But, She's a Pony!

by Uke-Joe

Chapter 7

Chapter 7


You wake up to what feels like a full night of sleep. Although still slightly drowsy from that just-woken-up feeling, you peel your eyes open to be greeted by early morning light seeping into the room between the cracks in the blinds. A fuzzy, warm feeling fills you as you enjoy the soft light of the morning slowly illuminating the room, revealing a curled up Fluttershy nuzzled against your chest, her breaths tickling your ribcage and her soft mane brushing against your neck. Smiling, you contentedly close your eyes and drift back asleep, enjoying the presence of the beautiful mare against you with a smile on your face.


“GO RAINBOW DASH!” yells someone behind you. Rainbow had clearly gone out of her way to find her friends good seats, as you were seated in the very front row. Unfortunately, these seats also came with the most devoted fans of the Wonderbolts, who filled the air with loud cheers whenever a spectacular stunt was performed.

However, sitting next to Fluttershy and Twilight balanced the noises around you, with the both of them taking a much more laid-back approach to cheering. Not to say they weren't supportive of their friend, but a soft “yay” or a “woohoo!” was much more pleasant to listen to than the ruckus that everyone else around you was creating. Despite this, the show was a very exciting experience, filled with maneuvers none but the most talented pegasus could attempt. The renowned group made it look easy, grinning wildly as they soared through the air. You turn to Twilight, who is busy explaining the most anticipated stunt of the show to you.

“…and that's how Rainbow performs her world famous Sonic Rain-” ripples of multi-hued colors race across the sky from where a loud boom had just sounded. The crowd explodes into applause.

“…That.” Twilight breaks out into a smile, fascinated by the majestic Sonic Rainboom. The show ending, you join the rest of the group in their way out of the stadium to go meet Rainbow Dash. Trudging up the stairs filled with excited fans, you slowly but surely make your way out of the stadium and into the lot, where you are greeted by Rainbow.

“That was a super show, Dashie!” the ever excited Pinkie Pie yelps.

You chime in: “Expect for that show to be all over YouTube, it really was spectacular. The Wonderbolts probably just booked themselves an extended tour here on Earth.”

“Thanks, guys,” Rainbow replies, grinning. “I wish I could stay for longer, but I have to go; we're already moving to the next place. Besides, you know how busy things can get.”

“So soon?” Fluttershy asks, sounding disappointed.

“I'm afraid I'll be leaving too, Carousel Boutique is probably already swamped with orders.”

“Ah have the farm to be tending to…”

“The Cakes have a HUGE order I have to be back to work on, so I have to go or else there won't be any delicious and creamy hazelnut chocolate covered cake for anypony!”

Twilight, seeing Fluttershy's disappointment, speaks up, “I'm still going to be staying here today, if you wanted to do something Fluttershy?”

Fluttershy brightens up at this, “Oh, yes! That would be wonderful!”

Twilight smiles and looks at you, “Care to tag along?”

“Sounds good to me,” you honestly reply. You wander off to a bathroom as the ponies say their goodbyes, regretting the large soda you had consumed during the show. Fortunately, the bathroom is fairly uncrowded, so you get your business done and wash your hands before finding Twilight and Fluttershy waiting for you, the others having presumably gone their separate ways.

“So, Twilight, where did you want to go?” you ask the unicorn as you head off to find a taxi.

“Well, I heard there's a pretty cool museum-” Twilight stops as you chortle. You cough and return you attention to her.

“A very interesting museum not far from the aquarium you both went to. I think it will be fun!”

You and Fluttershy both agree, seeing as you had no plans anyway. A hop, skip, and a jump into a taxi, and you arrived at the museum in question: The Field Museum. Though she was slightly intimidated by the sight of the skeletal dinosaur in the front, Fluttershy was enthralled by the exhibits about wildlife, and Twilight was equally fascinated to learn all about each exhibit. From Sue the T-Rex, to the exhibit about life underground, Twilight read all the plaques out loud. Pretending to care, you tagged along. You were still enjoying the experience. Fluttershy learned about creatures she had seldom seen, because they spent most of their time underground.

“So Twilight, Fluttershy, how long have you two known each other?” you ask as you stand by an exhibit about malaria.

“Ever since I came to Ponyville, a few years ago. Fluttershy probably told you the story about Nightmare Moon, though.”

It was true: you had known the story ever since you asked Rainbow Dash on Facebook what the Elements of Harmony were. It struck you that you were socializing with some pretty high-up ponies in the Equestrian government.

“I was even a little scared of you at first Twilight, but then we got to know each other and we've been friends ever since!”

Although you were sure Twilight could stay for hours looking at the exhibits, you felt that it was about time for dinner. Since the show hadn't started until three, you had slept past lunch and breakfast, a choice that you were now paying for. The pair was snapped out of their happy search through the museum by your stomach rumbling. You make your way to the most available restaurant, a McDonald's you had pulled up on your GPS.

“I think we're pretty much done here anyway, right Fluttershy?” Twilight asks.

“You should have told us you were so hungry!” exclaims Fluttershy.

“I'm really fine, do you two want anything?” you ask as you approach the counter. Fluttershy asks for a sundae and Twilight asks for some fries. You order yourself a meal and sit down at a table, biting into your first real food that day. Twilight and Fluttershy talked while you ate, but you were captivated by your meal; the burger tasted absolutely divine, and there was a decent chance you cleared your tray in less than ten minutes flat.

“So what do you think about that idea?” Twilight asks you.

You pause as you search your brain for what she just said. Drawing a blank, you ask her to repeat herself.

“What do you think about Twilight coming to stay with us in the apartment? She is here to research pony/human interactions, after all, so our university might be a fine example!” Fluttershy asks rather excitedly.

“Of course. There's plenty of space for me in your room, right Fluttershy?” Twilight asks to a nodding Fluttershy. “So, as long as you don't mind, that sounds like a great idea!”

You consider this. It would be pretty useful to have a unicorn in your apartment, as well as connections to some important people in Equestria. You were going to be looking for a job before too long, after all. Seeing nothing wrong with this, you agree.

“Yeah, sure. Depending on how long you're staying, we have a couch and a spare bed tucked away in the closet I think... Although hopefully it isn't as bad as the one Fluttershy and I received from the hotel.” You give a brief laugh.

“What was wrong with the hotel one?” Twilight asked.

“Oh, some spiders were already living there, so Drew kindly escorted them from our room to the hallway.”

“So did the hotel give you another cot?” Twilight asks.

“No, I just took one side of the bed,” you say. Twilight looks a little shocked.

“You mean you two slept together?” Twilight asks.

“Oh no-no-no, it's not- we're not- eeeep!” Fluttershy squeaks, attempting to hide behind her mane.

“Of course I didn't mean it like that Fluttershy! I was only going to say that you could have just come to my hotel if you wanted to.” Twilight offers. “You can tonight too if you're staying here another day.”

You look at your watch. “I'd be kind of crazy to leave now, Twilight, it's getting pretty late. I'll help Fluttershy bring her stuff to your hotel if she wants to.”

Fluttershy recovers a little bit, mumbling out a thank you and accepting both of your offers in a voice audible only to Twilight.

“Alright Fluttershy, I'll be waiting,” she says, getting up to leave. She turns towards you, “I'll put the name of the place into your phone,” she says, lighting up her horn. Sure enough, walking directions between your two hotels appears on your phone. You offer her a nod of thanks and a smile, which she returns before walking out towards her hotel. You take care of your trash and help Fluttershy up, heading towards your hotel. Upon arrival, she grabs a comb and her toothbrush and you head out again, walking towards Twilight's hotel.

Fluttershy walks beside you as you cross the street and turn onto the sidewalk, accidentally bumping into you. You look down to her as she glances up at you, her cute face seeming to redden a shade before looking away. Curious, you smile at her odd behaviors. It seems to you that everything she does is about twice as cute as it has the right to be. Of course, you tended to think that about your pony roommate anyway, but her shy tendencies made her just that much more enjoyable.

You hold the door open for her as she steps into the hotel. Pressing Twilight's floor number on the elevator, you feel something wrap around your lower back. Fluttershy looks up and smiles at you, holding you with her left wing. You smile back as the elevator dings and you walk towards the room number.

“Hey Drew, I was wondering if, um…” she trails off as you reach the door to Twilight's room.
“I'll come by tomorrow to pick you and Twilight up, don't worry,” you respond

“Well, actually-”

“And then I'll drive us to the apartment.”


“Unless Twilight wants to-”

“Drew!” Fluttershy jumps up to place her fore-hooves on your chest, bringing you almost nose to muzzle. She realizes her proximity and retreats slightly, sheepishly tucking her face behind her mane. After a moment of this, she looks back up at you, blushing slightly. You tuck some of her mane back behind her face and hold her there. Moments pass, nothing but her turquoise eyes in your vision and butterflies in your stomach. You close your eyes and lean forward.
“OhMyGoshFluttershyWhereverHaveYouBeenOhHeyDrewBye!” Twilight magics Fluttershy into her hotel room and slams the door in between her room. You sit there, unsure of what to make of the situation, before turning back down the hallway and walking to your hotel room.