by nerevars

Prologue : Flashback

(This is my first chapter of my first fic and English is not my first language so any critic, ideas, and grammar naziing are welcome)It’s been how long? A few weeks, a few months? You’ve lost your count of how many time has been set after you are start dating your childhood friend, your favorite DJ on your favorite club, known as DJpon3, Vinyl Scratch.

You didn't really know how all of this started. You always together from kindergarten until you and her entering Canterlot University majoring in music. Although you’re more prefer calm and soothing classical music and she is more like to dance to upbeat heart thumping modern music,  even with that differences about you and her choice of music, she still get along with you. In fact, you’re pretty much really close together. More than just brother and sister, more than just a bestfriend.


You started to find her attractiveness when she was DJing at your campus festival for Summer Sun Celebration. It’s not easy to get that gig. Since Summer Sun Celebration festival was one of many prestigious get together for artist to show up their skills that can make you very famous if you nailed it good since the audience was not just from around the campus, but the whole Canterlot would be there.

Everypony who want to perform need to pass an audition, so everypony need to compete to each other to make sure, only a pony who ‘worth it’ will perform and entertain everypony from the stage.

Of course you were performing too, but as a member of Summer Breeze Orchestra which was just a quick set up to performing for this festival as a one of the violist. You join the assemble group just because you are a member of Classic Music club, so they asked you to come and fill up to make it bigger. On the other hoof, Vinyl was performed solo. It’s not because she doesn’t join a club. In fact, she is the one who got all support from her club since she is the type of pony who will do her best when she stands up or something.

That club is ‘Clubhouse’ club. There’s a reason why they pick that name. First, it is a club to anypony who like to clubbing and partying. Sometimes, if it is already late enough, they will threw some party until they get wasted or they partying hard enough to make a police crash to theirs party. Second, there is always a loud noise just like a clubhouse heard from outside and for those who is the first time here think it is a clubhouse, not a club of ‘clubhouse’.

On the day of the audition, you were there, encouraged her since you know that she was very nervous eventhough she was tried to hide it but as a childhood friend who can read her like a book, you knew she needed help. So, you were beside her all the time, answering all of her ridiculous question she threw on your, like “How’s my mane?”, “Do they will laughing me?” to “Do I stink?”. Of course you denied all of her negative ridiculous thought question with a warmth smile.

But that’s it. All you can do to calm her was just be there for her and talked, a friend talk. At that time, you want to embrace her and brushed her mane just like a mother who calmed her filly to go to sleep at scary night and whispering “It’s okay, I know you can do it!”. But, you were not doing it, because you were just a friend to her.

There were many ponies who looked depressed after got out from the audition room and you knew they don’t make it but there was many of them who have a victory face running to tell the good news to their friends. You smile as the one who made it running across you but you sure notice her twitching, when a mare kick the door and yelling about the unfairness of the judgement the jury has made.

When her name was called, she was shaking like crazy because of her nervousness suddenly peak up. Then you do it, you grabbed her hoof and because of the surprising thing you do, she suddenly quiet and you watch her in the eyes then whispering “It’s okay, I know you can do, I’m sure of it”. Eventhough it’s not like what you wanna do. Somehow, she became calm and after lowering your hoof and heavy sighing, she said “Thank you” then she enter the audition room with full of confidence.

A few minute has been passed as you wait for her. From outside, you can hear a loud bass and many other clubhouse music will sound like while she was doing her best to pass the audition and then it suddenly stopped. You tried to peek inside but can see nothing from blurred glass on the double door to the audition room. The door beside you open slowly with creaking sound as her head hung low passed you.

You took notice of the gloomy atmosphere.

“S-So, how is it go-“ You were interrupted as she suddenly hugged you tightly and screamed.

“I did it, I pass the audition!”

You were speechless, there were many things going on in your head. Happy, glad, proud is the first thought that came to your head and then it came, your bad habit everytime something great happen to your close friends or family.

You pitied yourself.

You escaped yourself from the deadly grip of the mare in front of you.

“Wow, that’s great” You muttered.

With cheerful smile adorned to her face she said “Great?” she paused “Wait until you see me step up on the gig and blasting the crowd with my awesomely DJing skill that makes them...” She stopped, noticing your silence and gloomy face.

“H-Hey, what’s wrong?” She asked you.

“Does something happen when I was in there? Or do I say something wrong? Oh no, if it was something I say, please forgive me, you will forgive me right?” She apologized, you knew from her voice she was genuinely sorry. Eventhough you know she wasn’t do anything wrong. But you’re pretty surprised though since you don’t know this side of her. The way she apologizing, is so girly, so feminime, so pretty.

“No. There is nothing wrong” You smiled at her sheepishly. “I’m just proud you know. Knowing one of my bestfriend will be the center of everypony attention.

You saw a clock across the room and said “Hey, look at the time, I need to get going for practicing with my people, so I better be off, see ya at the later”

Then you ran off from there, holding the pain you make to yourself and holding your tears, doesn’t want to make you look weak in front of her.

“Hey! Where are you going?! Can we at least celebrate tonight at the usual place, usual time?” She screamed but not trying to chase you since she bought your lie.

Right when you opened a door to get out from that room, you stopped and nodded. You didn’t know if she can see your gesture since you don’t turn around and you pretty much shaking.

Then you bolted out of the room, doesn't really know where will you go, since from the bottom of your heart, you just want to be beside her.


A loud music attacking your eardrums as you entered the club you usually hang out with Vinyl when you both have a free time. It often that she brought her friends as well to increase the fun like she said. Usually you just chillax and enjoy the atmosphere until the night is over or either of you are wasted. Well, it was her who always need a help to back home though. You remember the last time you hang out and when you accompanying her to go back home, while leaning on you, she blabbering about being lonely and all. You’re surprised since she is an energetic and outgoing DJ who can make everyone to be her friends if she want to, but lonely? how can be? You never talked about it though since you guessed it was a ‘the beer’ who talked, so you don’t want to misinterpreted and makes her embarrassed.

You’re looking around, searching for a certain pony you expect to be here. You looked around some corners with couch and table across the room and dance floor which is you and her favorite place (with her friends of course), but you see no one you knew, even her friends weren't there. So you decided to ask the bartender since you are a usual guest there, he might know if she is coming or not.

As you walked to the bars, you notice she was drinking alone. You see many empty glasses cluttered beside her told you she was already here way before you arrived and she’s been drinking a lot.

With that hint, you approach her slowly as she will bite. When you right beside her, she looks like hasn’t notice your presence with her head slumped to the table with one hoof facing up and holding a half empty glass with some liquor in it, you guess it was her favorite hard cider from some village called Ponyvile.

“Hey, Vinyl, what’s up?” You spoke to her like usual since you know her bad habit of drinking is just like a part of her, but still you ask if something happen before you arrive.

There is nothing. She doesn’t move for a while. Then her ear are twitched followed with her face gazing you and her eyes are squinted just like you are a tiny ants.

“Ah, you came!!!” She suddenly jumped at you make you fell to the floor. “I thought you wouldn’t come!” She said while standing above you with her hoof around you, making an awkward position.

“Uh, Vinyl. A-Are you okay?” You stammered as you trying to slide between her hoof to free yourself, but then it happen. Suddenly, she drop her body to you and with drunk mare voice she said something you never expect before.

“I miss you so much” *hic* “Where were you been all this time, huh?” She blabbering nonsense as usual and stroking you chest with her muzzle.

You already used to the drunk version of her. But this time, you catch her word pretty weird. All this time? Doesn’t you just away from her for a few hours? Or do you happen to run to some time wrap or something? You concluded that she already wasted right after you just meet her here.

“Ookay, you’re drunk. Let’s take you home before you doing something stupid” You pleaded while looking around to see if anypony watched the scene you both make.

She jerk up her head and her crimson eyes met yours. Then you felt a hoof playing around your chest carelessly “Aw come on! I’m not drunk *hic* and I’m not stupid... stupid” She is drunk talked again, but with a different tone, you realize from her voice, she is trying to seduce you.

Your belly feel ticklish just like your chest earlier. Wait, what?! You startled. Finding her hoof circling your middle-lower part of your body, you push her aside and quickly standing with your four leg while her body fell down with a dull thud.

After you collect yourself, you stared at her vulnerable body. A big white lump on the floor, just like a marshmallow who attract any youth to eat it. Her eyes were closed but you can see her chest inflating and deflating which mean she is not dead because of your action earlier.

“Hey Vinyl, are you dead?” She is not responding. You approached her and hear a soft snore. She slept.

You extend your hoof to poke her muzzle “Hey wake up. Don’t sleep here. Let’s get you back to your dorm and let your roommate pissed at us, again” You winced, reminisce the last time you drop her wasted to her room and get a quick lecture from her roommate.

The only reply you got is a gibberish and a hoof waving at you with an idiotic smile followed with giggle just just like a mother denying a gossip in a gossiper neighbour.

“Come one, let’s get out of here” You took one of her hoof to your back to support her wobbling body and you pretty sure she is in no condition to walk alone tonight. You nod to the bartender and he replied the same understanding the circumstance since this is not the first time something like this happen.

You walk slowly to the exit while you support her body. Her head hung low not sure it’s because of her sleepiness or she had a deep though, you never know.

Fortunately, her dorm wasn’t far, so you never have a complain to accompanying or carrying her back to her room. While carrying her, you examine your surrounding. The road you used was very quiet, not in creepy ways, it just ponies will not go through here at night if there isn’t something urgent. Building around you wasn’t as fancy as part of Canterlot high tier class ponies life, just a simple apartment or variety of shop.

“Hmmm, wha- where we going?” She woke up and tried ask you with drowsy voice.

“Back to your room, you drink a lot, I think you just break your own record” You chuckled to your own statement knowing how proud she is about how many drink she can take before breaking down but you don’t really count her drink tonight.

A few moment of silence until she began “So, who is she?”

“Hm? Who is she what?” You glance to her face who hung low.

“Your marefriend. Who is she? Do I know her?” She asked you with no emotion shown at her voice.

“My what?!” You surprised “I don’t have a marefriend and you know that!” You tried to convince her.

You can heard her heavy sighed. “Then, did you have somepony you like?”

She looked at you with her eyes staring you, begging for an answer.

“W-Well there is som-”

“Who is she?” You’re interrupted by her enthusiasm.

“It doesn’t matter. I think she doesn’t even notice my feeling for her. So, why so get worked up about it” You smiled to her. She drop her head again but now with a little smile.

“Figures. From your reaction earlier, I know there is somepony”

You keep quiet for a moment to digest her statement.

“So how about you? Do you have any coltfriend?” You asked her. This is actually an awkward conversation between you two. You never talked about romance or any kind about it with her. You talked about music, games or anything, but never poking about a feeling.

“I don’t have a coltfriend” She heavy sighed.

“Then you must be have someone in mind, right? Who is he?”

Her head jerked, then she looked away.

“It It is-”

“OH MY CELESTIA! Are you drunk again?!” You hear somepony screamed and galloping to you from the distant. A gray earth pony with black gloss mane wearing a bow tie and a pink G-clef cutie mark. It was her roommate. You know her since she was interested to classical music too, so it was really often to meet her at the same class who have something or two about it. The difference between you and her is while you play violin, she play contra bass.

You look around, then you realize you already in front of girl dorm. Outer world seem so less important than a conversation you never ever expect before.

“Yeah, she was already in no shape when I met her tonight, so I think I’ll help her to get back to civilization like usual” You looked at her wondering “Why are you out her though? I thought I’m gonna meet you later at your room?”

“I’m just taking a break between my practice for the festival” She said that while taking Vinyl body from you.

“Oh yeah, you perform too huh?”

“And you should practice too!” She yelled “You must practice yourself, don’t rely the other from the club and...”

“Okay okay I get it, I’m gonna do it later anyway” You pleaded not to get a lecture from her.

“Hey Vinyl, are you okay? You seem awfully quiet, you usually jab me with your  dry jokes” She is right. You never heard any sound from her after she came.

She is really been different lately.

“I’m okay, I think I need to sleep. Let’s go back shall we?” Her tone was low and she was look somewhere else.

“Okay” She is nodding and then looked at you “Well, thanks for your kindness to brought her back. I don’t know what will happen to her if she doesn’t have a good friends like you. You may go back to your room and start practicing from now. Goodnight”

They both turned around and head back to enter the dorm.

You heavy sighed and looked at the moon.

“I’m just her friend huh?”