Welcome little one

by DashieFan1

Chapter 4

Spike was afraid. White Whirl was such a tiny, fragile thing, it seemed like the slightest puff of smoke would blow her away. The wisps of rainbow mane floated in the breeze, having a life of their own. Whirly looked up at the strange creature that filled her vision. It didn't seem to be dangerous, this purple smiling face.

For one endless moment the two very different creatures stared at each other. Spike came even closer, fascinated by the baby. Then the silence was broken by a shocked yelp of pain.

Whirly clung to Spike's nose, gurgling happily. She didn't know who this purple face was, but it was hers now. Her newest, bestest toy was whimpering, fighting the instinct to rip off whatever was attached to his nose.

"Cloud! Heelp!"

"I'm here, Spike! Whirly, let go!"

Cloud pulled on the little foal, who was surprisingly strong. Giving up on forcing the baby to let go, she whisked away, grabbing toys from the floor. Windfall, seeing what Cloud was doing, started scooping up random toys as well. Together, the girls waved the toys in front of Whirly, desperately trying to distract her from Spike. It didn't work. The Purple face was waaay more fun than the silly old soft toy animals.

Cloud Puff stopped, abruptly sitting down to think. Windfall kept the distracting up, making silly faces, zooming around the room at twice her normal speeds, and other such activities. But this wasn't working. The only thing that Cloud could think of doing would be to just take Whirly away from Spike using force (or a crowbar). But that would upset the little foal, maybe even make her cry. Cloud Puff wanted to keep her sister happy and live up to her parents' expectations, but Whirly couldn't stay clinging to spike.

Already, she could see Spike beginning to sway, dragging White Whirl with him. It wasn't in a dragon's nature to allow himself to be trapped, or even enclosed.

Soon, Spike's instincts would take over, and then Whirly could get seriously hurt.
Cloud could see that Spike was getting more and more anxious, a fact not helped by Windfall's frantic distractions. Quickly, Cloud ran through her options. Clearly, the best idea would be for Spike to stay still and Whirly to get bored. But for that to happen, they both needed to be calm.

"Windfall, stop."

"B-b-but Cloud?"

Windfall was hesitant, but obedient. Not as calm as Cloud Puff, she landed beside her and started fretting quietly. Although the girls acted similar, Cloud was the more level-headed filly, as she was demonstrating now.

"Spike, you need to stay still." Cloud commanded. "Is there anything we could do to help?"

"I... I don't know." Spike shivered, and then winced. Whirly was kicking out with her back legs, hitting the dragon on his tender nose. "Could you keep Whirly calm?"

Cloud thought back. In her limited experience with her new sister, what kept her calm? There was not much she could think of, really. Generally, Rainbow and Soarin' just let her play until she collapsed out of tiredness. The only time White Whirl had really calmed down... was when Cloud sang to her.

Cloud Puff didn't know if this would work, but it was worth a shot. Even if this only calmed down Whirly a little bit, it was worth it. Taking a moment to reflect on the accuracy of the nickname 'Whirly', cloud puff began to sing.

"Hush now, Quiet now...
It's time to lay your sleepy head...
Hush now, Quiet now...
It's time to go to bed..."

Windfall sat up with a shock of recognition. Her mom had taught that song to Windfall and Cloud Puff. Cloud Puff glanced at her friend, inviting her to join in. Together, the two fillies started to sing.

"Hush now, Quiet now...
It's time to lay your sleepy head...
Hush now, Quiet now...
It's time to go to bed..."

Their voices echoed down the halls of the cloud home, to the party. Rarity looked up from her conversation. Soarin' looked up from his pie. And in the corner, the heavily pregnant Fluttershy broke out in a blinding smile. The light yellow Pegasus got up from her corner, leaning on Big Macintosh's shoulder for support.

Fluttershy walked toward the song, trailing members of the party. And as she walked, she sang, adding her voice to the lullaby.

"Drifting, off to sleep...
Leave exciting day behind you...
Drifting, off to sleep...
Let the joy of dream land find you..."

Sweetie Belle joined Fluttershy at the front of the group. In a voice the sounded of silk, so unlike the brashness of her youth, she blended her own voice in.

"Let all who sing this...
Feel the rest in night...
Let all who sing this...
Wake up in morning bright..."

Together, the two leaders of the party of confused ponies rounded the wall, and came upon the strange scene. Sweetie Belle skipped a beat, unusual for a professional like her. Fluttershy went on singing, joining the two fillies by the cradle.

Spike was shooting very embarrassed and apologetic looks at Twilight, but she wasn't noticing. Even Pinkie Pie was frozen into stillness by the strange sight before them. It wasn't every day that you saw a dragon trapped by a baby.

Rainbow Dash and Soarin' immediately went to retrieve White Whirl, but Twilight stopped them. In hushed tones, she explained why it would be best to keep both dragon and baby calm. Meanwhile, in the middle of the room, the singers sang on.

Ponies began to edge toward the cradle, just a fascinated by White Whirl has Spike had been. Slowly, they began to join in. First Rarity, then Applebloom and Scootaloo, then Pinkie Pie, Applejack Big Macintosh, and finally, setting a deep hum to go along with the song, Spike himself.

"Hush now, quiet now...
To all we say goodbye...
Hush now, quiet now...
Land of dreams in the sky..."

Cloud could see the lullaby beginning to work its magic. Not only was Spike himself calmer, Whirly was loosening her hooves. The little filly was soothed by the song and curious as to all the new faces around her. Slowly, very, very slowly, her hooves lost their grip on Spike. The dragon lowered his head, sending Whirly into the soft depths of her cradle. The baby's tiny eyes closed, and never opened, her petite chest rising and falling with the beats of her song.

The singers all died away, looking at the sleeping baby. All except one. Cloud Puff looked at her baby sister, surrounded by everypony and dragon. A family wasn't just blood and genes. A family was of all shapes and sizes, of all colors and breeds. Cloud Puff sang the last verse of the song herself.

"Hush now, quiet now,
It's time to lay your sleepy head.
Hush now, quiet now,
It's time to go to bed..."