Drunken Rainbow

by Rainbow87dash

Chapter 2. It wasn't me

Sorry this took so long

It was a quet morning, birds were chirping, ponies were doing their daily business and a certain cyan pegasus was relaxing on a cloud, daydreaming about flying with the Wonderbolts. An all too familiar, cheery voice brought her back to reality.
"Hey Dashie, Twilight and the others said for me to come find you and tell you to meet them at the Library!"
"What for?" she lazily replied
"It's a surprise and if I told you them it wouldn't be a surprise would it?"
Rainbow covered her eyes and groaned, laying back down, today was her day off from work and she had been wanting to just relax. She had been under a lot of stress as of late as she had been getting complaints about her apparent 'disturbances' and drunken behaviour, she couldn't remember the last time she touched any sort of alchohol. She peeked back over the cloud at her pink friend below.
"Huh... tell 'em I'll be there in five minutes"
"Oki doki Loki!" with that, Pinkie began hopping in the general direction of the library? tree? Treebrary? Whatever. Dash stood up and began stretching out her wings when she heard another voice calling her.
"Hey dash wanna go to the bar later?"
"You know I don't drink sis, plus you shouldn't be spending all your money on drinks, I thought you were saving up for a place of your own?"
Rainbow's sister was nearly an exact duplicate of Rainbow except her eyes where a golden yellow, her hair was well kept and her cutie mark was a rainbow shooting out of a cloud in an arc. She also had a major drinking problem, she would often get drunk out of her mind at least once a week. She was the reason Rainbow got so many complaints.
"Aww come on Dash, lighten up, come get a drink with me it won't hurt!"
"Sorry Aroura, my friends wanna see me about something because, unlke you whose friends are beer bottles, I actually have friends"
"Wow party pooper, have fun with your friends while I have the time of my life," Aroara bragged, placing her hoof on her chest and grinning wildly.
"you say that every time you go out drinking," Dash scoffed, rolling her eyes.
"I..well...shut up!" Aroara huffed before flying off in a fit. Dash chuckled a bit before taking off toward the library, landing on the doorstep and knocking on the door.

A purple glow surounded the door and it opened to reveal a room with a semi circle of chairs with a lone one in the centre. All of her friends seating on them Par the lone chair. Dash walked in and the door shut behind her, locking itself.
"Hi Rainbow. We need to talk," Twilight said with a reassuring smile on her face.
"Sure about what?" Dash replied nonchalantly
"About your drinking problem dear" Rarity said in her usual posh voice.
"Drinking problem?" Dash questioned raising an eyebrow "what drinking problem? I haven't touched alchohol in years!"
"Dash, the first way to solve your problem is to admit you have one." every ponies heads nodded in agreement "I know it must be hard for you to tell us you have a problem but we want you to know where here for you," Twilight explained.
"What the hay are you guys talking about? I haven't got a drinking problem!" Dash shouted, getting frustrated with the wild accusations.
"Please dear, save the drama, Fluttershy here says you've been turning up at her house once a week, drunk!"
"Wait, wait, wait I think I know who your on about here, that's my twin sister I'll go get her she's probably at the bar by now..."

Rainbow began moving towards the door, when she was encased in a purple glow and started getting dragged back towards the group. She struggled but found it was hopeless.
"Now Rainbow, we all know that your lying to get out of this"
"Ah donno, it seemed like she was tellin' the truth" Applejack pitched in, earning stares of disbelief.
"Thank you! Somepony who believes me!" Rainbow shouted in triumph
"Now Applejack how could you of all ponies believe such a proposterous lie!" Rarity quipped making Dash's jaw drop
"IM. NOT. LYING!!" Rainbow shouted "Why won't anypony believe me?"


"Hey hot stuff, wanna go back to my place fuck like rabbits?" Aroara slurred, drink in hoof whilst smiling like a maniac.
"Um.. Excuse me miss, that's a chair," A light brown pegasus said giving her an odd look. Aroara turned to him with a goofy smile on her face.
"If it's a chair, then it's the hottest damn chair if ever seen." she lent towards him, invading his personal space "hey what's your name." she asked seductively fluttering her eyelashes.
The stallion gave her a deadpan look and uttered "I'm married,"
"I don't care we can still have a great time together, your husband won't find out!"
"Wait, wait, wait, wait, are saying you think I'm a colt cuddler? yet you wanna have sex with me? How does that make any sense? If I like stallions then-" he was cut off by hysterical laughter coming from the mare sat next to him
"bwuhahahahah you said you hahaha you said you like stallions hahahehehe,"
He face hoofed, stood up and walked away swearing his vengeance on the cyan mare making fun out him as he walked away.


After a few hours of arguing.
"Maybe she's telling the truth guys I mean has anyone actually seen Rainbow drinking?" Twilight asked to which she got a few no's and a couple head shakes. "Right then, hehe sorry for y'know everything Rainbow..."
Dash just sat, arms folded staring daggers at her friends. Her entire day off had been wasted and it was their fault, but she could see the misunderstanding due to everyone in Ponyville thinking the same as them. So in reality it was her sisters fault. After a minute of silence she spoke up
"ait's ok Twi, hey do one of you mind going to look for my sis with me? She gets kinda... How should I put this?... Bitchy when I go drag her away from her precious alchohol!"
Applejack raised her hoof in the air and smiled "Ah'll go with ya RD, hehe even brought mah rope jus' in case ya might do a runner and ah'd have to tie ya down hehe..." Rainbow shrugged it off and headed for the door ,stretching herself out from being held down for three hours, and walked out.
"Uh... Bye girls c'yall tomorrow" Applejack waved before running after Rainbow.

Outside the air was cool, and the sun was just about to set over the horizon. The two ponies walked in silence before a drunken, light brown pegasus stallion marched up to them. He stopped in front of them before shouting.
"wha?" was the only thing Rainbow could manage before his hoof connected with her face, knocking her to the floor. The enraged stallion went for another hit before Applejack stopped him, bucking him square in the chest, sending him flying backwards. He struggled to get back onto his hooves, falling back over every time he got up. Applejack rushed to Rainbows side and knelt down beside her, inspecting her face.
Her eye throbbed with pain and had begun to swell, also turning a light shade of purple. Dash covered her eye with her hooves and gritted her teeth in pain. whilst the stallion flew (kinda) away.
"That's quite a shiner ya got there, c'mon let's get ya some ice to put on that." Applejack helped RD to her hooves just as a drunken Aroara burst through a door, slowly staggering towards the pair, a bottle of cider in her hoof and a goofy grin her face. She stopped in front of them, stared at them for a second before vomiting on the floor in front of them, a small bit splashing onto Dash's hooves. The pair grimaced as Aroara collapsed unconscious into the puddle of her own bile.
"AJ you mind picking her up? I cant lift her"
"Ah ya just sayin' coz ya don't wanna touch her? Or are ya being serious?"
"A little of both, mostly the first though plus I can't see too good and I might have a concussion..."
"Huh.., fine put her on mah back..."

Aroara was Habilitaed and kicked her drinking habit but straight after found out the wanders of marijuana, Rainbow was apologised to for the accusations and lost half the sight in her eye from the blow but continued her life eventually kicking her sister out. The stallion later went home and made love to his husband before forgetting that night ever happened.
As for AJ well war....war never changes.