamic pose with her wings flared. You know I need to send word to my folks.”

“Why don’t you ask Twilight, I bet her and Spike could help send word to just about anypony,” Twist said. The other fillies nodded in agreement. And Twist followed them out the door to the library. And she had an idea. She had someone she wanted to send a message to.