The Crescent Journal

by GuitarKirby

Phase 3 - First Quarter (Chapter 2)

(Author's Note: I decided to let this take place around the same time as "Octaves Beyond." It has no real connection beyond this concert. I'm dipping into a new genre, and I want to feel comfortable with my characters.)

October the First
My dearest journal, I am finally in Ponyville. The concert was spectacular, though nopony knew I was there; I rested upon a cloud above the audience. The music was incredible; it was as though the two were crafting the sounds into something far more powerful. Tia tells me that the cellist played at the Grand Galloping Gala. I obviously wouldn't know; I kept to myself at that event. It was so unlike our balls and galas a thousand years ago. For once, it sounded like the bow - undoubtedly made of the little Earth-pony's tail fur - was truly a part of her, an extension of her body and mind. Similarly, the pianist had incredible skill, the notes flowing beneath his hooves like water.
Their music touched me, for it was so obvious that their souls were intertwined by the sounds. It is both wonderful that I could see such a passionate romance unfold before my own eyes, but it saddened me as well. It reminded me of how alone I truly am...
However, not all is bad. In fact, you might get a second entry as the morning approaches, for I have not yet seen my friends here in Ponyville.
Princess Luna

The princess of the night signed the bottom of the entry, and teleported the book back to her bedroom; it would be of use later on, assuming things went well. She lifted a hoof to the door, and paused just before knocking. She was unsure of herself; it was rather rude to invite oneself over to another pony's home, after all.
I am a princess, and I therefore have the right to make any call I wish at any hour I wish, no matter what Tia might say!
Celestia had suggested waiting until dawn, but Luna had insisted that she go that evening. Celestia, in turn, refused to argue with her sister, as they were equals, and did not want to polarize them any more than had already been done. So, she had allowed Luna to go.
Luna finally braced herself, and tapped on the door, standing as regally as she could. Twilight opened the door, and Luna looked down at her.
Whatever Luna could say about Twilight Sparkle's faults - her obsessions with scheduling, her lack of social skills, and her over-attachment to studying came to mind - she could not call her a fearful pony. Most cowered in the presence of the Night Princess, but Twilight smiled.
"Hello, Princess Luna!" Luna opened her mouth to respond, then paused for a fraction of a second, mentally shifting herself away from her usual public voice.
"Hello, Twilight Sparkle." Luna praised herself mentally. "Dost thee fare well?" Twilight giggled.
"I'm quite alright, princess. Would you like to come in?"
"If it is not too inconvenient to you."
"For a Princess? Never!"
Twilight turned around, and Luna followed her in. The library was not as impressive as the one in her castle - in fact, Luna's personal collection dwarfed the innocent library - but it was quaint, and inviting. It felt very much like a home. Luna took in the sights around her - there were dim candles lighting the shelves and corners of the library. Each shelf was carefully sorted by subject, then sub-sorted by author.
"You have done an impressive job of keeping things in order here, Twilight," said Luna. The Canterlot Library wasn't so well sorted, despite its vast collection.
"Thank you," said Twilight. She was rummaging through her books, when she pulled out a bright pink book with a sleeping bag and pillow on the cover. "This is a new copy of my old sleepover book! Since you're here, do you want to have a slumber party?" Luna smiled, and glanced at the floor.
"I appreciate your offer, Twilight, but I do not know if..." She faltered at the sight of the lavender unicorn giving her a pitiful look. Luna giggled. "Oh, very well. I suppose I can escape my duties until morning, just this once." Twilight squealed her delight.
"Yay! Now we can do all kinds of fun stuff!"
And, indeed, they did have much fun. To Luna, her own night passed all too quickly, spent with her dearest friend.