The Crescent Journal

by GuitarKirby

Phase 2 - Waxing Crescent (Chapter 1)

September 30th
My dearest journal, I have had a quiet night. However, I took this opportunity to fly over Canterlot from a distance. I could see my subjects beneath me, strolling through the night...
Though most are indoors, I finally think that they do enjoy my nights. Clubs in which many drink away their troubles and dance their woes into oblivion have sprung up everywhere. Local "DJs" take advantage of the shadows to send colorful lights and lasers cutting through people, all accompanied by the sound of powerful beats.
These dance clubs are most unlike the balls we would have all those years ago. We would dance to the sound of bows made from the tails of the musicians themselves, dragging across the strings. We would wear sparkling masks, laughing and talking of important matters. It was all very much Tia's style, so very prim and prop
I should not speak of my sister in this way, dear journal. I am so very sorry.
However, these clubs... For all the differences they represent, I enjoy them. They so match myself, what I wished for myself and my subjects. The freedom of their movements is truly glorious, the lack of inhibitions as wondrous as my skies. Perhaps I will join them someday.
Princess Luna.

Luna set the book down, and reached to shut her window. She stopped, however, when she heard a small ring in her ear. She sighed, and teleported to her sister's chamber.
"Yes, Tia?"
The white alicorn smiled at Luna, her eyes sparkling ever so slightly. Luna merely looked back. She was tired from her flight, and wanted to go to bed.
"Twilight Sparkle's latest report includes a note about a musical performance happening in Ponyville. Perhaps you would like to attend?"
In an instant, Luna's countenance changed; her ears perked up, her wings flared, and her face gained rapt attention.
"Truly, dear sister, you would invite me to this event?" Celestia laughed at the question.
"If you promise not to use the Canterlot Royal Voice, then yes, of course." Luna nodded her enthusiasm.
"When is this event occurring?"
"Tomorrow night," Celestia responded. Luna disappeared in an instant. Her room's black drapes and walls glittered as she galloped to her journal (the curtains and walls had been enchanted to shimmer as the sky according to her emotions).

Celestia invited me to visit Ponyville once more! I shall make a point of visiting Twilight Sparkle while there, so I might reconnect with her, and make other friends as well.