It was a Monday

by jonniejiggles

The morning of Monday

It was a monday morning

It was a monday morning, the birds were quaking, just like my eardrums.

The hamsters were biting, the cockroaches were penetrating. And I was getting up from the bed I made of hay. My hay bail, its name is UwU. UwU the hay name is sunny bubbles. Most of my friends call me bubbles.  I have schizophrenia. Everybody assumes life with schizophrenia is a horrible curse. But it's quite fun actually. My sadness is taken away because of an imaginary filly that always keeps me company. On a normal monday morning I say bye to UwU the hay bail, and as usual he says bye back, love that hay bail.

 Anyway time to go to work. I work as a beach guard, I guard the beach from the vicious hippopotamuses. Their teeth may be small but swallowing a child hole is an easy task for them big fellas. As I head for the beach I see my filly friend on the corner of the playground I have to pass to get to the beach. 

“Hi sandy”

“Hi bubbles, heading off to work I see” 


“Well I hope those hippopotamuses don't give you any trouble”

And before you ask, yes I know she’s not real. It does not affect me tho, I still need to protect the real fillys from the hippopotamuses. Once I get to the beach I see that no pony is on there yet. Lucky me, maybe i'll get a quick swim in before the little ones ruin my fun.

When I get into the water I see a nasty hippo standing on the shore facing a filly. Oh no she's in danger, I gallop with all my might, I might have hippo skewer tonight. That poor filly, her real family would be so sad. I run up to that stupid hippo grab my spear and trust it right into its skull, its blood come squeting out, I get to see its brains. I pull the spear out to see the inside of its ugly head, so cute, love the dead corpse of a hippo in the morning. The hippo then started to scream in pain, the screams of a young child ring through the air, this must be a young hippo. I go to say hi to the filly I saved but as I turn around she stares at the corpse of the hippo, almost as if she just says her mother was killed.

That filly must be really scared, might have ptsd even. Poor little thing. I approach the filly and hug her, poor little thing might not have her mother, maybe the hippo ate her mother. I should take her home, she might not have a family. I pick up the filly and start to bring her home, before I even start to step off the beach I remember that a free hippo corps is waiting on the beach, I should go get it. I start to walk back to the hippo corps, as I get closer the filly starts to worsen, when I get to the hippo corps the filly I crying but not making any noise it's almost like she wants to be sad but is so scared that she can not, its like her body is in a state of paralyzing fear but her mind is in a wave of traumatic horor. This filly must have seen some really bad shit to be this mortified. I have to get home quickly or else the fillies' condition might get worse. I grab the hippo’s corpse and start to gallop back to my house, I need to get some food into this filly’s stomach really soon, or she might suffer even worse from trauma. I need to stop this trematic downward spiral before it's too late. 

When I start to get closer too my house I see that the filly is still staring at the corps of the hippo, why is she so absorbed in the corps of the hippo, maybe the mother really is in the stomach of the hippo, I need to get her out before the dead hippo digests her. I stop in my tracks and grab the spear I always have holsted on my belly, I throw the hippo off my back and grab the filly with my hooves and gently place her down on the ground. I then trust the spear into the stomach of the hippo, and her mother comes plowing out of the stomach of the hippo, only her legs are missing, oh nooooo. 

The poor mother, I grab the mother and the filly and leave most of the hippo corps, I only bring a little bit of the hippo’s corps, enough for tonight at least. I start galloping again, I won't stop for anything this time, every minute I spend not running, the worse the filly gets. I notice every person I pass screams in horror, even the old adult scream in horror, like they have just seen a horrible crime that they could have never imagined. What were they looking at? I wanted to stop but I really needed to run back to my house. I need to save this filly at all costs. 

When I get to my house I drop the filly onto my bed UwU, I need UwU to take care of her.

“UwU take care of this poor filly will ya”

“I will sir”

“Thanks I can always count on you UwU” 

When I put the filly down I see that she has stopped freaking out, but now she is crying really loud. Poor little filly. I wish I could help her more,I may be a unicorn but I never use magic, it's too boring. I've only used my magic once to save UwU from a fire. That's the only time I've ever used it in my life. I'd rather be an earth pony, this horn only hurts me more, it is a waste of time. All unicorns always use their horns, always  too reliant on their horns. Something I have learned in life is to never rely too much on something. So I never use my horn unless it's a life threatening situation. So unless the filly starts to harm herself I probably won't use my magic. 

As the filly starts to cry the nudges closer and closer to the body of the hippo, I wonder why, maybe she's hungry? I grab the hippos corps in my mouth and start to bring it in the kitchen to cook it, she needs to eat something, as I start to walk away the filly starts to reach for the body if the hippo, too bad she is not a unicorn or else she might be able to levitate it, too bad, the further I walk away the worse she gets. But whatever she can’t eat it raw. I go into the kitchen and grap a pot in my mouth and put it in the holster I have above the fireplace in my living room, when I light the fire I hear the filly scream behind me, I turn around and see her terrified, like heart attack terrified I put down the pot and approach the filly, is she that scared of pots, she can't be scared of fire because its been lit this whole time. When I get close to her she starts to scream more, when I get close enough I give her a hug, usually when I give ponies hugs it makes them feel better,after about five second I realise that she had a heart attack, her heart is not beating. OH NO, I need to figure out a way to make her heart beat again before it's too late. I grab a stick that’s on fire out of the fireplace and hit her leg with it, maybe the pain of her being on fire would wake her up, her body starts twitching, it's not working. What can I do, I start to do something with my horn but then 5stop, how could I ever make her heart beat again. I start crying, this poor little filly just saw her mother get eaten, lose her legs, and might even think I'm trying to eat her. What am I gonna do? As the tears drip down my face I remember the spell book I keep under UwU, the one where something very urgent is happening. The filly was laying on UwU. I tumble on UwU clumsily, I get back up really quick now is not the time to be sad, I have a life to save. I get up and rummage in UwU, UwU is screaming in pain but right now I am in my own world, all I can hear is my heartbeat getting louder and louder, faster and faster. When I get the book form deep inside UwU I flip through the pages. I'm so panicked I don't even think to look at the index. After a few seconds I saw the electricity page on how to make an electrical spark. I read the page as fast as I can. It's really hard tho because of the tears in my eyes, after I finish the page I create a lot of sparks in the air, one after another I fail, I need to hurry every second I take the longer I leave the body, the longer I leave the body the less chance I can revive her. After a few electrical sparks I get the hang of it, I change the spark multiple times, I need just the right amount to restart the fillys heart. After five second of testing the electrical current is the spark. I turned back around to the body of the filly and I flung off UwU to get the spell book. I run to the body and pick it up in my hooves. Looking at the body of this poor filly I realise that she might be an orphan if the mother does not survive. I may have stopped the bleeding but that does not mean that she will live. It's too soon to think about that stuff, the filly won't be able to do anything if she’s dead. I get my horn ready, tears in my eyes, body quaking. I start the spell and feel the spark of magic in my horn. When I activate it I feel the body of the filly spasm in my hooves. The way her mussels move like a dead corpse makes me tense up. After I activate the spark nothing happens. The filly did not wake up, I made another one, and another one, one after another they failed. I was about to activate a 6th spark when the filly just rises. She does not wake up with a shock like she got revived with the electricity. It's like the heavens just sent her back to her body saying you can't die yet. The filly gets up and looks at me and says. 

“Who are you” 

I stumbled back, how is she alive, I did not do this, how is she alive. Everything around me is the same. how she is alive. After she gets up on her four hooves she looks around confused. After a few seconds of silence and gazing sandy walks into the room. 

“Hi sunnybubbles good job saving that filly”


“You really are a hero good job”

“I did no-"

“You should be proud of yourself, you are the reason this filly is alive”

“What do you mean san-”

And then the filly screamed

I look to the filly and see her screaming pointing at sandy, 

The filly that lives in my mind.


How can she see her, what is going on.

“Oh hi little filly I see that your awake”

The filly was still screaming

“Calm down little filly your not in danger”

After about five seconds of the filly screaming the stops to take a breath to get ready to scream again but before she can scream sandy screams at the top of her lungs 


After sandy screams a zipper forms on the fillys mouth shutting her up. 

I do not know where the zipper came from but it was not me. I would never zipper somepony’s mouth shut. After the mouth of the filly is shut she starts to try and dig at the zipper on her mouth with her hooves but the zipper would not budge at all. I started moving to the filly to try and take the zipper off but before I could even take two steps the filly started to look to her right. The direction of her mother’s corps. When she starts to turn she sees the hooveless body of her mothers corpse. And starts to scream again but her mouth remains shut. The horor in her eyes could scare even the heartless of pony’s the way she looked at the corpse of her mother. It was like she just saw her mother die, and then come back to life again. It's like her entire reality is falling apart. Like she can't tell what is real and what's not. After the way she looked at the body of her mothers corpse anypony would feel bad. I need to help this filly. I start to walk towards the filly, she does not seem scared of me this time.  It's like her mind has been altered to accept this reality but she has not. It's like her mind and her mind are two different entities . When I get close enough to touch the pony I hug her as I can, she needs as much support as I can give her. When I start to hug her her eyes go dark. It's like the last straw on the camel's back just broke. The look in her eyes made it look like her entire world had just fallen apart. Like the world around her was not what she saw. After a few seconds the filly started to move. She looked around and looked fine. How has she switched from panic to completely fine. She moved to the corps of her mother. When she gets close enough to touch her mother the filly touches the part where the mothers heart would usually be. She places her hoove on the chest of the body and starts to cry. Not cry as in wailing but just tears going down her cheek as her eyes remain dead. As if her entire body has been altered but her mind remains the same. The way she stared into space completely dead. But cry completely alive. It's like she's a zombie. I start to cry. Why has this happened? Everything has happened so fast.

 I start to run outside the house to see that multiple police officers are standing outside ready to use magic. Why are the police here, why are all the things that could ever happen happening. As I start to walk outside my house I lay down and put my chest on the ground. I put my hooves behind my back as a symbol of surrender. The police slowly come closer to me, as they get closer weird things start happening around me. The outside of my house starts turning into a cave. The walls are slowly transforming around me. Like the air that used to be there is being painted over. The police officers quickly back up. I hear a few people scream,there must be some people behind the police watching this chaos. Place my head on the ground, there is no point in trying to understand the things that are happening around me. as I look at the ground I hear more screams. I even heard a few gun shots. I don't even care anymore, kill me already, I am causing pain for those poor officer’s. What could I do to stop this? There is no point in trying anymore. I am completely useless. I wish I could just go home and make everything normal again. After that one line repeats in my head the ground around me gives up. The entire ground below me changes to air. I start screaming, I'm falling. I look down again and I see nothing at all, all I see is air. Like the world is loading in a video game when as I fall I see that air around me shift, the light blue sky I'm falling through starts turning to red and black. Like a void of emptiness and left emotions. Like the effects of years of sadness build up and form this place after about two minutes of the air around me shifting over and over again, like the air is deciding what colour it wants to be. When the air around me starts to set to an orange red black empty atmosphere. When the air finishes shifting I look down once again to see my house. The house I just left a few minutes ago to then fall in here. What is happening, I fall and hit the floor. At least that's what I thought, I feel an impact but feel no pain. I open my eyes to see that I am a few feet off the floor of my house. Why am I floating? I look to the left,then to the right. I see nothing different. I start to turn to look behind me, but before I even get to turn half the way around I see something horrifying. I have wings

Just as soon as the wings came they were gone.the wings that had attached to my body had disappeared. I was so confused. When I land on the ground after my wings disappear I try to gain some sort of grasp on the reality that is around me. What was going on in my mind, usually the people around me stay the same and cannot see what I see but the police officers can. It's like everything that was trapped in my mind is creeping on reality itself. What am I gonna do? As I sit there I start to ponder the thing around but the filly is still in my house, seh starts to walk towards me like she wants to talk, but then I see in her eyes it’s not really her, just another one of those husks of ponies I see that aren't really there, has she been fake this entire time, I just wanted to help a little filly. Why is this happening to me? As the filly walks up to me I see that she is crying, fake ponies in my mind can't cry, she must be real. While then why is she like a hollow husk, a pony forced by someone greater to do their bidding, a girl without choices is just a body bag. As I look into her eyes depressed I see her eyes flicker, what? Her eyes flash uncontrollable from sadness to an empty husk over and over again. Like she is losing her grasp of reality just like me. What is going on inside her head. I approche the filly about to touch her on the nose when she flinches back away from me fearfully. Looks like she has regained control of her body, I don't know who took the controle away from her but at least she has it back. As the filly looks at me with the most fearful eyes I have seen in my life she starts to ready her horn. 

“No don't do it I am not your enemy I am here to help”

She looks at me with a mixture of anger and sadness as she lights her horn. I see a spark of fire in the sir, like a fiery magical blast. Sparks appear in the air one after another blasting the sir around it, as I wonder what she is doing. I see the spark appear on my mane, I am on fire. SHE HAS LITE ME ON FIRE! I start to try and wave the flames on my body off me, but my efforts are futile. As I tumble on the ground I knock into my fireplace and spill the boiling water on there all over my face. It burns as the boiling water smothers the flame my face still burns. I grab the mask I put under UwU and put it on,there is no snout hole or any eye holes. I can't see. My eyes have been closed this entire time but still I doubt my eyes will still fonction, if I survive this as the water burns I feel my face melt, the molten water of the cauldron starts to fuse my face with the mask.the mask is my face now. I am nothing but a hollow shell of what I once was. I am no longer sunny bubbles, I am just a delusional husk of hatred and fantasy. I am nothing but a button eyed mask, a stalker of imagination. What am I now, who am I. I am a mask. A mask of what sunny bubbles once was. I am sunny 

It was a Monday morning 

It was a beautiful monday morning in ponyville, today mommy took the day off so she could go to the beach with me, it has been FOREVER since mommy has taken me to the beach. Daddy sadly had to go to work today sadly but at least I got to spend time with mommy. We start our walk to the beach from our house. We live pretty far off to the side of ponyville, mommy says it even further than fluttershy's cottage. I don't know what a cottage is but I have seen fluttershy before. She is really sweet and even lets me eat cookies! But daddy does not take me to fluttershy's anymore. He is too busy cutting manes down in ponyville, I once asked mommy why we live so far away from ponyville and she said “all ponies may seem nice, but someponys see the world differently than us. And we need to be careful of the ponys who do. Everypony was born in a different place and with different parents, the pony’s around us shape who we are and how we see equestria. Not everybody is a cute little cherry ball of joy like you. Some fillys are born in a world of paranoia and see the world differently to coat the world they live in with false joys and fake ponies to hide the sorrow they feel. Someponys are even born with different brains than our. And see things differently, they see things differently at such a young age that when they grow up they never truly figure out who they are. Some ponies don't even get their cutie marks. But everypony has something they want, even if they don’t know it yet. So the ponies who see things differently are always looking for something to fill the hole in their emotions. Not every pony is born equally, but every pony can show how they see the world around them, every action they make is completely in their controle, and nothing can change that. But my little bubbles, you can choose how you see the world and the ponies around you, so you need to be the better pony in the lives of the people who see this world differently. You can change ponies and how they see the world, fix the ponies who are broken. And make sure they never break again. 

I stare at mommy silently, I have no idea what she is talking about, but I do know one thing, fix the ponies who are broken, then I realise that that had nothing to do with why we live far away from pony ville, she just when on a random speech about how ponies see the world. I guess mommy does not like other ponies, but that's fine as long as I have mommy forever I will never be sad. 

When me and mommy start to approach the beach I start to wonder why mommy does not have a mommy. I thought family was forever.

“Mommy why don't you have a mommy, everypony has a mommy”

Mommy looks at me with a worried expression on her face, as if I just brought back a painfully nightmare back right into her face like a wrecking ball destroying a building. 

“Honey ponies don't live forever, all ponies need to go away at some point for other ponies to be born”

“Does that mean you have to go away so another pony can have a mommy”

I say to mommy in a shaky voice.

“Basically honey, for somepony else to make you happy, somepony has to go away forever”

“Forever” I say concerned

“That is a long time”

“Honey forever means that time is really not a thing, no matter what, if something is forever, time can do nothing to fix is, if something is forever, you will never be able to change it”

“No matter what’ 

I say on the verge of tears

“No matter what” 

Mommy looks at me and realises that she has made me sad and starts to change the subject. 

“But honey I will not leave you for a long time, the important thing is to love me before you can't”

I look mommy in the eyes and give her a hug. 

‘I love you mommy I hope you never leave me”

“I will leave you one day but until then I love you too”

By the time mommy told me she loves me we were already at the beach.

 “Its ok honey let's go play with a beach ball and then go for a swim”

Mommy grabs the ball in the sac she has on her back and inflates the beach ball she has there, after mommy is done inflating the ball I go find a spot on the beach with as little wind as possible, it's hard to headbutt a ball with the wind in the way. So when I am picking the spot were we can play catch with the beach ball I see a stallion in the middle of the ocean with a spear stabbing the air over and over, like he is pretending to hit something, wow that stallion is really good at pretending, his hooves move as if he is hitting something too, that must be really hard. The stallion is not even holding the spear, he is levitating it but he acts like he is holding the spear, what a weird way to play pretend. When mommy comes along with the ball she sees the stallion too and says 

“uh oh”

She then takes me to the farthest point on the beach away from the stallion. Mommy and I started to play catch with the beach ball, but no matter how much fun I was having mommy would not pay attention at all, she kept looking at the stallion with a worried expression on her face, like he is not just a normal stallion on the beach. My mommy and the stallion are the only ponies on the beach, so I wanted to go say hi to him, but mommy looked so worried that I did not want to make her worry even more. This stallion is probably just some lonely stallion alone at the beach who needs a friend. 

“Mommy why wont you pay attention to me’ 

I say with a whiny tone in my voice mommy turns her head around to look at me and says.

“Im sorry honey i'm just a little worried, no matter how worried I am always remember I always love yo-”

And then a flash appeared before my eyes, my entire sight starts to go slow motion the entire world around me started to breathe, everything is fine why is this happening. Then I see him, charging full speed with a spear. 

I look to the right in fear of collision with the stallion, he is just a ____ blur in my mind, what is he doing, every time my heartbeats a single moment happens, like a frame in a video game. Every Single time I breathe he gets closer and closer. The look on his face suggests he is confident in the action he is about to take. I stand there paralized by fear, everything around is moving at a slow pace while I stand here completely idle. I noticed that mommy had not seen the stallion yet and did not know he was coming at me with a spear, I wanted to yell for help but if I move, I will die, every move I make the faster everything around me moves. By the time I open my mouth the stallion is directly in front of mommy. mommy is still smiling and about to pass the ball to me. The smile on her face makes me happy, but why am I happy. Everything around me is slowly collapsing on me. Why am I happy, everything around me is trying to kill me. WHY AM I HAPPY. While I wonder why I am happy the stallion starts to thrust his spear….. at mommy but it's too late , the spear starts to go directly through her skull.

As the spear starts to go through her brain, time somehow goes slower, every second the spear goes further inside her brain, but she is still smiling. It's like she is unaware of what's happening, and so am I. I smile, and smile, and smile. I just keep smiling, I just stare at her while the spear goes deeper and deeper inside her head, the spear is going so slowly I can see the spear replacing the space where her brain used to be. Time starts to speed up more the happier I get, why am I still smiling, every single heartbeat I get happier and happier. I need help, someone is hurting mommy, after about a minute time completely resumes itself. And her head comes flying off her body, her head flies on the ground with the spear still inside her head. The stallion then moves to her head and pulls the spear out of the head, when he does that I see her brains come out of her head onto the ground and of the spear. Why am I still smiling? The stallion then moved to the body of mommy and picked her up. The stallion then came over to me and started to lift me up with his hooves. I start to freak out. I think my body had finally started to respond to me, but instead of running away I just stopped frowning. Now i feel sad, why am i sad, why do i feel anything at all. It's not like anything matters anymore. The stallion puts me on his back and starts to gallop away when he stops moving and turns around, was he going the wrong way. Why do I even care anymore. The stallion turns around and goes to grab the head of my mother, oh no. he grabs the head of my mother and puts it on my lap. Now I start to feel sad. I start crying but i still can't move, everything that is me wont move, I can't move, why is my brain still working then. How does my body fail but my brain still works?  I dont care anymore, everything I care about is lost. So why should I be found when I am lost. I dont care anymore. My mom just died and I lived. Why do I have to live, why couldn't mommy just live. She has more reasons to live than me. I don't matter anymore. I am broken, I am broken, I am broken, i am broken, i am broken, i am broken, i am broken, i am broken, I am broken, I am broken, i am broken, i am broken, i am broken. I have broken.

Time pases, time pases and pases, time pases and pases and pases. How much time you may ask, who cares, I don't. HAHAHAHA. Why should I care, I don't need to care about anything anymore. I am FINE, FINE FINE FINE, HAHAHAHHAHA. I, dont. Need. help. I. am fine. I am fine.. Do do do do do. I love to sing about how fine I really am. and how crazy I am not. The stallion that killed my mommy is careing me to his house i bet, he is probably going to hurt me but whatever. Its just a normal monday for me. this happens EVERY DAY. thi is a monday morning and i could not be happier i love to sing about the morning i am havering i love to think about the day i'm going to have ahead but i am too sad to really care anymore. What do i even have to love anymore.  I mean i have the corps of mommy. But its not really mommy. Just A CORPS. How am i you may ask, i am so incredibly fine that i am talking to literally nobody. I am narrating how i feel to nothing. But whatever. At least nothing is something.  

Eventually the stallion stops and grabs the corps of mommy. And then proceeds take the spear he has on his stomach and starts to dig at the stomach of mommy. He then starts to stab the spear deeper and deeper in the stomach until he cuts in and then he slices the stomach all the way open. The organs of mommy start to roll onto the ground. The stallion grabs some sausage looking things and puts them on his back. Then he grabs the head of mommy and takes in too. He puts me back onto his back and he starts to move again. Why is this happening to me. Why is this stallion so cruel. Why is this stallion just playing with the corps of mommy. Everything he does, he still has a straight face. How can he do something so utterly disgusting and act like its completely normal for him. Why does he act like its only another monday morning in his life.