Three Equestrians and an Engineer

by Greasebrony


3 years 4 months ago.




Machine gun fire rang out from outside of the house and riddled the front with bullet holes shredding through windows, wood, even cinder block with a terrified family within its walls. A furious father huddles his pregnant wife and two daughters in a well protected area of the home.


“Its okay pumpkin daddy’s gonna be right back. I promise I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“Please come back Eduardo.”

“I swear to god Annie I’ll come back.”

He left the room and closed the door behind him making his way toward the kitchen where he kept his Sega 12 shotgun dodging bullets and debris every step of the way. When he finally made it he had already been grazed a couple of times by gunfire. He grabbed the Sega under the sink and loaded an 8 round mag when he heard a heavily accented voice come from his front yard.


‘They came to my home shot at my wife put my kids in harms way no these fuckers die tonight!’

Making his way to the living room he saw the glass case where he had his two Kimber 1911s with 10 round clips along each side. Gunfire began ringing out again. He could tell its was relatively heavy arms. He crawled to the glass case found it had already been broken with the machine gunfire that laid waste to everything else in the house. With one hand he grabbed the pistols and the extra ammo clips that laid there and loaded them.

“Oye vamos a checkiar si el singao esta muerto ja.”

He heard them coming into the house. ‘Big mistake assholes.’ He slung his Sega over his back and peeked through the side of the sofa opposite to where they were entering. He counted 5 men. AKs and RPDs. He gently laid the sega on the floor and took the Kimbers in each hand, on his left a black one in his right a stainless one. He heard two of them stepping towards him cautiously. ‘Now or never.’

He jumped out of the side aiming both pistols at the men and firing two rounds from each pistol every one hitting their mark, square in the chest. The others taking notice of this turning and began shooting at him. He ran towards one of the broken windows a round going clean through his thigh he jumps through in agony feeling his warm blood leak out of him. He feels the pain as he takes cover behind the brink wall that he was behind. He heard the men running towards him he aimed one 1911 at the front door and the other at the window he just jumped though. He looked down the sights of his right handed 1911 and see the tip of a head, good enough for him. One round burst through his head leaving a puffy cloud of blood and smoke in its wake the man falling instantly as Eduardo begins to move again avoiding gunfire from the RPD shredding through the cinder blocks he was using as cover not a moment before. ‘3 men dead, 2 left still.’ He circled around the house looking to flank their position. When he got to the backyard he looked though one of the windows and saw the men getting close to the door where his family was. He got up on his feet and aimed the pistols at them.


He unloaded every round the pistols had in them killing both men. He he reloaded the empty pistols as he walked towards them to confirm they were dead. He looked over their bodies. The RPD took a .45 slug to it. The AK was covered in blood. Eduardo picked up the AK and yanked the bolt back ejecting a bullet. As he took a closer look it was 7.62 full metal jacket. These men were'nt pushovers these guys were here to kill. He proceeded back to the living area to find one of the men was still alive. Eduardo turned him over and pointed the AK in his face.




He dropped the AK and grabbed his Sega backed up and put a round in each elbow and knee cap making his captive scream in agony.


“You really want to know Maribel? Eh? Do you even know who you’re fucking with? THE CORTEZ CARTEL OWNS MIAMI PUTO! NO WAY YOU CAN STOP HIM!”

Eduardo placed the muzzle of the Sega on his throat.

“Dile a Dios que yo voy a mandar mas sacreficas a el.”

Eduardo pulled the trigger four times letting the clip run dry decapitating the man before him and covering his lower body in blood. He heard police and ambulance sirens coming from the distance. He then dropped the Sega and ran to his the room where his family was.



His girls and wife ran to him holding him tightly afraid to let go. Every one got on their knees and huddled the girls not minding the blood or gun smoke. They were just glad to see Eduardo alive.

“I told you daddy was coming back.”

Eduardo woke with a start instantly grabbing his 625-9 and aiming down the sights looking for any intruders again. Only to find a dark warehouse and the gentle sounds of sleeping women coming from upstairs. He looked at the dash, 3:40 A.M. ‘Old habits die hard I guess.’ He got out of the truck quietly enough not to wake anyone and walked to the Shelby to put the revolver back in the glove box.

He thought about how these women who occupied his bedrooms looked as he took his time walking. He noted that all were similar to Twilight and Fluttershy’s physical forms but could clearly tell that Applejack was slightly more muscular and Rainbow Dash was extremely athletic both curvy. Pinkie Pie was pretty curvy in the right spots a tad bit more though than the athletes and Rarity could be a model with looks that could kill. He then got around to the princesses. Both seemed a good 2 inches taller than the rest which was the only major difference he could spot. Other than that they all had their same physical features when they were ponies as far as their hair and eyes were concerned. ‘Applejack does look pretty cute with freckles I have to admit.’

When he got within reach of the door handle he quickly drew his revolver thumbed the hammer and turned around only to find a beautiful dark blue haired woman with gentle light green eyes and soft light skin and her midnight blue wings clearly visible through her pajamas looking right at him with concern in her eyes. It took Eduardo a moment to realize that Luna staring down the barrel of his gun. He quickly withdrew and de-cocked the hammer as quickly as he drew it taking it out of sight.

“You shouldn’t sneak up on a guy like that.”

“My apologies. I noticed you were having nightmares.”

“You don’t say?”

“Being the princess of the night allows me to see into the dreams of my subjects and also their subconscious.”

“What did you see?”

“Your home was being invaded by ruthless men. I felt the pain you felt when you were shot.”

“That was only the start of my problems.”

“What you seek will not ease your suffering.”

“Maybe not, but at least I’ll go to sleep knowing it will never happen again.”

He took the tarp off the car and opened the passenger door soon opening the glove box placing the revolver inside and reversing the order before turning to Luna.

“Is there something you need Princess?”

“I should be asking you the same thing.”

“I need a drink. Care to join me?” He asked sarcastically.

“Alcohol’s influence will only numb the pain Eduardo I understand the pain you are in.”

“Yes Luna, I know about the hostile takeover with the nightmare, and even more so with your millennium of banishment. It was fueled by your rage a jealousy towards your sister. You kinda set the bar for most bad days in a life time.” He said looking back at her.

“And I will not deny any of it. Yes what my sister did was horrible and I would never wish it on anypony but it she had a duty to her people as did I. I let my anger consume me and turn me into a monster.”

“The difference is that was of your own doing Luna. Even though you didn’t mean for it to happen, it still did. Theres a saying that goes no matter what good you try to do its always the ones you love who suffer more than anyone. Something along those lines anyway.”

“There is also a similar saying to that from what I have been able to gather in my short time here and based on what Twilight has informed us.”

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

“Indeed, that’s the one.”

He continued on his path making his way to the liquor cabinet and taking out a bottle of bourbon. Before he downed it Luna spoke.

“Please don’t…” Eduardo stopped and listened to what Luna had to say. “Please…” There was a notable hint of sadness in her voice. “Its not just me who worries about you Eddy…its all of us. Even though you have never been in a war before you have faced the similar horror of such battles. You saw the people you love die in front of you and you blame yourself every day and night. And the only way you can forgot is if you drink yourself into a stupor.”

“I’m guessing Twilight didn’t leave out any details that she has witnessed and been told of?”


“What are you getting at?”

“Don’t go down that path I choose long ago.”

“You know I can’t do that. I’ve already done too much, too many men have already died by my hands, granted they were bad men but men nonetheless. Its too late for me.”

“Its never too late.”

“Many would expect that to mean a lot coming from you.”

“And to many it does.”

“And you expect me to heed your advise? To forgive and let go? To not tarnish myself any longer and let go of this rage I feel within me? No Princess, I don’t think its that simple.”

“You will only be causing the same pain and suffering you are suffering from.”

“Score 1 for Captain Obvious. Don’t you think I thought about what I was getting into when I did what I did and still continue to try and do? There is no peace for a man like me.”

“You don’t know that Eduardo.”

“And you do? Tell me princess have you ever killed anyone with your bare hands or should I say bare hoofs? Have you ever used that magic of yours for anything else other than to fill your civic duties or how about your sister for that matter?”
Luna recoiled, she hadn’t expected for Eduardo to take it that far. She knew the answer and she knew it was justified each time. When her and her sister came into rule there were those who would want to bring harm to them so they had to defend themselves in any way possible. Even banishment wasn’t an option for some. Eduardo saw it in her eyes, yes she had killed before, no doubt her sister has too. But never for personal reasons it was all political. She knew however it wasn’t the same. Killing in the name of justice is not the same as killing in vengeance.

“Yeah, you have. That pause told me everything I needed to know. But our reasons are different you’re a leader, you do what you must. However I was a father, a husband, a man who had everything he ever wanted right in front of him and then seeing all turn to ash. My purpose now is to destroy the man who did this to me or die trying.”

“So you are willing to die to make this man pay? Say you do succeed and you live. What then?” Tears were forming in Luna’s eyes.

“Well, I end it all right then. No doubt after hes dead I have nothing left. So I’ll go off the grid. Disappear. Hide in some hole somewhere and wait for my time to come.”

“And what of your cousins? What of Alison?”

“My cousins will be fine without me same for Alison. I leave my fortune, my property, my cars, everything to them to do as they wish. They can burn it all for all I care.”

Luna looked at him with a look of shock mixed with complete and utter disbelief. ‘Is this how Celestia felt after banishing me?’ She tried to speak but she couldn’t form any words. She knew nothing she could say would get through to him. She had just one last question before she would save this for another time.

“How would your family feel about you doing this?”

He turned to face Luna already tears streaming down her face desperate to help him. “My wife and my children would want me to stop. They would want me to lay my arms and go on living. To go and find happiness and move on from what happened. Live and let live as they say.”

“So why won’t you?”

“Because I’m already dead. I died three years ago when I watched my family burn to death. Even when I gave it my all and killed man after man to save them it was all for nothing when they decided to show up all at once and light us all on fire. That GT500 we were in a few hours ago, I was driving that car that very night.” He began recalling the events of that fateful night. “We were living here after my house got shot to shit the bedrooms were mine, my wife’s and my daughters. I don’t think I need to tell who slept where. Anyway we were in 24 hour protection. Curiously of the Miami PD. Everything was quiet for about a week then we got a call saying we had to move out. I insisted on taking the GT500 because I just finished the engine on it and decided that if anything happened it would be a quick escape. The cops reluctantly agreed and led the way in one of their SUVs with my family inside loaded with swat members that were armed to the teeth. The moment we hit the highway was when everything went straight to hell.”

The motorcade was being led by an FHP Camaro followed by a Code 3 Chevy Tahoe with Eduardo closely behind in his GT500 with a FHP Crown Victoria covering the rear all loaded with swat members, Jericho Volunteered to ride alongside Eduardo armed with a modified M4 carbine loaded with .50 caliber pistol rounds otherwise known as ‘Beowulf’. Eduardo himself was armed with his 1911 pistols and an M4 strapped to his chest loaded with incendiary rounds. A few minutes into the trip the lead car exploded violently launching into the air and landing on its roof. Followed by the Crown Vic both rockets coming from the same direction. Jericho sees the source of the rockets and hangs out of the window firing round after round until they were out of range.

Soon enough they were followed by 2 Ford SUVs easily catching up to them and ramming the Tahoe off the road. Eduardo slammed on the brakes with the SUV missing and moving ahead. Jericho was soon out of the window again and shot the driver in the head causing the SUV to turn and drive straight into a canal parallel to the expressway. Eduardo pulled on the handbrake turning the car around with Jericho still hanging out of the window both watching 5 gunmen shooting it out with the three swat members. As they approached Jericho killed 3 men decapitating one and leaving the other two having holes in their chests. The two remaining gunmen ran and took cover as the GT500 Stopped with Eduardo and Jericho getting out of the car and raining fire on the gunmen killing both. They ran to the crashed Tahoe helping Eduardo’s wife and kids out of the truck and making their way towards the Ford.

A black van then showed up from the opposite end of the highway with automatic weapons drawn shooting at the men killing the swat members but leaving Eduardo with 2 bullets in his torso and another his shoulder and Jericho with one in the leg and another in his torso both bleeding out. 5 men then proceeded out dragging Eduardo’s wife and kids by the hair into the Tahoe and chained them up next to the gas tank. Eduardo drew out one of his 1911s and shot 2 of the men then turning around and shooting a 3rd between the eyes. Jericho killed the other two with his M4. Eduardo was the first to get up to help get Jericho on his feet and they made their way towards the woman and children.

“Annie! Kids! Don’t worry Daddy and Uncle are gonna get you out of here okay?”

“Daddy you’re hurt!”

“Daddy’s fine sweetheart don’t worry Daddy’s gonna get all of you out of here. Just turn away and cover your ears okay? This is going to be loud.”

Eduardo aimed his 1911 at the lock shooting it three times from there removing it and getting the girls out of the chains.

“Eduardo, Jericho you’re bleeding!”

“Don’t worry about us Annie, we’ll be fine.” Said Jericho

She was right though, Eduardo and Jericho were bleeding heavily and soon enough Jericho collapsed going out cold. It was then several SUVs arrived with men jumping out all guns pointed at Eduardo and his family. A well dressed man comes into Eduardo’s view. He was a tall individual with a heavy Spanish accent well dressed with an expensive looking hair cut and his skin was that of a natural tan. He spoke.

“Ah, yes the man responsible for the collapse of my empire here in Miami. Forgive my manners my name is Emilio Hernando Cortez.” Eduardo was puzzled.

“What the hell are you talking about? I’M A FUCKING ENGINEER FOR CHRIST SAKE!”

“EXACTLY MY POINT! You built the boats that stopped my cash flow and my guns being brought into the states and you wasted 5 of my best men with fucking pistols hell you’re the one responsible for my demise. You are a very dangerous man, I can’t have that.”



He signaled his men to move in on them separating him from his family his wife and daughters crying out to him. He watched as a few of the men poured gasoline on them and Cortez turns on a wooden match.

“You are going to watch each other burn.”

The men proceeded to pouring the remaining gas on his back easily soaking through his shirt. Cortez dropped the match at his wife’s feet soon being consumed by the inferno his daughters suffering the same fate moments sooner. Eduardo can only watch in horror as his family was burned to death hearing their screams and cries of agony and pain. He didn’t notice that he was set on fire as well soon whaling screams of his own still watching as his family’s lives turned to raw meat and ashes. He soon succumbed to the pain and passed out.

“You want to know how I earned the title of 1911 Eddy? It was from killing the guys that invaded my home with my 1911s. Since that night, I've been known in the street and among Miami's finest though that name. When I came to I found myself in a hospital bed. Feeling around not only had I been burned and shot but I also had been stabbed in the back, the blade pierced my lung. And the prick ran a knife over my eye. Thankfully he didn’t touch the retina and I still have 20/20 vision. Needless to say when the cops came by they caught Cortez and his cronies put them all up for trial. The fucker walked after testifying against his men. Meanwhile I was in the hospital rejecting every pain killer they had just to distract me from thought of watching my family die before my eyes.”

Eduardo stood in front of his GT500 with the tarp removed. He looked over his shoulder and saw not only Luna tears streaming down her eyes but up stairs stood everyone else Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Celestia and Alison. All of them similar reactions tears streaming down their faces.

“How much of that did you guys hear?”

“Everything.” Spike responded.

“Morning to you too Spike.” He sighed and looked at the women in front of him.

“Guess theres not hiding it now, might as well show you.” Eduardo unzipped his hoodie and tossed it on the hood the mane 6 wide eyed at what they saw. His muscular body was covered with a large burn scar covering much of his upper torso with a several others layered on top from what could be seen as bullets and a couple of others from stabbings.

“All I did was call the cops saying that there was a suspicious looking truck roaming around town and the folks inside were tense. 2 weeks later I find out they are part of a weapon dealer’s cartel and they were running explosives and weapons. The Coast Guard asked me to build them engines so they can catch them on the water and stop them in their tracks. As soon as my name got out that I built the engines that powered those boats my house gets shot up, I nearly die, and my family gets murdered. ”

He put his hoodie back on and zipped it up. He looked at his watch. 5:58 A.M. “So I guess the secret is out. I killed men trying to protect my family only to lose them in a way I would never wish on anyone else. You want to know what I did after I got out of the hospital a couple of weeks after?” He covered the Shelby.

“I took Jericho and Joseph with me to California to this assholes estate. We scoped his place for 5 days and on the 6th we went in there and shot everything up. Joseph was the sniper, Jericho handled the explosives and I was the one leading it. After about 15 or so minutes of killing I was pinned down in the center of the mansion and my cousins had bugged out as I planned for them to, from there I blew the whole house to hell killing probably 50 plus men and in all probability, injuring more. I went through the wreckage looking for him to see if he was dead and there he was on the balcony, I saw him and before I knew it I had him in my hands. I was in bad shape after that explosion and digging myself through the rubble didn’t help. I was near the end of my rope but I found the prink. Problem was he had a .32 caliber peppergun on him and shot me in the foot. With my newfound pain he jumped from under me and ran. I wouldn’t let him go easliy though. While he was running I managed to put a single round through his elbow and I think I hot is arm off. Unfortunately that was the only bullet I had left and I blacked out after that. From what I heard, a couple of minutes later my cousins came back for me did a quick patch up and we got out of there. After running into a little cop trouble we were back in Miami in about 3 days. Now that asshole Cortez is off the grid and hes a dead man if he ever comes on. Until that day comes I will make myself stronger preparing for that, no matter how many men are protecting him, no matter how many guns he has, he will die.”

He looked towards Luna. “Did I answer your question princess?”

She only looked at him. She didn’t know what to think at the moment so she stayed silent.

Alison was the first to speak. “Those two weeks you were missing you were planning and went to California?”


“I saw the blueprints.”

“I know.”

“You never expected to live though it.”


She descended the stairs and made her way towards him. With her head looking towards the floor. “And your cousins?”

“I didn’t have to tell them to leave. They had their own families to live for. I knew sooner or later they would figure it out on their own.”

“And the weapons?”

“I figured it would be poetic if I used his own guns and explosives to kill him.”


“Remember that 250k I usually keep in cash every year?”

“So what now?”

He thought for a moment and walked to the stairs looking up at the women when he got there and looked back at Alison. “What I’m going to do is pack my bags and disappear for a few days. I don’t want anyone following me. Chances are now that all of you know the truth. Not a single one of you are going to want to be around me so I’ll save you the trouble. Ladies, you’re more than free to continue living here during your stay. Should you choose to leave I understand. Now, if you will all excuse me.”

He began to go up the stairs into his bedroom not making eye contact with anyone and proceeded to fill a single duffel bag with clothes and a sling over backpack with grooming and other necessities as well as a Vector Kriss with extra ammo and a suppressor he normally hid under the bed. He opened his drawer and found his two Kimber 1911s under picture of him and his family. After a moment of reminiscing he took the guns and the shoulder holster and holstered both then proceeded to make his way out of the room to find that the girls were still standing in the same spots he left them save for Alison who was already down stairs with sorrow and anger in her eyes waiting for him. He made his way down stairs and spoke.

“I’m sorry for not telling you Alison If its any consolation I knew you would figure it out and that I left everything to you as well as Joseph and Jericho’s wives should none of us make it back. At least I knew you all would be taken care of.”

He went down the stairs and made his way towards the STi. She quickly blocked his path and got into a fighting stance. “You’re not leaving here.”

Eduardo frowned. “Alison, please don’t…”

Tears were in her eyes and her tone was loud and deliberate. “I’M NOT LETTING YOU LEAVE, not again.”

She ran up to him jumping at him at full speed a jump following and firmly planting both feet on his chest knocking him backwards landing on his back.

He got on his elbows to see Alison blocking his path in a fighting stance once again. “Ugh, guess theres no talking my way out of this one…” He got on his feet and dropped his bags then placing his 1911s on the duffle bag and took on a fighting stance of his own. “…I’m ready when you are.”

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