Assumptions (can be pretty dumb)

by Quantum_Shift


So, this is something of a foreword, as I really want to make sure I’m clear about these upcoming stories.

They will be silly. Often, overly so, and I sincerely want constructive criticism, not just a bunch of “It’s great!” or “Wow, that sucks!” being posted.

Also, this is an anthology, meaning that it will contain many stories, and will update as I come up with more to add to it.
Feel free to send me prompts for current world-affecting assumptions made by the fans that could easily be totally wrong, simply from our lack of actually seeing most of the world.

If it goes directly against canon, such as trying one in which the ponies are all carnivorous, it won’t happen. But if it only bends canon, such as, say, 40-foot tall ponies and a world made for them, well, that’s another story (our first, in fact) entirely.

Also, some of these will have theme music to play, and I already have a fic scheduled to use the Benny Hill theme, so no suggesting it! Otherwise, if you have a theme song that you find works well with a given chapter or story, feel free to suggest it, I love finding new music!

Anyways, happy reading, and I hope you enjoy these fics!

Upcoming Story:

‘Little’ ? My foot ‘Little’...