by deletethisaccountplease

There's a First Time For Everything

Chapter 5
There's a First Time for Everything

"Ugh... My head..." Fluttershy whispered after doing her morning stretch. She rubbed her temples before silently walking downstairs, towards the fridge and peeked inside.

"Lets see... Apples, oranges, salad, half a daisy sandwhich... Oh? What's this?" Fluttershy asked to no one as she pulled out a package. She carefully tore open the package; trying not to damage the neatly written letters of her name plastered on the surface. When she had finally opened it, there was a note and a large amount of herbs and tea packages inside.

"Ow!" Fluttershy yelled softly, dropping the package on the floor as she writhed in pain. After having the whole incident, Angel bunny hopped over to her side and gave her a confused look.

"It's-It's nothing to worry about A-Angel, I think I may have g-gotten the f-flu-u." Fluttershy smiled at the concerned rabbit. He shook his head and pointed sternly towards the note that had fallen out of the package.

"Oh? What's this? Maybe it's an apology from the club for giving me f-food poisoning. No, no, I'm fine and they don't need to apologize..." Fluttershy stuttered as she placed herself in a comfortable position before picking up the letter.


I do hope that you are feeling better after last night. It really was quite scary after Big Macintosh left.

But never mind that, let's move onto a different subject. How were the herbs? The tea? If you haven't taken them yet I suggest you should. It looks like you will have quite the hangover tomorrow.

Now, please please please please please remember the Spa and dress fitting tomorrow at 2:00 sharp. You will look absolutly stunning! No one else wanted a dress, sadly. But... A certain someone is coming to pick up a certain tuxedo shipment for his new fashion line! That's right! Fancy Pants! Oh dear, I haven't seen him in months...

Well, Ahem, we will carry out this lady like conversation at the spa.

Hope you are feeling well,


'What happened after Big Mac left? What did I do at the club? What time is it?' questions raced through the mare's mind as she glanced at the clock.

"Oh... No." Fluttershy squeaked in panic at her clock. 1:50. Ten minutes to get ready and get to the spa. She hurriedly washed her face and combed her tangled, wild mane. She could wash in the spa's showers. She put herbs and tea into a cup and sipped in a rushed manner.

"Bleh..." She whispered as she finished the rest of the vile drink. She grabbed a large apple and bit into it.

"Okay Angel, I need you to help the animals get the food. I set up the stations on the counter, so they could find what food they want." Fluttershy murmered through a mouthful off apple. Angle saluted and pushed Fluttershy outside the door.

"Um... Angel, maybe it's to late.. Maybe I should just stay home... My headache is starting to go away but still..." Fluttershy mumbled as she stepped back inside, only to have Angel push her back outside and give her a pocket watch. Her slammed the door and she could hear locks click.

"Uh... Okay... Bye..." Fluttershy spoke softly to the rabbit behind the doors. She took the golden watch in her hooves.

"1:58... Oh, better hurry, I don't want to let Rarity down..." Fluttershy sighed as she galloped and hovered through the streets of Ponyville. 'Thank goodness that the spa is close to the East side, extremely close to my house... other than the Apple farm, at least a good ten minute walk... Oh, Fluttershy, why'd you have to think about the Apple farm? Why do you have to think about... Him...' Fluttershy thought shakily.

"I'm here, Rarity..." Fluttershy said quietly as the spa door swung open. Rarity was reading a magazine called "Equestrian Inquirer" with the headline "Fleur and Fancy Pants... Steady or Someone Else?". She had an angry look on her face until she looked up to see her friend.

"Oh, hello dear, I-I didn't see you there. Well, better get started on our spa treatment, the party is in three hours." Rarity stumbled before rushingly pushing Fluttershy into the spa.

"Oh- Eep!" squeaked Fluttershy as Rarity pushed a bathrobe on Fluttershy and a towel over her head.

"Inside, inside, inside!" Rarity whispered harshly, shoving her friend into the large, steam-filled room.

"Phew. My goodness dear, if Aloe or Lotus caught us gossiping, it would be all over the headlines!" Rarity gasped as Fluttershy looked at her, confused.

"Umm... Why? If you don't mind me asking?" Fluttershy muttered, barely audible.

"Well, my dear, Aloe and Lotus are the biggest gossips in town. Other than Daisy, Rose, Lily and Bon Bon. I swear, that rumor they started about me a month ago isn't true! I know it's been dead for weeks but-" Rarity started to ramble before being interrupted.

"Umm... Rarity... I was kinda sorta hoping that we could talk about what happened last night... If that's okay with you..." Fluttershy sighed as she fidgeted quietly on the damp surface in the muggy room.

"Oh... You don't remember?" Rarity asked. Fluttershy nodded her head and started to listen intently to the scene replayed by Rarity.

"And then, When he left, you said 'Goodbye Honey-Apple' and then Applejack said that he had a marefriend. You broke down into tears, Applejack scolded you, she got in a fight with the waiter because he was hitting on her; she and Rainbow left and I decided to take you home before things got a little more out of hand." Rarity informed the frail mare, who was hidden under her hooves, shaking.

"Oh-oh my..." Fluttershy was at a lost for words. 'Did I really- Oh no no no! I have to fix this! At the party, I'll apologize to everyone and go home and hide in the wine cellar for the rest of my life!' She thought.

"Any ways, we have to get out of here before the scent of steamed wood is the only thing I can smell for the next week." Rarity complained as she hoisted herself up and opened the door for her friend.

"Rarity? I-if you don't mind me asking... Why were you so mad at that magazine? Did someone put something about your dresses in there?" Fluttershy squeaked.

"No, not that... It was about Fancy Pants and his model, Fleur. It said that they may or may not be... Dating..." Rarity gritted her teeth together.

"Oh! Isn't that nice because Fancy Pants is your... Um... Friend... Oh. I-I see." Fluttershy said softly, Rarity's expression changing from jealousy to anger to hurt.

"I'll have to ask him when he comes to get the tuxedo shipments in... an hour. He said he might come to the party but he doesn't have a proper date. Do you think he might be implying something?" Rarity smiled and sighed.

Fluttershy had known for quite some time that Rarity had an infatuation with her fellow colleague in the fashion industry. The small sighs, the way she got excited whenever she mentioned him. It was sort of the way she acted whenever Macintosh was mentioned. She would quiver, shake, blush and lower her tone slightly. Rarity said that she even had a lovesick look in her eyes.

Fluttershy could always count on her friends to never spill any secret. Rarity and Pinkie Pie; her two closest friends in the group, would never tell anyone. Maybe Pinkie would under pressure... But she could trust them. They had a bond like no other.

"So, darling, are you planning on... Hmm... How do I put this... Setting the mood? Telling him how you feel?" Rarity asked politely, even though you could see her eyes prying and digging for an answer.

"I-I don't think I can... I m-mean... He- he has a marefriend, right?" Fluttershy
sulked as she gave Rarity the 'I'm so sad' eyes.

"Ahem, well, um- yes, yes he does. But that doesn't stop him from making eyes at you, does it? Don't you see them?" Rarity struggled to give an answer under the gaze Fluttershy gave her.

"N-no... I don't-t see them. All I really see is the deep pools of luscious green- not really filled with extreme care or anything..." Fluttershy said gloomily.

"Ah, goodness dear. That's because you've always seen him making eyes at you. He's always giving people that normal look of boredom, but you've only seen him with those swelling eyes." Rarity said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Fluttershy's expression changed from sadness to the happiness of a school girl in a matter of seconds.

"Really?" She asked, excitedly.

"Yes. Or, as he would put it- Eeyup." Rarity giggled.

"Now, lets head over to the boutique, we'll do our dress fitting there." Rarity smiled and waved her friend to the front door.

"Have a nice day, Miss Rarity, Miss Fluttershy." Aloe and Lotus bid farewell in unison.

"Yes, you to dears. See you at the party?" Rarity asked the two mares.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world, Miss Rarity." Aloe smiled as their customers walked out.

"Aloe? What did you hear?" Lotus smiled at her sister, who was smirking slyly.

"Only that Rarity has a crush on Fancy Pants and Fluttershy is Twilight's and Big Macintosh's home wrecker." Aloe purred as her sister giggled.

"I think we might have something for Daisy..." Lotus laughed as Aloe flipped the sign to 'Closed' and they lightheartedly trotted towards the Flower kiosk.

It was Ponyville. If someone overhears you, your private life is everyone's business. Even if it was one of the most carefree holidays of the year.


"How do you like it? Does it fit? Do you like the design?" Rarity rambled on as the sweet pegasus pulled the single strap over her shoulder.

"It's lovely!" Fluttershy beamed at her friend. The dress was a rose, the skirt was made of soft pink velvet and shaped like a blooming rose, and the rest was a soft green. A large belt was sewn to look like a thorny stem was used as a shoulder strap and belt. It was beautiful.

The sound of a bell ringing brought the two mares out of fantasy princess land and into reality.

"Rarity? Rarity my dear? I've come for the tuxedos... And to ask you something very important." A masculine voice with a very distinct Canterlot accent flowed throughout the boutique.

"Just one moment, darling, I'll be back in a pinch." Rarity whispered and trotted towards the front. A faint mumbling was heard for a minute or so, until the male voice cleared its throat.

"I was just wondering, Rarity, if I could have the pleasure of escorting and staying with you for this social event?" Fancy Pants asked. A brief moment of shocked silence passed before Rarity answered.

"W-why, yes, of course! It would be perfect!" Rarity stuttered happily as she tried to contain the large amount of joy she was holding in.

"Ah, yes. So I'll pick you up at four o'clock and escort you and your friend to the party." Fancy Pants put an emphasis on friend and Fluttershy turned beet red and squealed. She had been caught.

"Unless, a lucky stallion is going to escort her?" The white unicorn stallion raised the tone of his voice to try and get Fluttershy's attention. A louder squeal and the rustling of fabric could be heard from the front room.

"No, the poor dear's date has already been caught." Rarity said gloomily, turning her head back towards the boutique for a moment.

"That's quite a shame. May I come in?" Fancy Pants asked sympathetically.

"Oh, yes, please do come in." Rarity said cheerfully, leading the esteemed stallion inside her boutique.

"And here she is! Fluttershy, yes? I'm actually quite surprised that a stallion hasn't asked you out yet! You have the looks of a model I worked with! In fact, you look just like her!" Fancy Pants greeted the nervous mare warmly.

"Y-yes, I was a model f-for a week... And you-you did do some work with me..." Fluttershy mumbled.

Rarity could sense the awkward tension in the room.

"Well, nice talking to you, good bye! I'll see you at four darling, ta-ta!" Rarity gave an abrupt good bye while pushing him outside. She gave him two pecks on the cheeks and shut the boutique door.

"That almost became awkward city... Well, time to work!" Rarity skipped merrily while doing her make up and outfit as well as her friend's.

An Hour Later...

"And... Done! Oh, you look amazing!" Rarity smiled at her friend. Fluttershy's hair was wavy and had small clip on roses in her hair.

Rarity's hair was curlier and had navy blue ribbons lacing through it, and on top of her head laid a silver and diamond tiara. She was wearing a starlight blue cocktail dress, which was sparkling and had silver pieces encrusted into it.

"I think we're ready." Rarity smiled, and the bell in the front room chimed. The party was going to be centered around Fluttershy and Big Macintosh. Fluttershy could just sense it.

Authors Notes

I'm really sorry this took so long. *tears* Also, I'm also really sorry for this not being centered around Fluttermac as much I wanted it to be. *shrug* I guess it's kind of one of those bridge chapters. Next one should be better, I promise. Fingers crossed it doesn't take as long.