by Deathsia

A dark secret


Ericka flew along side of Rainbow Dash now doing her best to follow the instructions from the cyan blue Pegasus. True as it was that she could fly now, she was no where near as skilled in it as Rainbow Dash was and nearly fell out of the sky twice.

“Now you getting the hang of it! Now bank to your left!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed and did so herself.

“Okay!” Ericka replied as she did the same except she somehow managed to roll to her side and began to roll mid-air uncontrollably until the cyan blue Pegasus halted her mid spin. “You tilted yourself too far to the left, but not bad for your third try, at least I didn't need to catch you this time.” The cyan blue Pegasus remarked with a smile.

“Yeah, I figured once I was able to get off the ground, everything else would come naturally and it would be easy.” Ericka replied as she shook off the dizziness from spinning so much.

“Just because you can flap your wings and get off the ground doesn't mean you can fly. It just means you know how to keep yourself airborne.” The cyan blue Pegasus replied sagely.

“Yeah, I figured that out the hard way.” Ericka replied sheepishly. “A lot of good all those years in the air force did me. Flying a jet is a lot easier then flying myself.” Ericka thought to herself and let out a sigh.

“Say, you wanna call it a day? I need to do some weather control.” Rainbow Dash asked to which Ericka nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, that sounds like a plan, I'll catch you later Dashie!” Ericka exclaimed and flew off the opposite direction of the cyan blue Pegasus towards Pinkie Pie's house.


“ -and I can get my hooves off the ground now, but learning the basics of flying is hard!” Ericka exclaimed in a frustrated tone as Pinkie Pie put a tray of cupcake batter into the oven, turned the dial up to the usual temp, set the timer, and turned to face her.

“You said you flew those things called jets right?” Pinkie Pie replied casually as she walked over to the counter in the kitchen now, picked up a cake mix with both hooves, poured some in, set it down, walked over to the fridge, and opened it up to grab the milk out with her mouth.

“Well, yeah. But I don't see how that's going to help me. In a jet, there are instruments, buttons, and a control stick to maintain flight and all that. As a Pegasus, I don't know how to make this blasted body do anything I could do in a jet. And I don't think unlearning everything is going to help me this time either.” Ericka replied flopped onto her rump and sighed.

Pinkie walked over to the counter, sat the milk down, and sat on her on rump with a thoughtful expression now. “hmm...” She said aloud as she tapped a hoof on her chin until her eyes lit up. “Say, do you have that everything in that jet thingy you flew memorized?” Pinkie Pie asked curiously.

“Well yeah, I mean you pretty much had to. If I had a console in front of me, I could tell what everything did and even now to do some mid-air tricks in it. But I don't see how knowing this can help me.” Ericka replied in a confused tone.

“Can you draw it from memory?” The pink mare asked curiously.

“Sure, if I had hands.” Ericka replied mellowly as she rose her front hooves up, shook them slightly, and placed them on the floor again.

“Most earth ponies use their mouths to draw stuff. If you were a unicorn it would be a whole lot easier since you could use magic to draw everything with a brush.” Pinkie Pie replied just before she popped the lid off the milk jug with her mouth, picked the jug up and began to pour it carefully into the mixing bowl.

“Using my mouth to draw? I guess I could give it a shot.” Ericka replied smiling now until she abruptly frowned.


Ericka no stood in her home and stared at her paintings with tears streaming from her eyes. Most of which were of her family, primarily of her little sister.

Without warning, the woman flew into a wild rage, punching holes in most of the works she had done, tearing them to shreds, and flung art supplies all around the room until she fell to the floor and sobbed loudly staring at the torn remains of one of her paintings of her sister and her. She had done it mere days before her death.

“You were my inspiration, my drive to continue when all seemed to be going wrong in my world, and now...” Ericka said trailing off as she picked up the shred of her painting that had her sister on it with her right hand, held it close to her heart and placed her left hand over her right.

And now, you're gone...

I'll never draw again...


 “Hey, what's with the water works Ericka? Something wrong?” Pinkie Pie asked in concerned tone taking note now of the silent tears that streaked from Ericka's eyes.

“Ever since the day my sister died, I promised myself I would never draw again.” Ericka replied in a saddened tone as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

“Well, if you don't want to draw, then don't silly!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed resuming her chipper tone as she went back to the counter and added the flour to it.

“What? But didn't ask if I could?” Ericka asked confused.

“Listen, I'm not the kind of pony who would ever ask anything of you that you didn't want to do, so if you don't wanna draw, then don't. No need to make yourself super sad and do something you don't wanna do.” The pink mare replied as she placed a single hoof on the counter, laid her head against the hoof and looked at her as she spoke.

“Thanks Pinkie. I know it sounds selfish of me, but I really don't think I could draw anything right now.” Ericka replied with a weak smile.

“Don't be a silly filly, your not being selfish.” Pinkie Pie replied before she turned around, picked up a spoon with her mouth, and began to stir the batter up.

“Well, thanks anyways. I'm going to go to Twilight's and read up some more on Equestrian history. I'll catch you later Pinkie.” Ericka replied, turned around, and left the kitchen and eventually surgarcube corner.


Ericka was on her way towards Twilight's house when a zebra furred equine stopped in front of her.
“A Blue furred mare. You are Cloudkicker, yes? I had hoped to find find you here.”

“Hey, your Zecora aren't you? Twilight told me about you last week. She said that you lived in the Everfree forest.” Ericka replied with a friendly smile.

“I come when supplies are due, but what you say is very true.” Zecora replied and began to walk past her. “but for now I ask you to come with me, there is something you absolutely must see.” Zecora said to which Ericka followed her..

“Like what?” Ericka asked curiously though the nervousness in her voice was clear as they walked past Fluttershy's house and towards the forest entrance. Had she discovered the base in the Everfree forest? She wasn't sure.

“With no pony around now I’ll be frank, I am well aware of the your base near the river bank. Do fear for your secret is safe with me, but as I said there are things that you must see.” Zecora replied as the two walked through the forest.

“What things do I have to see? And how do you know about me? Did Celestia tell you?” Ericka asked in a worried tone.

“No she did not, I simply watched from afar from my home's spot. As for the things that you must see, it is how you came to be.” Zecora replied as the two continued walking down the forest path until the zebra took an abrupt left turn through some bushes to which Ericka followed.

“How I came to be? You mean how the body I’m in was made?” Ericka asked curiously only for the zebra to stop abruptly just before what seemed to be a steep drop in the land.

“Look down there my little filly, and see for yourself the truth that is so chilly.” Zecora replied at which point Ericka stepped up beside the zebra.

Ericka gasped in horror at the sight that beheld her now unable to say anything as if her voice had left her...

No matter how much she tried, she couldn't look away from the pile of bodies that resembled her only their eyes seemed empty as if there was no life in them.

The dark blue Pegasus's mind was swirling at this point in a vortex of emotions; fear, horror, sickening, anger, rage, and pain.

“Now you see why I called you here, for seeing you here Cloudkicker, is my fear.” Zecora remarked aloud as her eyes remained closed.



“Wh-Why would you show me that? Wh-What does this mean?” Ericka asked in a very shaken tone as she sat down in Zecora's hut now shaking furiously.

“Because you are different from the others my little pony, unlike that the others you are not a phoney. You Cloudkicker truly believe you are a mare, and that is what makes me think you would care.” Zecora replied.

“What do you mean? You're rhyming makes no sense!” Ericka exclaimed in a frustrated tone at which point the Zebra sighed heavily.

“The two legged creatures you are with when you leave this body, What they did to create you was very shoddy.” Zecora replied at which point the Zebra's words seemed to suddenly make sense.

“Wait, so how they made this pony body I'm in now. Those...bodies were their failures?” Ericka asked in a shocked tone.

“Not only with how you were born, but there is something to you I feel I should warn. Ponies in this forest are disappearing, to some unknown foe. It is the two legged creatures I fear are responsible for this woe.” Zecora replied with yet another sigh.

“Wait, you think that my kind is responsible for making ponies disappear?” Ericka asked incredulously to which the zebra nodded. “We're here on a field study! What proof do you have of this?!” Ericka asked in an outraged tone.

“This is where my fear derives, This has been happening long before you arrived.” Zecora replied simply.

The dark blue Pegasus simply blinked at this response before resuming her pissed off expression. “Listen, you don't know me or my kind, so back the fuck off!” Ericka exclaimed, turned around, walked out of Zecora's hut and took off to the skies.

The Zebra walked onto her front lawn and stared off as Ericka flew off into the distance and sighed. “You are the bridge that fills the gap between our worlds young mare, search deep within yourself for the truth if you dare.” Zecora said shouted out hoping Ericka could hear her.

“I won't believe anything until I see it with my own eyes.” Ericka thought to herself in a pissed off tone. But there was one thing she couldn't deny. Those bodies in that ditch, they looked just like her. The images of that sight haunted her even now as if she was staring strait at them still. If she was to ask them anything when she went back to her human body, it's how her pony body was created...