Don't Step on a Rune.

by Warpony

Mystic Law: Phoenix Force

Mortem Rex's hands trembled, his head was lowered and his blood boiled. "You, a Mystic?" He addressed Bonsia. "You are nothing more than a little, piss-shit woman from a back water land!" Mortem Rex threw his head up and glared at Bonsia. His eyes were filled with rage. The very ground around him turned to ash and he flew up into the air. "Damn the Masters orders!" The Shard snapped his fingers to summon another minion. From within the portal, out came a Corrupt much larger than even a Super-Shadow.

This creature floated down from the sky with stone legs the size of small homes. It's midsection was a block of stone, whole and with no cracks. The arms were bulky metal, with claws that would cut through all other metal. As it touched the ground, it's head was finally shown as a ball of black fire with twisted and whipped through the air. Carved into the stone chest was an insignia. A flame with thunder crashing down upon it.

The Shard above threw his hands above his head. He focused all his magic into a single point in his palm. They started to glow a dark and tainted red. "Now as my pet kills you, I will like this world!" Mortem Rex shouted down below. "Damn the Well! The Cycle! And even the Gods!" The ball of magic started to grow.

Victor gave a Mortem Rex a smirk before commenting on his statement. "Damn even the Gods? Well we only have demi and celestial Gods."

Mythic gave Victor a side stare. "You truly do have a way with words my friend."

"Oi, shut it and kick his ass." Victor commanded. "I'll get Luna and Celestia awake." The bruise covered Demigod looked to Mythic with an express of plea. His very eyes carried a message of worry to the Mystic. "It just started. Don't let the tail end here, Mythic."

Mythic stood up from his dirt seat. He smirked and chuckled in spite of the situation. Mythic ripped off the sleeves of his robe. He picked up his Eclipse blade and unfolded his wings. "Alright, time to get mythical."

Jika walked in front of Mythic. She stared at him with impatient annoyance. "Not so fast, Rune. You're not fighting this without us."

"That is right!" Bonsia shouted as she ran up to Mythic. "I got powerful magic now too. Hell, I wiped those Corrupt out in seconds."

Mythic smiled at the two. "Alright." He replied. He turned to the other six girls and gave them a wide smile in encouragement. "Girls. I think it is time to show 'em the power of Harmony."

In unison, the six girls shouted in a cheer. With approval, Mythic made his way to his friends. They surrounded him in a circle and started to activated the Elements around him. Mortem Rex's minion launched an attack at the Elements. It started towards them as its arms detached from the body. They flew toward the light that not engulfed Mythic, Twilight and the others. As it neared, Jika leaped into the air with her sword. She swung downward, cutting on of the two in half. Bonsia conjured a seal and fired a strong beam of magic at the second. The magic attack incinerated the metal arm into dust.

"Time to die!" Mortem Rex shouted from the sky. His magic ball had grown to colossus size. "Hell Impact!" Mortem Rex threw the magic down to the ground. It slowly descended with massive pressure. "Die under the pressure of a dwarf sun and return to the dust of eternity!"

Jika forced her magic into a blue fireball and shot it up towards the energy ball. It was snuffed by the more consecrated energy. Jika was left shocked, while Bonsia fired a high powered magic beam at the ball. In vain, the attack had no effect. Neither could fly or had Mortem Rex in their sight. "What the hell is that?" Jika shouted.

"It is your end!" Mortem Rex roared. "I told you all! I am the Death King! You can't escape it!"

The bright light from the Harmonization started to dim. With it, Mythic responded to his advisories taunt. "True, but death will not fall on us this day! I will keep my friends alive and avenge those who fell this day!" The Six Element bearers floated down and plopped to the ground. In the center of the six, Mythic stood tall.

His had appearance shift slightly. His face now had what seemed to be Celtic designs on his jawline. His arms displayed a total of ten tribal bands around them. His wings grew smaller and took up less space. His Eclipse blade was not with it's master though. It didn't worry Mythic much though. What did worry him was the fact that the Equestrians had turned back into ponies. "Girls, are you okay?" Mythic asked in haste.

Twilight nodded her head. "We're okay. Please don't worry about us. You have a fight to finish, please hurry."

Rainbow Dash lifter her head up and smiled at Mythic. "Give 'em a good pounding."

Mythic smiled at his friends. "Right." He closed his eyes for a moment before facing the massive magic ball heading for the ground. His expression turned serious as he ran towards Mortem Rex's Hell Impact. Mythic planted his feet into the ground and channeled his magic into a red and bronze beam. The Mystic then fired his magic. "Solar Claw!" He roared the name of his attack and watched as it made contact with the magic ball. As strong as it was, it was still not enough to destroy it. Mythic stood fast though and pumped more magic into his attack.

Jika ran to Mythic and shouted his name. "Rune!"

"Are you forgetting my minion?" Mortem Rex asked in a cocky tone. "Go, Brimstone!" The massive Corrupt was awakened from it's stand-by state and attacked Jika and Bonsia. Balls of fire and stones rained down, but the two dodged and counter-attacked well.

Jika thrusted her blade into the creatures midsection. The force caused the whole stone to crack, allowing Bonsia to finish the monster off with a strong magic bolt. As Brimstone fell, the flaming head died out. Bonsia quickly turned from the Corrupt and ran to Mythic. The Mystic was barely holding the magic ball at bay with his own attack. "Mythic!" Bonsia shouted at the top of her lungs. As she drew closer, a black pegasus.

Talos came from the shadows and held out his sword. "You Mystics are like weeds!" A silver blade was thrown from an unknown location. The flew through the air at an angle in which no air resistance left any effect. It passed Talos like an arrow accompanied by the sound of one. "Who the hell?" Talos looked in the general direction of the swords origin.

On top of a building, Luna stood with here wings open and a rather angry expression. "We have a score to settle, Talos!"

The elite Corrupts eyes widened in terror. "Ah shit." Luna soared off her roof top and flew fast towards Talos, who she picked up. Luna then threw him hard to the ground, causing a crater to form. Luna few down to find Talos knocked out. With a sigh, she ran to the ponies. She knelt down and saw they were alright. "Thank goodness."

"Indeed." Victor said as he walked close behind Luna. He turned his head towards Mythic. "It seems he is lasting longer than last time."

Luna nodded in agreement. "It does, but it isn't over yet."

Mythic started to sweat perfusely as he could feel his strength weakening. He dropped his head and one knee to save as much strength as he could. He felt his arms growing weaker and tighter as he prolonged the delay of the magical impact. Yet he could feel something deep inside him awaken. It was not power or renewed strength, but a moment of serenity. His mind was clear of his burden, causing him to notice something.

A cloud of dust was kicked up on both of Mythic's sides. Bonsia and Jika both stood next to Mythic, taking the same stance he had taken. Jika took her sword and pierced the ground, leaving one hand on the hilt. "Balthazar, give us strength!" The Rune Solider was then covered in brilliantine flames that coursed through her body. Jika placed a hand on Mythic's shoulder. Bonsia consecrated and was able to place a Rune seal around the three. Renewed magic started to course through Mythic. He felt both his friends magic flow through him and renew him. "Now Mythic." Jika in a rising voice. "Finish him!"

{Play here}

Mythic's eyes began to burned with stronger determination than before and he shouted with pride. "Right!" The Mystic lifted himself up off the ground and stood tall once more. He began to address his enemy floating in the sky. "Mortem! It is time for me to end this fight!"

Mortem Rex started to laughed hysterically at Mythic. "All that is going to end here is your life and the life of those around you!"

"No!" Mythic roar in defiance. "These friends of mine give me strength, they give me love and they give me even more reason to stop you! You say you are the Death King, but all I sense from you is a man with too much pride and darkness in his heart. A man who was never chose a path to follow or a true desire. But on this day, I swear I shall free you from darkness!" Mythic started to growl, which slowly turned into a mighty yell.

Soon and without fail, Mythic's magic over took Mortem Rex's own and destroyed his Hell Impact. Mythic canceled the flow of magic and spread his wings. "Mortem!" Mythic's voice echoed throughout the city. The dark clouds slowly started to open as Mythic gazed at the trembling man above. "This power and body I have is not just my own, it is that of my friends! It is more than Harmony or Unity! More then power or struggle! This power renews my soul, gives me the passion and hopes of my friends and loved ones. This is why I dub this, Phoenix Soul!"

"Ph-Phoenix Soul?" Mortem Rex stuttered. He turned away and tried to fly off before Mythic could do anything else.

"Your not going anywhere!" Mythic shouted. The Mystic launched into the air and chased after Mortem Rex quickly. His speed rivaled that of Rainbow Dashes. He soon came within yards of the Shard. "I'll end this with one swing!"

"Stay away!" Mortem Rex shouted behind him. He flew up into the air and spun. He used his magic to drop magic bombs on Mythic. The bombs ruptured into bright clouds of fire.

Luna and the others watched in anticipation. "Mythic!" The Princess shouted in a moment of weakness and worry. To his joy, Mythic shot out from the explosion and with no momentum lost. Mortem Rex once again fled, but now using his one hand to release fire as both a thruster and his source of flight.

"I'm going to end it here and now." Mythic said to himself. "Lets go, Eclipse!" Mythic stuck his hand out in front of him to summon his magical sword. Once his blade was within his grasp, he was shocked to see his weapon had taken on a new form itself. The once katana-like weapon was now a long, black sword. The hilt was white with two small wings, had been inverted for a mysterious reason. Attached to hilt was a small clear gem on a short tether.

Far below on the ground, Victor dropped a small tear. "I was right." He muttered to himself before letting a stream of tears run down his face. Luna caught glimpse of Victor and looked upon him with curiosity.

Mythic gazed over his new weapon, and then smiled. "Don't change on me too much." He looked back to Mortem Rex with narrowed brows. "Finishing move." Mythic took his new sword and flew quickly to Mortem Rex, who was had stopped. The Shard was still as Mythic closed in on him with bullet speed. The Mystic stuck his blade out in front and pierced Mortem Rex in his chest.

Mythic dug the blade in, hilt deep and looked Mortem Rex in his eyes. "Finisher." He said with sudden remorse. "Mystic Law: Phoenix Force." Behind Mythic, a large Rune seal emerged. It's lettering was black but it's circle glowed white. As the blood flowed from the wound, it was sucked into the seal. The gem which was on the short tether started to flash the colors of the rainbow before turning black. A magical surge was shot into the Shards body before an aura of pure blackness dripped out with the blood.

It was sucking into the seal quickly, causing Mortem Rex to yell in inhuman pain. The aura started to lose it's concentration, fading away into the seal. The gems dark glow began to fade along with the aura. Soon, the Rune seal closed behind Mythic. The Mystic huffed and puffed as his body started to feel the toll on his body from his fighting. Before starting his descent, he retracted his blade from Mortem Rex and took hold of him. Mythic's eye twitched as light from the sky above broke through the clouds. "Sorry. Mortem. But I have more at stake than you."

Mythic touched the ground and closed his wings. He laid Mortem Rex down before falling on top of him. In the distance, he could hear his friends calling out his name. The bright light shone down on them like angels, coming to greet him to paradise. As much as he wished to run up and meet them, he said on the ground. Before closing his eyes, Mythic took one last look at Mortem Rex and was astonished to find the mans pale skin had turned darker. Mythic laughed weakly. "Looks like you got some color in ya." Mythic closed his eyes and drifted into unconsciousness.

Mythic's body was lifted up by Jika, tired and worn. She looked down on him with a small smile. "We won, Mythic, we won." She whispered to him. Jika leaned into Mythic and gave his forehead a peek before placing her own with his. "Thank you."

Victor stepped next to the two with a sly smile. "What do we have here now?" The Demigod teased Jika, making her blush slightly. "Now now, no need to be upset. I'll stay hush."

"Bu-but I didn't do anything." Jika protested.

Victor grabbed hold of Mortem Rex and nodded. "I know you didn't do anything. You're only happy right now." The Demigod took the large man and threw him over his shoulder. "I'll meet you all once I am done with this man here." Victor turned away and stepped through a portal of his own creation. He stepped through and vanished from Albion until a later time.

Aries sat on top of small house, about a mile away from the rest of Mythic's friends. She heard foot steps, signaling the sleeping Princess had awakened. The Demigoddess jumped down from the roof and rushed to the door way. "Celestia, are you awake?"

The Princess stood weakly, both hands placed on a table for stability. "They took him." Celestia whispered as her head turned to Aries. Fear and rage consumed her eyes as she remembered. "The Shard took him. We must not let them-" Celestia fell to her knees. "Must not let them free him."

Aries ran to the Princesses side and picked her up. "Who are you taking about?" Celestia didn't respond, she had drifted into sleep once more. "Damn it Celestia, who have they taken?" Aires shouted.

Within the Shard stronghold, Azath, the Shard King and leader of the Council rested on his throne. He held a displeased expression under his white veil. Suddenly, a portal opened in front of him. From it, Dom stepped through with cut, bruises and blood covering his body. "So I take it you lost, Lord Domination."

Dom shrugged with a wide and toothy grin. "I'm just getting started, Azath. Did you complete your part?"

Azath nodded slowly. "Yes I did, It was hard to reason with her but I made it work." Azath stood from his throne when a second portal was conjured behind Dom. "Is that you Talos?"

From it, a battered and injured pegasus stepped through. "Yes, Lord Azath and Lord Domination." Talos bowed in respect and fear for the both of them.

Azath motioned the black equine towards himself. "Tell me Talos." He started. "Had you finished your part of the mission before going with Mortem Rex. Rest his soul."

Talos nodded before walking back into his black portal. Once he came out, he pushed an object out before him. It was large and made of stone. The statue was one of a creature made of many different animals and beasts. He stood frozen with his lion's paw and birds' talon held out. "The Princess was really defensive about this one, but I got him."

Azath smiled madly. "Perfect, now we are on step farther in our plans." Azath took a slow stroll to a door at the far end of the throne room. He opened it and bowed. "Please come in, Queen."

The buzzing of wings was heard a black equine-like creature steed through. It was tall and had the form of an Alicorn, but twisted and was like an insect. Holes decorated the legs, horn and wings. "Thank you, Lord Azath." She said with a sly smile.

Azath closed the door behind her. "No, thank you. Queen Chrysalis, Queen of the Changlings." Chrysalis chuckled politely at her introduction. "So how is the swarm?"

"The swarm is good. Working hard in the hive and all that." Chrysalis replied with a high tone. She looked around and spotted the statue. "Ah, I see Discord is still in stone."

Azath placed his hand on Discord and looked over the spirit. "Yes he is, but not for much longer." Azath stepped away from Discord and placed a hand on the ground. "Soon, he shall be risen. And be mine to control." Suddenly, a Rune seal was summoned underneath the statue. The yellow and white markings turned and rotated around the petrified spirit. A black aura crept from the seal and consumed Discord. "While we resurrect this chaotic spirit, we must grow our power." Azath lifted his veil and smiled widely. "Time to go Relic hunting."