The Fall

by Tsunami

The Making of (not part of the story)

Before I begin here, I would like to make it clear that this is not an addition to the story. "The Fall" is over and done with. This is just a bit more information for those of you who want to know more about how it came to be. This is completely unnecessary information in terms of the story, and I will not be insulted in any way if you stop reading and close the page. For those of you still with me, here we go.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I did not make an account here because I particularly wanted to get into writing fanfiction. If you told me a year ago that I would not only write a fanfiction, but it would be an MLP fanfiction, I would have burst out laughing. I did not decide that I would write a story, and then work to come up with one. The story elements of "The Fall" gathered in my mind and engaged in battle with the rest of my brain. After about a week, I surrendered and accepted their demands. They wanted to be typed, formatted, and released. This was somewhat daunting for me because I had never attempted to write anything in terms of fiction outside of elementary school (and with poor results). I set out expecting disaster, but was quite pleasantly surprised when I started to get into it. I thought that it would be dull, rereading the story over and over again. I found that I was actually entertained while going back to reread. That was the first time I had some hope about the story actually being any good.

Before I get too carried away on the story itself, I would like to spend a little bit of time on the elements that made it up. The first thing that got me started thinking on this track was the song "Luna" by Eurobeat Brony, which I would highly recommend checking out (the Aviators remix is also quite good, and I think that the mood might match my story to a higher degree). There was also a sentence in the description of the YouTube video that got me thinking: "The lyrics are sung from the perspective of a third-party character who is undergoing a similar situation to Luna during her banishment to the moon." I began to think about who it could be. This character feels exiled. This character is heartbroken. This character knows about Luna. Did the character know Luna personally, or from history books? Is his heart broken over Luna herself? Could he feel exiled because she is exiled? You get the picture. The idea of a character began forming in my mind, and then my mind started branching out to include other things.

I am a huge fan of Fallout: Equestria. It is, quite possibly, my favorite book (all things non-fanfiction included). I think that Kkat is a genius and urge everyone who can stomach a little bit of blood to read the epic fic. Do not be put off by its massive, gargantuan, enormously huge word count; it is well worth every one of those words (Thanks, Scorch238, for doing such an excellent job on the audio version, by the way). Anyway, I must give credit to Kkat for the idea of the star metal. Kkat also came up with the idea that the star metal brought about the creatures of Everfree, and that Celestia moved to Canterlot to mentally distance herself from the Nightmare Moon incident. While I am on the subject, I also made reference to Fallout: Equestria during Stargazer's dream sequence. The fiery destruction that he sees are the megaspells, and the corpses are ghouls. This is a kind of dual metaphor. If you want to consider the story outside of the Fallout: Equestria universe, then the corpses are manifestations of his troubled mind, and the fiery destruction represents the destination of his life. Each reader ultimately gets to decide.

What this adds up to is that I was handed a beginning, an ending, a character, and a corrupting dynamic that would make everything happen. I just had to place the character in a position to see everything and let the story write itself. I am very glad that I did it, though. I would like to thank Bronzedragon and asmcint for being the first people outside of my editor, emtikej, to compliment my work. I would also like to thank CharlieOist, cloudranger, i_am_the_jam, ortobrony, and TwilightMoon for being the first to favorite the story. For my current and future followers, I thank you for following, but apologize because I have no plans to write again. I do promise, though, that if I come across another idea worthy of being recorded, I will post it.

Before I wrap up, I have one final note about the ending. I personally prefer to think of Stargazer's discharge as a mistake. At such a time, Celestia would be overwhelmed at the doubled workload combined with extreme grief. Many unqualified, stressed ponies would be making important decisions quickly in an attempt to make everything run smoothly again. I consider it completely possible that Celestia wanted to increase the importance of astronomy in Equestria, as a sort of atonement, when Stargazer got his notice. Also, if you are looking for a mood boost, I would recommend continuing with "Statistics" by xTSGx, which (though with slightly different facts) picks up about the same time as my story ends, but from Celestia's point of view and in a very unique, interesting manner. There is a good dramatic reading of it on YouTube by Doom Pie (previously multifanficaday).

I will close on a request. If you have a suggestion on how I could have made the story better, please tell me. Even if you have no way to make it better, tell me if anything sounded confusing or awkward so I can think about how I can do better if I ever do this again. I am always looking for ways to improve, and writing is no exception. Thanks for reading, everyone.

PS: I am not entirely sure that I am allowed to put all of this in here. If I need to change anything, please tell me, and I will change it.