Fighting unknown

by destroyer-of-pineapples


It was getting dark when the truck was coming back to the base. Two dragons were exhaused after all day of cleaning old graveyard.

"Ivar. Stop the car here for a while" said the passenger "I have to pee."

"You can wait. We are close."

"No I can't. It's urgent."

The truck stopped.

"Make it fast" said Ivar "Or I will leave you there!"

"Okay "mummy"."

The dragon dissappeared in the bushes. His friend got out and lighted up a cigarette. He hated this place and was thinking only about coming home. Only about his own bed and little daughter. He hasn't seen her for weeks.

"Hurry up" shouted Ivar "Night is coming"

The bushes moved.

"Finally. What took you so long? Petyr?"

Suddenly the shadow fell at him. He had no time to react when the powerful attack broke his jaw."What the hell" he thought before the creature smashed his brain with iron pipe.

Gen. Mathyr was walking through the halls of Canterlot Castle. Every time he was there he was felling lost and weak. Comparing to Drakhia's Parlament, royal castle wasn't that big but sculptures and gold ornaments was weighing him down. When he entered the meeting room he paled.

"Hello Mathyr" said Celestia with no smile on her face.

"My Queen. What are you doing here? I was expecting one of your..."

"I think you know the reason." princess put some photos on the table.

"What is it?" asked Mathyr.

"This picture shows one of your man, or what's left. And this shows what has killed him. Are you still sure you've got things under control?"

Mathyr looked at the photos. One of them shows ripped corpse of dragon. The second shows horrible creature. It was pony in equestrian army uniform but there was something wrong. The eyes were more like animal's eyes, cruel and thoughtless.

"Is that all?" said Mathyr after minute of silence "I don't believe it's the reason of our meeting. Since the explosion I have lost 2500 men and suddenly you're so nervous after seeing one rotten corpse.Why you came down from your throne.Why 2 years after the disaster you decided to move your royal ass?"

"More respect you wrethched dragon!"shouted Celestia.

"No.I'm not going to tolerate your encrouching on our sovergnty. Do you really think I don't know about that you had lost two choppers in the zone?"

Celestia frozed in terror."How do you know about it?"

"Nothing in the zone is unnoticed."

"What do you know about them?"asked princess.

"We were monitoring them for 30 minutes, then we lost the signal." said Manthyr.

"It was you and your man! You shot them down!"

"Why would I want to do that?" replied dragon.

Celestia seemed to be bewildered."What are you going to do now?" she finally asked.

"Your soldiers, your problems." said dragon " I'm just protecting my country and I'm not going to help you with it."

"But you know the area and we've got informations about power plant. If we would work together..."

"My answer is NO."said Mathyr"Dragons from this part of country still don't trust, ponies, becase of Southern War. I can't do nothing for you."after saying it he stood up and went out the room leaving Celestia with her problems.

Later, that day Celestia made her decision. It was risky but she had no choice. Sending ten ponies to Drakhia was stupid but one dragon...