by BlackRoseRaven

Act II: The Bitter Sparrow

Act II: The Bitter Sparrow

As we grow older, we grow wiser, we're supposed to grow up...
To journey outwards and into our futures.
As we grow older, we grow mature, we're supposed to be stronger...
And we're supposed to do better than our parents ever did...

But the world can be cruel, the world can be tough, it can break a pup;
Hurt them on the inside and rip open old sutures.
But the world can be cruel, and it likes to make the long days longer,
It can crush the spirit of any poor young naïve kid.

The blessed are those who'll never be stupid nor all that unique,
Those who don't know what it means to taste real pressure.
The blessed are those who get to follow instead of lead another,
'Cause the world loves to toy with kings and break 'em.

Poor little boy, you tried so hard, and now the world is so bleak,
And again and again you get salt in the wound from that lecture:
Poor little boy, all you really want is to save your mother,
But more and more the chances are seemin' slim.

Try and keep your head up, don't let the world turn you,
Don't let the pain go affectin' the way you think,
Try and keep your head up, remember your parents' lesson,
They matter more than ever in the times they're hardest to remember...

All the psychopomps are singing, in pairs two-by-two,
And all the demons are out and looking for a drink,
All the psychopomps are singing, of love and depression,
And I know all you got to keep warm is love's last ember...

The world can bend you, and can break you, but you can fight back,
You can handle the aggression, you can parry it's attack,
Don't let yourself become another bitter singin' little bird,
Drawin' on the souls of the dead, crying your every word,
Only interested in the bitter end, and makin' even demons cry,
Tellin' them all your made-up stories, every breath followed by a lie,
Fly away little sparrow, remember what your real job should be...
Honoring who you are at heart, not bein' what others want to see.