The Crescent Journal

by GuitarKirby

Phase 4 - Waxing Gibbous (Chapter 3)

October the Second
Twilight Sparkle and I have had a wonderful evening. She was kind enough to allow me to spend the night at her home. She has always been very studious, and I found many books I have not yet read here in the Ponyville Library; I shall add them to my personal collection back home. Twilight had a book that gave instructions on having a successful "slumber party." I do not see the logic of calling it a "slumber party" as neither of us slept at all. However, we had many enjoyable activities. I am not one to argue with a store of knowledge, and Twilight undoubtedly understand it better than I. We talked and made treats, watched a movie, had makeovers, and told scary stories. For all my skill in the art of narration, Twilight Sparkle clearly outdoes me in this field.
For once, I don't feel the loneliness that constantly plagues me at home. I have only my guards and my own sister there. While Tia is kind enough, she and I are not all that similar. She is tempered and kind, edging on benevolent. I, however, am open with my emotions, and often hotheaded. I am not so merciful as she is... She is truly a better pony than I.
Nonetheless, I am glad that I was allowed to spend a night here in Ponyville. I will soon return to my home in Canterlot and rest, so that I may continue my regular duties. My leave of absence can only last for so long, after all.
However, before I complete this entry, I would tell you of another friend I made. Twilight had a late-night visitor, the young Fluttershy. She simply wished to return a book, but Twilight insisted she come in and join us. I know she was afraid at first, but she did warm up to me. She left when we began the telling of scary stories (given her personality, I can understand why), but she enjoyed her time with us.
I think she is a new friend of mine.
Princess Luna

Luna shut the small journal, and looked out the window. The first rays of morning light were breaking out over the horizon. Twilight was deeply asleep, and she did not want to wake her. She therefore exited the building (leaving a small note explaining that she had left) before using her transportation spell. She arrived before her sister at a breakfast table. Celestia looked up from her morning meal.
"Hello, Luna. Did you enjoy your evening?"
"Oh, Tia, it was such fun!" Luna exclaimed. She sat before her sister, waxing eloquent about her evening for nearly an hour. Celestia listened, smiling at her.
"I am glad you enjoyed your short leave of absence, sister," said Celestia. "Please, do be sure to give more warning to me next time; it was rather difficult to explain your sudden disappearance to your guard."
Luna winced at the mention of her guard; she had entirely forgotten about them. They were magically bound to her, sworn to protect her until dismissal or death. Therefore, if she had a sudden disappearance, it was incredibly worrisome to them.
"Oh, Tia! I forgot entirely! I must find a way to make it up to them..."
"You should. Might I suggest that you host a party for them?" Luna's head spun at the suggestion. Such a social interaction was difficult enough when others hosted; it would be unbelievably frightening for her to lead such an event.
She wants me to have another social event, thought Luna. How... Thoughtful.
"That is a wonderful idea, sister! Will you help me plan the event, though?"
"Of course, Luna. For now, I suggest you get some rest."
"Thank you so much, Tia!"
And so, after eating a small meal, Luna disappeared to her black-draped bedroom.
The stars within shone more brightly than they had in one thousand years.