The Recluse

by Live Light

Chapter 12: The Idea

Light's thoughts were based mostly on what just transpired. So, I got challenged into a rather pointless race by Rainbow Dash, then, I practically cosplayed as my main character, which was BUCKING AWESOME, and, to add emphasis to the fact he's a hero (Well, vigilante, but let's not go there), I saved fellow party pony/former crush/Pink Menace, Pinkie Pie, from probable splatterage... ...I'M AWESOME.

As soon as they went onto the path leading to the cottage,

Suddenly, Greg. ...Nope, doesn't work that well... Anyway, he trotted over beside them.

"Hey, Ligh- err, what are you wearing?" Greg asked.

"It is a costume, Gregory," Light began in his Unavenged voice, "I did awesome stuff in it today. I got challenged to a race by Rainbow, and, while we got into a draw, I was able to rescue Pinkie Pie when her flight contraption failed. I am, therefore, feeling rather good about myself."

"...Why are you doing that creepy voice?" Greg apprehensively inquired.

"Why not. It is the voice of the character after all. I am an amateur novelist, if you remember."

"Ah... cool. So... up in the sky... that was you?"


"Niiiiiice. Anyway, awesome things aside, just checking up on you, did you get your film equipment?"

"Yes. Pinkie delivered them and also reminded me of good things."

"What good things?"

Unavenged took his mask off, 'revealing' Light, who had a big grin on his face. "The awesomeness of PARTYING!"

Greg blinked a bit at the outburst. "So... what you're saying is... you're back?"

Light, still in his party pony mood, replied energetically, "NOPE! I still have one more test to do, then I'm legally and officially, and glad to be back!"

"Cool! Any part-ays planned?"

"I'm glad you asked! We're having a costume party very soon! Marking the grand return of Live Light! Which... I don't see why people would be interested in... but they'll attend anyway, who can miss up a party?"

"Uhm... Light," Fluttershy began, "You're.. a b-bit loud..."

Light blinked a bit. "Err... sorry, Flutters, got a bit carried away... uh... well, it was nice seeing you Greg. We'll be going now."

"See ya." Said Greg, as the two walked to the cottage.


Light and Fluttershy arrived at the cottage. Light was a bit tired for the day, but he was dedicated to the novel, so he decided to go work on it, while Fluttershy stood for a moment to think... ... Then she decided that, for now, she'd help the animals. They need her after all.

Light walked into the cottage, opened the bag, and pulled his notepad out of it, and got to work.

So... Leeroy Leonard, being the demon, might have a sort of off-spring... ...I've been professional for too long, it's time to be ludicrous. ...Now, he's a Lord of Madness, not THE lord, mind you, so he must've done something to someone... ...Nope, don't want another minion... another protagonist? ...A Deuteragonist... I've got it...

A pony driven mad by Leeroy Leonard somehow... ...what's his special talent... ...Hmmmmm..... Err... Let's go with... music. What does he play? Sax? Violin? ... ...Something modern... he could always play the electric guitar. What mental instabilities will he have? Well, let's see... he imagines blargasaurs like Leeroy does? ...No, too much for a victim... Mane-dryers and starfishes... ...Yes. He wears a suit that covers all of his coat, and he's not comfortable with taking his mask off... he's a mercenary, and despite his insanity, maybe even the kindest one there is and his name is...


...AGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Time to get to strange names... vaguely threatening... Cheap Shot? ...Maybe. ...Mengay-gengay... no, that's mock baby talk... Unavenged Stal- Are you for real, brain? Deathlock... Nope... Deathelocke... ...That's basically it, with some e's added there, and Death is said as Dayth... ...That's... weird... DEATHELOCKE IT IS.

Light literally jumped off the couch, and did some sort of victory dance, that, while well performed, was strange, considering the peacefulness surrounding the cottage. Most of the animals were staring at him... as was Fluttershy, who was standing at the door.

"Eh-he-heh... err..." Light awkwardly began. "Sorry, I managed to think up a Deuteragonist, after a pain-staking thought session."

"Um... What's a Deuteragonist?" Fluttershy asked.

"The second most important character. You see, the Antagonist, that's the villain, is a demon of madness, so, must have driven someone mad to the point of doing something about it. So I created Deathelocke, who's going to be a sort of occasional contact to the Unavenged Stallion. And he's gonna be mad as well... but not too annoying, hopefully. So... I have a semi-sidekick."

Light was kind of surprised when Fluttershy looked crestfallen for a few seconds, then tried to recover. "O-oh... t-thats... great..." Fluttershy said.

Light raised an eyebrow. "Something on your mind?"

"U-uhm... no, not at all..."

Light was now extremely concerned. He walked over to Fluttershy. "I can tell there's something wrong, Flutters. What is it?"

"Nothing..." She insisted. Light didn't avert his gaze. Fluttershy sighed.

"Oh... I had a suggestion I was hoping you'd accept... but it's a bit late now..."

"Actually, it's not, I still have loads of space for ideas. In fact, I welcome any ideas from anypony."

Fluttershy perked up a bit. "Oh, well, in that case, you wanna hear my idea?"

"I'm all ears, Flutters." He replied.

"Well... here goes... Is it possible that... you could... um... include... Mare-Do-Well?"

My brain is full of buck. Why didn't I think of that. I love you.

"That... is the best idea ever..." He said, before giving her a big hug, "Thank you, Fluttershy."

Fluttershy was surprised at first, but welcomed the hug, returning the embrace. After a couple of minutes, they broke the hug, both proceeded to blush a bit, and Fluttershy was left feeling happy he loved her idea.

"No problem, Light... but err... what about your original... Deuteragonist?" She said, trying to remember how he said Deuteragonist.

"Oh, he can still be in, he'll just be a Tritagonist."

"Um... does that mean... third most important?"

"Yep. But, I'm including Mare-Do-Well. However, I don't want to include a Mare-Do-Well you're unfamiliar with. So... you describe to me what she's like, and I'll do my best to fit that in."

Fluttershy smiled. It sounded like she was helping with a big bit of the story. Scratch that... she IS.

"I'll do my best, Light." She said.

They both sat down, and discussed the matter of Mare-Do-Well being in Light's novel. As per Fluttershy's specifications, Mare-Do-Well is introduced as a member of a bloodline of heroes who have all worn the mantle of Mare-Do-Well. Occasionally, a stallion would dress up as Mare-Do-Well, but Light didn't want to mention this until he could think up a gender-bender name for Mare-Do-Well.

Anyway, the latest Mare-Do-Well is usually a shy pegasus pony, who would like to be surrounded by her animal friends. She lives in a penthouse, which she has decorated into being nearly a botanical garden. It's her ideal home. But, when night comes around, she becomes Mare-Do-Well, a confident protector of justice, the hero everypony looks up to. She becomes an associate of the Unavenged Stallion, and doesn't look too kindly on his extreme ways of stopping crime, and makes it her mission to have him accepted by everypony in Manehattan, a mission of which, he finds only morally difficult.

Fluttershy would have wished to have her as a love interest for Light's character... but that's asking too much, in her opinion. Light was quite satisfied with this idea, then his tiredness kicked in. They bid each other goodnight, and Light went to sleep.


Light, being an amateur novelist, had his weird ways of character building. Sometimes, he imagined he was his own character, usually in his dreams. Just letting you know.


The Unavenged Stallion finished his patrol of Manehattan. He needed his rest. But first, he had to speak with one of his contacts first. He was given co-ordinates on where to find her, whenever it was required. He flew over to her penthouse to find it was surrounded by a glass cube, almost in the style of a greenhouse. She is one with nature, it would seem.

He hovered around to find some sort of door. He managed to find one, and opened it quietly. He looked around for anypony. I do not see her... perhaps she is busy with other criminals...

"Welcome, Unavenged Stallion." Came a dark, confident, feminine voice.

Unavenged looked behind him to find who he was looking for. Mare-Do-Well.

"I must say, you really should have thought of another name," Mare-Do-Well continued. "It doesn't quite sound right your full name, it sounds like I'm describing somepony, not speaking to you."

He let out a slightly irritated sigh. "Unavenged will do, in that case."

"Oh, no first-name basis? Surely, if we're partners, we should be able to trust each with our own names." She replied, a near playful smirk forming behind the mask, which Unavenged could see.

"Those relationships hardly matter to me now." He coolly replied.

"Why not?"

"Nothing lasts. You should know by now, considering how long you have been at this occupation for. Surely others have not survived in your line of work?"

"If you must know, I'm not the first Mare-Do-Well. Just the newest. Like my mother, and hers before me."

"Hrm... interesting... I have been at this a lot longer at you in that case..."

"How? You're only a recent addition to the heroes here. Care to share your secret?"

...She is my partner, after all...

"I am more on the supernatural side. The spirit in me re-incarnates me, should I be ended. In other words, I do not die permanently." He explained.

Mare-Do-Well stared at him with a look of... pity?

"Isn't that... lonely, in any way?" She inquired.

"Extremely." He admitted as if this was a natural occurrence for everypony.

Mare-Do-Well walked over to him to look him in the eyes, prompting him to look in another direction.

"Doesn't that make you sad? People dying around you?"

This is getting irritating... is she playing therapist on me? I do not need this...

"Of course. Why would it not?" He replied.

"...I'm sorry... It's just... I don't see how you can go on like this... is there a way to reverse being practically immortal?"

"If I finish my duty, I may have my rest."

"Which is?"

"Ending all sin in this world."

"And how is that going?"

... ... Why is she so interested in me?

"...It seems impossible, so far... I wish I could stop. But I cannot."

Mare-Do-Well wondered what could possibly keep him going.

"Why not?"

"Because... I do not want anypony to die on me anymore..." His voice became less creepy, more Equestrian, and sad too.

Mare-Do-Well placed a hoof to the side of his face, and turned it in her direction.

"Neither do I... but... I just don't see how you can rid all of Equestria of sin... I'm not going against your beliefs, it's just... why should one do what his dead ancestors want of him? You never had to do any of this... but... I admire that you want the world to be peaceful, all the same..."

"... I don't have anything to live for that will last. That is why I must try..." He sadly replied.

She smiled to him in an assuring manner. "Why live for what's to come, when you can live for what's happening now? There must be a way to end this cycle without having to accomplish the impossible, and if that's the case... don't try this all the time... just when you're needed. You can still do all the things you want to do. Like start a family."

He didn't answer. She was definitely trying to help him... but he isn't sure how to fit in with modern society... although, he admires that she's trying to help... she may be the kindest pony he's ever met.

"I'm going to trust you with something..." She began. "But I need you to tell no-one of this..."

"You have my word, Mare-Do-Well."

She smiled under her mask. She took her pointed hat off first, and pulled her mask off. She revealed her face, and she was a beautiful mare, with a butter-yellow coat and a long, pink mane. As soon as she took her mask off, however, she started shaking... she seems to have lost her confidence all of a sudden.

"U-um... my real name is... Fluttershy..."

Unavenged was surprised. The great Mare-Do-Well, under the mask, was a pony who was extremely shy of others... ...and... undeniably adorable and pretty... It couldn't hurt...

He took his mask off, revealing a blue stallion with a brown, spiky mane. "And my name is Live Light."

They both smiled at each other, and looked into each other's eyes. To Light, those teal eyes were the purest one would ever find. They both looked around the penthouse. When they were confident nopony was watching, they walked a bit closer to each other.

And after a brief staring session, they leaned a little closer to each other.

And then their lips met.



Although I have technically waited for this moment for a while... this is all a dream.

If it makes you feel better, Light sleep-acts. It's like Sleep-walking, except he's in character.

It certainly makes me feel better.

If my upload time is a bit late, it's because I was sleeping most of the day. I felt unwell, but I don't think it's as bad now. The need to upload every day makes me think I'm working too hard, which leads me to ask you two questions...

1. Am I truly working too hard?

2. I need a gender-bender name for Mare-Do-Well. A male one. I have no ideas for that. GIMMEEEEEE