My Little Pony (R:G5): Ponies Unite! (Book 1: A New Generation)

by Kibat Grenbuku

Prologue: Friendship was Magic

Long ago, there were six elements; Laughter, Honesty, Generosity, Loyalty, Kindness, and Magic. Their shining beacon of hope rests in the hooves of six guardians. Six young mares had brought hope and harmony to Equestria, under the guidance of their friend and leader, Princess Twilight Sparkle. Together, they took on many terrifying and fearsome foes, such as Lord Tirek, a centaur who could steal magic with one single inhale; Queen Chrysalis, an insectoid shapeshifter taking love from ponies; and the most scariest of them all, King Sombra, a conqueror of darkness and evil.

Despite their attempts at conquest to rule over Equestria, they were defeated and imprisoned. After the battle, Twilight Sparkle had been coronated as the ruler of Equestria, keeping the nation safe. It was then, centuries later, the Guardians had ascended, their spirits living on, forever watching over us. Even to this day.

As the earth pony stallion looked through some of the old texts on an old piece of parchment paper, readjusting his glasses, looking through the sentences carefully as if at any point he could miss something important. He looks at the board of a map, decorated with drawings of a chest with six locks, a crown, and a colorized stone with green swirls. He exhaled a sigh. They have to be out there somewhere in Equestria, Argyle thought to himself, I know they are, it’s just missing something.

He had a light blue coat, a royal blue mane and tail with white and purple streaks, cornflower-blue hooves, and purple eyes. His eyebrows and sideburns were dark violet. He used to wear dark maroon-rimmed glasses and a wooden pendant hollowed out with the outline of a six pointed star, a resemblance to Princess Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark. His cutie mark was a yellow shooting star.

He turns his attention to a treasure chest with a somber smile. Opening it reveals other relics of Equestria’s ancient history, such as gems, bits that wouldn’t be used in the current era, and costume pieces he has yet to restore. Among the timeless pieces of the past however, there was one he took out, a frame containing a picture.

“I’m so close to uncovering this mystery,” he said to the picture, “It’s what you and I dreamt of for years now. Our daughter doesn’t know it yet… but she’ll understand it, and help us figure it out one day, or my name isn’t Argyle Starshine.”

“Daddy!” A little filly’s voice shouts in complain from downstairs.

He sighed, he knew who that was. “Gotta go honey.” He said in a apologetic tone as he kissed the picture, placed it back in the chest, closing the lid and locking it. He went to go downstairs and sees that a three foals were playing small figures. “Alright, what’s going on here?” He asked them.

The only filly is an apricot-orange-coated Earth Pony, her fetlocks colored in a paler shade and the insides of her ears being colored in a shade of coral. She possesses aqua eyes, small yet fluttery-like lashes, thin magenta eyebrows, dark coral hooves, as well as having a silky, magenta-pink and purple mane and tail. Her mane is in a loose, swirl-like hairstyle at the bottom, with rainbow-colored streaks. As for her cutie mark, it consists of a pink star with a blue trail, with two smaller stars on the anterior side of the large one. This is his daughter and the pride and joy of his life, Sunny Starscout.

“Sprout’s doing it again!” His daughter told him.

The colt, Sprout Cloverleaf, is a red Earth Pony with a slicked back, blond mane, white socks, maroon hooves, and wavy blond tail. He also has green eyes, thick, dark red eyebrows, and a cutie mark of a purple beetroot. The red colt scoffs as he says, “Come on Sunny! Everypony knows how truly evil unicorns are!” He then proceeds to use the little white unicorn figurine and made ‘pew pew,’ noises at the orange and pink ones, doing an evil laugh afterwards.

“That isn’t true!” Sunny argues, “Unicorns are our friends, and so are the Pegasi!”

“Oh yeah?” He asks her with a raised brow, “Then what about Cozy Glow and King Sombra? Were they friends too?”

“Please knock it off!” The other colt begged. Hitch Trailblazer is a light amber-coated earth pony, having his fetlocks, chest and blaze being colored in white. He possesses amber eyes, brown eyebrows, chocolate-brown hooves, as well as having a sleek aqua-green mane and tail, with his mane being short and his tail being short-length. As for his cutie mark, it consists of a golden shield with a teal horseshoe in the center, with two teal hearts on the bottom of each side of the shield.

He got in between them, which he first tells the red colt, “Sprout, Mr. Starshine worked hard on those for Sunny, please give the Rarity figure back to her.” The red colt rolled his eyes as he does so, which the yellow colt looks at Sunny as he continues, “and Sunny, I doubt that Unicorns and Pegasi would be friends with us if it were possible.”

“But it’s true, Hitch!” Sunny defended as she picked up a purple figure, showing it to the colts, “If it weren’t for Twilight Sparkle, she wouldn’t have brought peace to Equestria! Friendship wouldn’t be magic without the Guardians!”

“Ha! If they were meant to be heroes of Equestria, why aren’t they here now?” Sprout laughs.

Hitch punched his friend’s shoulder, who winced and was scold at, saying to him, “That was uncalled for!”

“But it is a question!” The red colt said.

The light amber colt sighed as he placed his forehoof to his temple. For as as long as he knew with those two from school, they always had different views of Equestria, Sunny Starscout viewing the three tribes as equals and believing that they should be reunited once again thanks to her dad’s teachings about ancient Equestria, while Sprout always viewed the other tribes as enemies and would make his effort of becoming the hero of their home, Maretime Bay.

“Alright you three,” the cornflower blue stallion said with a chuckle, once again readjusting his glasses, “I think it’s nearly about time to head to bed. Sprout, Hitch, Ms. Cloverleaf should be here any minute to come and pick you two up.” As he said that, there was a knock on the door. “Huh, more like any second.” He mutters as he went to the door.

He opens it and from the other side is Ms. Phyllis Cloverleaf herself. She has a light peach pink coat, slightly lighter fetlocks, reddish hooves, and pale blue eyes. Her eyebrows, tail, and mane are all golden blonde, the latter of which consists of large curls bundled atop her head. She wears hot pink glasses with eyelash silhouettes attached via silver screws, as well as a pearl necklace and earrings. She has subtle lavender eyeshadow. She also wears a brown lanyard with her ID tag on it. Her cutie mark is a graph of three purple bars with a hot pink arrow going over it, depicting rising stocks.

“Argyle.” She said plainly.

“Phyllis.” He greets warmly.

The mare then noticed the figurines on the table, she gave Argyle a raised brow and asks, “Still trying to brainwash my son and his friend, I see?”

The light-blue stallion rolled his eyes as he said to her in a respectful tone, “Phyllis, you know that the stories of what they told you from generations ago are a lie. You just to-”

“That’s quite enough.” She cuts him off rudely, holding up her left forehoof. She let out a frustrated sigh as she rubbed her temples, “Why are you even teaching foals these things anyways? The whole entire town had been talking about their kids hearing about this nonsense. The more you tell them this, the more we put the risk of having the other tribes trying to hurt us.”

Argyle just shook his head and tries to tell her, once again being respectful as he could, “Unicorns and Pegasi are part of our lives too you know. Offering peace with them could rebuild the society we longed for for so many years.”

“Like cupcakes!” Sunny cuts in, bringing a plate of them with unicorn faces on them.

Ms. Cloverleaf just looks at them in disgust as she said the colts, “Come along you two, we’re leaving.”

Hitch and Sprout went out with the mare, but the light-amber colt looked at the stallion, giving him a weak smile and a wave goodbye.

“You know,” the light-peach pink earth pony said to Argyle, “you’re an earth pony. You need to act like one.”

As the trio left the lighthouse, the light-blue stallion sighed and shook his head with a frown as he thought to himself, I knew how a long time ago. It’s you and this town forgotten how to be like it. He closed the door and he could see his daughter sighing sadly, her head on her left side on the table. “What’s wrong Sunny Bunny?” He asked tenderly, kneeling down at her height.

“Sprout and Hitch don’t believe that the stories are true,” she said to him, a small frown on her lips, “Sprout even called me a weirdo.” She looked up at him, with sadness in her eyes as she asks, “Am I weird, daddy?”

Argyle, being the best father in her eyes, placed his hoof on her forehead, ‘checking her temperature,’ if you will, looked at her and said, “Hmm, just as I suspected… you are not weird. You’re very special.”

She looked at him and asked, “I-I am?”

“Oh yeah,” he tells her, cupping her cheeks, “And it’s this special kind that ponies should really be jealous of.”

She looked at him confused. “… They should?” She asks.

He nods and tells her, “You have the kind of special that somepony would look at you and say, ‘You are very special, you know that? I wish I was a lot like you.’ The Unicorns and the Pegasi could agree too. They would have some ponies in their lives, never appreciating what they do, or who they are as a pony.”

“Like Pinkie Pie?” Sunny asks him.

He chuckles and agrees, “Yes, exactly like Pinkie Pie.” He could see a little smile forming on his daughter’s face, “and I happened to notice Hitch is beginning to believe it himself.”

She looked at him in shock and asked, “He is? How?”

“Because there’s a certain sparkle in his eye,” he explains to her, “I”ve seen that sparkle before. It’s the same sparkle when I told you those stories.”

“I really wish I could met a Unicorn and a Pegasus,” she tells him, “I really want to be friends with them.” She then proudly proclaims as she puffs her chest in a prideful stance, “When I grow up, I'm going to show everypony that we are right. And someday, the both of us will meet unicorns or a Pegasus, and we'll be best friends forever!“

Chuckling, he tells his daughter, almost in a whisper, “Well, maybe today is that day.” He suddenly feints a gasp and points, “Look! A Unicorn!”

Sunny got excited and asked excitedly, “Where?! Where?!”

“Over here!” He exclaims, now wearing a fake Unicorn horn, suddenly picked up his daughter and placed her on his back, who was giggling. He tells her, “Hold on tight!” Then, he made whooshing noises.

As she felt herself soaring on her father’s back, she suddenly gasps. An idea struck the little filly’s mind. “Daddy, I got an idea!” She tells him, sliding off of him, “We can write them a letter!”

He was shocked at first, then his thoughts wonder, This… could actually work! Why didn’t I think about this?! Honey, our daughter is a genius! “Sunny Bunny, that’s brilliant!” He exclaims.

As Sunny finished her three pictures with the words Argyle read aloud, “Dear Unicorns and Pegasi, you have friends in Maretime Bay. Come visit us." Each picture contains three ponies, one of each different race, with a grassy meadow and rainbow behind them. “These are great Sunny.” He tells her proudly.

“Can we send them?” She asks.

He chuckles and said, “Well, I do believe it is our duty to send them. In fact, I know just how we can send them safely.” He went to his work desk and began to work on three more lanterns, but as added decorations, he added little horns and a pair of wings on each one. After their construction, they placed the drawing letter in a little compartment, securing the the piece of paper inside.

“With these lanterns,” Argyle said, “They’ll be a spark of a new beginning for Equestria and restoring unity of the three races.”

“Peace with Pegasi!” Sunny exclaims, “Unity with Unicorns!” She then pulls on a string as three balloons inflated to the shape of what hot air balloons were like years ago. The helium then lifted off the lanterns and took off into the air, the gentle breeze of wind guiding them to their respective destinations.

As the father and daughter watched them leave their lighthouse home, Sunny couldn’t help but give a gaping smile. Just seeing the lanterns soar through the night sky made her feel something that it has always been there, and yet somehow, she can’t explain it what it is.

Argyle then said, “Come on, it’s time for bed.” He carried her to her, and tucked her in.

“Could you tell me that story?” She asked him.

He couldn’t help but chuckle. “Again?” He gave it some thought, then he said, “There’s actually one story I want to tell you.” This brought his daughter’s interest as she leaned in close as he begun his narration, “Long ago, there were two princesses, Celestia and Luna. They were from the realm above the heavens and where alicorns are born, Skyros. They served under their father, Alcorvious, along side their siblings, the alicorns of earth, water, wind, and fire. Together they protected Skyros from the forces of fear and shadows, the Son of Darkness. One day, the Son eventually defeated the alicorns, caused by a traitor, forcing Celestia and Luna to retrieve the source of all Equestria’s magic, the Father’s Gem. When the Father found the alicorns, the traitor, and the Son however, Alcorvious had banished them all to exile, the Son and the traitor far away from Skyros, never to be seen again, but he failed to realize that he was infected by a curse that the Son casted. As for Celestia and Luna, they found themselves in undiscovered lands, after they descended themselves from the heavens, leading to them finding Equestria, and rule it with harmony and unity. And the Father’s Gem was placed inside a secret location, remained hidden. As for Skyros, it fell to such ruin, that the Father of Alicorns had closed off the realm completely, never opened to anyone again.”

Sunny was in awe of the story and asks, “What happened to Alcorvious?”

“Nopony knows,” he said as he shook his head, “But legends say that Alcorvious had sat upon his throne, waiting for his precious gem to return to him and reopen the gates to Skyros once more. If that happens, however, he’ll unintentionally unleash the curse to Equestria, cascading an endless cycle of fear that nopony can escape from.”

“Is that why the Elements of Harmony were made?” Sunny asked him.

“Part of it was, yes,” he nodded as he answers, “But without them, I feel as if it’ll take a new source of power to stop the curse.”

She then said, “Then someday, I want to save Skyros!”

He chuckles and gave her a kiss on her forehead as he said, “Maybe someday. And I know mommy will watch over you when you do.”

“You’ll be there too, right?” She asked him.

He gave her a soft smile as he says, “There will come a time when you won’t need me Sunny Bunny. But no matter what, we will be there for each other, and we will do our part.”

“Hoof to heart.” Both father and daughter said in unison.

He then the medallion that was around his neck and places on the nightstand next to her bed. “Twilight’s looking at you too Sunny Bunny,” he tells her, stroking her head and giving it one more kiss on her forehead, “I know you’ll make her proud… I know you’ll make me proud.”

As she settles in under her blankets, she then says, “Goodnight, Daddy.”

He gave her a soft expression and said, “Goodnight, my little pony.”

The drowsiness getting to her, she let out quietly, “Goodnight, friends…” setting her into sleep, and as if someone else was in there with her in the room, there was a female’s voice humming to a familiar tune.

From outside, two black cloaked, quadrupedal figures wearing decorated horned masks stood yards away from the lighthouse, a gentle breeze swept through the night from the west.

“So what they said is true,” one of the figures said, “The Prophecy’s Child is indeed here in the mortal realm.” He shook his head with the question, “How? How can a child be born in a realm like this? A disgusting and a disgraceful land founded by a mad titan that is a goat?”

“All of magic work like a symphony, brother,” the other figure said, “When working in perfect harmony and unity, a song could be heard and formed. This… this form of magic was unheard, escaped from the master’s line of sight.” The blue mask figure looked at their brother as they reached a conclusion, “Somepony was given this magic.”

The green masked figure gave out a sigh of frustration, “Such an individual like this ‘child,’ is dangerous to be raised here in this realm.”

“Are you suggesting-”

“I’m not suggesting anything, brother,” the figure cuts him off, unveiling a sheathed dagger, it’s gold and black handle gleamed in the moonlight, under his emerald green wing, “I’m demanding we eradicate her.”

“Aerovad, no,” his brother said and shook his head, placing his hoof on the butt of the dagger before his brother could unveil it further.

“You would allow this abomination of our society to continue to walk among this realm?”

“Unfortunately, we must, brother,” the blue masked figure said, looking back at the lighthouse, “You know master’s rules. We must let the mortals make their own choices. It’s why he made them gain free will.”

“Including her?”

The blue masked alicorn sighed, turning around and unfurled his wings, “We may be immortals, but it is he who has judgement.” He then took off in flight and disappeared in the midnight sky.

Aerovad could only scowl at the lighthouse. This filly, he angrily thought to himself, Since when did magic given her such power? The magic that the master made from his own blood, sweat, and tears? He looked back at his dagger and unsheathes it, it’s dual silver and jade green blade reflecting off of the moon’s light. Returning his gaze at the filly’s home with only one thought in mind, Free will or no, the Prophecy’s Child must be destroyed. Mark my words, you will meet your end.