The Crescent Journal

by GuitarKirby

Phase 5 - Full Moon, Part 2 (Chapter 5)

Luna howled in frustration at the sight of the hall. The decorations were entirely NOT what she had intended. They were black and starry, but that was not what she had asked for. She turned on a small, light-grey Earth-pony.
"I told you that you were not to center the decorations around myself, you foalish imbecile!" she roared. The pony cowered beneath her.
"I- I apologize, Princess. It is simply that your coat is so lovely-"
"SILENCE!" yelled the princess. "We are most displeased with thou's pathetic performance and hideous choice of decoration," she said, accidentally slipping into her old tongue (and mentally berating herself for it). "However, we shall allow thee another attempt. Let it not be known that we are cruel and merciless; you shall be given another chance. We wish for the feeling of a large nightclub. Are we understood, little pony?"
The small pony nodded.
"Y- yes, Princess! I shall begin once again immediately!" Luna nodded, and the tiny Earth pony ran out of the hall, yelling at his assistants in frustration. Luna sighed and teleported to the dining hall. It was midday, and she was not used to being up so... Early? Late? Either way, she was not used to wakefulness at this hour. Celestia then walked in. Luna looked up and sighed at the sight of her sister.
"How goes the planning, Luna?"
"'Tis exhausting, sister. W- I have such a short temperament. I must learn to control myself." Celestia gave a slight giggle, prompting Luna to shoot an irritated look at the Sun Princess. "Do you mind explaining what you find so comical?"
"I merely thought it funny that between you and I, the heat of the sun and the cool of the moon, you are the more hot-tempered, emotional one." Luna glared, and snapped at her sister without thinking.
"At least I have the distinct ability to display some level of emotion, Celestia," said Luna. It was at that moment that she realized what she had said. Celestia seemed shocked.
"What?!" demanded the white Alicorn, her eyebrows narrowing. Luna looked down, her own eyelids sagging.
"I am sorry, Tia. I am trying so very hard to watch over all the preparations, send out invitations, make sure there are a proper number on the guest list, on top of raising the moon and watching over the activities of those who make the night their time of consciousness. It is tiring, even with the help of Pinkie Pie." Celestia walked around the table and placed a wing over her sister, attempting to comfort her.
"Luna, if you wish, I could watch over the preparations during the d-"
"No!" said Luna, surprising her sister. "I'm sorry, Tia, but I must do this myself. We have already spoken about this." Celestia then raised a hoof, and did something her sister never expected.
"I swear, upon my royal blood and solemn duty of the raiser of the Sun, that if you allow me to help with the setup of this event, I shall not change or edit your plans or intentions in any way whatsoever." A spark zapped from Celestia's horn. Luna was practically in shock; the oath was binding. Should it be broken, Luna had the option of removing Celestia's right to the power of the celestial activities. Luna bowed her head.
"Very well, Tia. I grant you permission. If you are so intent upon helping me retain sleep, I suppose I shouldn't be able to stop you in any case." Luna smiled slightly. "Pinkie Pie has my exact specifications. You will follow them to the word, no matter how trivial it may seem." Celestia smiled.
"Of course, dear sister." Celestia then faltered for a moment, and spoke very seriously. "You know I only wish to help because I wish to see you rejoin your people? I had seen that you wished the guard to bring their family members... You are a wise princess, Luna, far wiser than I could ever hope to be in a thousand more years." Luna turned to her sister and smiled weakly. "Now, go retire to your chambers. I hope only that I can help you achieve the things you wish on this upcoming night."
Luna did as she was bid, and transported to her room. She immediately made for her diary, writing down all that had transpired.