Sonic Boom

by Wuten

Dawn of the Second Day

Chapter 6

The air that day was crisp and surprisingly warm, despite it being the middle of winter. The snow had gone down a bit, though small fillies and colts still played in the snow.
Not that you would know about that, though; you decided to celebrate your newfound relationship with your bro-turned-babe, and so the two of you plopped yourselves onto your couch, cuddled up under a warm blanket, and continued watching the rest of the Daring Do movie series, despite the traumatizing images of the third Daring Do mov—OH GOD NOT THE OCTOPUS AGAIN OH GOD WHY DID THEY HAVE TO PUT THAT IN THERE?!
You wake up in a cold sweat, your heart racing as your head shoots up and pulls you out from your slumber. Heh, you must have fallen asleep sometime during the movie; it’s pitch black outside now.
“Just… a dream,” you pant a bit, muttering softly as to not wake up the mare sleeping on your chest. You smile, just laying there for a moment, watching her body move with your chest as you breathe. She must have fallen asleep during the movie as well.
You gently place a hand on her mane, running your thumb lightly along the outside. It’s like silk, you think to yourself. You could get used to this…
“Hey, Anon!”
What is it, Brain?
“Time for some post-alcoholic deep-thinking!”
Oh fuck, why now? Your brain always knows just the perfect time it can fuck you over.
Could humans and ponies really even be together like that? You have to admit, after two years of having no human contact, it’s not like the thought hasn’t crossed your mind…
…Eh. You can worry about that later. Right now, what’s important is that nothing between you and your bro is kept hidden anymore. You close your eyes with a smile on your face, and Rainbow subconsciously nuzzles herself closer into your chest.
That morning, you woke up from your being sound asleep in the most relaxing way possible; you assume that it’s cloudy outside, mostly because you aren’t waking up this time to sunlight blinding you.
You slowly open your eyes to see… two more staring right at you. “Morning, Anon…” the mare smiles at you, moving up to nuzzle against your cheek. She has the most adorable half-asleep face on her right now. And those eyes… those beautiful, magenta irises… You couldn’t even fathom why your brain was having doubts about this.
“Heh, sleep well?” you smile, hugging her tightly to you.
“Better than you might think, Anon,” she grins at you. “Gotta say, you’re no cloud, but you’re damn comfortable,” she laughs, pushing up out of your grip and floating in the air above you. “Well c’mon sleepy head, get up! We’ve gotta get you outta the house, now that the snow’s stopped,” she exclaims, shaking your shoulders to wake you up.
“Alright, alright! Don’t worry, I’m up!” you laugh, sitting up onto the sofa and stretching a bit, feeling your body popping in at least 7 different places. Damn, that felt good…
But no time for that, Anon! Rainbow seems to have plans for today! The two of you head outside after you get dressed, and it’s definitely not as cold as it had been the past few days, despite there being clouds in the air.
You smile, breathing in deep through your nose, and see something out of the corner of your eye. You turn and look over to the side of the house.
It’s some kind of… snowman thing. Must’ve been made by one of the fillies running around in front of your yard. You walk over to it, and peer at it for a moment, inspecting it. It was very well-made; it looked almost like a real pony.
“Wait a minute…” you mutter suspiciously, scratching your chin. Something’s going on; snowmen don’t usually…
Or have eyes?
“Hello, Anon… I haven’t forgotten about how you left me in the snow! I’ve been waiting here for you…” the snowman mutters in a soft, familiar voice, yet it had a small hint of malice behind that silky smooth tone of…
Oh fuck. Rainbow just flew off into the distance.
You… really don’t like where this is going.
“Um… sorry, but I’m with Rainbow Dash now; you’re too late.”
The snowman stops abruptly, eyeing you for a moment.
Oh shit. She senses your hesitation…
“Well, Rainbow isn’t here, now is she? So that means you’re fair game!” she exclaims, leaping out of the snow and tackling you down, the snow too high for anyone to see anything.
Fuck… she has that crazy look in her eyes again. You never liked that.

End Chapter 6

Author's Note: Well well. Look at what we have here, another chapter continuing the epic. That's right. I finally got around to it.

Now, I know this was a bit short, but it should be enough to set up for the rest of the story I have in store for you mentlegen. Until next time...

~Wuten, the King of Spaghetti