A Legend Returns

by 654_nosneb

Chapter XI - The beginning of the end. (Part II)

"Are you sure you can repeat it?" Twilight asked to me, while I was holding the magical roll that bring us here.

"No, but we'll see." I responded.

I focused my magic into the roll and the magical map, and fortunately for us, it worked again. The same rip opened in the air, and we went through it, but this time, we were prepared.

As soon as we appeared in Cloudsdale, Twilight and I started to search for Starlight; and in a dew seconds we found her. I used a portal to appear behind her, and then materialized my magical blue sword on my right hand and, without any hesitation, I tried to hit her with my sword. However, she somehow predicted it and banished in a sudden flash of magic.

"What the..."

Then, I turned myself just to find her trying to blast Twilight with a beam. I ran through the sky as fast as my magic and feet allowed me. I made my way through some of my portals even, but they were to far, I wouldn't get there on time.

It was time to get creative, I never tried this thing before, but let's hope it works. I raised my hand in front of me, and drew an arc of light in front of me, which materialized almost instantly. I grabbed it, and then I focused a bit more of magic into a little light rod right in my hand. It was time to test: the light bow.

I passed the rod or 'arrow' through the bow, aimed to Starlight, and fired. She instantly was blown away through the horizon, and left Twilight safe.

"Wow!" Twilight spoke as she flew towards me. "I didn't teach you that but... that was amazing!"

"Thanks," I responded, "I didn't knew either!"

"Neither me!" a young voice spoke from behind us. "I can't believe this! Is William! It's here, at Cloudsdale!"

We turned ourselves just to see a filly Rainbow Dash staring at me with her big eyes completely amazed at my presence.

"Wait." I spoke. "You shouldn't be racing?"

"Yeah, but you are more awesome than any race!" she responded. "Wait until I tell everyp..."

I couldn't hear the rest. Again, the same rip swallowed us again, but this time, I prepared myself for the fall.

We appeared at the everfree forest, or at least, what was left from it. Almost every tree was burnes as well as the grass, and a very disgusting smell enveloped the area.

"Ew!" Twilight shouted. "What the hay is that smell!"

"I think it comes from there." I said, pointing a finger to an almost burned tree.

We walked to the tree, just to find a dead changeling with a frozen expression of fear on his face.

"AAHHH!" I shouted in horror.

"What happened here!?" the mare beside me shouted.

I didn't know what to respond, but then, it hit me. The fact that Starlight avoided Twilight and her friends knowing each other, is what made all the treats that she and her friends fought in the past succeed in this new timeline. "I think this is Chrisalis doing."

"But even she wouldn't kill her own troops!" she shouted.

"I think that that's kind of my fault, or more specifically, Owlen's fault."

BOOOOOOOM!!!!!! A distant explotion roared with the brightness of the sun.

"AAAHH!" we both shouted.

"DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!" A distant voice was shouting, as more explotions could be heard through the skies.

"I think we should try it again." I spoke to my friend.

"Wait!" she responded. "I think we should plan something first!"

"There's no time for that! Owlen is here, and as long as that doesn't change, this place isn't safe!"

"But, do you think we have any chance against Starlight?"

"I hope so, it is our only hope to return to our present!"

We returned to fight Starlight but we failed, so we tried again but failed. And every time we returned to the present we saw a more destroyed, and more tragic version of it.

From Owlen torturing Nightmare moon, to him almost killing, and enslaving Discord. I don't know how much time we spend in this cycle, I guess 8 or 9 hours, but then, we managed to calm down Starlight a bit.

"I don't get it." she said. "Why does that group of ponies is so important for both of you!?"

"Beacouse they are our friends!" Twilight shouted. "If you ever had any friends, you'll understand!"

"Oh but I did!" she shouted.

Then she grabbed the magical roll and used it to take us to another place in space and time.

We appeared in a small town, a town that I never saw before. There, she showed us her infancy friend, and how his cutie mark 'stole' him from her.

When she was done, I spoke: "Is that it? Just the fact that you lost a friend gives you the right to ruin the friendship of others?"

"You don't get it!" she responded. "The ponies at the town that Twilight destroyed were my friends! And now, I wanna see her going through the same!"

"That's enough!" I shouted. "Now it's my turn to show you something!"

I grabbed the roll, and focused more magic than I ever did before. I knew where I was going, and I knew that it would work. I had to go back to those days; no, to THE day.

We appeared at the top of a tree, and I used my magic to hold Twilight and Starlight in the air.

"What is this place!" Starlight shouted.

"Shhh!" I silenced her, and then I spoke in a very low voice: "This is the everfree park, it was next to my house 20005 years ago. And this, is probably the most important moment in my life."

Then, a younger version of me appeared walking through a sidewalk at the park. He was completely unaware of what was going to happen.

"Follow me sister!" a filly Celestia spoke to a filly Luna. "Run faster! Otherwise someone might caught..." thud! She stumbled with my younger version.

That was enough, I reopened the portal and sent all of us back to the rainboom day.

"Yeah yeah, very cute and all, but what does that have to do with me!" Starlight shouted.

"Nothing, but also, everything. Do you think that the friendship I share with them was always perfect? No, we went through many obstacles just to avoid them being kidnapped in the middle of the night. Or do you think it was easy for me to give unconditional love for them? That no one thought that I was insane by taking care of 2 'animals'? Or do you think it was easy for them, when everyone treated them rude? Or worst, when they lost me for 20000 years?"

Starlight was speechless.

"Friendship is not always easy, but as far as I know, is one of the few things in life that matters living for. And friends leave, they always do. They will travel, a pandemic will separate you from them, or they could die. But what's important, is that you are still friends even if they leave, and that you'll always have more friends, that'll also leave but, they'll leave you with a hug and a smile."

"D-do you think I could have m-more friends?" Starlight asked with tears in her eyes.

"I know you can, as long as you have hope." I responded. "But that is up to you."

"I-I..." she was trying to say, while Rainbow Dash flew through the sky. "I just don't know if it's possible."

"It is, take me as an example!"

"Are we friends!?" she asked.

"Of course." I responded. "Come here." I said as I opened my arms to offer her an embrace.

She corresponded my offering with a hug, and also, with tears. She continued her cry even when the sonic rainboom covered the sky, and another rip sallowed us.

"Well, THAT'S a thing I didn't teach you." Twilight spoke.

"What can I say." I responded. "I guess the things went pretty well. Now, if your majesty will excuse me, I would like to go to bed. I really have to sleep."

"Go ahead William, I'll tell this to the princesses! They will be very impressed."

I opened a portal to my room, took a spoon of the herbal medicine, and went to bed. I was really tired after all.


"Yes! I'm pretty sure."


"Wait, what!"


"Wait, no! You can't do this!"

"TOO BAD I ALREADY DID!" Owlen said, and with that, he banished from the dream.

"Oh no."