Then Tomorrow Came

by PonyAmorous

Edits and Sequel Information

Went and polished up the first chapter. No drastic story changes so you won't miss anything if you don't want to go back and read it over again, just a quick polishing to bring it a bit closer to par with the later chapters. It was my first stab at writing, so it lagged a bit behind the others in quality. I had been meaning to do it forever, but somehow procrastinated for months.

In more exciting news, I do sorta kinda have a VERY rough idea for a sequel. No idea when such a thing would become a reality though. There are some major snarls I'd have to plan out (I have no idea how I would actually resolve it) and I'm extremely lazy on top being in school again and possibly landing an actual job soon. In the mean time however, the talented SerenityViewer has started an unofficial sequel called Where the Gentle Wing Rests with my full blessing and support. He's been nearly obsessive with running everything by me for final approval to make sure the feel and characterization matches up with my vision from Tomorrow, and I've had a heavy hand in the editing process so every chapter has my seal of approval. If you like Tomorrow, you'll probably like this. My own sequel, if and when it ever gets written, is going to go in a very different direction, but I'm perfectly happy to accept Where the Gentle Wing Rests as an alternate scenario (I'm actually glad they're taking different routes because then I'd be worried mine would have some serious competition). So yeah, you guys should check it out and give feedback. Authors love feedback. Also feel free to demand I get off my lazy ass and writing with shouts of "MOAR!" When the guilt gets strong enough, it does occasionally motivate me to get stuff done.

(03/20/2015) Finally went back to this fic and reformatted it, breaking all those walls of text into more bite size paragraphs and removing the worst of the Lavender Unicorn Syndrome. Nothing changed story wise, so you don't have to reread everything. Don't know what happened to Where The Gentle Wing rests, but it appears to be disappeared and abandoned. The official sequel Heart of Loyalty is still going strong at over 50k words.

(02/16/2020) Heart of Loyalty is now officially finished after a shamefully long time of repeatedly disappearing for over a year.