The Return of Midnight Sparkle

by DapperLilArts

CHAPTER 4 Eclipse



Sunless day. Moonless night. Eternal Darkness accentuated with stars.

Two weeks later, this was Midnight’s kingdom now. Those that hadn’t fled Ponyville had been taken into her castle; formerly Twilight's, now reformed and rebuilt with their labor into something grotesque, an obsidian like-tree with towers and bridges.

Midnight’s sentinels, enchanted Automaton armors, did all her bidding, enforced her orders and commanded all ponies imprisoned by her. She had seized command of most of that side of Equestria ruthlessly and efficiently; but for now, her sights were on her castle alone. It was easy to capture her friends; and defeat her mentor. All of them trusted Twilight completely, it was only a matter of using their friendship as a lure, catching them off guard and easily containing them. She had planned for everything, and prepared for all eventualities. And now her new castle was almost complete, she was closer and closer to her debut as Equestria’s new ruler. She would expand, of course; her rule would reach the whole world; but for now, she had her fun in her home of Ponyville.

Everything was almost perfect, almost ready for her conquest. Almost. But soon, everything. Just one last thing to take care of…

Her six friends had spent a week in captivity, each in respective cells, in separate locations. As she had reformed the castle, they were moved to more adequate cells suited for their containment. But she had no concern, after all, she knew all their weaknesses.
And now for the grand finale, their last places of captivity were all side by side. She would want them to be able to be together and see the end as an unity. Like old friends.

It was almost time.

Pinkie Pie hung in her cell, chains entangled her and suspended her in the air, rendering her unable to move and do any shenanigans. She wiggled a bit from time to time, with no avail.
“This is the worst time ever to be hanging around!!! No, that doesn't work... I'm sorry I can't hang out—- nah. This is the worst hang out I've ever had. Maybe that works?” She attempted to joke, to raise the others' spirits, with poor results.

Rainbow Dash had a full harness that only frees her lower legs, forcing her face to be on the ground. Chains and leather forced her wings and arms to be stuck in place, she could only crawl, unable to make a lot of fierce movements. And yet, she struggled a lot. She tried comforting her girlfriend in the cell next to hers.
“Don’t worry, Flutters! We will get out of this! C'mon everypony, we have to think of something!!! There’s GOTTA be something we can do!! Hng!!” She said, helplessly pulling the chains.

Fluttershy only had a chain on her neck, nothing else was needed to restrain her, but her cell had no windows, to prevent animal interference. She was very concerned that Rainbow Dash was struggling so much.
“Please save your strength, Sweetie… Don’t hurt yourself…!”

Rarity’s cell was devoid of any furniture, with a chain that bound her neck and horn connected to a wall, preventing her from using magic; clearly the steel that bound her had a nullifying effect on her horn. She could move freely, but there was nothing she could do.
“It’s no use, darling… Twilight knew exactly how to keep us in place. Applejack dear, please don’t overexert yourself!!” She tried comforting her girlfriend.

Applejack was covered with massive chains that bound her every limb, neck, arms, forearms, legs and forelegs, even her chest and back had multiple chains, connected to each side of the room, even the ceiling. The chains were especially enforced, and they were overkill. Her hat laid on the floor, out of her reach. And yet, despite the contingencies, she was pushing, pulling, and struggling, trying every ounce of strength to pull, bend and break those chains. The stone cracked.
“I have to… Break free... Don’t worry, Sugarcube… I got… this…” She had never tried so hard to use her immense strength, but it was no use… Midnight was prepared for her.

Sunset sat alone in her cell, staring at the floor, not commenting on anything, with a chain bound to her neck and horn, at least her cell was comfortable.
These weeks had been her own personal hell. Watching from the sidelines as the mare she loved became a twisted monster again and destroyed all that they both loved. All her training meant nothing in the end, She was caught by surprise, and couldn’t do a thing. The countdown had reached zero.
All this, right after Sunset hurt her feelings. It couldn’t be a coincidence.

Regrets were all she had now. “Ugh… This is all my fault…”

Applejack stopped struggling to talk to her. “Ain't no way I just heard you say that, did I partner?” And Rarity added immediately. “No way darling! We don’t know how this happened, but it sure as Celestia isn't your fault!!”

Sunset closed her eyes, facing away. “The night before Midnight returned, I hurt Twilight’s feelings pretty damn badly… I think that's somehow connected to this...”

Rainbow Dash struggled. “That’s a load of baloney. Nothing you could say to Twilight could ever have caused this to happen, man!!”

Sunset faced the jail bars. “Pinkie knows. She was the last pony to be with her; and she told me that I hurt Twilight’s feelings awfully.”

Pinkie shook a bit. “It wasn’t as bad as you think! She was just worried that she couldn’t get closer to Sunset because she might intimidate her, with being an Alicorn! She expressed frustrations over that n stuff, but it's not like I saw her become evil then and there!!”

Pinkie and Rarity were the only ones that knew just the extent of why Sunset would be 'intimidated' by Twilight.

“Oh darling, you didn’t…”

Sunset leaned her head in the bars and closed her eyes. “I promised her I'd stop Midnight. All the training I did is worthless if I can't even– if I can't even help her…”

Fluttershy got closer to the bars as well, speaking on the highest volume she could muster to ensure she was heard; which still wasn't very loud at all. “You can’t take full responsibility for this, Sunset. We’re all in this together. It’s up to us to beat her… Somehow…“

Rainbow Dash crawled closer to the bars. “Besides, Twilight was stressed and tired and overworked from princess stuff already! Clearly the girl was unstable beforehand too. I sure wish she woulda taken a break or something…”

Applejack sighed. “That girl was allergic to resting, I reckon. We shoulda tied her down and forced her to go on a cruise or somethin…”

Rainbow snickered. “Hah! Remember that time Rarity tried giving her a weekend spa day but she kept calling us to check on Ponyville?”
Applejack sighed. “Remember that time we had that ball in Apple Acres and she refused to go because she needed to do princess errands? Darn it, we should have pushed a bit maybe...”

Sunset felt the bitter sting of regret for not being brave to invite Twilight to that dance.

Rarity sat closer to the bars, reminiscing. “Oh it wasn’t errands, darling. She had no partner to take to the dance! That poor girl only made time for us, outside of princess duties. Did you know she hasn’t even had any romantic partners? She hasn’t ever even kissed!!”

Rainbow blew raspberries. “That’s just sad, man. No other way to put it”

Applejack snickered sadly. “Woowe. when we get outta this, we gotta make that girl get out more!”

Sunset opened her eyes. “She’s never even kissed… at all?”

Rarity scoffed, knowingly. “Darling, she didn't even have friends before she met us. Do you honestly think she had the mental necessity, or even capacity for that? And now that she’s a princess, her prospects surely lowered! She’d be lucky to have anypony now!” She said, in a knowing and accusatory tone, egging Sunset on to want to talk about her own feelings.

Pinkie joined in on the ‘knowing’ party. “Yeah!! If only there was a hottie with ketchup hair that could sweep her off her feet and show her a whole new world or something!! Huh!!”

Sunset just sighed.

Fluttershy pouted. “It’s kind of sad! She spends so much time working, she doesn't even think about that kind of stuff… I wonder if she needs it…”

Rainbow scoffed. “I'm glad I'm not her! I guess a princess’s life is busy busy busy.”

Sunset leaned her face against the bars. This was unsustainable. This conversation was getting nowhere, and well, since they might be about to die…

She wasn’t going to hide anymore. There was no point.

“All of you, listen up… I'm in love with Twilight. I have been for almost a year now. I’ve been motivated to improve and get better for her, despite knowing that I shouldn't even try to get closer to a princess. Since we’re about to die, well, I thought I might as well share the news… and well, there it is. I'm in love with our leader, and now she’s evil magic incarnate, and might kill all of us. Don’t I have good taste? hah…”

Collective 'gasps' and 'whats' and 'woahs!' filled the room. Pinkie expressed how happy she was that she didn't have to hide this bombshell anymore, and Rarity was pleased Sunset was being honest with herself and them, finally.

Rainbow Dash wowed. “Wow dude… You sure got a taste in girls. My girl would never turn evil and stuff!!”
Fluttershy pointed out “Umm Sweetie remember when I turned into a vampire and almost killed you?” Dash instantly sighed. “Crap.”

Applejack piped in.“Aww partner, This would be wonderful news, but… now it must hurt you even more than it hurts us! I'm so sorry… Hopefully she’s still in there somewhere…”

With her eyes widened and a look of shock, Rainbow Dash perked up. “Oh my god, is that why you signed up to a regional race and asked for my help to at least reach top 10?? OH WOW IS THAT WHY YOU ASKED ME TO HELP YOU WITH SPEED TOO. IS THAT WHY YOU WORKED OUT SO MUCH THAT YOU CAN EASILY BEAT ME IN ARM WRESTLING WHAT THE HECK SUNSET!!”

Letting out a hearty laughter, Applejack reveled in amusement. “Oh, of course, that's why ya wanted my help with strength. That's why ya were always up early to join in on our routine and get trainin', and even help us to set up and throw parties; ya wanted to impress her, well hot diggity, I reckon you were onto something!”

Fluttershy giggled. “Well, it’s no wonder you even wanted my help with meditation. You have to be centered and focused if you want to work hard! I'm proud of you, Sunset.”

Rarity was amused, even if still sad. “I found out a long time ago, and accused her after one of our fencing practices. You should have seen her face! She really has pushed herself so hard for the sake of our princess...”

Pinkie vibrated with excitement. “Of course guys!! Sunset asked each of us for help with something, 'cause she wanted to get better and cooler for Twilight!! And it WORKED!!”

Sunset couldn't help but smile. Even on the worst moments, at least they all remained incredibly faithful and strong friends. She exhaled.

“Girls… Thank you. But I still messed up. I couldn’t be honest with her, and now we all might have paid the price. And even then, what's the point? We have no plan to get out of here, and we’re not strong enough to fight her. It might be over for us. Thank you all for being there to help me in my weird, awkward, messy quest of love, anyways… This was the best year of my life. You’re the best. We had a good run.”

“Our run ain’t over, partner! You still have a chance.”

“You bet your bottom darling, we are still in the game! You have to fight for her!”

“We all do. Twilight is our friend, and so are you.”

“Hell yeah!! Even if it was all for mushy reasons, you got YOLKED!!”

“And with all of us together we will find a way!! We always do!!”

Sunset smiled, even if still feeling defeated. “If only Twilight was here with us… She’d know how to lead, what to do…”

Rarity waved her hair around fabulously, despite the chains. “Well darling, then I think you should know something that Twilight told us, many months ago… If anything happened to her, we should trust in you as our leader!””

Sunset’s eyes widened. “B-but… I don’t know how to fix this… I don’t know what to do…”

Pinkie Pie shook her chains with joy: “We all believe in you Sunset! Even if you don’t! You’ll come up with an awesome plan to get us out of this!! You’re the best!!!”
Rainbow Dash, still on the floor, gave out a wide confident smile.“Hah! I'm okay with that. Lead the way and point me at the target, boss!”
Fluttershy fluttered her wings. “After everything you’ve gone through, you’re more than suited for this! Twilight trusted you, and so do we!”
Rarity got very excited. “This is your chance, darling! You’ll rise to the challenge and save her like a knight in shining armor!!”
Applejack was earnest, as usual: “Sunset, ya worked harder than ever these past few months. No pony here can say they've worked harder; if anypony can do this it's you!”

Sunset closed her eyes, with a frail exhale of joy. “Everypony… Thank you so much. I promise I'll do my best. Right now, what we need to do is wait for an opportunity… Be ready to grab it if it comes. Maybe we can even discover a secret weakness or… something.”

Rainbow tried getting up again. “Dude, don't worry! Once we break out of here we totally can whoop her butt together! We’ll get Twilight back lickedy-split. All we gotta do is spot her weakness like you said!!”

A cold chill filled the room, with the sound of mechanical footsteps getting closer. The very lights of the torches seemed to dim, as the dark winged Alicorn arrived, surrounded by a legion of mechanical knights.

She laughed with callousness and ill intent, a familiar voice, speaking in an unfamiliar way.
“How sweet. Unfortunately for you all, I have no weaknesses.”

Midnight Sparkle had arrived.

With glowing horn and fiery halos over her eyes, she spread her dark wings, approaching their cells. “Are you enjoying your accommodations?? Are you festering on how easy it was for me to beat all of you??”

As she passed by Pinkie’s cell, the Earth Pony shook her chains, frustratedly: “GIVE US BACK OUR FRIEND YOU EVIL DEMONESS!!!”
Midnight Didn’t even look at her. “Nice to see you too Pink. Enjoying hanging around?” which only made the Pink Pony madder.

Her laughter continued as she passed by Rainbow’s cell. “How's your flight, Rainbow Crash?” The Pegasus's anger was not restrained by her chains. “Untie me and I'll SHOW you!!”

She passed by Fluttershy’s cell, and laughed at her. “Hey Fluttershy. How do you feel about being the easiest one to trap of all of you? My, you were pathetic.”
Fluttershy crossed her arms and pouted, looking away: “I'm not talking to you. You’re a meanie.”

Passing by Rarity, she scoffed joyfully. waving at The Unicorn’s empty cell. “Enjoying your imprisonment Rarity? I took the liberty of decorating it for you myself.”
Rarity didn’t even face her, she simply coldly stated: “this is a bad look on you, darling.”

Applejack Pushed the chains binding her to the maximum once more, enraged. “If you hurt her, I swear on Celestia I will BREAK–”
“Keep reaching, Applejack. Maybe you’ll get your hat back.” She stated, completely unfazed by the Earth Pony’s threats.

And then, at last, Midnight arrived at the final cell, Sunset’s cell. She could barely contain her manic excitement. “oh and now, for the creme de la creme, the main event! Our favorite pony that returned from the GUTTER. Hello again, Sunset Shimmer. Are you happy to see me?”

Sunset didn’t even fully turn to face her. “What do you think?”

Midnight fluttered her wings in frustration. “Aww c’mon don't be like that. Let me see your pretty face, Sunset. I want to look at the mare that beat me once.”

Sunset didn’t give her the satisfaction, facing away from her. “I have nothing to say to you.”

All the girls imprisoned on the cells around them cheered for the Unicorn's gusto.

Midnight immediately cast her powerful magic, turning Sunset around, bringing her closer, even tearing the bars of the cell she resided in, slamming them violently in the walls around them, staring directly at her with a smile. 
“That's not a nice way to talk to your princess, is it?” The question seemed almost genuine.

Sunset had nothing left to lose, staring her down. “You’re not my princess.”

That brave statement resulted in Midnight grunting frustratingly, making an all-too-familiar pout. But her expression quickly turned back into a deranged smile. “Be that as it may, my new grandiose castle demands a tour. And since you and I have history, why don’t I show you around? When we’re back, the others are in for a surprise.” She tore the chains that connected Sunset to the wall, easily, allowing her to roam free, but still with a set of chains blocking her magic, on her horn. Sunset kept an eye on her.

“Come, Sunset. You’re going to want to see this.” she walked gleefully away. Midnight’s sentinels surrounded the Unicorn, forcing her to move forward. She looked back at her friends, giving them a knowing look. Stay ready. If I see a chance, I'll take it. They looked back at her with concern, but belief.

She was escorted through the hallways slowly. Sunset could barely recognize rooms she had moved through before. They were either torn or messy, or paved over with dark crystals and cold stone. Sunset tried memorizing the pathway back to the cells, just in case.

Any banner that had the symbols of Celestia or Luna had been torn down; only Twilight’s mark was hung up now. Though it wasn’t hers anymore…

Midnight would frequently just make doors; easily moving bricks and reshaping rooms as she saw fit, making a pathway for them. This really was Twilight at the height of her power, completely let loose. Her magic seemed boundless.

The Alicorn talked almost casually. “Ah, it was always so fun to see them. I think I will make permanent quarters for them at some point; separated, of course. Can’t have them getting any ideas, heheheh.”

Sunset kept an eye on her surroundings. “How benevolent of you.” She said, sarcastically.

Midnight looked back at her. “Oh, would you rather I execute them? I could. I wanted to keep them around for laughs, but I suppose you’re right, they could face an imposing threat to my reign if they get out…” she said amusingly, reveling in the panic that might bring to Sunset.

Sunset tried to not sound desperate; it was sickening to see Twilight’s face on a monster so callous. “Don’t hurt them. They’ve done nothing to you… I'm the one that beat you, remember? If any of us should pay, it should be me. Just please leave them be. I'm the one you want. ”

Midnight suppressed something within her. “Indeed you are.”

She violently moved furniture aside, sometimes burning it entirely and spreading the ashes across the room. It was strange to see her destructive nature, purely for amusement. So unlike Twilight…
After climbing through the castle through many dark rooms, they finally reached a large chamber; a room that had been moved and changed, but Sunset still recognized. It was their old meeting room, now devoid of tables and chairs, except for two that sat on the farthest wall.
There were enormous banners, and cold purple torches hanging on the walls. Midnight followed the red carpet that went up to the two chairs, and then turned around. “Leave us.” She commanded. The sentinels surrounding her left the room and closed the door behind them. Sunset side eyed them, the room and everything in between. This very much could be her last moments. Was there a way out? If it were to be her end, maybe dying by the hands of her beloved wouldn’t be so bad.

Sunset stood facing her, unsure of what would happen next. Then Midnight waved her crystalized horn slightly, and Sunset paid attention. It was only a theory, But Midnight’s horn was not Twilight’s horn; it was like a crystal tumor that grew on top of it. Maybe, just maybe, if she destroyed it, Twilight would be freed… or at least Midnight would be powerless… Or even just weakened. If there was any chance… she’d have to make a gambit.

And then the chains that bound Sunset unlatched.

Sunset was free to move and cast magic if she needed. Which confused her.

“I wanted to talk to you without any pesky distractions. Listen well, Sunset.”
The Unicorn listened, while looking for any openings to take.
Midnight used her magic, and blue particles filled the room, forming distorted three-dimensional images, holograms, representing the words she said. Equestria, the Sun and Moon, Her…
“This kingdom is my greatest victory. It’s a testament to how I have outmatched the sun and the moon, and every other force in the world. I was a Unicorn that came from NOTHING. And look at me now. I'm stronger than all of them, smarter than all of them, Midnight Sparkle stands above all!” She spread her wings with a manic smile, looking around the grandiose room with all its banners with her mark on it. The holograms mimicked her wings.

Rolling her eyes, Sunset snarled. “Congratulations, you’re living your worst You. Twilight would be disgusted if she could see herself like this.”

This was personal to her. She stretched her wings even further and stomped the floor. The particles made imagery of Twilight Sparkle being broken into pieces, with Midnight emerging from it. “Twilight was WEAK. And I am FREE. I am HER but FREED. I am the strongest I've ever been, and I can do whatever I want!! The world is my clay and I can mold it as I see FIT. Nothing else matters!”
Their planet appeared on the hologram, directly above her.
She paused for a moment, losing her manic energy. The holograms lost form. She seemed almost despondent.
“Except… This victory is hollow without someone to share it with… It is lonely at the top. And here I stand. I don’t need my friends anymore. But this rule will be pointless if I do it alone.”

Sunset looked at her, and started to sweat. What?

Midnight took a step forward, dragging her hoof on the floor; A demeanor that was familiar. “You know… there was a time that you were free like me.
Sunset’s eyes widened. She knew exactly what she meant. “Remember, Sunset? A time in which you succumbed to your desires, stole Twilight's crown and got corrupted by the magic you sought to use to take control and gain the power of an Alicorn. You became a powerful demon… you were free. Your wings were beautiful…”

The particles reformed, changing their colors to red, showing Sunset’s demonic form, Taking flight, casting holographic flames around the room and cackling silently.

The Unicorn’s heartbeat rose. “I was horrible. I was a monster, and Twilight saved me. I owe her everything.”

Midnight got frustrated. “No no no… she RUINED you! You were free! Free like I am now! If only I had been free at the time, too… together we would have been unstoppable.”

Sunset looked behind her dark wings. There were two thrones… not just one. This wasn’t a coincidence.

Midnight's mark was in one... And in the other...

Sunset Shimmer's mark.

The holographic demon Sunset continued her silent display of power that engulfed the room in lights. Sunset was trying not to be mesmerized; Trying not to be utterly lost in the power on display.

The Princess dragged her hoof on the carpet once more. “You know, I have looked through Twilight’s eyes. I have seen what she sees. Felt what she felt. I am her. I am simply freed… She was an oblivious fool. But I see you for what you are, Sunset. I know how you feel about us.” She looked directly into Sunset's eyes; And the Unicorn was sweating already Concidering what the Alicorn would say next.

She regarded Sunset with almost… pity. “I know how you kept backing away from her, and yet, constantly wanted to be around her. How you pushed yourself to be better, merely to impress her. To earn a place by her side. Do you honestly think a Princess like her could ever be with you?”

Sunset tried looking away, but couldn’t. “ I don't.”

The particles formed an image of sunset, getting torn apart and getting built back together endlessly.

She walked up to one throne, and Sunset walked to the other. “Your hard work shouldn’t go to waste. You were always strong, Sunset. You even beat me, once... All this power; and more! Just because you were strong and willing to TAKE IT. Just. Like. Me.” Midnight seemed to look at her with manic adoration, a look that Sunset was unfamiliar with, but cursed herself for enjoying. That look, from that pony...

Folding her wings close and looking away, Midnight scoffed. “The kingdom comes above anypony. Even you. She had responsibilities she was tied to, and she would have NEVER been yours. And you would NEVER have been worthy of her. The only reason I returned is because of her and her failings!”

Sunset’s eyes widened. “…what do you mean?”

The particles changed to imagery of twilight clipping her own wings.

Midnight Scoffed once more, ashamed of her other self. “She wanted to use a spell to temporarily no longer be an Alicorn. Such an infantile notion. A waste of our powers. All she wanted was to be seen as equals with you. She knew your insecurities and fears, and wanted to quell them; but instead, I influenced her to release me. And how foolish!! We were always equals. You and me. She thought she needed to stoop down. But no. You are worthy.”

Midnight’s return really was Sunset’s fault. “Oh…. No…”

The Dark Alicorn smiled at her. “But don’t worry. Unlike her, I can give you what you most desire… After all, isn’t what you wish more than anything to rule alongside Us?”

Sunset had a lump in her throat.

Yes. It was.

The imagery of the holograms changed To Midnight, and a demonic Sunset, together.

She approached the Unicorn. “You and me… side by side?”

More than anything.

The holograms embraced each other with their wings, blue and red meshing together with erratic glows, and nuzzled faces, connecting their crooked horns.

Her smile was of genuine joy. “That’s why I'm here, Sunset. Because she failed. But you don’t have to worry. I am yours. And you are mine! We can rule together. You can be free once more, just like me! The world will be our clay and we will be free to mold it as we see fit!! You will have everything you could possibly want!!! Including me. Nothing else will matter.

The holograms stood together, embracing, below them, ponies of all kinds bowed down to their power... The whole world was theirs. Sunset could recognize friends in that crowd.
Celestia was in that crowd.

Sunset shivered. She was right. In a dark and twisted way, this was what she always wanted, Twilight wanting her. And here she was, offering to stand together. The weight of the world hinged on this decision.

Midnight stood very close to her, facing her directly. “Isn’t this all you ever wanted?”

Sunset exhaled, unable to avert her eyes. “...It is. It is all I could have ever hoped for.” The dark irony of the situation dawned on her.

Midnight smiled, spreading her wings once more. “Then JOIN ME. You are at a crossroads; and it’s time to take the power path, as you’ve always had. We can rule this kingdom together– no, this WORLD. You will be mine, and I will be yours!! Nothing will stop us!! What do you say?”

Sunset had a brief moment of panicked thought. And yet… Clarity. In some twisted way, her innermost desires were being delivered to her on a silver platter. Everything she could have possibly ever wanted, right here, for her taking. All she needed to do was take it.

She looked at the face of the mare she loved. Everything was different now. Could she play pretend on this dark fantasy just to be happy forever? What would be the cost? Did a cost even matter anymore? Didn’t her love for Twilight matter above everything? Chasing the thrill of power with her beloved forever…
Finally, stronger than Celestia. Stronger than all.
After all, why did she always need to do the right thing? Why work so hard for self improvement if you will never be enough? If you will never, ever be enough?

For once. Couldn’t she just take what she wanted again? It was right there. It was hers. She deserved it. She EARNED it.

She loved Twilight with all her heart. It was time to show it.

Sunset gave her a weary smile. This was it. “...Okay. I accept. I am yours.”

Prancing in place, Midnight did an all-too-familiar cute little squeal. “IIIIIII!! Yesyesyes!! You will NOT regret this!”

Sunset reached for Midnight’s face, gently. “There's only one problem...”

The dark Alicorn smiled with smile at the proximity of her love. “What is it? You can have anything you want! Just say the word and I'll give it to you. I will make a constellation for you!” she said, joyfully.

“You’re not my Twilight.”

Sunset channeled all her magical energy onto her horn, and bucked the floor with her back legs, propelling herself forward with all her strength. Her target was clear, and she hit it dead to rights. Midnight's horn got heavily cracked and damaged from her hit, and she flew back, tumbling on the floor. As she struggled to get up, her voice cracked too.
The particles in the room exploded in an ocean of lights that slowly faded, shaken by the hit. The Alicorn struggled.

“Y-you!! Urgh… I… Sunset. What’s going on?? Ugh… Get out of my HEAD!!!”

Sunset couldn’t help but let out an exhale of relief. Twilight was still in there. “Twilight! I'm fighting for you! You have to fight too! LET’S GO!!!”
She said, charging at her, with intent of damaging her horn once more.
Midnight teleported and stumbled, dodging the move, Twitching her head. “Oof… Get out of my HEAD, MONSTER! Urgh. GET BACK IN YOUR CAGE, NERD. And YOU. We’re not DONE.” she looked angrily at her love.

Sunset smiled confidently as she teleported near the doors, opening them.

“MIDNIGHT! YOU WANT ME, I'M YOURS! But you’re going to have to catch me first.”

Sunset ran into the halls of the place she used to call home.

The Dark Alicorn let out a scream of anger as she battled herself internally. Spreading her wings, she took chase of her beloved.